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  1. Just off the top of my head: Blackmailed by the Inquisition to go do some errands for them. Looking for something that will let them compete with even more powerful rivals. Simple curiosity. On the run from enemies in the Imperium. Pursuing an enemy who's fled the Imperium. Greed, there's no such thing as too much. Ambition, empire building is a good way to live forever in legend. Lost in uncharted space after a brush with a fluke warpstorm. And if all else fails, use all those plot hooks the PCs ought to have waiting for you. That Origin Path stuff is good for backstory and complications, y'know.
  2. Dalnor Surloc said: Sticking Around If an attacking assault group for the PCs, and most NPCs decides stay on board an enemy ship. They can at great risk continue the fight. This very dangerous as the defenders greatly out number the assault group. -The next round a command roll is made at -10 for every additional round the attacker has stayed including the current round. -The attacker gets no bonus for ship components other than murder servitors. -If the attackers command roll is failed his assault group is repulsed unless he is cut off. -If the defenders succeed on a command roll with more successes than the attacker the assault group was cut off, and was killed/captured. - In the case of murder servitor assault group which get cut off. The attacker may not use murder servitors again until he make a success full aquistion roll to replish his servitors. (Unless he has a crew reclamation component in which case a non combat repair roll can be used.) -If a PC is leading an assault group he may be captured or killed at the GMs option if cut off. I don't like this idea much to start with (h&r is a little too good to begin with IMO) but if you are going to use it, why the heck wouldn't Barracks continue to apply in later rounds while Murder-Servitors do? The +20 comes from having more bodies to throw at the problem, which presumably would let you hold out longer against the tide of angry armsmen that are mobilizing to hunt you down and kill you. Re: Plasma Relays & Plasma Broadside: On both of these, wouldn't it be easier to just invent a few new plasma weapons to simulate the Tyrant's superfired broadsides or looted chaos/archeotech guns?
  3. Valkyries are VTOL aircraft. Think helicopter, not orbital shuttle. If you want to use something canonical, the Aquilla and (IIRC) Argus are both suitable interface shuttles, as are the generic guncutters and gigs. Other suitable "generic" small craft types include cutter, lighter, shuttle, dropship, lander, and (in emergencies) lifeboat. As far as numbers go, that's pretty much up to the GM. I'd advise not being stupidly small-minded about things, though. Even a small raider hull is 1600 meters long and has a crew of 20000+ people. That implies both capacity and need for significant drop/lift capability, especially if you expect the RT to be hauling cargo. There really have to be multiple shuttles on any ship just to allow them to haul basic supplies like food, fuel, and ammo - and macrocannon shells aren't going to fit in a subcompact, you know?
  4. Yet another rather obvious upgrade: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Augments & Enhancements (special: limit one per ship) Improved Defensive Turrets Power 2 Space 0 SP 2 Wall of Fire: Increase the ship's Turret Rating by one. External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Same costs as the xenotech version, half the effect. Seems about right. I've capped it at one/ship to avoid silliness with using them to soak crits via Tenebro-Maze, although it may not be strictly neccessary.
  5. No reason you couldn't lose power ship-wide, but with Rebellious it's the GM's choice what goes out of service. I wouldn't pick the drive unless I really wanted to cripple the PCs for some reason. More fun to disable the augers or a gun deck or somesuch - or the bridge, for sheer annoyance Having the drives knocked out by Surly Tech-Sprites is nightmarish, but as you're already at crippled status by that point you've bigger worries. Probably time to surrender anyway.
  6. St. Jimmy said: It does specify that the Rogue Trader has to be able to see the person he's inspiring, not just have them able to hear him. Given the size of the ships and components, unless he's inspiring a member of the bridge crew it seems unlikely. Hardly. Space combat turns are long enough to call a PC to the nearest vid-monitor for orders no matter where he is on the ship.
  7. St. Jimmy said: They're **** useful too. Roll twice on warp encounters and pick? With a successful check early in flight, thats two 50% chances to get no encounters. There's a reason they cost 2 SP.
  8. The raiding party bugs out even after succeeding, that's why it's called a hit & run. You don't take a few dozen guys (even murder servitors) to board a ship with 20,000 people and expect to stay alive once they realize where you are. Heck, even a successful raid probably gets a lot of your grunts killed. Staying to slug things out is suicide. And seriously, H&R is already good enough. Letting them stay onboard would just make them stronger, as it lets them avoid making the piloting tests to get aboard in the first place.
