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    angelman2 reacted to Dark Reaper in Imperial Assault Hero Guide – Part 1: Tier Lists   
    I have started writing the update after several requests, I am just a little strapped for time, unfortunately.  I would probably rate Shyla S, Vinto A, Onar B. I will explain in depth soon(tm).
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    angelman2 reacted to Stompburger in Imperial Assault Hero Guide – Part 1: Tier Lists   
    Also wanted to say (as my previous post was just a criticism) that I think this is still a really great analysis! Even though I disagree on some points I think you have some good thoughts and I appreciate the work you put into this!
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    angelman2 reacted to Uninvited Guest in Why no Endor?   
    Ewoks are terrifying.  Remember the Stormtrooper helmets they were using as drums?  What do you think they did with those guys?  They were pretty excited for the chance to eat Han, Luke, and Chewy.  I don't think they were celebrating the destruction of the Death Star so much as the massive feast that fell on their doorstep.
    Although... I can't imagine a three figure, three HP (per figure) group with the Rancor's Feed ability .
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Thank you a1bert   
    You're welcome.
    (Not quite official, and I make my share of mistakes, but if Clipper and I agree, it's probably correct.)
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    angelman2 reacted to DeeSnyder in Thank you a1bert   
    This community is realy helpful when it come to help other people to answer questions on the rules.
    But you in particular always is on this forum (an other ones too) and take the time to put reference and to explain everything in details.
    In my group it's bacame a joke that if we are looking for something realy precise or if we are a little bit lazy to look in the reference guide to said: oh! A1lbert said that, so is official.
    So a big thank you for your time.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from IanSolo_FFG in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    I'll have to discuss this a few rounds with my players, but I expect that we all agree; to bring Luke or Han or whomever onboard just to blast extra Stormtroopers feels a bit boring and anticlimactic... but then again, so does fielding an AT-ST every other scenario just to keep a named character at bay. In the end, I suspect we will go with a "maximum fun" option and just addapt our game(s) as we go along.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from ManateeX in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    I'll have to discuss this a few rounds with my players, but I expect that we all agree; to bring Luke or Han or whomever onboard just to blast extra Stormtroopers feels a bit boring and anticlimactic... but then again, so does fielding an AT-ST every other scenario just to keep a named character at bay. In the end, I suspect we will go with a "maximum fun" option and just addapt our game(s) as we go along.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    Amen to that!
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Action Question - Bacta Infusion   
    Damage can be thought as a probability that a hit/shot causes you to become wounded. While straining yourself you can do more, but you will eventually reach your endurance and have to take a breath to recover so you can rush again. If you have strained yourself too much, even your well-learned tricks no longer work due to losing hand-eye coordination and/or concentration. It has nothing to do with your armor becoming thinner from the shots taken, or losing your helmet, or batteries of your gear losing their charge, or a gash on your back or cheek.
    When you patch our arm with Bacta Infusion, you're as fatigued from straining yourself as before. Maybe even more, because the Bacta needs to get energy from somewhere to patch your up. You stop bleeding, and your arm can take another hit from a stun baton, but you're just as tired as before.
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    angelman2 reacted to ManateeX in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    I don't have the campaign guide here, but I'm 99% sure that the official order is:
    Deploy imperial figures.  If it's a side mission (i.e. "Gain threat equal to twice the threat level and resolve an optional deployment") you do the extra deployment now as well.  This would imply that you would need to have already chosen your open groups by this point. Deploy rebel heroes (in most missions, one of you has to stand on the entrance token) Optionally, rebels can deploy an ally of their choice (this officially happens after the rebel heroes have deployed, so you can't put the ally right on the entrance since one of the heroes would have to be there already). If the rebels chose an ally then the imperial increases threat by their cost.  If the imperial chooses, they can now make one optional deployment.  
    Adding on to that, however, I'm 100% sure that my preferred order is:
    Whatever your group thinks is the most fun
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    Right.  I guess do what works for you, but I believe that since the Rebels choose their allies (or lack thereof) during deployment, the more standard way is to have open groups before ally selection.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from subtrendy2 in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    Thank you for your feedback, IanSolo_FFG; your tweak of Battle of Hoth is downright awesome, sir! And I agree that every group needs to make the tweaks that makes most sense to them, however, I wanted to ask here just to test if anyone could see a way that my ideas would break the game. Also, I like there for be a basic framework in place for my houseruling, lest I lose control and end up ruining a mission with enthusiastic tweaking; hense a desire for "formal" houserules.

