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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Half the lists at worlds - Specter cell. Disgusting.   
    What he said. Yes, this has been my feeling all along. I'm not an amazing poker player, but Todd's poker face was not stellar. Something is coming. I'm even thinking a fix for Boba, based on the way he "looked at his cards" when I "raised" the question. Then FFG putting an ewok on a map? Why do that? So far, ONLY characters in the game are on the maps. And I know ya ya, it's Endor. So what? Something is coming. 
    Whether we go beyond this year, who cares. Something is coming. 
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Interview with Todd Michlitsch   
    I did an interview with Todd Michlitsch back at Gencon 2018. He was too busy to actually sit down and talk to me when I was free, but he emailed me his answers to my questions (with some edits). It was awesome having him around for the 4 player skirmish as he was super passionate about the game and seemed very enthused. 
    I hope everyone enjoys. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this posted, but I figured it would be a good time. I like to learn more about the designers and not just ask them boring DESIGN questions. Like what kind of person are they, or what kind of Star Wars fan are they? I feel they would be sick of answering the same neckbeard questions, so here are mine...
    Being here and seeing people enjoy the game you love and work on: how does that make you feel? The first word that springs to mind is “validated.” I’ve always had a vision of where I wanted skirmish to get to, and getting to see some of that play out in reality is extremely gratifying. In the period between finishing an expansion and getting tournament results there’s I just hope that what I made is actually fun. Coming to events like Gen Con and getting to chat with players about the game closes the design feedback loop. It helps me gauge what I’ve done, enjoy the successes, and take stock of what I need to do next.
    Aside from the relief, it’s energizing to watch people play Imperial Assault. It makes me want to get back to the office and keep making games!
    How did you get into designing? I grew up playing chess, but always felt like I enjoyed the concept of the game more than actually playing it. As I branched out and tried several card and video games, I always found myself thinking about why they were fun (and often why they weren’t). Questions like “what is fun?” and “how do we measure value?” are largely unanswered, and I enjoy pondering them. 
    Despite this curiosity, I wasn’t aiming to become a game developer. It’s more like I fell into it. I worked several “normal” office jobs and enjoyed the project management aspects of them. When I found out there was an international board game company in my back yard, I applied for an internship. I got to see the “real job” behind just designing, and it lined up with my professional interests pretty well.
    In the end, I probably come at game design from more of a project management angle than some, but using the medium of board games to deliver hand-crafted human experiences is something I’m very passionate about.
    Tell us about your game. Where do you see it going? I can’t speak to anything in the future, but I think the game has really grown into its own unique experience. Skirmish is fundamentally a tactical Star Wars battle that sometimes looks entirely luck-driven, but really rewards skill and practice. While Command card and dice luck are obviously important, I’m constantly amazed at how easy it is to throw away a game by spending a movement point incorrectly. I think this mixture of powerful haymaker effects and tactical minutiae creates interesting decisions and finding a balance between those two has become the backbone of my design philosophy for skirmish.
    Aside from skirmish, the paper campaigns are a fantastic way to enjoy a light tactical RPG experience in the Star Wars universe with your friends, and I’m proud of the progress we’re making in leveraging the Legends of the Alliance app to provide exciting new adventures.
    If you were in the game, who would you be? If I thought I could get away with it, I’d probably hide myself as an Easter-egg B1 battle droid named T0-d or something. Those droids have the two best lines in all of Star Wars: “Roger, roger” and “Uh-oh!” Otherwise, one of my coworkers once made a pre-alpha droid hero for me whose abilities all removed dice luck (dice and I don’t always see eye-to-eye).
    Who shot first (Han or Greedo)? Given that I don’t know off-hand what the official canon is, I’m going to have to avoid answering the question directly. That said, I actually don’t have a huge amount of nostalgia for the original trilogy and I can see Han’s character working either way. Though, given that the cantina doesn’t really seem to care much about what happened, I think it’s more interesting if what they just witnessed wasn’t self defense. (This is also much less embarrassing for poor Greedo!)
    Can you tell us about the future of skirmish? Unfortunately, no.
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    angelman2 reacted to brettpkelly in CONGRATS to the 2019 IA World Champion Brett Kelly!!   
    Thank you! This community is the best, was a great time with everyone this weekend! 
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    angelman2 reacted to Mandelore of the Rings in "there is another" (hope)   
    So I said this before and others have also said similar stuff...
    if we don't get anything new for this game let's improve it and add to it ourselves!
    I'm somewhat of a technomoron but I propose maybe a website where we can seasonally or bi-annually vote on 3 or 4 new deployment cards as a community and then have them be legal (by our agreed standards) for local comps and whatnot.  These cards could include fixes (buffs), nerfs (definitely starting with SC) and totally new figures (using either Legion stuff, WotC stuff or other 3D printable stuff). 
    Something like this could keep the game going a LONG time and keep it fresh and fun and we'd all have ownership of the direction the game is going!  What say you?
    I reckon priorities would be:
    1) Boba Fett fix!
    2) RGC fix?
    3) SC nerf (maybe just to a focus like was discussed elsewhere)
    4) something for Rebels (preferably in the core box, like Fenn or Gaarkhan, or even Diala).
    I say if we don't have anything new by May the Fourth or around there we could vote some new "community approved" fixes in!
    We could even let Brett choose one himself since he won the worlds and FFG might not give him that chance after all.  Dunno.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from brettpkelly in Don't Give Up Hope   
    So, does this mean a last ditch push to get us to buy a couple of more IA things? Or is this a sign that FFG is finally paying attention to our plight here at the IA forum, and are accommodating us with a "gah! these people are suffering" handout that means more for the future?

