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  1. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Ill add the worm and dragon next week im away for the weekend playing a all weekend starwars game with my regular group driving up to a vacation house in a few hours ill see if i have time for some formatting as well and cleaning up the document maybe adding a cover.
  2. Pierce does get added to blast but im unsure about burn. Can try and find out. About the bane spider its a nice little critter but as the stat block goes its not that powerful a rival. I would recommend not house ruling burn but scaling up the damage if you think your pc's are to equipped to get challenged by it. Remember the house rule goes both ways so once your pc wizards starts getting creative with the burn quality But its quite easy to scale up foes. +1-2 damage +1-3 wounds +1 soak or maybe adversary 1 and call em Queth'i the children of Queen Ariad or something And use the threat creative. The bane spiders have stealth and the ability Skitter(can move across walls, ceilings, and giant spider webs without penalty). So have them sneak up on the party maybe drop a few of that webbing attack with ensnare from the ceiling ensnaring the big soak platemail pc and have a field day with burn on your wizards or bards or whatever is trailing behind. Sorry for the offtopic very nice minis @Enfid
  3. Archellus

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Could add johnny mnemonic and to some extend The Expanse i know its a sci-fi show but it has a lot of punk elements to it.
  4. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Im swarmed with gaming to at the moment which ofc is a good thing. And this time around mostly as a player 1 genesys campaign and going for a all weekend star wars game this weekend in a vacation house near the beach here in Denmark. Anyways @Flobio you mention Carrion Worm do you mean Carrion drake ? that one is allready in the document. I looked at crypt dragon in the decent wiki http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Crypt_Dragon and honestly cant see why a GM shouldent just use the Feral dragon in ROT. Kinda feel the same with Zombies you could just reskin reanimate but if you want i can make a more zombie themed one give em a Brains ability or something I was kinda 2 way thorn on the siege golem. Should it be a monster or vehicle. Cant really decide. In the end as a GM its a hulking peice of rock with a guy monted on top shooting big crossbows. Anyways did a sample as both. Here are the monster one added a note about siege crossbows. Did not add it to the document yet still playing around with stats. Mounted allies A Siege Golem may be used as a mounted ally by rider or gunner. The mounting provides cover and the rider can opt to use the heavy siege crossbow mounted on the siege golem. Crossbow, Siege Ranged; Damage 11; Crit 2; Range; Long; Encum 8; HP 4; Price 3,000; Rarety 7; Cumbersome 5, Breach 1, Prepare 2, Slow Firing 1, Limited ammo 3
  5. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Where you thinking of just reskinning a clawdite ? if you have the card would be wonderfull
  6. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Ofc you i will. Done as a matter of fact. New version up. Im nearing the end of the original list so if anyone know of anymore critters in the Terrinoth universe that should be added please let me know @Flobio would love to add any other heros you convert. Ill do some formatting next week and clean things up abit i think and bring this project to version 1.0 might start a new thread so that the link appear at the top lets think about that. For the river watch riders i ended up doing one that was a bit more horse/mount focus then Baronial knight. The Roc i did not do since the text on page 105 of ROT says. "Throughout history, a number of flying creatures have been bred and trained as mounts, including the rocs of Baron Hadrian and the Yeron of the Latari Elves" So i assumed these stats where meant to represent any kind of flying mount in the game. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jFquSzJMrJPCnY19eSIWrjHNBv40xc2j Project now contains 31 unique monster from Terrionth converted from the Decent, Battle lore or Runewars game Arachyura (rival) Barrow Wyrm (nemesis) Blood Ape (rival) Bone Horror (minion) Broodwalker (minion) Broodwalker Swarm (rival) Carrion Drake (minion) Cave Spider (minion) Chaos Beast (nemesis) Dark Minotaur (nemesis) Dark Priest (nemesis) Demon Lord (nemesis) Doombringer (rival) Ettin (nemesis) Fire Imps (minion) Flesh Moulder (nemesis) Goblin Archer (rival) by @Flobio Harpy (minion) Hellhound (rival) Lava Beetle (minion) Medusa (nemesis) Naga (rival) + Mistress of serpents (nemesis) Obscene (rival) Plauge worm (rival) River Watch Riders (rival) Shadow Dragon (Nemesis) Shambling Colossus (Rival) Troll (rival) Volucrix Reaver (minion) Ynfernael Hulk (rival)
  7. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Really Mean little bugger. Like the bite Thing 😀 if i could make one suggestion would be to add a rank of stealth. Think it need some traps and sneaking. Ofc a GM could just add that 😁
  8. Archellus

    Smoke Bomb Stats

    There is a smokebomb vial page 103 in realms of terrinoth Skipping the fluff the Rules part says As a maneuver, a character can throw a smokebomb vial at a point within short range. Upon impact, the vial shatters to cre- ate a thick smoke screen large enough to conceal a single char- acter and other characters engaged with the target. The smoke screen provides concealment worth +2 dice (see the Conceal- ment section on page 110 of the Genesys Core Rulebook). IT is encum 0 price 25 rarety 4
  9. Archellus

