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  1. So what orderdoes it activate with ranged attacks. is it Defense roll + range modifier = to hit number or Range modifire + defense rolle = to hit number or is it To hit roll + modifires-Range penalty = to hit number VS Defense roll + modifier -penelties
  2. [1][2][3] [4][P][6] = 1 Player can at max be attacked by 8 [7][8][9] enemys at once 1 __ 2 / 3 = a max of 6 people can attack 4 \__/ 5 one target 6 Hex grid would probably work best.
  3. commanderq said: Xx that just confused me. actually what i ended up doing, since i was using a calcuator already. I just added up the rolls and subtracted them like normal, however instead of rounding to the neartest 25th, i just took the result if it was positive, that was the % of damage done, if it was negetive that was the bouns the defener got in a counter attack. example, fighter A attacks figher B. fighter A rolls an 83 and his attack bouns is 77, resulting in a 160 total attack. defender fighter B rolls a 60 and has a 80 for defense resulting in a 140 for defense. the result is a 20. that means fighter A did 20% of is base damage. if you reverse the rolls and it came to -20, that means fighter B would get a +20 to his counter attack role. Trust me this speeds things up conciderably. I thought this was how combat worked anyway? was I wrong. if so could some explain how ti realy works couse all the info bsicly made me think the ^ is how it worked + or - situationle modifiers
  4. Well in the above example. I satnd 1 mile outside a small village filled with about 3 to 4 hundred people use this power and wipe them ofthe map. save for one lone child to tell of the horror of the destruction of townsville. now sure I get hunted down and killed but i could also hide a way in the cave and gather the ki need to devote to the task and spend a ki every turn to hold it on standby. get an audiance ith the king of Bigtown and once within rangeof the castle everyone whos a threat dies and people are to scaredto attack me. A clever power gamer can find a way to abuse anything. every systems expliotable. but if you just make a little effort youl never absue aything. if your playing just dont try to brake th sysem. yes occasionly youl stumble across something that realy does just happe to be a prblem or brake the system. if it's problem just thnk ofa reason to stop using it. maybe you acidentl kill an incconet with the technique and refuse to use it ever again or you loose your memory. If you GMing talk to your player andif tey wont listen tae the power away have some demon or god or something seal away the power or steal it frm him takeing away his abilty to use it. or dissaprove the power to begin with.
  5. That would be so helpfull. so fr martal arts it sas you addtogether the affects and pick the highest damage so if one damage is 30 + 5 mod and the other is 20 + 10 mod does that mean my martail art damage is 30 + 15 mod or 30+ 10 mod or do I pick ither 30+5 or 20+10
  6. oay let me be more specific sorry. I kinda assumed I was running into issues tha were gonna e pretty common. KI - so Classe dtermins te base MK with you have confirmed that you do add the martial arts mk to that total now once this is all totaled is there a wa to buy more mk with creation points or deelopment points? Also once is all said and done from what I can tell you "spend" your mk to buy ki abileslik use KI or any of thecustome made KI abilties. isthis corect or do you spend development points to buy these ailties? Ki acumulation - so I get that youhave the acumalation stat and the ki stat. so if Ihave a con of 8 I have a con accumulation of 1 and con ki of 8. now I can spend dp to raise the acumulation or the ki stat from hat I unerstand. so lets say have a con accumultion o 2 and a con ki of 10. do I hve 10 con ki points available to me t0 spend at any time as genrle ki (add all stat ki toether fr a total like gnric mna pool aailable anytime) and regenarae that at te X pr hour rate. or can I spend the 1 con ki at any ime as a pool of con ki for the purpose of stat specific Ki requirments - a skill requires I spend 5 con ki I have 10 so I spend the 5 and recover them at X rate per hour. Or does it work like I have a con KI accumulation of 2 and a con ki of 10 so I can gather 2 con ki per turn up to a max of 10 and once I have pent 10 i have no more. So if I need o spend 5 I pend 3 turns accumulatong ki t get 6 con ki spend 5 andloose the 1 to the eather so now I can only spend 4 more Con ki intill my max egenrates at a rate of X per hour. Magic and psychic abiltie seem o work simalrly but I wasjust curious if yu buy the spell and psycich abilties with you psychhc potentail and Magic stat like ki abilies or with development points. Summons - okay so what I am trying to figure out is is do players make there summons useing the monster/npc builder andthan determing how much effort thy need to expend in order to summon said creator, or do they summon the Tarot creatures (wich seemed alittle vague) or what seems msot likley and that the summon knows how to ummon certain tcreatures based on the idea of th tarot card stats. like MR summoner has the summon the Justice they summon a creature built useing the creture creation rules that gets a secail abilty (the justice power) and costs the amount as justice and that sets the diffaculty to summon. Or are the arcanna just example summons. oran example tree of summons Like players or gms could make there own trees (Like Constaletion summons or the Elementle summons or animle summons) and the player learns a tree of summon like a tree of magic. I hopethis clarifies.