    I did some ad hoc tweaking to the Twin Shadows campaign that my group rushed through last week, padding it with an additional 4 missions to make it a little more interested and to enhance the feeling of a story. Specifically, I added IG-88 to a scenario as part of my Open Groups just to drive home the point that the Empire was employing scum and Sand People and Bounty Hunters in their search for whatever it was they were after (this was neccesary as my Reb players failed to see the broadstrokes of the campaign and couldn't quite figure out how it all fitted together; in hinesight, I should have planned the campaign from the start and worked to enhance the story and plot more). I will definitelly have a look at tweaking Battle of Hoth like you did; what a great and thematically appropriate idea!
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    angelman2 reacted to IanSolo_FFG in Why no Endor?   
    Seeing how the expansions were following the original trilogy I "promised" my 8-year-old daughter there would be ewoks in the game at one point.   
    Help me FFG, you're my only hope ...
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    angelman2 reacted to IanSolo_FFG in (House rule) Starting allies for Rebels; bad idea?   
    Allies is a well debated tricky concept in the game.  You earn them as a "reward" for winning a mission but yet you have to pay a fee to field them.  And sometimes it feels like they are contributing more to make you loose the mission because of the extra threat you give the Empire.   From a thematic point of view, I've read somewhere else that the extra threat you give the imperial player can be seen as the imperial intel learning that a small group of rebels are on a mission accompanied by a well known or high ranked rebel and it make sense that the Empire would deploy more units to foil the mission.
    From the various debates I've read over the forum I think in the end house-rules are a case by case situation.  Some will like certain ideas, other won't.  I think it all comes donw to what do you want to achieve by deploying allies previously won by the rebel players?  You want them to be a reward?  Maybe allow the rebels to bring them on a future mission for free!  (Imperial intel didn't see this mission coming and there were not prepared to deal with the presence of Lando!).  Or maybe you, as the rebel player, is only allowed to deploy a free ally mid-way through the mission to lower the impact of "free cost".  The imperial player knows what's coming once you'll open the door at the start of round 2 ... well maybe not anymore since as soon as you open the door your reach the rendez-vous point with Leia who joins you in your mission as a warm "thank you" for helping her in the previous mission.   
    For me, I allow the rebel players to pick each and every possible allies (unique and non-unique) regardless if they previously won it or not, as long as it makes sense.  For example, it we are playing the battle of Hoth from return to hoth expansion, then they can't deploy (at least right from the start) Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Lando, R2 or 3PO since we all know from Empire Strikes Back movie that they are busy elsewhere.  But if they want to deploy the elite rebel troopers (on top of the built-in echo base troopers) yeah sure why not.  This was a big scale battle and you can expect a lot of troops were present on the field.  As the imperial player, I may bring something extra that was not there in the mission rule to "balance" the elite troopers ... or not.  My take on campaign mode as always been about the fun and thematic factors.   For competitve play there is skirmish mode.  That is how I see it but understand not everyone sees it this way, and it's fine with me.
    Regarding the battle of Hoth mission.  I played it with my group last week-end.  Anything I'll describe below are no spoiler because they are things I simply added for thematic and fun factors.  The mission briefing tells you that the mission will evolves after you reactivate the 4 generators needed to protect some rebel pilots waiting to jump into their X-Wing fighters.  I added the following to the mission : An AT-ST!!!  Yes a chicken walker right there against rebel players without upgrades and equipments since this is mission 1 of the campaign!!!  But wait, someone in snowspeeder gears is apparently being chases by the AT-ST ... oh look it's commander Skywalker!  We know Luke crashed is speeder in the movie but we don't know how he made it to his X-Wing, well now we know a bit more!  And before the walker can active, Luke interrupts to make an attack on the walker.  On top of the damage he'll assign to it, the Walker suffers some malfunction and now can only select the result of one of the 2 black dice on defense (roll both but discard on die result).  Now the Walker is not to overpowered and the rebel players are helped by farm boy "lets-pretend-he-wears-hoth-gears" Luke!  The mission ended with a rebel win.  But 3 out of 4 rebel heroes were wounded (Shyla, Verena and MHD-19) and the 4th one (Fenn) had suffered 5 damages.  I'll be honest I have no idea if an AT-ST rolling 2 black dice but discarding one to keep a single die VS farm boy Luke is balanced but we all enjoyed this mission and for me, this is really what's important!  Others will dislike my mission manipulations and that's fine.    
