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  1. Some abilities are stronger at lower player counts/weaker at higher counts and there are some things stronger at higher counts and weaker at lower counts. Just how it is. In this case, Villian hit points are set in step 9, set up abilities in step 14, and since it doesn't specifically say per player, it is a flat 10 hp.
  2. Every character has a motive and a method. Motive is why they do things and Method is how they do things. Punisher's motive is rooted in Justice, but his method is very much aggression. Therefore both aspects would fit. Black Widow on the other hand has a motive of Protection and a method of Justice. That's why her ally is Protection but her deck is Justice (could have gone either way but Justice deck better fit their needs).
  3. We wont be be seeing X-men and FF4 anytime soon but anyone else is fair game. There are actually only a handful of heroes that are obviously Justice and those 2 heroes are the most popular heroes on that short list. So it really wouldn't surprise me to see them sooner rather than later.
  4. It's clear from the latest interviews that the designers want to but are not allowed to do X-men. But I think that has to do with higher ups or even Disney and not necessarily the licence itself.
  5. Aggression decks do tend to be less reliant on allies, but they are still important. Since Aggression decks don't really defend, even high hp pools last only so long, so without allies you will have to spend a bunch of time in AE and recovering. That said, ironically, I think Cap can probably best get away with a low ally deck as he can defend for 3, ready, and then attack/thwart.
  6. I think Thunderclap is just a good toolbox anti-minion card to have. This gives him both good anti villain and good anti minion cards. Even if it is Ultron and 2 drones, you are still damaging Ultron and destroying 2 drones with a single action where as you'd normally have to take separate actions, each with their own costs to deal with each drone.
  7. Edit: I thought we were done with the spoilers, but I guess not
  8. https://www.facebook.com/NoResponsibilityPodcast Drop Kick - Aggression Event, 3 cost, Attack, Hero Action(attack): Deal 4 damage to an enemy. If you paid for this card using only [physical] resources, stun that enemy and draw 1 card. This is a really cool card. Without the kicker, it is really bad, but with the kicker, this is on the same power level as Heroic Strike (which is crazy good for an aggression card). Obviously, this is the type of card you need to build your deck around, and this card is so good that it is worth it. Good in Hulk. He doesn't need more 3 cost cards, but this is better than some of his signatures. If you build around physical resources, this could also be pretty strong in Ms Marvel (her suit provides wild, Nadia could potentially discount). Captain America can now make a stunlock deck in both protection and aggression. This basically spawns a new Aggression deck separate from the Jarnbjorn/mean swing deck that most non-MM heroes are using currently. And that is cool 🙂
  9. It is supposedly supposed to come from No Responsibility podcast. Shrugs I don't know of any more reveals. There are still 2 Hulk cards, 2 aggression, and 2 basic that are not officially revealed.
  10. The only thing with BW-J is that because she spends more time in AE, she has a harder time procing preps and getting the ping damage from her hero ability (most preps require her to be in hero mode in villain phase). In Protection, once she has Synth-Suit, she is near invincible and can stay in hero mode long term, getting a tonne of plink damage from her ability. Leadership is interesting because Rapid Response is the only prep that can proc in the hero phase, and that has interesting synergy with Synth suit. Aggression is my least favorite, not much synergy, counterattack is a good card, just not with BW.
  11. I suppose with 1 def (or 2 def), you won't feel bad using it vs a minion over the villain, where the 1 dmg is more meaningful.
  12. https://tcgcoop.design.blog/2020/05/19/surveillance-team-episode-1-hulk-hero-pack/ Electrostatic Armor - Protection Upgrade, 1 cost, Play under any play's control, max 1 per player. Response: After defending against an attack, deal 1 damage to the attacking character. Energy Resource. Over the course of the game, this is sure to get good value in a defense protection deck although, plinking the villian for X damage is largely irrelevant. This does make defending against minions more attractive, tho I'm still not sure I'd do it over defending against the villain unless it would kill the minion. BW uses this card the best, as she can more easily defend vs minions due to her many ready effects and the plink damage synergizes with her other many sources of plink damage. I've seen people suggest Ironman with this card, but he rarely defends.
  13. http://1-2-punchboard.com/2020/05/18/to-the-lab-hulk-spoiler-banners-laboratory/?fbclid=IwAR3ls_gPYy2-vyTDg9jHsRtXU6cXC4kk2jYR8OilA5x_vNNO2BwMVCoEF_o Banner's Laboratory*, Support, Location, +2 REC, Alter-ego resource: exhaust Banner's Laboratory-> generate a [mental] resource. Mental Resource. Not too exciting, but +2 rec and resource generation is solid. +8 recover w Downtime is pretty nice.
  14. I think you are too concerned about physical resources. Super Soldier Serum is all you need to power Jarnbjorn so while physical resources is good, you dont need useless cards like 3 combat training. You are better off build your deck normally with good cards and just let super soldier serum do the work. -1 combat training -1 endurance (honestly, with ready effects and down time, you don't need it) -1 Relentless Assault -2 Power of Aggression (you don't have enough 2+ cost aggression cards for these to give value) +1 Avengers Mansion +1 Mockingbird + 3 Battle Fury (or 2 Battle Fury and 1 Counter Attack) I would even consider replacing all relentless assault and possibly 1 chase them down (if in multiplayer) for Skilled Strike and Counter Attack (or cut one of these and keep endurance in, if you really like the card). With Battle Fury and ability, you could attack 3 times, giving you 3 opportunities to use Jarnbjorn. 2 physical would come from super soldier serum, and the 3rd could come from hand. Tho attacking twice and thwarting once is probably more practical.
  15. https://thesidescheme.wixsite.com/thesidescheme/post/spoiler-season-is-here Sentry - Aggression Ally, 4 cost, 2 thw, 3 atk, 5 hp, Forced Response: after sentry enters play under your control, draw an encounter card. Energy Resource. Not a whole lot to say here. 3 atk on 5 hp is incredible (2 thw on 5 hp is also good). I will gladly take an encounter card for him.
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