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  1. I am not the biggest fan of her kit - Pinpoint Strike is the real only stand out card, the rest is either average (which is still a good card) or below average (her upgrades are definitely not as good as I'd like and Ant-Man is an aspect level ally). My biggest disappointment is that I was really hoping she would have strong resource generation to make her stand out from AM. But as it is, it is roughly on par but she lacks the hyper-efficency of AM to balance it out. Now, I did run her on TTS with an Aggression deck and it was pretty good as she does have some pretty good synergies. Surprise Attack is amazing, Martial Prowess is great (5 sig events +3 SA +w/e else), Moment of Triumph is really good with pinpoint strike, and Skilled Strike works well with Giant ability. I think Justice also has potential, she can get to 4 basic thw with heroic intuition and helmet, lay down the law is amazing, and she does have pretty good damage potential. So yeah, I do think she is below the tier where most heroes reside, but she does have some decent decks to the point where she is at least not a liability. Ant-Man pretty much eclipses her in every way however (he is in the same tier as CA and SpW).
  2. The first 2 packs basically have to be Leadership and Justice (not necessarily in that order but likely) and I cant really see anyone other than Star Lord and Gamora. Then a new group of 4 aspects starts and Drax as aggression just seems likely. As for Drax, we will just have to see if they go for the low hand size again or not.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure we will also get a scenario pack somewhere between this box and next. Who knows who it is.
  4. 3 of the next 4 heroes are so obvious, we dont even need silhouettes. The 4th hero is anyone's guess tho.
  5. Yeah, you would exhaust the gun to get +3 instead of +2 and save the charge. You would also probably be running Jarnbjorn and once you get that out, you can exhaust that instead. But it now is viable to run Mean Swing in a deck without signature weapons and you wouldn't be relying only on Jarnbjorn to play Mean Swing.
  6. In my opinion, Dauntless is best with Defense decks who can continually defend and not take damage. Honestly, Dauntless with Ironman is less good than it seems; I played IM-P last night and once set up, I honestly just didn't take hits to face due to stuns and ally blocks. The real winner of this reveal is Aggression and Hand Cannon. Not only is it a really efficient card on it's own but it enables Mean Swing (which is amusing thematically) and because of the physical resource, Physical Aggression will he coming back with a vengeance.
  7. So, I am now actually thinking that there will not be a double month and things got pushed back with ScW releasing February and GMW March. If that is the case, then we should get a stream/preview next month.
  8. Going off card numbers and the gameplay stream, Ant-Man, and Quicksilver only have 5 reprints, Wasp has 6. Ant-Man and Quicksilver have reprints of First Aid and Armored Vest respectively instead of power ofs, Wasp has Quincarrier +Power ofs So it does appear that the number of reprints is going down.
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