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  1. Archellus

    The Scion of Genesys?

    5 is the magic nummer because math or statistics in this case. It gets funky when you add 6 or 7 dice. Look in the corerule book in the back about superpowers or design them like talents maybe take a peak at the magic Rules for some effects of supernatural abilities. For frost giants look ad the giant in terrinoth they still only have brawn 5 represent their super strengt in tings like knockdown or sweep attack let them hit with a meele weapon in sort range and bump up the base damage of the club or whatever they are using
  2. Archellus

    Long Term Play

    Im close to 10 sessions in sticking with 5xp pr jour and we play 4 hours a session so right now player are 200 xp over the start. So far No issues i can run All npc straight out of the book and still challenge them. Compared to star wars the pc are a lot more broader not as hyper specialized as in SW. I asked the players last session how they felt progres and All where happy about charecter options and development. 200 xp is by No mean high but I dont Think this system will break even with 600 or a 1000 just keep checking with the players that All are having fun
  3. Archellus

    NPC ideas wanted

    Anyways gave it a try for the first you posted here is my take on the Obscene. After reading the description there is alot of abilites and i kinda wanted them to keep within rival territory but its kinda bordering nemesis. Anyways hope you can use it or modify it to suit your needs. The ichor ability really makes no sense as i look at it again since the GM can always do that prob should just be 2 setback ill edit it later.
  4. Archellus

    NPC ideas wanted

    Why do the Ally need hero stat? They are much easier to run in a npc stat Block. Give em some signature talents that they use. Will be alot easier to run for you instead of going over a full sheet for them.
  5. Archellus

    Shapeshifting Talent animal forms

    Good suggestions dident notice the knockdown om brawl the ability is just tanken from what was in the Creature Catalogue. So far i like shapeshift like this 5E d&d style that you become the Creature stat wise dont need to calculate and balance stuff.
  6. Archellus

    Shapeshifting Talent animal forms

    one of player had a similar request. I made it a straight up talent that changed shape into a particular animal one form only that fitted with the players concept. So no +1 this stat thing just you got the animal stat, attacks etc. kinda like 5e does it you literally turn into the creature. No strain heal, cant cast magic or use item in the form. I used the Tiger as a guide from Diereach cataloge and did edit a few of them. I made it a Tier 3 talent. Had to be activated Stats Brawn: 3, Agility: 3, Presence: 1 Talents: None Abilities: Fierce Pounce (if a tiger uses the aim maneuver, it gains the Knockdown quality on its next claw attack) Equipment: Claws (Brawl; Damage: 6; Critical: 3; Range [Engaged]), Bite (Brawl; Damage: 7; Critical: 3; Range [Engaged], Pierce 1, Vicious 2) I did let the player keep his own mental stats. Although presence in the from is still 1. The player really wanted to invest xp to make it better. But did not feel the talent could be ranked. For the time being i rules the talent also grants brawl as a class skill but i might just straight up say you gain ranks of lore in brawl. The purpose really is to give the player a cool ability and he wanted something for combat since the rest of the char is more social focused. I rule the form can still be dispelled by a enemy caster allthough its not really a spell as such. So far it works but i have a understanding with the player that we might amend the talent if it proves to imbalanced.
  7. Archellus

    THE DICE POOL PODCAST - Episode 16 - Roulette of Terror

    Just about to walk the dogs in the inky blackness of night. Sounds like a good thing to listen to on the walk also running a campaign session tomorrow where fear checks might happen so hoping for some good insights. Thanks for a good show
  8. Archellus

    Converting D&D Monsters to Genesys

    You can try an check your conversion against some of the official ones If you take alook at the giant alot of its size and strengt is represent as knockdown or similar also diereach conversion are a god place to start
  9. Archellus

    skills vs tallents

    tbh your players power level will go up faster with skills then talents. But talents are where the flavour and fun is. You could limit the ranks as you say or just go with it see where it goes. Perhaps he gets inspired when someone else from the group uses some cool talent. Just remember that a lot of the talents lets you do specific stuff. So you got to be consistent if the players ask "hey i have 4 ranks in skill X can i try this really cool thing" generally they can but if its covered by a talent in the book that specific allows that it should have added difficulty if he docent have it or simply not be able to attempt it. Hit em with a lot of setback (but sure to remember the narrative reason) give your players a reason to purchase knack for it or other talents that lets you remove setback.
  10. Archellus

    Genesys Creature Catalogue (formerly Bestiary)

    I like your resist thing. Its like the fear mechanic and gets the player more engaged. With that said the standard resist are either discipline if its mental of resilience if its physical i get your coordination thing if the player tries to dodge i would leave a note with that the check should be flexible based on player narrative i do feel like the check should be opposed vs. just a set difficulty but maybe that would be to much. In other notes that dreadgazer should maybe get a few less wounds and strain and a bit less soak By the way great work. I used a lot of your creatures as a template they work really well.
  11. Archellus

    Magic in an urban fantasy setting

    Totally agree with this. Dont put a xp penalty on magic try and find a narrative way. Maybe many mundanes causes setback dice and you can reward players with boost if they Come up with creative and narrative ways to explain the magic. If you want to make magic abit more difficulty perhaps limit the implements or give them as super magic rewards like magic items etc. If you dont want All your players to be magic users set that expectation in session 0. Like say i only want 1 or 2 magic users rest Will be something else
  12. Archellus

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    Vigilance is supposed to be passive. While perception is active. But the 2 skills are much broader then just initiativ. Cool has many other uses beside initiativ. Its a great social skill basicly your pokerface. While Vigilance is opposed to deception in social encounters not perception. For initiativ its clever planning vs spidersense instinct reaktion.
  13. Archellus

    Dices, dices, dices, ...

    Think they All look the same. I bought 2 dice set and yes they are and look plastic but I still Think they look great. I like that there are more challenge die compared to My star wars die.
  14. Archellus

    Rating adversaries

    Dont bring a dagger to a ogre fight 😀 But in essence of what you are saying be ready to adjust or add some enviroment that can be used to help.
  15. Your welcome 😀 i use it still for my star wars game that group meet only once a month so the log and wiki helps.