    Now, I framed this as a negative, but I really am not. I think IA is alive and well with FFG, and will continue for quite some time indeed, but it would sure be nice if all this signaled a return for IA into the FFG attention and plotting
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    angelman2 reacted to Uninvited Guest in How to best utilise the imperial class deck form tyrants of lothal   
    @Teowulff, I haven’t played it yet, but I think part of the problem is that it’s a huge shake up in the IP’s tactics.  You might bring an AT-ST just for its attack pool rather than as a potential deployment for example.
    It might be one of the more complex decks and, while it can make for some strong combinations, its level of strength may not warrant that level of complexity.
    So, again not having played it, to me it seems like a lot of fun to play but I wouldn’t expect to win a whole lot of missions.  To that point,  @angelman2 said it was fun.
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    angelman2 reacted to dysartes in State of the game - FFG we need answers   
    Caveat - official news which is not regarding the release of a playmat, or general tweaks to the OP program.
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in State of the game - FFG we need answers   
    I think this deserves it's own thread, and the community deserves some answers from FFG.
    This weekend was Worlds for Imperial Assault at Adepticon 2019. The seats were set at 80, 65 were filled according to FFG OP Twitter. Of those 15 spots I am sure most were casualties of FFG's inability to properly organize the tournament seat sales. They failed to announce the tourney in a timely fashion and poorly handled how people got their seats, including not even letting people know on the wait list until as late as March 9th (so far, might have been later), under 3 weeks notice from the tournament beginning. 
    Furthermore, Legion had a pretty big event at Adepticon as well including their Last Chance Qualifier and High Command days, these are big and important to the Legion community, but they aren't their Worlds, they are not even the biggest tournament for the game that will happen this year... and Alex Davey, one of the creators of the game, showed up to support the community. He was seen walking the floors talking with everyone, working closely with the tournament organizers and even sat down on the Fifth Trooper podcast stream, multiple times, to answer questions about the game and offer commentary on the games being played. How cool is that?
    Now, I'm not trying to make this a Davey did this so feels bad Todd and IA creators, but honestly as an IA player it's tough to see that when that isn't even their biggest tourney of the year. This was Worlds, it doesn't get any bigger for IA, and I feel like FFG really dropped the ball on this from day one.
    We've got zero communication about the future of the game, besides these new organized play events which were a blanket change across the Star Wars competitive games, and no idea what the creators are even thinking of the current game state, which was horrible. But this isn't meant to be a direct thread about the state of the meta, that is being discussed here: 
    This is meant to be a thread to discuss the state of the game in general and the lack of participation from the game designers in our discussions, and the lack of communication in general on where this game is at and where it is going. We at least deserve some sort of 'state of the game' address, because right now after that Worlds, this game is bleeding players fast and we as a community have nothing to help stop that besides the heroic efforts of Zions Finest. But it is NOT fair to put the weight of the game on their shoulders, FFG needs to step up and be accountable for what they have created. Everyone was looking to Worlds, looking to Worlds, lets just get to Worlds and play, now what? Many of us were holding out hope some news would come out of Worlds for the game, but it hasn't. And to be fair FFG never promised any would, or even hinted.
    We have seen it is possible to have the game creator show up and engage with the community, it happened right in front of our eyes, where was the IA team on the biggest day of the year for competitive IA play?
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    angelman2 reacted to Mandelore of the Rings in State of the game - FFG we need answers   
    yup.  throw us a bone, FFG.  Please give us some official news. 
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    angelman2 got a reaction from Uninvited Guest in How to best utilise the imperial class deck form tyrants of lothal   
    Personally, I thought Overwhelming Oppression was a fun deck to play with. It's a bit fiddly with the many Power Tokens, often following slight variations in when/how they are employed in the game, but I didn't fudge up too much (I think). Some people are very critical towards playing with an open hand, but I found that entirely alright. It gave the players something to stress over and the Power Tokens more than made up for the surprise element in the game, IMHO. Lastly, I chose Greedo as my free villain for... I can't recall what the card's name is (XP1 I think). That was a good choice as he's so cheap he can be fielded in almost every mission of any campaign (I played an extended 12-14 mission version of ToL), and Greedo is really quite good for his cost, especially if you're facing 2 or more melee heroes.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from King_Balrog in Quick Question...   
    Welcome to IA though, @gaerithe IA is GREAT!
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Quick Question...   
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    angelman2 reacted to Dantk in Don't Give Up Hope   
    It's from the Heart of the Empire mission card  "Capital Escape".
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    angelman2 reacted to Spidey NZ in Campaign Hero Character Selector Cards   
    Nice work.  love the front side, as a quick view.  would love to implement this in my character tracker app
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    angelman2 reacted to LegoMech in Campaign Hero Character Selector Cards   
    Nice job!
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in Does Clone Wars Legion make Clone Wars IA more likely?   
    I caved and picked up a Legion core with some friends, it is every bit as awesome as it looks. Played some practice games really enjoyed it, starting to paint the squad now.
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    angelman2 reacted to Dommelrbb in Campaign Hero Character Selector Cards   
    Together with King_Balrog, me and him created bio cards to more easily show what the campaign hero's are about.
    The files have been posted and will be keept up2date on BoardGameGeek. If you see mistakes or feedback points, please let me know.

