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  1. How sophisticated are auger systems in your campaign? Can they detect lifesign on a planet? A vessel? Can they detect lifesigns well enough to lock on with a transport beam? Do shields block their functioning? Or merely provide a negative modifier to success? Do you vary the information provided based upon the number of sucesses rolled on the test? Do they vary widely in their abilities based upon type (the various Imperial ones listed in the RT book) or by race (Orks vs. Eldar, for example). Godwinne
  2. I agree with Cat; those were interesting and useful books. I rarely referred to them in the "heat of the game", so to speak, but read them to gain inspiration to flesh out a scenario. A few times I used something like the 101 Rendevous or whatever fit the spontaneous group need. There was not much to them, but they were a good way to feed my creativity. In fact, they might work right now....just have to darken it up a bit and toss in some mutants, heretics and xenos!! Godwinne
  3. I like this solution....I will float the idea in my group...although, they really don't have the idea of shooting full auto into a melee, as that thought seemed to shock them when it came up in the tabletop discussion...
  4. I would consider the pilot to be a Voidmaster (the fellow who actually steers the thing). A Navigator is a stand alone position who gives orders to the pilot to get him through the Warp.
  5. Have you tried the online gaming? Maybe it is my age, but I find it hard to believe that online RPG can replace face-to-face gaming. But I am interested in feedback and a review of this style of RPG.
  6. My players tend toward carapace armor and bolt pistols. They have not yet grasped the concept of "shipboard loadout" vs. "away team loadout". I will be introducing them to this concept soon. Their loadout has actually caused issues with one PC who likes to carry a simple laspistol. She complains her weapon cannot hurt any opponents that will challenge the bolt pistol toting Arch Militants. And I tend to agree. RT and Dark Heresy have huge numbers of flavorful weapons - and I would like to see them used. But most of my players came out of the miniature arena and they are used to buying the "good stuff" when it comes to weapons.
  7. You make a pretty good analysis of the offensive capabilities. I think the RT - BFG comparison falls apart even faster when you compare the defensive capabilities. In RT, the Sword has an armor of 18 and 35 hull; the Lunar an armor of 20 and 70 hull. In BFG, the Sword has one shield and one hit point with a 5+ armor save (so two hits usually destroys it). A Lunar class cruiser has two shields and eight hit points with a 5+ armor save from the sides / rear and a 6+ save from the prow. Much more difficult to destroy the cruiser. By their point system, a Lunar is worth about 5 Swords. A pretty close estimate. I think the Lunar is way too small in RT. If they wanted a larger ship, they should have just made another class or two or three, rather than try to make the cruiser work. But that is just my opinion. You could just as easily claim the cruiser class was ridiculously oversized in BFG - and don't even mention the battleships! I don't plan to use BFG other than as a source of ideas for ship classes / concepts and names - except for some converted rules for fighters / bombers / torpedoes I have been toying with.
  8. This is a pretty cool idea. You can either flesh it out in great detail, or leave it loose and fit it to the storyline for your players. The point of tying it to morale is a good one. For plot hooks, you can also have the dominant group begin to request things (like the missionary faction recommending you convert the natives rather than merely use them as a source of profit). When the players don't follow their suggestions, it begins to tip them closer to mutiny (in effect, lowering their morale). Any action of the ship can effect the "group morale" in such a fashion. Thus, the missionaries may become allied with the lower deckhands if both did not get what they wanted. And the players would become allied / supported by the "happier" sections of the crew. Methinks I may borrow it for my game....
  9. I have: - posted on forums (like this one) asking about players in my area - searched and located general gaming forums in my area, and posted for players - put up flyers in hobby shops looking for players - talked to people running hobby stores looking for likely players. This game is a bit more specialized than some and can take a little research to find a good group. I recommend you discuss your playing styles and such quite a bit - and plan a test game or two - before you consider yourself successful.
  10. I am considering making the ramming action be an opposed pilot test instead of hard (-20) pilot (space craft)+maneuverability test. It seems to me that space is large and the ships are tiny - so ramming should be somewhat tough - and the other ship would generally oppose being rammed. My group has only had two space battles - each a one ship vs. one ship sort of encounter. Considerably less maneuver in those situations. It will be interesting to play a 2 on 2 or even a bigger battle. I have played a bunch of Battle Fleet Gothic. While I am a fan of the Imperial armored prow, there are some advantages to the Chaos hulls (which are supposedly ancient Imperial ships). I have seen Imperial CAs destroyed (badly damaged, at any rate) by guns while approaching to ram. I am not sure the balance built in to BFG is present in the RT rules. It will take some playtesting to sort that out for me. But regardless - a GM can always "overcome" an uber ship in some fashion. Godwinne Van Meer, Captain of the "Seed of Doubt"
  11. I gave the group a starship, an inheritance from the leader of their merchant house (who died in mysterious circumstances). I figured that if they did not like it, it would provide a source of scenarios to gather the resources / profit / etc to make the changes they desired. On the other hand, I did give them a frigate fitted out for merchant service - not a dog of a cargo hull. So I guess you could call it a compromise.
  12. Those are good backgrounds for PCs. I think that super strength is fine in a PC - but generally strengths are offset with weaknesses. I have seen games where the "mutant is reviled and has a tough time in Imperial Society" as a mere wink, not as an actual limitation. Played as an actual limitation, this becomes much more limiting to the PC group and something to work around (the PC demonstrates his great strength, and is hounded through the spaceport red light district by a crazed mob wanting to do him in - and he won't be able to do Powerful abilities can make for good role - playing, but so can powerful limitations.
  13. If it was our game, the milions missing would be people.....
  14. Point taken and I hoist a beer in your general direction.
  15. @ Plastic Rat - thanks for the excellent suggestion regarding Lore, Rumors and Abilities. I like a lot of intrigue in my game, and giving each player a different set of info is an excellent technique. Godwinne
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