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  1. Third Quarter means July–September. I would expect this in September, since summer is generally a bad time to release anything (except children's movies).
  2. To me, Fettered never felt true to 40k canon. There is always risk associated with drawing on the warp, even for the mighty Librarians of the Adeptus Astartes. I would be glad to see it removed.
  3. I would like to appeal to FFG for stronger moderation of this forum. I'm shocked by the aggression being displayed by a minority of users. Frank and open debate is to be encouraged, but the inflammatory language and personal attacks on display here should not be tolerated. They're getting in the way of valuable and interesting discussion. I've been put off posting by the hostility other people's posts have attracted. If the forum descends into flame wars, there's no hope of getting a balanced and representative view of how the Beta is being received. I ask the moderators to keep discussions on topic, caution users who are consistently provocative and remove offensive posts.
  4. I came to the Forum looking for a discussion on the Aptitude system, and just wanted to add my voice to those saying it's needlessly awkward. If we can't have straightforward tables (which DH did well and RT did poorly, with too few choices) then something like the first Beta would be good: simple and quick to use.
  5. In our games, grappling was probably the single most difficult and time-consuming mechanic. For me, it wouldn't be a bad thing if they drop the whole concept in this edition. I do see why some folk would like to use it (especially for certain weapons that entangle people), and think your House Rule is in line with the DH1 mechanic, but it is pretty powerful. I speak having played psykers with low Strength and Weapon Skill, for whom getting grappled is pretty much 'combat over' (and, on occasion, 'burn a Fate Point'). Perhaps, if it is included in the new system, there would need to be more options for escaping a grapple. How about wriggling out of it, rather than just strength-based options?
  6. For me, it's the overall feel of the new system – things like the more open class and advance buying systems – that bring it closer to Abnett's Inquisition stories. I see fewer restrictions and more opportunities for creativity. DH1 did support that sort of play, but DH2 seems to actively encourage it.
  7. I see where you're coming from with the Strength Bonus query, but if you're wielding a beast of a weapon like this with greater strength (and thus, arguably, control) it makes sense to me that you'll do more damage than someone weaker, who'll probably find it more difficult to put the thing where it needs to go. I wouldn't count on FFG looking in this Forum for suggested rule amendments. Some important feedback might get lost amongst other comments (especially negative ones – if I were designing a game, I wouldn't want to wade through lots of complaining to look for constructive criticism). Collecting them in an email seems the surest way to get them to the right person. Talking issues through with other players here first, though, is a really good idea for everyone. It gives us outside perspective as folk bring things up that we wouldn't have considered.
  8. We can expect some glitches, given it's a Beta. This sounds like just the sort of thing to report so it can be given a rethink. I'm certain the weapons will be overhauled and tidied up in the release version.
  9. From the Beta's introduction, it seems Inquisitors may be less prevalent in the new sector than in Calixis (it mentions there aren't many of them, and acolytes may believe theirs is the only one in the whole sector). That sounds intriguing – nicely different from the teeming Tricorn. Perhaps that will lead to more involved, larger-than-life Inquisitors, as Lightbringer suggests. It does feel like DH2 could offer games closer to Eisenhorn and Ravenor's adventures than DH1. That's an exciting prospect if you've come to the game from those sources, or looked to them for inspiration, as many of us have.
  10. Having read the new rulebook a little more, the Characteristic, Skill and Talent buys look streamlined and fun. This eliminates the need for Elite advances that fitted the character, but weren't available on their tree. I was happy with the old system for years, but having played many, many games I'm ready for something new. There are only so many permutations of the old classes I can come up with!
  11. Additionally, there are people (such as me and my gaming group) who are long-term players of all the 40k RPGs and are very excited by the Beta. For me, this is in no way restricted to new players.
  12. Evasion of an attack being an opposed roll thrills me. It's so deflating to roll 01 on your attack and have an enemy just manage a Dodge check. Now those degrees of success actually matter for hitting.
  13. For me personally, the different power levels and goals of the various games never meshed well anyway. I would rather have a fresh, second edition of Dark Heresy to play than an update of the original system to integrate better with other games.
  14. 2.0 would be my choice. I have found 1.0 to be a robust enough system with a few small House Rules as issues arise. Any RPG that wants to stand the test of time needs to reinvent itself and release new editions (as with DnD), so I'm delighted FFG have put the time and imagination into doing this for Dark Heresy. The Beta looks very nice so far. I'm excited to try it out in some actual games.
  15. drlove is right about the other (probably more likely) way fear might kill you. Of course, that's what your companions are for – protecting you when things have gone badly wrong! I do like the idea that you could die from fear. There are certainly things in the 40k universe that would warrant it. As PCs, though, hopefully you'll be more stalwart than average folk and it will be an extremely rare scenario.
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