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  1. Thx Koala. Here are the next 5 Minis: Mon Calamari Cruiser (Star Wars Rebellion) by maclef, auf Flickr Super Star Destroyer (Star Wars Rebellion) by maclef, auf Flickr
  2. Started Painting my Minis: Did not start bulkpainting - want to see what collors to take and such. Star Wars Rebellion Boardgame (FFG) Tantive and XWing painted by maclef, auf Flickr Star Wars. Rebellion rebel transports by maclef, auf Flickr Star Wars Rebellion First Ground Forces painted by maclef, auf Flickr
  3. So you can edit/Modifie a Die 2 Times? If i get it right: You modify a Crit vs Squadrons to an Accuracy with the H9 Lasers and that Accuracy to a Hit with the Warlord Title. Right? Nice Idea!
  4. I see it the other way round: at 180 Points Grossmoff Tarkin is not efficient at all. (38 Points...)
  5. My experience is that new Rebell Players play to offensively. Played 3 Games so far and lost with my Imps at 180 but won 2 Games at 300. At 300 Rebels came right at me and it was easy to blow they ships apart. Star Wars Armada 300 Points by maclef, on Flickr
  6. "Its a moneygrab" First negative Thing is see from FFG. Hope they dont turn to the dark side of marketing. To me that has nothing to do with compatitive fairness - players could agree to not fight on their brought/own mats. Problem solved. Plus: a 6x3 mat is much more playable than two 3x3 mats.
  7. Small: 41mm x 71mm (CR90, Neb B, Gladiator Class) Medium: 61mm x 102mm (VSD,Assault frigate MK2) Large: 76mm x 192mm He needs squadron bases - these are shipbases. PS: Where did you find the meassurement for the Large bases.
  8. This seemed to be different in Germany. Right from the Start people (including me) played Imperials and only a few Rebels where around. There is a Topic in this Forum where people asked who will play what, or both. I remember there was only a small "advantage" for the Imps. EDIT: To "kindoff" answer your question about what Rebels i will play: Nill
  9. Wanted to say thanks for posting demos and answering questions! EDIT: English in the demos would be nice... (or German :) )
  10. Yes, i knew that - question was if you are allowed to spend more than one Token. You answered that perfectly.
  11. Alternating Initiative wrong? Hi Forensicus, could it be that you played the initiative part wrong. In the Gencon Demo the Representative sayed the Ini stays with one player (hint: Objective based missions). It is right that you play one ship and then you opponent plays one and the you again. But in the demo the first move of the round was always played by player one (in this demo-case the Rebells). That makes a huge difference. Could you look it up? And i have a nother question: can you spend several commandtokes in one round. Say: Concentrate fire AND Repair? Big thanks!
  12. Thanks, that realy helped and adds to the Atmosphere. Does someone have more Infos about Life on an Rouge Trader Ship? I mean: my players crew will be 25.000 People... what do they do all day? And to get back to topic: any Pictures of that? breunig
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