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    angelman2 got a reaction from TylerTT in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Repent! Repent! The Endor is near!
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    angelman2 reacted to TheEldarGuy in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    I do like this map! Seems to be nice combination for indoors/outdoors, mid-long range and short-mid ranged operatives.
    Looks like a solid tourney map to me.
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    angelman2 reacted to nickv2002 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    No one posted the actual map that my team put together yet. So here it is for context (no Ewoks included):

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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    So let's say there is an Endor box- what could the blister packs be? Part of the challenge comes in assuming that any Endor campaign would likely be after the Battle of Endor itself.
    For Mercs, I guess it's high time 4-LOM and Zuck came to shine.  It fits in well with the recent focus on double packs, and they might as well be in this campaign- it's not like the mercs had a really heavy presence, anyway.
    The Empire's best bet would probably be Inferno Squad.  I can't really think of anyone else.
    I know Yoda is a popular pick, but from a campaign standpoint I just don't see it.  I wouldn't mind Yoda in almost any other campaign, but the one that would presumably be after his death just seems poorly planned.
    I'm not a big fan of Solo or Leia getting new versions, either, as they just seem unnecessary. The changes they go through aren't quite as transformative as Luke's- or at the very least, not transformative in the same way.
    Ackbar or Antilles could be fun- I guess this could be a whole "mop up Endor" kind of thing, with Wedge or the admiral being shot down and needing to hold his own on foot.
    Anyone from Rogue One seems unlikely, since they'd all be long dead by Endor.  Same for Solo.
    Comics characters could conceivably be there, but there'd be an implication that they survive to that point, which as far as I know hasn't been proven for anyone.
    I feel like some of the easiest characters to incorporate would be some relatively obscure ones like Kess Dameron.
    I guess, lame as it sounds, the most likely ally for the Rebels would be a generic trooper group. OR, though I seriously doubt it, maybe that's wha the Ewoks are.
    OR, super big plot twist- the art is for an Ewok hero, and we're all totally off base, and this was just meant to throw us all off.
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    angelman2 reacted to buckero0 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    EWOKS are coming. this confirms it.  I keep telling our group that we need to dive back into some of these older maps.  There were a bunch of Bespin and even JRealm maps that got passed over just because how they rotated things that were good, fun maps.
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    angelman2 reacted to SteveMarroni in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Pure speculation, but what if the reason they have been so slow with releases is because they're gearing up for a second edition of the game? An Endor release could cap off the first edition, and the third movie of the new trilogy can herald the new app-based Imperial Assault (or First Order Fight?). 
    It's all pure speculation, and probably wishful thinking. 
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    angelman2 reacted to bokepasa in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    The ewok picture gives us at least (and last) something to talk about  and the speculation is on fire.
    We have been expecting an Endor expansion long enough. Hopefully it's a hint and they'll announce something soon, at Worlds maybe?
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    If we don't get Ewok's then this is a horribly painful troll by FFG. The old kickem while their down.
    I will remain positive and look at it as a sign of physical content, whether it is a box or a blister pack, something is coming.
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    angelman2 reacted to Dantk in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Nal Hutta Swamps has Fett and Vinto on it.
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    angelman2 reacted to ManateeX in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    That's where I'm at with this, too. 
    I mean, FFG's gonna FFG, but I've got to believe that even their marketing department wouldn't be tone-deaf enough to release this if there were no plans to eventually release a corresponding expansion.  I mean I don't think I've see an IA forum/facebook page/etc. in a few months where the most talked about comments aren't some variation of "IS THIS GAME DED?".   If there's nothing else coming, rubbing this sort of salt on fans' wounds would be a new level of cold.
    With that said, I'm still not convinced that there's anything immediately forthcoming like there was last time with CT/Thrawn.  The fact that we're getting an old map - and not a new one like we saw in that case - makes me thing that there's nothing imminent.  But, even more so than before, I'd be very surprised now if they don't eventually release another box.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Thrawn and CT.
    Obviously this still doesn't confirm anything, but it would honestly be cruel to tease us like this if there isn't a new wave on the way, especially given how FFG is certainly aware of how Lothal was originally "teased".
    I'd also point out that as far as I know, no skirmish map has ever featured units on it from the same faction. Having an Alliance Ranger representing the Rebels makes me think that the ewok is probably a merc unit.
