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  1. This is the thread, and I was referring to Eric Pietrocupo's Post. However now that I'm not in the middle of the game going WTF!? and reading some of the other post it seems he was proven wrong and that it is indeed intended as you say. My bad
  2. We ran into this roadblock as well and went searching for an answer, there is a post on BGG that explains it. In Short, HE HAS DAMAGE TOKENS ON HIM. Each token you add, reduces his health. We cross referenced this with other cards, and this is the only card that specifies the tokens placed on the cards as DAMAGE tokens.
  3. Yes Erika is supposed to be a child. One of the reason's I got into anima is because the lore and history of the universe is so awesome. Most of the figures are Veronica's Size actually. I only have 2 other huge guy like those 2. And the rest are all small. I marked the huge ones in the list by making them -Epic- and slighly more broken. But yeah Konosuke being the largest is almost double Asteros' size. Not sure if I'll ever get them painted because I know I can't do it and I don't know if there is any sort of service or something that does that.
  4. I actually don't have any Dust or Heroscape games. But here's a good try. I used an actual camera this time rather than just my camera phone. Size Comparison Here Taken with flash on, in the dark, on auto settings. From right to left we have: Rubium Dragon from Nexus Ops(new edition), Berseker from Runewars, Chaos Lord from Runewars, Erika from Anima, Veronica from Anima, Macbeth from Anima, A Penny, A 10 sided die that came with Tannhauser,Konosuke from Anima, a standard yhatzee 6 sided die, and an assortment of Tannhauser figures. The Silver Figures are the Anima figures, I never had them painted because the game didn't take off for us. Plus I suck at painting. They are metal and they are heavy and require some super glueing together. The base size is bigger for the larger guys, but still easy to figure out which circle they would be in. Thanks for the Token information, that was the biggest issue I could think of with custom content. ??! : So this universe is a little crazy, ppl will throw grenades at empty space just cause, and fire is like a T-Rex, don't move and it wont hurt you. Thanks tho. I was using hoax and kinda went crazy at the prospect of someone throwing grenades at empty space just cause.
  5. I haven't been playing Tannhauser very much the past year I admit. I got behind on the expansions and when that happens, it loses its charm to play a game with parts missing. So when my birthday rolled around this year I decided to get the rest of the expansions available. Only missing Frankenstahl atm which I'll be ordering on monday. We played a game last night with everything else tho and came across some interesting situations. Like this one (you'd think a new age camera phone would have better quality). Questions: 1: When throwing a fire grenade onto a path already populated with enemy units, do the enemy units have to roll for the fire token's immediately or only when they move. The equipment card states that only when a unit ENTERS a circle do they have to roll. But if they are already in a circle then technically no. This doesn't make much sense to me and just wanted to be sure. 2: If all your Meteop tokens are placed on the board, can you substitute any token to be a new meteop token or are you limited to the supply. In that case can you voluntarily detonate some tokens in order to replace them in more advantageous positions? 3: First game with Hoax, I turned invisible, put the two invisible stands next to each other, then my opponent throws a grenade where they are at. Now the stealth thing says that Hoax herself cannot be the target of an attack and since the grenade targets the circle and not Hoax this would be legal. Right? 4. Bonus pack for Ramirez found with Itami. The Mark 19 Mod A1, is the exact same thing as the base character pack. Supposed to be? 5. What is the best way to print out all the fan made material on This Blog. Also I have some figure's for a game called Anima Tactics, which didn't turn over so well for my group. They were rather expensive and a pain to put together, so rather than throw them away I decided to repurpose them for Tannhauser. This seemed to be rather easy to do as long as I stuck with only one equipment pack per character, but I'm really worried about the "broken" factor here. I'd like some creative feedback and perhaps some links to some templates where I can make custom character sheets and tokens for them after they get all balanced out. Find my first draft here. NOTE: I know there is a lack of Consistancy, and horrible spelling. I didn't make every single last character from Anima Tactics, only the ones I have.
  6. I have a few suggestions for expansion ideas and Fixes. 1: This is a deck-building game, yet the deck-building portion of the game seems rather random and severely limiting. I would like more choices and variety with each team and more team customization in general. 2: To accomplish that, the game has to be longer, most games last 5 rounds or less and it is not terribly difficult to go over 99 points on the counters (I use them for MTG). So to make the game much more fun and involved, use the entire Spike Magazine Deck with all the Tournament cards. New Spike Magazine Cards to. 3: Because of that some of the mechanics for the Team and Staff Upgrade cards need to be reworked. I've won almost every game with 50+ points just by hoarding Staff Upgrade cards and obtaining all the Staffing Office Cards. 4: Additionally There needs to more interaction between the players and teams at matchups. New teams and races with new abilities and skills would be the best way to accomplish this. For Example a team that manipulated the tackle dice more or a team that stole star players or staff upgrades from other players. The whole game in general feels Dry, bare, and short. With a few expansions hopefully it'll live up to the blood bowl spirit and reputation it deserves.