     This makes sense from a thematic point of view, at least for me.  I like it!
    That is a more formal way of doing it than what I did by simply adding AT-ST and Luke without giving a choice to my rebel players.  Me I would allow it so I don't see this as a bad idea.  
    Personally I am not messing with the ally/villain threat cost aside from the ones officially made by FFG (yes I use skirmish upgrades in my campaign to bring down the cost of Vader and now Han and Chewie).  However, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just something I don't do.
    Again, very thematic!  I will use that in my campaigns too!
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    angelman2 got a reaction from subtrendy2 in Why no Endor?   
    I expect an Endor-box (large) is definitelly in the making, but I also expect that Aftermath/Inferno Sqauad (i.e. Battlefront II running With Endor & post-Endor stuff) has contributed to to FFG focusing on other theatres for now. I'm certain that if ImpAss continues (which I hope it will despite Legion covering some of its ground), we will see an Endor expansion eventually with Inferno Squad or similar SpecForces among the Imps.

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    angelman2 reacted to ryanjamal in Why no Endor?   
    I think we'll see Endor in some fashion or another soon.  Speeder bikes, though, I doubt would work on maps this size.  You'll have to look at the game [redacted] for that.  :-)
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    angelman2 reacted to ATM2100 in Disaster in hoth   
    we played disaster in the hoth, we have MHD-19(Most Hated Droid), Mak, Fenn, Diala. 
    It was really close, not only did it come down to the last roll, but it came down to LoS of the last roll. but our imp player played the hoth tank with 9 threat and an agenda card, then MHD-19 triple attacked the tank with combat override and pulse cannon. it was so awesome. not only that but we had the saboteurs, and for maybe 2 turns rebels out numbered imperials! the second of which rebels doubled the number of Imperials! wow. rebels lost but just barely. we haven't done the finale yet, no spoil,  but rebels won return to echo base! rebels got 2 rolls with like six surges and diala rerolls. Rebels got dialas side mission first. nothing is better than killing a darth vader with 4 health. we got through first i think. that was awsome. this has been an interesting campaign because afterwards almost every time we acknowledge that we both played it just about perfectly. imp player has won 2/3s of the missions. we are still kind of new to IA.
    Ps: my auto correct wants diala to be dial a. 
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Campaign Recommendations   
    You could totally do another playthrough! I've actually played the core campaign a handfull  of  times now (admittedly as the Empire, and not necessarily with the same group each time).   In fact, if you wanted to "cheat" and make sure you get entirely new missions, you can:
    1) Whenever a mission is completed, award the rewards to the correct people based on who won.  However, you then read the flavor text for whatever mission you didn't play last campaign, then put that mission into play.  There might be a little disconnect between gameplay and story (for instance, if the Rebels win but the victory text does not reflect that) but you could always add a "Despite their best efforts..." or something to the front of the text to make it gel better with the story.
    2) As much as possible, make the Rebels choose new characters.  If you only have the core box and you're running 4 heroes (as well you should) then I'd suggest adding the two new ones in for sure.  Then, if there are any heroes that didn't get their red side missions played last campaign, Rebels must pick first from them.
    3) Put the side missions you played (not just ones that were in the deck) last time back into the box before making the side mission deck.  The core campaign has 15 side missions, I believe.  You should have plenty left over, even if you don't necessarily have enough cards to fill out each color (4 red, 4 green, 4 grey).
    Other than that, your options would be to either get blister packs (for more side missions), a smallbox expansion (for more side missions/ a mini campaign), or a big box expansion (for another full campaign).  Of course, I'd only invest more into IA if you like it enough to do so.  It's a pricey game, but I at least think it's worth it.
    As I said, I've run the core campaign many times now.  From my first campaign, I had all of the items from waves 1-5.  Then, I've collected as stuff released.  I do like having all of the expansions as it really expands your possibilities in a campaign and makes the experience more full.  It's fun to make my Rebels wonder what horrible thing I'm going to throw at them after each round, instead of simply wondering if it's gonna be a Trando/Stormtrooper/or Probe.  
    Personally, I'd suggest either getting Wave 2 (Twin Shadows) or Wave 5 (Return to Hoth) next, if you're interested in getting more components.
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