  7. Well were all arguing the sameasic thnigs my only point was that whil it may be fun it is not technicly fair inless one considers the power that magic ofers adthe abilties of a wizard to be 1cp better than other class templtes. I think the system is grate and all ystems have here quirks an frm the looks of it magic i incredibly powerfull and the ideathat he zard emplate just shows thedifrence between a 1 charater who ahs the gft but focused on weapon (awarrior who akes the gift) and smeone who devoted themselves honing thre magic skills (the wizard template with gift) anyways Hopefully we can edn his discussion wth a nice and fair
  8. Thankx for the help. I've read through the whole book sevrle times and didnt kno which way was up by the end. I'll try the peace by peace aproach and hopefully should get a better understanding ofthe system. Character creation is still a litle confuseing though I sat down and ride to make a tao martail artist and got through it okay but allways seemed like I was missing something couldnt point out what it was though. lots of blank spots on the characte sheet. any other suggestions?
  9. Once again I just want to clarify my self and thank both of you for proveing my point. I wol like to say for the record that despite no avein played the game yet do to trying to learn all it's in's nd outs, but I think it could be one of the best systems out there. But this pearson askedabout so I offered an alternitive. and yes mechanics arnt everything balance is one of the least impotant factors in a god roleplaying game, However Despite the fact that a warror may want or chooe to take Certain advtages to get the most band for his buck he in NO WAY is REQIRED to take them but the wizard can not be a wizard without the gift so in word makes sense but mechanicly it means that the warrior can be and do what eve he wants while there are limits placed on the wizars abilty to freely create his character. I smply offered a alternitive. and a salution to the combined classes if dont give them any of the magic adantages give thema unique one to them selves. or it culd be said that magic balances out the point expenditure
  10. so for the psycic potentail role is that just a pass or fail check or doesit determine the damage or adjust damage?
  11. So I am trying to make my first character and lear the system. I would like to have an idea for how to buil a basic haracter wich has bin very well set up here. and I think I get te genrle idea. Were I run into trouble is MK and martail knowladge trait spots on the character sheet. some of the arangmet of things on the sheet I dont realy know when I am makeing things were to go. and how you get psychic KI Magic and summons. how do you buy spells and KI and summons and all of that. do you spen the points you have like if yo have a base of 30 martail knowladge and get say +30 from martail arts do you have 60 points to buy KI abiltie with (of course you have to buy he first two to use any) or do you get all KI thingsith a rateing of <60. same with magic and psyonics. ho do yo determine your base for these traits. are the influenced by stats. how much does itcost in DP to raise the base. do any stats count towars them. I'm pretty good with games and hav run alot of games and madealot of characters but I just feel a littl lost trying to fin my wa through the system. and I have to elarn it well enough to run it for my friens and guide them through character creation.
  12. You can contct me on msn or windows messanger at Luced0@hotmail.com or send me an email at the same.
  13. I was ore wondering if it was legal to for a character to useall forms of magic in the game. Thelevel question was refering to KI abilties and about when can a character take Zen or How long does it take say A Tao martala rtists to start reay being able to use KI abilties. Like will a characte needto be Level 10 20 30 etc intill he can ue KI abilties Just simpley becouse of the level of energ the require or could a level 1 or 2 character be able to utilize the bilties and have his poer grow steadily through the game. and same question for th othe magics.
