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  1. Excellent show can really recommend this to anyone who likes actual play podcast its very well edited as well. Show also does a great job and teaching new players at the table so really good for anyone both new and old to Genesys.
  2. One tip regarding reflect. If it only effects magic attack it is slightly redundant at least as a GM to add to barrier. If you look at table 2-4 on page 211 3 threats or despair can be used by the GM to pick the target of the spell. But ofc reflect on top of this will be kind of nasty 😀
  3. Archellus


    Weapon traits are packages that modify a base weapon it uses mostly the know weapon qualities and ties it into a cool trait. Armors are more unique and not something we have seen before like for instance Flame-Wreathed or armor that can emit sedative gas many more stuff. For supers the Æmber system should also be look at. It has powers like Dominate, Displacement, Flare, Forget or something weird like pocket dimension and again many more. Only thing you need to tweak on the Æmber system is the ressource cost. Most powers has a price in Æmber which in Keyforge can be found or bought so if used for another setting one would have to factor this in somehow or make it cost something else.
  4. Archellus


    Congratz on the book 😀 i really like it some great New things in there.
  5. What is it that you are missing exactly ? in ROT elven magic is described as 3 kinds. There is the divine or Empyrean magic that works the spheres of light, air, dreams, and life. There there is elven sorcery: ROT page 129 "Although the Elves tend to prefer their own more considered approach to working magic, calling upon the pure energy of the Empyrean, some Elves study the arcane arts and channel the energy of the Turning the same way that wizards do." And the Wealdcallers. So these covers your basic, divine, arcane and primal skills. An highelf has Divine as a class skill if by RAW you want to summon things take a career that picks up Arcane and your golden rest is just description. That said if you want to design a talent that allows divine users to cast conjure go ahead. In the Expanded players guide there is the Polymorph talent might be worth to take a look at as a guide its tier 4 and lets you use a spell in this case transform with some restrictions. If you want it to have access to it earlier maybe make a basic and improved version limit the use to once per encounter or session or something like that.
  6. I agree the power levels are pseudo at best. The power levels within the content thats in the Epg works but creating adversaries in total free form and then trying to reverse engineer to a power level will give you a headache. So eyeballing it seems easier and better. Know your group is the Best Advice 🙂 I can see some merit for brand New GMs building their first encounter and getting a feel for the system
  7. See genesys core rule book page 212 under augment. They recommend that at Hard difficulty. With that said you could always cast transform into something that can fly or summon a Creature that can carry you. But I would say augment at Hard difficulty would allow flight
  8. Archellus


    ill PM you 🙂
  9. Archellus


    order it from here in Denmark many places that send to Germany 🙂
  10. Archellus


    if you want to know more i did an overview on whats found in the book over on the reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/genesysrpg/comments/g3bp56/picked_up_keyforge_secret_of_the_crucible/
  11. Archellus


    Book has arrived 🙂
  12. Hey everyone. Today I released the Terrinoth Exotic Species, a rules supplement for the Realms of Terrinoth setting. You can find it in https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/309593/Terrinoth-Exotic-Species?src=newest_community This supplement takes six adversaries found in the Realms of Terrinoth setting and expands them into playable Species while exploring their rules and facets. While this supplement expands the lore of the Realms of Terrinoth setting these species can be used in any Genesys Fantasy Game. 

 This supplement includes: 

6 new species
 New racial talents New gear New weapons, implements, and craftsmanship Species-specific potions, elixirs, and poisons 12 new adversaries and allies focusing on mounts and companions for your exotic species Role-playing tips on how to use exotic species in your campaign
 6 organizations and NPC’s to introduce exotic species in your game Hope you all enjoy it.
  13. Archellus


    Just checked local game store here in Denmark. Its listed as in stock. Just ordered a copy hopefully it will arrive next week 🙂
  14. @GnosisNoise i have an conversion of most of the monsters from decent and some other stuff made for Terrinoth here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jFquSzJMrJPCnY19eSIWrjHNBv40xc2j/view While i dont think it contains any of the ones you listed it does have ressources for many other creatures.
  15. There are many ways on how to represent the fire depending on what you want to do. Would you do as a separate encounter or something structed while combat is going on ? Anyways i think a good way to handle it is through skill challenges besides the carry water to fire part you could set up things where its more rescue or making a fire belt, clearing rubble etc. Anyways short version select a number of success like say 15 before 3-5 failed checks what ever you like and have the players take turns describing what skill they use and how it will contribute to putting out the fires or rescuing people. Difficulty on the rolls should be kept at average to hard. Use setbacks and upgrades as normal. You might want to autoupgrade something just due to fire if your so inclined. Use threats and despair for minor burns possible even minor crits or maybe you could spawn a fire elemental or other fire spirit attracted to the fire if despair is rolled. Now the players must decide if their turn is doing combat with this new threat or helping putting out the fire. Decide what happens if they succeed and what happens if they fail.
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