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  1. It's funny. If this was a red evade, I don't think it would have generated anywhere near as much talk as it has. I think a white evade would be too strong and this ship has a theme of what would normally cost a stress, costs force instead. So I think it is fine.
  2. Arwen makes more sense than Eowyn, especially if this takes place before the books and her face has a similar structure to Legolas'. The 2 on the left have me stumped, neither particularly look like a pre-lotr Aragorn to me (First one does not look like a Ranger, and the 2nd looks a little small to be him) Shrugs
  3. We know Bilbo and Gimli, I'm guessing Boromir, Aragon, Legolas, and Arwen? Bilbo over Frodo seems like an odd choice, as is the exclusion of Gandalf.
  4. I think that if you are wanting an alpha strike bomber with proton torps, he is better than Rhymer, as the I5 is a big deal. But I think in most other applications, other bombers are better.
  5. I haven't used it with Verena, but yeah, there is potential there and that is mentioned in my guide.
  6. Loku really just cares about doing as much damage as he possibly can. Typically, I would go E-11 into Valken-38 (or sniper rifle but that wasn't out at the time). I've tried the ddc defender, and I was underwhelmed.
  7. I wasn't planning on changing my guide for that very niche build anyway. To be honest, I haven't played IA in a long time, since starting multiple gloomhaven campaigns. I'm not even sure I will pick up Tyrants >< That said, should be still be able to integrate the new heroes into the guide. (Tress is easy, the existing single target weapons are all good on her, especially Vibrosword. CT-1701 needs to plan around the extra white die, so I am thinking either less reliance on surge or high pierce, will have to see what options there are).
  8. When you are playing the game, buying weapons for your characters, the goal is not to be the most efficient with your money, it is to kill imperials. Who cares if Vibroknife is only 100 credits, if you can't kill stuff what does it matter? (Also Vibroknife isn't better than a modded starter). Cost efficency has its place, and I do mention some of the notable cost effective weapons but ultimately, damage is what really matters and in the full 11 mission campaigns, credits aren't typically a huge issue (tho they are in Heart of the Empire). You are right, tier 2 isn't as cost efficient and I even say that in the OP, but it is still does more damage on average. A 2 mod tier 2 can do tier 3 levels of damage but a 2 mod tier 1 weapon cannot. My ratings and analysis take mods into consideration. The best mods are so good because they last all campaign and should be priority buys, analyzing naked weapons doesn't translate to how the game is actually played. The A280 is a fine weapon with tac display or plasma cell on it, and with both, it is tier 3 level. That is why is A class (granted EE-3 is slightly better but not by enough to bump it down a tier). Typically I either get a tier 1 weapon then a tier 3, or i keep starter though tier 1 and get a good tier 2 weapon such as A280 or EE3, slap 2 mods on it and keep it to endgame. Loku with overwatch and stun is kind of fun, but that is only one way to play him (and honestly the first time I've ever heard of that build). If a Loku player gets overwatch, it is typically late. And by getting T-21 or sporting pistol you are sacrificing a lot of damage. Your spreadsheet is a wall of numbers and text with next to no practical applications. My goal with this guide was to take theorycrafting and actually make it applicable. That is why you don't really see numbers in my guide.
  9. I will update the OP when I get the chance but here is the lowdown on the new weapons. Punch Dagger - It looks better than it is. It is better than your starter so it is fine in tier 1 but becomes obsolete quickly in tier 2. The ability is what gives the weapon value and could be decent on melee characters who are not strain intensive. E-11D - it is very comparable to the EE-3 and A238 but where it really shines is with tac display+plasma cell. That combo has really good synergy on this platform and in this configuration, not only outshines those weapons but also competes with the best ranged tier 3 weapons. Bo-Rifle - As far as tier 3 weapons go, it is on the low end in terms of damage. But that isnt factoring the stun, focus, or ranged attack ability. So what it lacks in pure damage, it makes up for in versatility and utility. The new item combat vambraces are particularly good with red dice (I need to make a new category for items such as this).
  10. Deadwolf

    Triple IG-88's?

    When I priced the 2 squads from the Team covenant demo.in 1e pts they came in at 107 and 109 points. 3 IGs in 1e, comes in at 108 pts So yeah, i can see 3 pretty bare bones IGs being possible.
  11. Deadwolf


    While I was never a fan of the original design, I do think they went a little too far here. The issue in 1.0 really was the upgrade synergies it had access to. Unhinged, K4, R4, overclocked R4, deadeye + Torp were all extremely powerful in this ship. Combined with the incredible dial made this a rediculous ship. But those rediculous action stacking upgrades are all gone, the dial has also been nerfed to where the asymmetry is now a disadvantage rather than an advantage, and only a single arc turret that costs stress to move it. So what is the ship left with? Dengar's ability is even stronger, so there is potential there but in terms of the ship itself, there is nothing really making it unique. But as was said, if the ship is reasonably cheap then we will see.
  12. The Tie Silencer is a combo between Tie Advanced and Tie Interceptor (which is what the old EU Tie Avenger was, they look similar too). So it covers a couple niches. The main holes I see in the FO line up are ordnance/bombs and turrets.
  13. The problem is because of the nature of the dice, as well as things like pierce, using simple averages is not particularly accurate (it is with starter weapons but less so as you go on). I did make a chart a long time ago using averages a long time ago and I basically got chewed out by people. Which is why I went the route of comparing the line graphs for weapons. And it does give you a more accurate look at what the weapon will do.
  14. Shrouded Lightsaber w/ balanced Hilt + high impact guard is really powerful, especially with Falling Leaf and also works well with Fell Swoop. I was initially down on getting Shrouded Lightsaber on Davith but is now my preferred build.
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