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  1. Archellus

    Adapting Unmatched Mobility from EtU?

    Well your defense thing could be replicated with just a secondary effect like dimish. So i think its kinda weak. Lets look at what some of the other defensive talents does in supreme. Hard to kill: Supreme: While their Heroic Ability is active, your character becomes immune to damage; reduce all damage the character suffers to 0. Connected: Supreme: While this ability is active, when an intelligent adversary declares your character the target of an attack, as an out-of-turn incidental you may force the adversary to choose a different target instead. Those are both pretty potent. There are others in the ROT we could go on If you want a defensive ability perhaps look at some of the defensive talents from the martial artist from Star Wars if you know them ? Coordination dodge When targeted by a combat check, may spend 1 Destiny Point to add f equal to ranks in Coordination. Remove the destiny point cost. So perhaps. When targeted by a combat check as a out of turn incidential add f equal to ranks in coordination. ? Powerfull yes indeed but compared to take no damage still ok i think ? You could check out overbalance When a combat check made by an engaged foe generates y or ttt, may stagger attacker until the end of his next turn If you want offense maybe martial grace. Once per round, suffer 2 strain to add damage equal to ranks in Coordination to the next Brawl check made this turn. Again ditch the strain cost while active. Off course check these with your GM as always
  2. Archellus

    Pathfinder Module Recommendations for Genesys Conversion

    Answer is any you like 😀 focus on bringing in the story but you will have to build the encounters using Genesys. Dont try and recreate pathfinder mechanics. You could always try we be goblins modul for Lols 😀
  3. Archellus

    Adapting Unmatched Mobility from EtU?

    Dont think its gamebreaking considering its once per session. Your base ability while it does provide something not available to anyone else it does so at a cost in this case strain. Your improved version negates the cost of 4 strain total. And the supreme adds a defense. Tbh. the defense part is a bit boring for a heroic ability Otherwise i think its a pretty close adaption.
  4. Archellus

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    It might seem daunting. But like @QorDaq said running a module or converting one wont really save you time. So try it just go for it SOTB seems like a great setting. You dont even need to plan the campaign before the group gets together and creates characters and form concepts. Then just make simple one line plot like maybe. "Jinteki hires pc to track down a clone wanted for murder before the NAPD gets to her. " And just roll with it Especially since it sounds like your and experienced GM and familiar with the system.
  5. Archellus

    Descent into RoT

    It was discussed abit here And yes you can find inspiration in the decent stuff if you need a good seed. For kicks im currently working on 3 modules thats sort of a sequel or followup to the treaty of champions campaign from decent. There are many interesting stories in the old stuff to be inspired by
  6. Archellus

    Is there a vehicle combat cheat sheet?

    tbh all it lacks its the vehicle critical hits table and a few of the notes about emergency repairs etc.
  7. Archellus

    Rivals Casting Spells

    Good catch i cleared it abit up now good point about the divine skill in the profile. But we are getting off topic here the point was that magic can be reskined to alot of things and a GM dont need to follow the same rules as PC
  8. Archellus

    Rivals Casting Spells

    Like @Direach said you dont have to make your npc follow the same rules you can simply ignore the strain cost if you so desire. Which tbh is the most easiest way and will make your game run smoother. Less things to keep track of allow you to focus on the narrative. For minions i would advise to reskin abilities as spells or even weapon profiles. Here is an example of a caster minion i just made up.
  9. Archellus

    Dark Sun

    even though im not running a dark sun game i would be very tempted in the future. Sitting staring at my old 2nd edition box in my shelf behind me, but as much as i love the world going back to 2nd edition ad&d would just make me loose sleep and turn milk sour. Why the different stories thing ? Dark sun tells stories. What system you use to tell them is up to you and the game group. So i guess to answer your question if i would run a genesys dark sun game. Would be to draw benefit from the narrative dice system telling great stories in a fantastic game world without the need to buy new books or learn a new (or old) systems and teach it to my game group.
  10. Archellus

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Your very right. Which is why i think the table on GCRB p 104 does not take the magic rules into account which is OK since its a optional rule. The wording states a prior maneuver until they perform the maneuver again. This kinda contradicts the whole "the spell last until then end of the next turn thing." anyways as i GM i tend to spend the threat to strain/wounds anyways did have some fun with the whole "spell does not take effect until the next round" thing
  11. Archellus

    THE DICE POOL PODCAST - Shadow of the Beanstalk Q&A

    Was wondering about the design choice of givin naturals 120 starting xp vs the normal "human" archtype of 110. I realize archtypes not always have to balance across setting aslong as they do within the setting and the archtypes in sotb are certainly All interesting and apealing. Did you feel the general starting xp was to low?
  12. new version is up with 2 new monsters thanks to some input from Discord user Kunrad
  13. Archellus

    Ideas, Thoughts, Help

    I love the genesys magic system but if you just wanted those 2 powers you could consider using some of the force powers from the starwars line. If you limit that system to a set amount of force rating it will not get 2 out of hand. Since each power has its own tree with xp cost players still have a choice on what to get.
  14. assume its this one http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/3572/ Cr-8 takedown rifle Accurate 2, Prepare 2, Pierce 2, Slow-Firing 1, Category: Energy Its a good sniper rifle can fire to extreme range. But if you want to aim with this you will need quickdraw that Reduce the Prepare with 1.
  15. I would agree with Kaosoe also. You have to prepare with X maneuver before each attack/each use of the item. There are some weapons though with both prepare and autofire or linked where the word "attacks" could be appropriate. Like the Auto-Rotary Gun GCRB p 154 or the repeating crossbow mentioned that has linked 2. Also since a "round" is narrative in time one attack might not be enough to describe the scene. Might be good with an official answer though