    Modifying the dice system

    If its just reading dice not interpret the dice try the dice app. Does it fore you. Ofc its your game you can do whatever but there are tons of great games out there that does a simple sucess/fail mechanic better. Other advice is to make fewer rolls. The way i read your post is that you like the mechanic its just sometimes maybe say a perception or knowledge check between combat you want it faster? Advice here is dont call for rolls unless there is a chance or oppertunity for the narrative. Try and make less roll and make building the pool part of the story. Explain why is the difficulty or upgrades there why are setback and boost present. Hope it makes sense 😁
  10. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Thanks for the input @Watercolour Dragon Naga was a though one also medusa and Harpy. Those are iconic fantasy d&d style monsters seemed to work a bit different in Terrinoth from the description. i did not want the naga to become a nemesis on its own think rival level suits it more can be a nasty challenge. i had several iterations of the constrict ability. At first i had it as a weapon attack with its tail just letting the Ensnare quality represent it. Direach in his creature catalouge has a constrict ability i thought worked well with a few tweaks so tried that out. I did Mistress of Serpents. Might redo it just for format issues want to keep it one page and there is a lot of redundant information between the 2 stat blocks. For the Mistress of the serpent i had to tweak constrict or she would pass out from strain if constricting and casting spells at the same time Would love some feedback on it. Also working from the original list for the creatures not present in the terrinoth book i found several that where covered in other rules. Like rat swarm could just use the scorpion swarm from ROT. Anyways there is a note in the index "River watch Riders (BL) Not present, and different enough from Baronial Knight." - My google fu only brings me some card images of knights how are they different from Baronial Knights ? Also what is a Roc warrior ? a Roc is in fantasy usually a big bird. Is this a warrior on top of a big bird or the big bird it self ? New version is up https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jFquSzJMrJPCnY19eSIWrjHNBv40xc2j/view?usp=sharing Hope the links works for you all. The project now contains: Arachyura (rival) Barrow Wyrm (nemesis) Blood Ape (rival) Bone Horror (minion) Broodwalker (minion) Broodwalker Swarm (rival) Carrion Drake (minion) Cave Spider (minion) Chaos Beast (nemesis) Dark Minotaur (nemesis) Dark Priest (nemesis) Demon Lord (nemesis) Doombringer (rival) Ettin (nemesis) Fire Imps (minion) Flesh Moulder (nemesis) Harpy (minion) Hellhound (rival) Lava Beetle (minion) Medusa (nemesis) Naga (rival) + Mistress of serpents (nemesis)
  11. Archellus

    Tattoo magic, modern day rune/glyph mages

    I would suggest to use them as magic implements. You could re skin the runes from terrinoth as tattoos or make up your own. If there is a magic skill in your setting you could use a tatoo as a magic implement maybe limit it to a certain magic spell pr tattoo. If you dont have the Terrinoth book Runes are a magic implement that has a passive ability that can be activated by anyone but when used by a magic user with the appropriate skill it functions as a implement. Example re skin as tattoo could be the lighting rune. Activation: Until the end of your character's turn, the lightning strike rune counts as a Ranged weapon with the following profile: (Discipline; Damage 8; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Auto-fire, Disorient 3). Implement: When your character casts an Attack spell, the first Range effect they add does not increase the check’s difficulty. In addition, they must add the Lightning effect with no increase in difficulty. Attack spells cast by your character increase their base damage by five. If you dont have a magic skill in your setting maybe they just have the activation ability.
  12. Archellus

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Yikes seems like every other monster in Terrinoth uses magic of some kind spending more time making up spells then actual creature stats @Watercolour Dragon or any other do you know if the Naga http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Naga is supposed to be a actual magic user or just a result of magic energies ? I am inclined to make it a rival for more versatile use but if its to power any traditional sorcery i kinda need nemesis level for strain usage. Added a few more monsters to including the Plague Worm you asked about earlier.
  13. Archellus


    if its really picking your brain you could just make ranged a agi+weapon say 3 for bows 4 for longbow. so many options But tbh try it out as written. IF all your pc make melee heavy persons allow them to shine for an encounter or 2 and then hit them with ranged adversary from across a canyon with a narrow bridge requiring coordination to cross. Dont do it all the time but make their skill and stat choices matter for good and for bad situations. So it dosent matter that the damage is not always equal
  14. Archellus


    Im curious to why this tweak ? Again system wont break if you like it do it but your brain will hurt when you need to calculate this on the fly for npc and monsters and balance it against brawl. When you read statblocks for any npc or monster it assumes weapon + brawn so either your npc will work under different rules which can be totally legit as long as your players know it from the get go. Or you will need to adjust it on the fly if using other stats then your own. If you like the finesse part maybe just tweak the finesse talent to use agi instead of brawn for damage, when encumbrance doesn't exceed number of hands required or make it a improved finesse talent. But you risk agi becoming a superstat at the expense of soak though but you would be able to do melee and range equally well. Btw im no way a RAW advocate anything goes especially in this system just have fun with it.
  15. Archellus

    Pathfinder to Genesys Conversion Formulas and Setting

    I can understand the trade off in Hard to hit and less wounds. The silhouette - 2thing seem Odd. Since its a Rival you could just give it adversary 1 and be done with it 😁 For poison there are many more mechanic then just setback. Strain damage or lower strain and or wound threshold until cured. But your right in just more damage is a boring effect of poison 😁