  9. St. Jimmy said: You know what I think would kick off a Waaagh! nicely? A Weirdboy or Big Mek finding a Halo artefact. This givers the players a race against time to find out as much about the artefact and it's abilities before the orks do. Shades of Azhag the Slaughterer and his Crown of Sorcery, eh?
  10. Interesting. Bit of Nausicaa in the "smart tunneller" rumor, yes?
  11. This thread's meandered off topic rather badly of late. In an attempt to put things back on track, here's another new toy: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Augments & Enhancements: Auxilliary Plasma Reactors Power 0 Space 5 SP 3 Installing additional plasma reactors on a ship greatly increases available power for other systems, but they are bulky, expensive, and prone to catastrophic containment failure when damaged. Crackling With Power: Each Auxilliary Plasma Reactor on a ship provides 5 extra Power. Volatile: If the Component is damaged, it explodes. The ship takes 2d5 damage to Hull Integrity, and a Component of the GM's choice is set on fire. Obvious Signature: Any success on a Focused Augury test will detect this Component. When choosing a Component for a critical hit effect, Auxilliary Plasma Reactors may always be selected by the attacker, even if the ship has Incomprehensible Layout or a similar rules mechanic preventing it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Inefficient compared to the main drives, but at least it gives you an option for increasing power output. Meltdown makes them very risky, especially with more than one onboard to catch fire in chains. Obvious Signature exists mostly to prevent the usual Munitorium + Tenebro-Maze trick. Bypassing a single exploding arsenal is one thing, but plasma reactors are too hard to conceal and covering several of them with a maze is too good. Volatile makes it suicidal to install these things in an exposed (zero space cost) position, but you could build a scenario around a ship having external Auxilliary Plasma Reactors installed as part of a special mission. Good way to handicap one side or the other.
  12. I wouldn't allow it on PC ships myself, and I doubt I'd use it on NPC designs even by fiat. Transports are always power-starved, and FFG has already given us the Lathe Pattern drives, which ought to represent about the best you can manage for merchant power systems. Installing an escort drive on a merchant gives you a lot more power, and even with big hull penalties, high SP cost, and innate lousy maneuverability, you're risking some seriously overpowered auxilliary warships or (with Wolf In Sheep's Clothing) Q-ships. Also, if you can do it with a merchant, why not install a cruiser drive on an escort? Or a homebrew battleship drive on a cruiser? Where do you stop? Just not a can of worms I'd want to open. The game could use a supplementary component that provides extra power, but that's something to address over on the house rules subforum.
  13. BaronIveagh said: Eh, it's like I said in my review of the game: it's an overpowered combo (my party did actually roll for archeotech). In theory, the correct counter is the tenebro maze, however, it's not exactly something one would commonly put on every starship, and if it does start showing up on every ship, the players ARE going to notice. The -20 check isn't hard to get around (though not as easy as the xenotech one) with a repair build explorator and the right other components. Tenebro-mazes are common as dirt IME. The ability to choose to have an incoming crit land on your observation dome or trophy room rather than the gun decks or engines is worth the cost alone, and the bonus to boarding defense is just gravy. And a -20 mod to repair checks is two MoS, which translates to two extra turns of repair time on every component. Unless you're regularly rolling 6+ degrees of success, it's not something to laugh at.
  14. Varnias Tybalt said: Except that void shields in this game instantly regenerates after each hit or salvo, which means that shields will pretty much always be powered and make the teleportarium completely redundant. Unless you plan to revamp the entire system of how void shields function in this game of course, but to me that seems to be too much of a hassle. Hardly that difficult. Rather obviously, you could simply houserule that you can only teleport onto a ship that's had its shield(s) overloaded by fire during the current ship's turn. You can sequence a ship's actions however you want, so just fire the guns first, then 'port over. Models the "not through shields" thing fine, and while it does theoretically mean that each ship with a teleportarium has to knock down shields on its own, that's not a real problem - how many RT fights are going to feature multiple teleport-capable ships?
  15. Tullio said: Honestly, the combination isn't unbalanced unless you let your players choose to take Archaotech at the ship generation stage instead of having it as a fortunate outcome to the Past Histories roll. Otherwise the PC's will have to earn it, and more power to them if they do Very true. Note that starting with archeotech should also stick the players with a massive -20 to repair tests, which is an excellent balancing factor. Getting a teleportarium without being cursed with that penalty should only happen during play, and only after some real effort - and even then I'd apply the repair penalty to the component itself if it gets damaged. Broken archeotech should be a royal pain to fix, maybe even requiring upkeep rolls if it gets busted regularly.
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