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  1. There is one in the star wars line called well rounded lets you choose 2 skills as career skills. Considering the T2 talents thats gives 2 specific skills this should mostlike be Tier 3. As a sidenote a lot of players should realize you dont need skills as career unless you plan to go high up in ranks.
  2. This would be a race ability that should have an xp cost as well. Be carefull with the wording. +1 defensive would add to the defense rating while 1 Defense just set its at 1 and does not stack with armor but it would stack with shields and spears etc. or anything with a defensive rating. Although you could specify that it does not stack with anything.
  3. Think the 4 arm species in star wars got an extra manuvere. "Extra Limbs: Besalisks have multiple sets of arms. As a result, They gain an additional free maneuver per turn. Though still may not perform more than two maneuvers per turn." From EOTE - Special Modifications With this power the species are not locked into a dual weapon scenario but could do other roles depending on the player. Be aware that once you get down to about 60XP your species becomes very unattractive to players. There is a limit to how low xp even though the species get cool stuff players cant customize it alot. Having both 3 in agi and brawn is very powerful starting stats might consider branching the species out into subcategories. If you feel like there should be different representations of them. Like the various orc/elves etc in ROT.
  4. sure thing. But not all stats are created equal even if someone else did stats for a create i might make my own version. Right now you guys posted so many beast i have a lot to choose from. Trying to find stuff i lack which at the moment are more frost creatures and lots of animals. Still trying to find unique descriptions mostly by looking at the FFG website. When i did the Decent monsters the wiki had all sorts of information https://descent2e.fandom.com/wiki/Bone_Horror So just size and special attacks informs alot. Your explanation of the icons on the cards did help though. Zanagan Python should be equal to Giant Snake ROT p. 258 Zanagan Tiger i can stat up but will most likely be 99% identical to Leonx ROT p. 180. I have not updated the PDF yet. Will do by the end of the week
  5. Renamed the Vampire bats to Zanga Vampire bats mostly because i did not have any monsters with Z yet in the book
  6. The order 66 did a run down of those rules in episode 59 - Homestead is Where the Obligation is you can skip about 25 into the show to avoid all the intro chatter. Also the followup episode 60 deals with rebel bases.
  7. Tbh hooly nails it. Just let the player say what they want and what skill to use and adjust difficulty and outcome to that. Also remember the how they want to use it can play a role. Take your example with negotiation while a straight up knowledge of an items worth might seem intellect if my player describes it as chatting up a gallery owner and asking about prices for portraits then maybe negotiation or even deception would yield the same results. With all checks ask yourself is this important ? and what are the consequences of failure
  8. If you do a difficulty make a short sidebar with suggested usage of threat and advantages, triumps and despair. Try and make them non bookeeping
  9. I would still suggest a succesfull training added one reroll with that skill. Nice and simple. The covers look awesome btw 😀
  10. I use it very case by case. As a rule of thumb mechanical ill let my players spend 4-5 advantages to fully upgrade an adversary next check if that what they want. But ill encourage them to spend them om something creative. If i have a player roll 6-10 advantages on a roll i say go nuts and anything narrative they would suggest for a Triumph ill properly allow for that amount of advantage. But i usually do not let it power specific talents that require triumphs.
  11. one more critter still working a image solution this one is slightly better think it could work for those cards if i use the original image. This is still from the test bench have not added it to the right document yet.
  12. agree @lirazel think sanity would work well using the critical injury rules. Assign a crit rating to fear would be the number of threats rolled on a fear check and a difficulty to remove maybe with a new skill Mental care or psychiatry same way as a medicine check and with the same rule for rest so maybe a player could remove the mental crit with a weeks rest and a discipline check instead of resilience check. This would work great i think with each mental crit giving +10 on the table.
  13. you might want to check out the supplement Ready....Fight by Keith Kappal at the drivethrough RPG foundery. But its ofc something new and not adjusted to your conversion system but it has some good ideas on unarmed attacks. About your suggested talents. There is a quality that immobilizes its called Ensnare. In ROT p. 88 there is the exploit talent Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: Yes When your character makes a combat check with a Ranged or Melee (Light) weapon, they may suffer 2 strain to use this talent to add the Ensnare quality to the attack. The rating of the Ensnare quality is equal to your character’s ranks in Exploit. So might be just to modify this to apply to unarmed combat. Your tier 2 talent unarmed strike is a little to good. Its trying to combine to talents from the starwars line. Lethal blows and Iron body into 1. IRON BODY Tier: 3 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Remove ■ per rank of Iron Body from Coordination and Resilience checks. Reduce the critical rating of unarmed attacks by 1 per rank of Iron Body (to a minimum of 1). The lethal blows just increase melee and brawl attack damage by 1 per rank. The disorient for 2 strain is kinda low. Considering that you could use something like a Cestus from ROT p. 94 which has disorient rank 3. But i guess your trying to make it worth while fighting with only your fist ? Other talents from Starwars to consider might be. Unarmed Parry: May Parry while unarmed. Reduce the strain cost to Parry while unarmed by 1 (minimum 1). Martial Grace: Once per round, suffer 2 strain to add damage equal to ranks in Coordination to the next Brawl check made this turn.
  14. So im back from vacation. Took a brief look and decided to add some more frost themed monsters first. Started with the snow viper. Here is a first round at it. Ill add it to the bestiary later and do a major update. Need to do something with the image.
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