    It might seem strange to not have ewoks as rebels, but I've seen a lot of people predicting that for a while anyway, and it's not that different from the loth-cats we already have. So, if the ewoks were really just art chosen for the Endor map theme and not an indication of stuff to come, why not use them on the Rebel side and use scout trooper art on the other side instead? Why create a strange situation where you have ewoks representing the merc side, when they're not even coming to the game anyway?  It's all speculative, of course, but it does seem like a really strange decision to make if you're not even bringing the unit to the game.
    So, put me in the camp of "if I had to guess, this is probably meaningful".
    Here's what I'm predicting:
    Scout Troopers (Imperial)
    Ewoks (Merc)
    If we're lucky enough to get a big box, I'd add this:
    Navy Troopers (Imperial)
    74z Speederbike (Imperial, possibly two of them)
    Standard number of heroes (2 for smallbox, 3 for big).
    Given the Endor theme maybe a class themed on making your units stronger when there are less of them on the board. This would work well with the "turning point" theme of the war at that time, but also with balancing the game and making tactics other than the classic swarm more viable.
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    angelman2 reacted to Zerker in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    As far as I can see, up to now, every single character art piece that has appeared on the skirmish maps has, sooner or later, represented a game character.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from GuillotineTE in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Repent! Repent! The Endor is near!
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    angelman2 reacted to Uninvited Guest in Overwhelming Oppression what am I missing?   
    The more I look at this deck the more I like it.  I’m still not convinced it’s good but I think in the right hands it could do some cool things.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from bill_andel in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Repent! Repent! The Endor is near!
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in Star Wars Resistance   
    Yeah, it's actually a pretty good show. First season is slow, basically an entire-season introduction. It is definitely aimed towards a younger audience, but it has gotten some chuckles out of me. This current season is really climactic and worth the watch.
    It has a lot of backstory to many characters in the sequels, but also a lot of new faces. I personally don't like BB-8, but he's one of the main characters so there's that. I do like Poe, however, and he makes several appearances throughout the show.
    If you don't like the sequels, watching this with your kids would probably make you sympathetic to the Disney era. It's not bad.
    7.2/10 Not Bad
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    angelman2 reacted to thereisnotry in How far is the game from being discontinuid   
    I use my SWM collection for IA all the time. Whenever we create our own Deployment Cards, or when we just want to uses painted minis. 
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    angelman2 reacted to Strawhat in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Ewoks...I can dig it.  Of course, they were planning on eating our favorite rebels before 3PO went berserk and scared them into next week so it's not like they "need" to be allied with the rebels.
    I'm just thrilled for the chance at new content!
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    angelman2 reacted to LegoMech in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    I have always wanted Scout Troopers and Speeder Bikes, and have accepted that whenever they come, Ewoks will probably join them. I am ready for this.
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    angelman2 reacted to Ajax Romano in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Love Ewoks. Always have. They represent the split that has always existed in Star Wars between technological might against the natural will of technologically disadvantaged species. (Luke shuts off his targeting computer, forgoing tech in favour of his natural instincts. Luke looks at his own mechanical hand in abject horror of portend in Return of the Jedi. The Ewoks are an extreme realization of this theme in Star Wars.) 
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    angelman2 reacted to Brigadierblu in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Hey guys, a new skirmish map was announced
    There is an Ewok in the corner!  Thoughts?  New expansion coming??
    edit:  It’s called Endor Defense Station!
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Question of Krayt Dragon Fury skill from ToL, Tress   
    It's been a while since I have given opinions on Tress's abilities, and I have now played with her a lot in the app, so this is how I play.
    Krayt Dragon Fury: it's simplest if you consider the exhaust to just give her an addition token to spend in the same timing instance.
    Acklay Counter: You can use each ability only once per timing instance. (The FFG response seems to allow you to override this and choose the same ability twice. I'm not sure if it is just a poor choice of words. or an actual change.) Acklay Counter explicitly allows to only spend 1 token. Additional tokens have no effect. The two abilities on Acklay Counter have different timings, so exhausting Krayt Dragon Fury does nothing.
    Dianoga Sweep: If you exhaust and spend two tokens for it (or one token + exhaust Krayt Dragon Fury), you get 2x Cleave 1. They are resolved separately, so you can choose different targets for them (but also the same target twice).