  7. Our game group has decided that Khorne is too overpowered, in both 3 or 4 player games both he just dominates over us all. With the Warrior upgrade card and one warrior in every region he can kill too much, even with just ONE. What he does is place the first unit on the first turn in the middle of the board, and just put one as many regions as he can, and just chase everyone down, easily getting 2+ dial tokens every turn. So we refuse to play untill we come up with some house rules to bring him down a notch to be in more equal to the others. Some of the ideas we've come up with: The chaos card and the warrior upgrade that give 2 pre-battle dice: considering to change it to 1 pre-battle dice where explosions cannot be re-rolled. Dial Advancement Condition : Instead of just killing a unit in a region, thinking of changing it to where he has to kill a unit in a region where he also places 2 corruption. Everyone else has 2 conditions to get a dial advancement except Khorne. Every unit gets +1 defese against a khorne warrior. Your thoughts? More Ideas?
  8. I think you missed the point entirely dut.... I really don't care what anyway says, In my opinion, 3 Troll Vomit in one deck shouldn't be allowed in tournaments. I'll give you a real world example that I experienced. A Card shop in Rosenberg Texas was hosting its own tournament for Yu-Gi-Oh, was a 10 dollar entry fee and the winner would get half the money from that and a few boosters. when I got there there was around 30 ppl entered. I won the first round and the second round against 2 pretty tough opponents (these were matches btw so 3 games, best 2 out of 3). In the 3rd round I was facing the shop owners son. He beat me twice on the third turn 2 games in a row. Needless to say, he won the tournament and every other tournament I ever participated in (12) hosted by that shop. But after they started applying the banlist to them, he didn't win anymore and the shop stopped hosting tournaments. The Entire purpose of banning and limiting cards only becomes necessary when new cards come out that can be combined with older cards in a possible overpowered (and probably overlooked) way.
  9. ok I'm stupid, I admit it. I never read the scenario parts of the rulebooks.
  10. My Cards from skavenblight are also slightly smaller then the core set cards. Just ever so slightly, its hardly noticeable during a game. I guess "hardly" would be if someone had super extra magnifying binocular glasses on as well.
  11. Pretty much from what I've read and experienced, War Machines can never be discarded (by choice) for any reason. If you capture some in a battle you must take the entire thing and you must put it in your battle line, even if you have to discard cards to make a place for it. Machine and crew. The only way I see them being discarded are by green card effects. Every time I read the rulebook I find something new we've been playing wrong, this was a recent one.
  12. Wolfie6407

    Wolf Token

    I scoured the rulebooks and came up with nothing What is the token with wolfs face on both sides used for?
  13. As more cards come out, theres bound to be a few OP cards that deserve a tournament ban slot. Maybe I shouldn't have been so specific as to Ban, but limited cards as well. As in only 1 or 2 copies of a single card per deck.
  14. Some of the tactics and deck combinations in the deck building section seem really overpowered, unstoppable, and otherwise just "Flawless Victory!". So I was wondering if, for tournament play, there would ever be a list of regulations and guidelines for all decks to follow (other then the standard 3 card copy limit). For Example, Someone who bought only one of each set/pack would be at a HUGE disadvantage vs someone who bought 3 of each set/pack and even signing up for a tournament would be laughable. I'm not saying its impossible to win, just saying that its another case of "he who has more money wins more" which is the standard trademark of CCGs (which almost ALL have ban list for tournament play).
  15. This game lacks spontaneous replayability. Whenever we finish a game, everyone wants to play something else. Its a fun game, but its a once a night type of thing for my group. So if anything in any expansions to ever be released could perhaps make games a little more...random and different then each other game, would be cool. Like Starcraft the board games leadership cards, gave us much variety and brought that game out of the closet much more often. I'm against new gods and units. They would pretty much require an entire new game, new map, new power sheets, new chaos cards, new rules, etc.. Adding just a few new things can make the game explosively better. I'd say new old world cards, new tokens, new rules and effects for existing tokens, possibly a few new chaos cards, possibly a few new upgrades that alternate options of existing upgrades. Maybe a few things that effect defending or attacking. Just nothing that would pretty much require a complete replacement package.
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