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  1. Silva roster said: 2. When playing azathoth (which I keep getting limited to by above) I have noticed that the myths cards follow the same pattern. Doom+3, doom +1 and monster, doom+2 twice, doom+3. I understand trying to make the game a challenge, but making a set path and removing randomness is more annoying than challenging. Plus thus limits me to barely 6 rounds before I lose. With that timeframe, trophies are useless, as you will rarely have time to get enough to buy elder signs, and makes wasting a round in the store for anything else a guaranteed game ender. Ugh. My sympathies -- if that's true, it would explain some of the complaints I've heard. Silva roster said: 3. Someone mentioned that the dice are now skewed, and I have noticed this. If this is true, that would be annoying as well. Losing do to randomness is a pain, but part of the game. Losing because the game is programmed to make you lose makes the game crap. Skewed how? I haven't noticed anything like this on Android.
  2. So I went through again and was able to complete the campaign and defeat Cthulhu this time without it freezing up on me. I did do the Raging Storm adventure along the way, so I don't think that was responsible for the freeze.
  3. fireduck said: EDIT: Ok, now I think I understand what's going on. The Relic symbol does not function like the Elder Sign symbol, in that you are guaranteed it (either as a purchase or reward). There is a relic deck from which cards are drawn, and amongst the cards are the 3 relics, some -1 dooms, some investigation points, and some seriously awesome items (Cabala of Saboth is just some kind of amazing and I have a sinking feeling it's not going to work on Cthulhu.) I see no reason why it wouldn't. You don't even need one of the amulets to empower it. When I defeated Cthulhu, though, it was with a shotgun. And the Sword of Glory, and some glyph-holding spells, but the final blow was delivered with a shotgun, and there's just something totally awesome about that.
  4. Marie can wild any die, not just green. Wilson's ability has a couple of weaknesses of its own: * In order to wild a yellow, he must actually have a yellow die, so you have to keep him well-stocked with common items. * The yellow die has no terror side, so his ability can never be used to get a missing terror glyph. The 3-trophy cost does mean that Marie won't be the investigator saving up to buy an elder sign or a relic, but that doesn't really bother me much. If I've used the ability three times (9 trophies), I've probably gotten quite a bit more than just one elder sign out of it. And with the occasional exception of the scrounging characters, I don't really buy much anyway apart from elder signs and relics. If an investigator needs more gear, I'd rather do an easy adventure and gain some trophies in the process than spend them.
  5. One of the relic rewards is investigation points, although I don't recall how many. It does seem a bit absurd to get that particular reward from the shop.
  6. Which one is Raging Storm? I don't remember off-hand the last adventure I completed before the game started freezing.
  7. Hobbesian said: Richards and Harrigan are actually useful. I'm a lot less keen on Marie Lambeau (3 trophies to wild a single glyph is painful, especially when you can buy clues for one trophy). Actually, I think Marie is one of the strongest. In the original game (before relics), the Voice of Ra was one of the most powerful items, up there with the Sword of Glory and the Tommy Gun. The reason is because most of the time when I fail an adventure, I'm only missing one glyph. If I were likely to fail by more, I wouldn't have tried the adventure in the first place. Voice of Ra essentially hands you that last glyph on a silver platter. What's better is that, unlike the Sword of Glory which must be used at the start of the adventure to be useful, there's a good chance that you can take Voice of Ra into an adventure and not even have to use it. So it enables you take on riskier or more difficult adventures than you would have attempted otherwise, and potentially it gives you that advantage multiple times. Marie's special ability essentially lets her buy a Voice of Ra on demand for three trophies, without the opportunity cost of spending her entire turn at the Entrance. Three trophies means she can't actually use the Voice of Ra every turn, since the good adventures only reward two trophies with no monster present, but again one of the great things about it is that it doesn't need to be used every turn to derive benefit from it. It just needs to be an option. So as long as you can keep her at three trophies or above, Marie is a real powerhouse, in my opinion right up there with Jenny Barnes.
  8. The same thing is happening to me on my Samsung Galaxy S, after completing the Twilight Ritual mission with Ashcan Pete. Completing a different mission yields the same results. I abandoned the game and started a new one (which was painful since I had been doing pretty well), and so far I seem to be able to complete missions again. But I haven't played for long since it seems likely that it will eventually happen again and force me to abandon the game again.
  9. There is a setting called "Fade Transition Audio" which is enabled by default. Uncheck it.
  10. So far I'm not seeing the increased rate of +3 doom tokens that TheDukester described either.
  11. Some other differences in the update that I've noticed, other than the new content: Spells now cost 2 at the Entrance instead of 4. One of the negative results at the Lost & Found has been replaced with a +5 trophies result. It might actually be worth using now. Graphics are improved. In particular, the numbers on the investigation glyphs are much more readable now. They've fixed the clock-advance save bug, where if you exited the app and then continued the game, the clock would fail to advance for that turn. That one used to drive me nuts, since I often play the game over a couple of sessions, and it felt like cheating. I approve of all these changes. Has anybody noticed any others?
  12. Same here. I think they may have changed the formula though, since my scores now seem to be generally lower than my scores before the update. If that's the case, then it's probably just as well that they were reset.
  13. Um, I don't know what Azathoth you guys are fighting, but I am definitely seeing the remove doom token rewards against Azathoth (on Android). In fact, from what I can tell, they simply took all the adventures that used to have both an elder sign and a doom token as a reward and changed the doom token to a remove doom token. I hope this is just a bug in the Android version or something, because it totally messes up the balance on those adventures (the iffiness of the reward was previously balanced by the fact that those adventures are all low-risk) and makes Azathoth super-easy (and I was already winning 90% before the update).
  14. Related bug: if you defeat a monster that was locking a glyph, I think that you should then be able to add that glyph in the current adventure, but you can't. This also applies to Gloria's ability when on an Other World adventure.
  15. This is for the Android version. No idea whether this also applies to the iOS version.
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