    These cards fulfill two roles:
    1) The front shows a quick and easy to understand overview of what the hero does from a gameplay point of view. This can help new players to easily choose their hero without going into details and stats.
    2) The rear has a short backstory written by King_Balrog in association with Stomburger to improve immersion and theming.

    Suggestions on how to print these cards:
    1) Go to a print shop, show them the files and ask if they can print these double-sided and if possible also cut them out with rounded corners. Make sure to request thicker paper. You could bring one of your regular Imperial Assault cards to show them the quality you want to get close to.
    2) Print them yourself. If possible on thicker paper, and if possible double-sides (test the alignment first, before printing all of them). If you cannot print double sided. Sleeve both front and rear together.

    No matter which method you use. They should have the exact same size as the regular Imperial Assault cards. Make sure they are printed on true 100% size. On each card are cut lines and lines indicating where the corner rounding should begin.

    Written content by King_Balrog in association with Stomburger.
    Original visual content by Fantasy Flight Games, which is re-used into these card by Robert Berrier (aka Dommelrbb).
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in Don't Give Up Hope   
    Finally, some good news. I really like the inclusion of campaign in their organized play now. I don’t usually play campaign, but for those who do, this is great. I don’t know that I like the use of extended art cards instead of alternate art cards, but I guess it’s easier to use preexisting art and just change the position of the stats. I’m super excited 😆.
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    angelman2 got a reaction from GuillotineTE in Don't Give Up Hope   
    So, does this mean a last ditch push to get us to buy a couple of more IA things? Or is this a sign that FFG is finally paying attention to our plight here at the IA forum, and are accommodating us with a "gah! these people are suffering" handout that means more for the future?

    Now, I framed this as a negative, but I really am not. I think IA is alive and well with FFG, and will continue for quite some time indeed, but it would sure be nice if all this signaled a return for IA into the FFG attention and plotting
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Don't Give Up Hope   
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Don't Give Up Hope   
    Totally agree. And yes, it's time to nerf this card. It makes no sense to keep this going. The skirmish game is already struggling to stay alive. They were clearly pushing Disney's agenda to sell Rebels, which I totally get. This company has taken a terrible turn away from themed gaming with their change to a more international reach. I miss Christian Petersen. 
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in cards vs miniature minion groups #s   
    Players complain when they need to purchase multiple boxes to get enough deployment cards.
    FFG adds extra regular deployment cards.
    Now players complain that there are too many deployment cards.
    Can't win.
    Suggested Solution: destroy the extra regular deployment cards. 😆
    I have Wing Guards painted blue and green, so they can act as either regulars or elite without issues. In general, The Bespin Gambit figures have pastel colored bases. You can use a similar solution for other boxes and figure packs - just use various colors that do not match well with either regular or elite.
    Or just choose your poison - are you using the figures more for regulars (grey and sand) or elite (red and purple).
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in People who experienced all the campaign, which one you think is the best, why?   
    Jabba's Realm. To me this is the expansion that really spring boarded the game forward. I hated what it did to the meta for Skirmish (15/16 lists at worlds that year were scum, with only a few points in list variation) but for Campaign it was awesome. Tons of iconic content and locations.
    I always enjoyed Hoth, but it felt very situational and time period specific. Jabba's Realm just felt like we walked into Jabba's place at any given timeline.
    If anyone was buying one expansion this is the one I would recommend.
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in People who experienced all the campaign, which one you think is the best, why?   
    But.. but... HotE is just 8 missions, so how can it be 2nd?
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