  14. Skywalker said: Luced said: But what the system is trying to do I think is say that anyone can learn magic who wants i as long as they take the gift a wizards just bin trained or as practed ueing his agicmore than the others and probably has a naturel talent for it. One salution you might be able to use is go through each of the classes and give each one a Innate Gift. so if I take th wizard class I get the gft for free, but if I takethe warrior class I get a weapon module for free. this is a way you cold make sure evry gets what they want. It really isn't a problem. You seem to be applying a "class uber alles" approach to Anima that really isn't appropriate IMO. Classes in Anima just provide you with a template of costs of spending your DP. However, how you spend your DP is over to you. This is what creates Anima's incredible diversity. By moving the Gift out of the class structure, you end up with a lot more flexibility for PC concepts. As you have pointed out, anyone can learn magic asa result, but only magic classes have the training and predisposition to excel at it. It also allows for summoners who don't use spells. IMO it is really no different from the fact that a Warrior PC may choose to spend DP on combat abilities, but need not do so. Sure that is unlikely but some diverse concepts may require that. Well what i was pointing out is technicly in the rules someone who take the wizard class doesnt technicly need to take "The gift" advantage to be a partof the class wih means acording to the letter of the rules you could have a wzard who has skills in Magic despite the fact that he cant cast magik. This is what I said was a problem. becouse it doesnt make sense for someone who CAN NOT cast magic (a player who chose t be a wizard but not take the gift advantage) to have skills in magic. wich as I said by the letter of the rules can happen. Now any gm could say hey that doesnt make sense so if your gonna be the wizard you are required to take the gift advantage. end of story. But this than makes the system unbalanced becouse no other class requires someone to purchase a talent in order to play that class.(well okay maybe a few of them would). SO now you get into favritism and balanced point exenditures. If the whole point of the classes is to just be sorta a backrund or a way of expressing were you training lies and so they offer just some base points t add to you character and a mechanicl way to outline some aspects of your growth, thats all fine and good. but when you get down to the ath of it. statiscly if Character A gets 100 extra points in various abilties based on his warrior class fetures and can spend his 10 Character poins to purchase any advantage he wants. and Charactr B gets 100 extra points to his various abiliesbased on his wizard class feature only if he spends 3 of his 10 points on a specifc advantage. well that means he only has 7 points to custamize himself while the arror has 10 points. now it could be argued this is to trade of the advantage the spells offer to character B. but the warrior gets 10 points to do whatever with including Buying the gift he wants but you must face that the wizard is required to spend some of his points jut to be a wizard with leaves him with less of an abilty to custmize himself tha wizard. This is the problem I see. a warrior can be a warrior without any extra points. He can be a warrior without the need for any CP a wizard on he othe and can not. This is a unbalanced mechanic. b ut that doesnt mean it's a bad game or tat it needs to be changed spells are powerfull and it's a valid argument that wielding that power is stronger than any sword or weapn a warrior could ever wield wich justifys the extra point expenditure. my suggestion to give each class a free advantage related to it was specifcly to give this pearson a way to get around his poblem with the sysm without breaking the game. so that when the wizard's player gets his free advantage for picking the wizard class the warrior player doesnt feel like he got jipped or that the gm is playing favrites. so the warrior an the wizard can freely custaize themselves with whatever without feeling someone else is getting extra.
  15. Well one thing you could do is Just try and keep your powers balanced. Dont dilibretly get an unbalanced tecnique or dont make something that would brake the game or make your fellow players fee gimped or un important. balance is as much the plyes responibilty as the GM's. Next ask our Gm to just look t any power that gets made and review it. Game mastering takes work and te GM needs to look at eeryting the players have or make (in any game, including anima) and make sure he can acount for i and still provide a chalalge for that pearson without killin of oth characters. Last but not least would be to make our own lists. I t just go the core book havnt run a game of it yet so I dont know what other resources are out there but you should be able to solvethe problem wich just alittle bit of coperation.
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