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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in cards vs miniature minion groups #s   
    Players complain when they need to purchase multiple boxes to get enough deployment cards.
    FFG adds extra regular deployment cards.
    Now players complain that there are too many deployment cards.
    Can't win.
    Suggested Solution: destroy the extra regular deployment cards. ūüėÜ
    I have Wing Guards painted blue and green, so they can act as either regulars or elite without issues. In general, The Bespin Gambit figures have pastel colored bases. You can use a similar solution for other boxes and figure packs - just use various colors that do not match well with either regular or elite.
    Or just choose your poison - are you using the figures more for regulars (grey and sand) or elite (red and purple).
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in People who experienced all the campaign, which one you think is the best, why?   
    Jabba's Realm. To me this is the expansion that really spring boarded the game forward. I hated what it did to the meta for Skirmish (15/16 lists at worlds that year were scum, with only a few points in list variation) but for Campaign it was awesome. Tons of iconic content and locations.
    I always enjoyed Hoth, but it felt very situational and time period specific. Jabba's Realm just felt like we walked into Jabba's place at any given timeline.
    If anyone was buying one expansion this is the one I would recommend.
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in People who experienced all the campaign, which one you think is the best, why?   
    But.. but... HotE is just 8 missions, so how can it be 2nd?
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Don't Give Up Hope   
    I'll never forget when I opened the corellian conflict box for armada. It was literally some cardboard and paper in a tiny box and was about $30 USD! In saying that, I'd gladly pay for some new paper for IA. 
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    angelman2 reacted to 54NCH32 in Don't Give Up Hope   
    Doesn't sound expensive enough
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in Don't Give Up Hope   
    All they need to do is release a card pack for 10 bucks that re costs 5 figures and nerfs SC and this game gets flipped on its head again for another season. That is literally all it takes to keep a meta fresh.
    I understand it requires testing and design for the cards, but it has to be a lot less intensive than new content and a viable option.
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Don't Give Up Hope   
    A tester told me that the Spectre Cell card was not supposed to be what it is today. After testing it was something a lot less powerful. He claimed that FFG just made the decision to make it what it was, without what he felt was real testing. Why they would do this is beyond me. My guess would be to help promote Disney's new cash cow. The fact that they have not changed anything about it yet worries me a little, but perhaps they want to see it at a big tournament first. They'll get that chance this week, as I know a lot of people who are bringing it out of frustration about playing against it. If you can't beat em, join em. Further to that, a lot of my hard core friends who play decided not to even go to Worlds due to the Spectre Cell meta. 
    That being said, I think we're getting and Endor small box expansion and some blisters. My hope is that it has more fixes for lesser played figures, but the feeling I got was that they were fixing one or two more and that's it. Also, I think the ewok on the map is no mistake. Ewoks are coming. It makes zero sense for FFG to release Terro's map which is Endor, without there being new Endor content and then slap an ewok on it. They still want to promote the app and campaign, so that's not stopping any time soon. As for skirmish, we'll get our toys I'm sure. Considering that the game's errata is super small, they likely don't feel like there is much to change for skirmish.   
    They want to keep the campaign going because it sells, and dropping in some skirmish goodies only makes sense. Especially since it could not possibly cost that much more for production.
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in Don't Give Up Hope   
    I’m guessing about a week or two after worlds we’ll see a new box
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in Don't Give Up Hope   
    Just wanted to let everyone know what I found while reading some news articles on the FFG newspage. In one of their recent articles found here, which is about the new hyperspace gamemode for X-Wing, they link another article, from when they first announced the new gamemode. This was in January. I read throigh it and found this section really interesting.
    I just though this was interesting and that FFG knows we don't like stale metas. Remeber, rebellions are built on hope.
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    angelman2 reacted to IanSolo_FFG in Campaign Hub world (need input)   
    Have a couple of bounty hunters on the map.  The heroes can interact with them.  They could pay a certain amount of credits to gain them as an ally for the next mission without increasing the threat.  You could even do something like how Obi-Wan hired Han Solo in ANH.  The heroes pay X credits before the mission with the promise of paying an extra amount of Y credits after the mission.  Then the heroes could decide not to pay the promised Y credits after the mission, but then the imperial player could spawn the bounty hunter for free (or at a threat discount) during an upcoming mission.
    For the upgrade stage, have 2 or 3 sellers selling different stuff that the heroes can visit. ¬†Maybe it's Saska Teft (should be avaliable ... who plays with her anyway ūüėČ), the Alliance "official" trader who will sell random stuff at the price printed on the card. ¬†Maybe it's an ex-imperial officer who will sell exclusively imperial tech (you could even but some higher tier weapons in it to have your heroes drooling) but at a higher price than the one printed on the card. ¬†Then the heroes can try to lower the price by bargaining with the officer (insight test) or by intimidating him (strength test). ¬†Maybe the Imperial officer is standing next to a malfunctioning astromech droid¬†¬†and the heroes can offer to have a look at it in order to help fixing (tech test) resulting in the heroes gaining the officer's trust and hence lowering the cost of the weapons for sell. ¬†The discount could be based on how many successes. ¬†
    Maybe at some point, the heroes hear noises coming from outside the cantina.  It appears 2 full squads of stormtroopers led by Kayn Somos are pursuing a Jedi ... could be Ahsoka Tano ... and there is a Grand Inquisitor too!  Will the heroes join the fight (in which case if Ahsoka survives, the heroes could earn her as an ally for free or at a lower cost for an upcoming mission) or will they leave the jedi to her own faith?  If they decide to fight, during the skirmish, any damage suffered AFTER a hero has been wounded could carry over for the next mission.  So joining the fight could have consequences.  
