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  1. I might be interested in selling my stuff. I should have all of the LCG cards. TL
  2. I find Dark Elves to pretty effective against the strong points of the dwarves. They have a lot of removal that ignores the tougness ability (hit point reduction, unit stealling). If you are losing to dwaves in a long game then the milling ability of the dark elves might be particularly useful also. TL
  3. We have a fledgling group in Iowa City. I will post on here if we have any events planned in case you are interested. TL
  4. Keggy, That was exactly the kind of solution I was looking for when I made this thread. So simple, it seems so obvious now! =) Thanks! TL
  5. With the 6 card objective sets used in SWLCG I would like to store my cards in some kind of 6 pocket binder. I havent really had any luck finding something like this and I was just wondering if anyone else had come up with a good way to store their cards. TL
  6. I would say they are more like 'black'. They have direct unit kill like the wight lord and have many ways to use the discard pile such as raise dead and the necromancy ability. TL
  7. Congrats on a great weekend Jeremy! You really put it to us here in Iowa City over the weekend, replacing me as W:I Champion as well as beating Ben in the Net Runner Finals =) Just like with Repeater Bolt Thrower and Visit the Haunted City, it seems an over powered deck just wont be dealt with until it makes a big splash at an event that FFG is running (even if the player community feels it will be a problem). This is one of the best versions (if not the best) of this deck I've seen so far. Again congrats on the big win! TL
  8. Oh, also any chance you would share your decklist? I remember the cards pretty well, but I liked it quite a bit. The extra little bit of deck discarding seemed to give it a little bit of a bump over the more common dark elf lists I have played against. TL
  9. I had a lot of fun during our match, it was great to play against such a quality opponent. TL
  10. On sunday of the world championship weekend FFG staff vaguely seemed to state that the co-op version of this game might reappear using a different IP. This was not a direct quote from them, but they definitely talked about having a game system that they were very satisfied with that might be used in the future. TL
  11. I would love to go to a Stahleck event someday, not in the cards for me this year though. Hope it is a great event! TL
  12. I know that the finals were two HE combo decks. From what I saw there the other two most popular deck builds were chaos control and Dark Elf Control. My favorite deck I saw at worlds as the Spanish Champions deck which was a DE control deck that had a couple of non standard interesting cards in it. I also played against a seemingly pretty standard Call the Brayheard deck and a solid Dwarf Grudge deck. TL
  13. I had these same concerns after the massive drop in turnout between the 2010 and 2011 worlds events. However, I dont feel like a post on the forums will really have much effect on what FFG does. Many players had previously pointed out both the domination of empire and the strength of HE combo. Honestly people were equally upset at how dominate destruction rush decks were very early in the games history and that issue was resolved through future card releases. It has always appeared to me that FFG tends to sit on balance problems as long as possible to see if future cards can resolve the issues rather that reacting quickly to these kind of situations. In fairness to them they did eventually restrict three empire cards and ban one as well so it isnt as if they never address these issues. If the polish nationals had allowed unlimited Arcane power, they may have had the president they were waiting for to make the change before worlds, I dont know. I totally support the idea of a European Championship, it seems like that world be a no brainer given the vast difference in popularity between the US and Europe. I havent been able to develop a play group in my area at all and that the small group we had previously has almost entirely moved on to other games. I dont think that the sales are any less than the sales for Cthulu and that game has been around for years, so I am not really worried about the future of the game at least until the current licensing agreement with games workshop is up for renewal. The biggest issue I see with LCGs is certainly what you have mentioned, once the game has been out for a long time there is a pretty large barrier to entry with no card rotation. I recently went through this experience with AGoT and it was pretty painful ponying up for years worth of LCG product all at once. I dont know if there is really a solution to this issue though. I have also though that some kind of 'precon decks' might be the best solution. I have had several potential players tell me something like "I really just want to play orcs/dwarves/chaos/etc", at least with game of thrones you have the option of buying the single house focused precons to get you started. Something like that, with maybe some additional copies of high use core set cards like burn it down to get a little overlap from current players might be a potential solution. I just cant see FFG producing a x3 version of any of the old battle packs or box sets until they have sold through all of the current product. That is how they have done things with other games like AGoT in the past anyhow. Anyway, I guess the short version is that I agree with your sentiments. TL
  14. Personally I think that all races are playable more than ever before.
  15. I usually use a large ultra pro case. It can fit tokens, multiple decks as well as the capital boards. If I am only carrying one deck I often use the world of warcraft starter box, it can fit a capital and a deck. Alternatively there are some capital boards that are sized like regular cards, I dont personally like them but many players do.
  16. Ah ok, guess I should have paid more attention =)
  17. Did the two dark elf darks actually have the high elf cards listed on there in them? Also the #8 high elf deck lists "whip the slaves", a dark elf card.
  18. Yeah I was at Gen Con. Since it wasnt worlds I had some other events I wanted to play in that I hadnt be able to do the past couple of years. I'm planning to be at FFG in November. TL
  19. Yeah I would suggest the delux expansions like you said. Beyond that I think any of the cycles would work fine for draft. I would probably try to use a whole cycle together in a draft cube though, normally the themes in a single cycle are intertwined in a way that would probably work well for draft. TL
  20. Personally I dont feel this type of combo deck is too powerful. It seems about the right amount of power level to me. Its very unlikely to happen on turn 1 or 2 and it requires three cards to work. Too me, that is about the strength that combo should be. And doesnt it just not work if they have enough toughness out? True, not a lot of toughness gets play right now, but I would expect that amount to increase if this deck type gained traction. Certainly it is a deck that needs to have an eye kept on it, could be too strong with cards in the future.
  21. Normally I find the biggest weakness of skaven to be their generally low HPs. Cards like Master Rune of Spite for order or Offering to Heketari for destruction can give them a lot of trouble
  22. Yeah this could get some play because it is immune to targeted effects. Would never make it if your super cool 4 cost artefact just got burned down and went away, you'll at least have to get rid of the legend or hero to remove it.
  23. I liked the article. I feel like that while this isnt the greatest deck around, that it is important and interesting to put together and talk about alternative strategies like this. Sometimes putting together something that isnt obviously strong lets you discover cards or strategies that end up being very powerful, but that had been overlooked. I'm also looking forward to the HE version that you proposed mamut =) TL
  24. Excellent article sir! Do you have any issues activating raiding ships consistently with this list? I have been working on something similar that had like 10-12 DE supports and I still felt I couldnt fire raiding ships as consistently as I'd like. The other discard almost always worked better for me. TL
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