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  1. I wouldn't say that such items are relic weapons because remember that only pistol class weapons (and only certain ones at that) can be used with the wrist mount. So having a bolt pistol would not be so horrible on a wrist mount with power fists. Heck even a inferno pistols isn't really that big cause it cuts the range for that weapon to the point where he would probibly be charging and swinging in melee anyways.
  2. That's assuming they have the testicular fortitude to remain in the same room as the Great Wolf =P
  3. LOL Tell that to the Space Wolves....if you don't get punched in the face just for looking funny.
  4. Technically only the Emperor himself is over the Adeptus Astartes, however to keep things civil the Chapters generally listen to the High Lords of Terra, the Inquisition (depending on the Chapter =P), and various High Lord Sectors. When it comes down to it a Chapter Master can decline an order by even the High Lords, although that is usually an extremely rare circumstance as most times the need to take care of a threat and the possible military actions to take out the Chapter outweighs the need to cement their unique status.
  5. I think it's because for a normal person Awareness is a skill that they would be capable of (i.e. if you have most of your prime senses then you are aware of your surroundings). However, Space Marines are further trained to be more aware of things going on. It's the same with any other skill filled out like that. Most human's are capable of climbing a hill or mountain even if they aren't very good at it, however a Space Marine has been trained to do it better. Think about an average person today, they would know the basics of climbing (don't fall, use your limbs, etc) however a mountaineer has learned more advanced techniques (use of rope and pinions, how to find the best hand holds, better physical training for climbing, etc). The first person would have Climb as a Basic skill and the mountaineer would have Climb as both a Basic (because he is a human after all) and Trained (because he went ahead and learned more advanced skills).
  6. The phrase "Trained Advanced Skill" indicates that the Advanced Skill (i.e. not a Basic Skill) has been bought with experience and the player character has gone through the training needed to use the Advanced Skill in question. Example: Forbidden Lore: Warp, which is an Advanced Skill" has not been trained so therefore he cannot use that skill at all. However, if the player spends the xp to train in that skill he can thereafter use that skill as a Trained Advanced Skill.
  7. It's mainly for times when he is on duty in the Watch Fortress or if action is needed there. He could possibly be cleared to bring it on a mission to another Watch Fortress but they don't want to run the risk of it falling into another's hands.
  8. You don't need to make comments such as that. I was just pointing it out to make sure you had all the information because I cannot read your mind and know you had the book/information. I was trying to help out and make sure that you had thought of things so that when/if your players says something you have the answers. I really like those ideas for missions, well thought out and would be very interesting.
  9. My biggest concern (since most of what I initially thought has been covered already) is that there already is Mk8 armor called the Corvus pattern. Second, and this is me trying to remember your story, is that your piece of armor seems to be not officially recognized by Mars as an official armor pattern and would not be likely used by an Imperial Space Marine. In what capacity might this armor come into play? What are the thoughts on introducing this armor to players? Is this a mission objective to keep it out of the hands of Traitor Marines?
  10. You can't look at the difference between TT and RPG versions. One is made to be fairly even between "armies" so that there is a chance for a given army to beat another. However, the RPG is NOT balanced that way or else why make up the Hordes rules at all? In the TT a Guardsman has a fair chance to beat a Space Marine in CC whereas in the RPG the single Guardsman would be a puddle of innards and blood inside a second. I think the reason for the difference is to show that as per the fluff and stories about Space Marines is that they are a few steps above and beyond the normal human average in terms of skill, strength, weapons, armor, tactics, willpower, etc. Even when compared to the awesome abilities of the Sisters of Battle the average Space Marine, in the fluff and stories, would outclass them. Just look at the difference between the two play styles in the RPG. In DH you take on a few scrubs for the most part and at the end you fight a big baddie (while most of the game is taken up by intrigue, investigations, dialogue, etc) whilest in DW you are commonly fighting that "big baddie" but about 500 of them at a time while one of the "big baddies" is a Daemon Prince or worse.
  11. No, you can only take a talent once (unless of course otherwise specified). The reason it's like that is for other Specialties that it would be quicker/easier to get it from the General list rather than Specialty list OR a Specialty doesn't have it in the list.
  12. Would be an interesting and no doubt difficult mission due to the more actionable nature of most Space Marines but it is definately within the scope of the Deathwatch and a mission they would take.
  13. Thank you SO much for some other works to use =D Those are really really good.
  14. My biggest suggestion is to remember that not EVERY Space Marine of a Chapter is the exact same in how they act. It is quite possible to have an atypical personality if you so choose.
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