    Or maybe there are a number of npc to talk to that will determine which side missions the heroes can attempt next (instead of randomly drawing side mission cards)
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    angelman2 reacted to Trevize84 in People who experienced all the campaign, which one you think is the best, why?   
    I really liked Jabba's Realm. My group and I use a simple house rule: when we play a new box, content of that box has priority on content of older boxes. This way we explore content as much as we can and keep the campaign experience the freshest possible.
    Well... Jabba's Realm brought unique heroes: Shyla that has nice mechanics and an overpowered feeling, Vinto can spread a lot of damage and Onar is a kind of unique in his genre. Some missions are also unique because of objectives and design (no spoilers here). Campaign for the first time sees mercenary characters involved both as Rebels and Imperials, although symbology in use divides them in Rebel players and Imperial players as usual.
    Hopefully one day we'll play a campaign as imperial "rebel players" vs one rebel "imperial player", maybe a campaign that can be played on both sides both as overlord or cooperatively depending on campaign setup. Until that time, Jabba's Realm will remain the most innovative one even though it wasn't revolutionary as I would like it to be.
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    angelman2 reacted to Spidey NZ in Character App update (image) Tress   
    Another Character completed image below, you can scroll through. Im getting ready for release of 2.0 of the imperial Assault Character tracker App.  managed to hire another artist to help with the work load.  you can check out more of his stuff here. 
    hope you guys are enjoying the current app, have you been using it? has it be helpful or fun?
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    I don't get why everyone has to be so negative about IA's future all the time. I doubt it will be discontinued anytime soon, it's Star Wars after all. Runewars was an original concept without any preattachments making it not as appealing to potential players.
    Even if IA is officially discontinued, we can still play the game. Yeah we won't get anything new and most stores will probably stop hosting tournaments since there wouldn't be any new tournament kits, but we could plan stuff as a community and join to play our favorite game.
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    angelman2 reacted to MagicSevi in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    You might wanna consider the fact that they decided to go without it for the armada prizes too and there will be more in that game for sure
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in Legion art   
    Especially since it has been a lot of Rogue One stuff lately, which we haven't seen in IA.. when I see Death Troopers im like ok ya we've got that already, but Krennic or Jyn had my heart pumping.
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    angelman2 reacted to Trevize84 in Portable Wartable - asynchronous play webapp (campaign)   
    I personally play board games for the sake of spending time with friends, joking and all that stuff. When it comes to SWIA, I always run an online campaign with my buddies around the world using Vassal. We have 2-3 hours every Monday night, with some flexibility in case someone can't join for whatever reason. This format works well and feeling is almost like playing together at same table. Realism level is pretty high with people crunching chips and burping after beer with unmuted mic... skirmish instead could work.
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    angelman2 reacted to Uninvited Guest in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    That actually means a whole lot less than the Ewok.  It’s the same art as the original card, just with the frame expanded.
    http://cards.boardwars.eu/Ally-and-Villain-Packs/Wave-2/Kayn Somos/Deployment Cards/Rule+by+Fear.jpg
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    angelman2 reacted to MagicSevi in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    what gives me hope though is the fact that in the prices for the winner are flights to the 2020 worlds included, which means one more year of competitive play guaranteed, making it highly likely give us something more
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    angelman2 reacted to TylerTT in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Ewoks were already adept at defeating large bipedal monsters the size of AT-ST. Many of the traps were likely already in place, designed for that task.
    also we all know imperial troops had extremely inaccurate weapons. 
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    angelman2 got a reaction from GuillotineTE in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    (This will be my last off-topic post on this matter, 'cause... off topic   But, for d@mned to be a curse word makes every kind of sense in Norwegian, where cursing are religiously slanted; i.e. you actually curse someone when you make curse words, while vulgarity isn't actually thought of as particularly censor-worthy, even though it might be in extremely bad taste. But I hadn't registered that the D-word is 'evil' in Am.English. Very interesting Language is a cruel mistress!)
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    angelman2 got a reaction from Strawhat in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    So... 2nd Death Star artwork is featured on one of the participation card prizes for the IA World Championship, as seen here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/22/risks-and-rewards/ ....yeah, I know, I know, it doesn't mean a **** thing, but...

    ...I WANT IT TO MEAN SOMETHING, damned it! ūüėõ¬† I want an Endor box for IA!¬†¬†
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    angelman2 reacted to Pollux85 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    And censors for American English have some messed up rules. You can say words like "d*ck" and "P*ssy" on television, but only if they are not in reference to sex. 
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    Sort of.
    I was raised that it was a bad word, but it's definitely not very harsh profanity.  It's kind of the same tier as "sucks", as in "it sucks we haven't had a new wave announcement for almost a year".
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    angelman2 got a reaction from subtrendy2 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    (Hm... the censor-bots blocked out the word 'da-mn-ed' in my post above. Is that considered a curse word in American English?)
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    They're really teasing us, now.
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