    Note that if Tress defeats a figure with an attack and gains a style token from Dragonsnake Variation during step 7, she can spend it with Dianoga Sweep (and maybe Krayt Dragon Fury) in the same attack to get Cleave 1 (x2) (maybe even triggering Dragonsnake Variation again if the cleave defeats a figure). Then gets a style token for resolving a melee attack.
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    angelman2 reacted to Shwarrz in Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)   
    Feedback from first gameplay.
    First of all, my friends pointed out that my campaign log does not have checkboxes for marking Rebel/Imperial victory for each mission – I have to correct it… xD
    Back to thread – we’ve managed to play only first two missions, your ideas for mission mechanics are marvelous, but takes long to play. Each of tchem took us circa 3 hours gameplay + prep time.
    For now it’s double Imperial Win. My Rebels are Loku, Verena, Gharkhan and Fenn. Imperial class deck – Power of the Dark Side.
    For the Introduction we have nothing to complain about. It’s suprisingly balanced. My Rebels were defeted becouse of poor choice of heroes – no good technics test, they’ve failed soooooo many Times with this terminal. (I think i’m going to let tchem change one hero for the rest of campaign). They were not able to even capture pod, not to tell about freeing rebel captive. Threfore I do not understand what the red loot box is there for – maybe a little story would help – it seemed really not important.
    Yiyar Clan Infiltrated – My rebels were really confused what this mission is about, raching „mission will progres…” for the third time took away all motivation. For what i can tell they had no idea what’s going on. Side quests seemed for them co irrelevant  - IT-3PO was not reward risking time or health for – doors remained closed. They’ve also completely ignored loot boxes – any teasing what’s inside them, and not telling wchich one is wchich would help. Rebels should know from the start that killing Yav Yiyar is their goal even if they have no idea where he is and what they meet on their way. But the main reason of their failure were HK droids. So powerful at this stage of the campaign, reinforceing them was painful for rebels. By the time they’v defeated Onar all Rebels were wounded and one withdrawn. Second missiond did noth help them at all – I’ve got 5 intel and the rebels 2 – snowball is rolling. I’ve decided I’ll not use them for now – if the winds turn, i’ll spend some.
    So, for the second mission I would recommend:
    -making secondonary objectives important. Maybe IT-3PO should have pass key for Entrance Door – then it makes sense he cannot die. So you need to free him or do extreme 4 Test to open them or 15 health/black Dice defense. But then less enemies on the outside tiles because I was able to wound first Rebel in the first turn.
    -repleace HK for some custom cards lik „Salvaged HK”, one blue die less, 6 points, no rerolling enemies defense dice.
    Bot for both mission It would be so helpful if there was more story. So the rebels could know What the heck is in fact going on. If you would like I could help you - and write something. For my friends it’s so important to know where they are and what are they fighting for.
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    angelman2 reacted to Rikalonius in Pirate's Price: Rebels Themed Video   
    I enjoyed watching this video.  I like themed games instead of everyone minin' and maxin' cruising in car you spent all day waxin'.  You made good use of scenes from Rebels.  Good editing overall, the game was easy to follow from a spectator's point of view, minus the microphone going out a little after midway.  I hope to see more videos in this style.  Oh, I very much enjoyed the use of Hondo as a neutral character.  That was good use of the bidding mechanic, a mechanic I've liked since the TSR Marvel Superhero game I played as a teenager, and Hondo's a good choice seeing as he can siphon back some of the bid VP's.  
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    angelman2 reacted to udat in 1.5.0 - Return to Hoth Released   
    I'm three missions in, and I have been impressed by the mission design.  The cave exploring mission was quite long, but it was tense and thematic, and we barely squeaked the win (on hard).
    Last night we played a desert planet mission where there's an "over-world" map with imperial patrols that you navigate around, investigating 3 buildings, which take place on small sub-maps.  I really enjoyed it.  I wish I had taken a picture of the sheer volume of imperial figures that were deployed in that mission.  It was terrifying.  Jedi Luke was an absolute monster as an ally, and I think we'd have struggled without him.  Again, it was reasonably close, with 2/4 heroes wounded, and Luke withdrawing about 75% through the mission.
    I'd love FFG forever if they ever released a mission builder tool.  I'd pay money for it in-fact.
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