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  1. Thanks for the replies, it's helping Yeah, I'm aware that it means more changes - what I'm not mentioning is that there are going to be setting specific reasons things are like they are. The sector in question has been isolated and the source of authority has fragmented - there are almost mini empires that have formed around Armies when everything collapsed. The nearest thing to an imperial centre was based of the not very numerous Arbites/Schola Progenium (Not finalised) so that's forming the core - as it takes back or does deals with other armies the challenge is to integrate them into the wider army quickly to keep the reconquest going to capture the wider whole (or deciding that a particular faction has fallen so far it needs to be wiped out) For history fans, this is a game meant to capture the feel of Belisarius recapturing the Western Roman Empire (or at least trying) I get what you mean on orders - that's something that I'm leaving up in the air. I'm not a fan of chains of command within character parties so the advantage for me is that the players are all equals, nominally. I expect the characters will specialise enough that it would make sense for who gives the orders at what time (for example, if a player has spent time to get to know the a Atillian rider eqv, then it makes sense for him to order them). They'll gain NPC subordinates as they gain the trust of the forces that they meet - how they do that will be a lot of the game.
  2. The latter (i.e. how I want it to work for my game). Yes, a doctrine would work well - I should have been more generic and asked if there were any regiments/doctrines/etc in my first post. Anything that gives the whole party skills/bonuses. I'm almost to the point where the "regiment" is solely the command school - the characters will then spend their time interacting with other regiments (The overall general is basically forging a crusade out of many different forces). As to how the orders work; I'm not 100% sure yet. There are a broad range of orders out there between all the books so there is opportunity for different characters to be giving different orders. I'm thinking of making "sweeping" versions of most orders so they can command other comrades as they come across them. Mark p.s. As you can probably tell, I've only just started working this out. I know what I want for the game, now I'm working out how to get there.
  3. The point about running it in a feral regiment is a very good one - it's something that fits the campaign I'm planning. That and very green armies that need constant officer attention. You're correct that it's not strictly the command squad (as seen as the table top) - I'm more envisaging it as a young officer's school. You're quite right that a squad of sergeants would do the job, but the way I wanted to do it was to spread out the command skills and let people specialise in other ways. I was thinking that the regiment rules might be the best way to do it. Mark
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'll check those out. However, I realise I may not have been entirely clear. I'm looking for regiments etc that give command/Fel etc. My plan is that the characters play the command squad of a general and are sent to various trouble spots to take charge. I'd like for a way for everyone to have at least some command/influence abilities.
  5. if I wanted to run a game where the characters are "staff officers" to a general, are there any regiments that would help me do this? I'm thinking options that make it easier for characters to get command or something like that...
  6. How much is this going to be the case, though? PCs are going to team up with maximum of a minion squad each, so it's at most halving the available shots. And the minion shots wouldn't necessarily have that much impact. The idea of more short turns sounds good to me - players playing their characters actions rather than a bunch of NPCs.
  7. I did this too, but I found my players were still neglecting GTA - mainly because you're still vulnerable to other people shooting you.
  8. I noticed that too. At first I thought it was being replaced by individual weapon entries as the point defence lasers on the Vindicator have accurate - but that's not replicated on other ships.
  9. Seems ok to me, but I'd be wary of combining minion rules with higher PC stats - that could create insane dice pools.
  10. Presumably the bonus to attack would apply to when the minion squad attacks if you've spent a triumph. You're right that the situation with leading a heavy weapon team doesn't work - perhaps asking your GM to extend the mission specialist formation to other skills would work? Though really, I'm not sure that the rules are intended specifically for leader type characters. It feels more they are for everyone - each PC picks up a squad of minions who are similar to themselves.
  11. I think the human shield is by far the most important part of the rule - imo it's mandatory for the Snubfighter game as there is almost no way to increase defence.
  12. I don't see where the overlap is. You're in a squadron, which is a specific term in the GM screen rules. The people you cover in the form on me talent are completely different. Honestly, I don't see the rules in the GM screen to be ambiguous - my reading is that minions lose their turn in combat and thus lose any action they might have taken. If it wasn't this way, they whole point of speeding up combat would be lost.
  13. I wonder if they shouldn't change how Astromechs are handled; instead of it's own action, make it so it gives the pilot an extra manoeuvre or action (or remove the fatigue for the extra action) to represent the general helping out.
  14. Oh man, I now have the image of Han Solo swinging around in the turret shooting TIE Fighters.... on the can.
  15. Of course - but equally, if the players choose to double up in Y-wings, is the GM always required to reduce the opposition likewise? I've been running an out-and-out naval game and I've moved to giving players a ship each so I can keep the enemy numbers plausible without using truck loads of NPCs.
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