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    angelman2 reacted to Mandelore of the Rings in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    This is great.  Although sometimes I do also play with my kids' Star Wars figures and I do often buy new ones "for them to play with."
    Which brings me to:
    Love playing the app with my two!  We just started Jabba's Realm last week and they wanted to play the second mission as well but we didn't have time. 
    Also, love me some skirmish (listbuilding AND actually playing).  Got into IA for campaign but now not sure which I like better.  I especially like 4 player 2vs2 skirmish.  How many games have so much variety in ways you can play?  Campaign, Skirmish 2v2, 4p all against all, 4p 2v2, App.  (This is why I have very little interest in Legion.  You hear that FFG?  But, I WILL keep buy IA stuff... ) 
    Like I said, really love list building. 
    Love the weird shenanigans that happen in both campaigns and skirmish.  (For example, R2 won a local tournament for me last year by finishing off an AT-DP on it's last legs!   OR, in campaign, playing Hoth, we got stuck in a weird endless limbo with the IP bringing in a Nexu each round and the rebels just resting an almost wounded Jyn I think each round...  Felt like the game would never end but it was pretty hilarious).
    In campaign I love buying stuff for the characters...  hoping IG-88s blaster will be on offer...  or Dengar's DX whatever.
    I have a lot of other games (about 30?  mostly Eurogames) but recently every time I'm playing Powergrid or Puerto Rico or whatever I secretly wish I was playing IA.
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    angelman2 reacted to Ajax Romano in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    1. I have clumsy hands so I appreciate at tactical miniatures game that does not require precise movement.
    2. Allows me to play with Star Wars figures in my forties in a way that won't raise eyebrows.
    3. Creative list-building that allows for strange bedfellows (i.e. a Wampa and a Bantha walk into a bar).
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    angelman2 got a reaction from Fourtytwo in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Best Star Wars immersion game in the miniature/boardgame category! A fantastic gaming experience
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    angelman2 reacted to Bitterman in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    You know what? If I'm wrong, I will never have been more delighted to be wrong in all my life. You can quote my words back at me over and over again for weeks and I won't stop smiling. I'd love to be wrong. Please, let me be wrong!
    But people have been telling me I'm wrong for months and months, now. "They'll announce something this Friday / at the next con / at World's / in time for Thanksgiving / before Christmas!", they keep saying. It keeps not happening.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    This is honestly one of those cases where I do hope I'm wrong.
    But again, most of us aren't calling it the end of the game necessarily.  We're just concerned, and have had absolutely no feedback from FFG regarding it.  That's where our frustration comes from.
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    angelman2 reacted to Zerker in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Just to re-iterate it is necessary and expected that FFG will keep supporting OP until the moment that they are ready to announce its retirement (because blanking tounament support would effectively be announcing the game was over anyway). So tournament kit isn't an indicator that the game has a future.
    The Ewok image is the best straw of evidence that we have had that the game may not yet be done.
    Nothing would make me happier 😁
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    angelman2 reacted to Master Wang in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    I love Imperial Assault and want to read more about why others love it.  Please use this thread to post about your favorite parts of IA.
    *** Please do not post complaints or wish-lists, and so on as there are plenty of threads for those. ***
    First, it is great being able to play such a game in the Star Wars universe because I grew up loving Star Wars and still love (most of) it now!
    Second, playing as the Imperial player with access to secret information is a blast.  Also, I play to win thematically, so I won't take a Nexu in a Star Destroyer, but I won't go easy on the rebels with the resources I do take.  Die rebel scum!
    Third, the app rocks.  It lets me play cooperatively with my 9-year old son.  We get to run around shooting stormtroopers together and generally having a great time.
    Thanks FFG!
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    angelman2 reacted to cnemmick in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    As a Skirmish player, I love IA's tactical combat structure. The combination of board positioning & control, army structure and randomization of combat outcomes is just very crunchy. I know it's the "bonus game" you get when buying IA, but it really is a diamond in the rough.
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    I'm a trilogy purist, so I love being able to play with characters from the movies. The miniatures are amazing and easy to paint. I NEVER painted before I had this game, so for me it was a huge step. 
    I also love that I can sit while I play, while a lot of other Star Wars games require you to stand for the most part, which does a number on this old guy's back! It also appeals to my pseudo OCD as line of sight is rarely unclear, and there are not a lot of ways your opponent can cheat unlike the other star wars games. 
    I find it's well balanced*. It's the ONLY star wars game I've ever played where I like playing all three factions. I'm usually a staunch imperial player, but for some reason this game makes me want to play it all. Why not? My favourite character can be played with all three factions technically....Greedo is Awesome (GIA). 
    This game is essentially 5 in 1. Solo co-op, Co-op, 1v1 skirmish, 2v2 skirmish (or 4 player), model painting. Can you get my better value than that? Absolutely NOT!
    The community seems pretty good as the players tend to be painters, which I always find to be less douchy. Just saying as I started gaming with X-wing and that is a whole other beast. 
    I've never had so much excitement playing a game. It can turn on a dime! So many times I've cried out in pain or excitement. I even walked out of a store (on a joke that if my opponent rolled another X man after rolling two in a row I'd walk out). I've had and seen so many graceful moves and command card plays that I've been in awe. 
    If it were legal in Canada, I would marry this game. Yes, it could be weird, and my wife would disapprove, but hey. 
    * I don't play the SC list, but the figures are awesome and well costed I think. 
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    angelman2 reacted to King_Balrog in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Awesome game with cool fans of it.
    Talented and creative community behind it here on the forums.
    Too much to like overall.
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    angelman2 reacted to Jarema in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    If I was to pick up one thing I like most in IA, it would be how Imperial Class is implemented in the campaign.
    But I love almost every part of this game.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    I love the mission variety, but also the random wackiness of it all.
    Imperial Assault is a story driven game, but it can also see stuff like Jedi Luke fighting Darth Maul or Thrawn flanked by some Clawdite shapeshifters.  That's really, really cool.
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    angelman2 reacted to aermet69 in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    As primarily (almost exclusively) a skirmish player, some of the things that is really neat about it:
    - Missions! Playing missions give this game so so so much. I come from Blood Bowl, which imo, in many ways is the perfect small-scale mini game. But it's the same everytime. IA is always in motion, both with rotating missions, and just playing the 3 missions that are in tournament format provides 3 very different games. Awesome.
    - I like painting. I don't like painting big armies. ****, even Blood Bowl teams are sometimes a daunting task. IAs deployment card system is perfect for me. I can paint up 1-3 models, and suddenly I have a fully painted deployment card. I might not have a fully painted squad, but this system allows me to slowly adding more and more painted stuff to my collection and starting out on 1 or 2 figures is way less of a task, than a full 16-man BB team or fullblown warhammer army.
    - Again, compared to blood bowl, the deployment cards are 1) super thematic. I really think Todd and his crew has, for the most part, captured the essense of the character, or group to perfection and 2) they are vastly different from eachother. It's not just about one group doing something better or worse than another group. Different groups does completely different stuff or works in completely different ways.
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    angelman2 reacted to Spidey NZ in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    I love the role play elements.  i dont have the time to make a star wars campaign or do a DND campaign, but i love how imperial assault gives you a structure of a story and then i can inject some other narrative into it.
    I enjoyed getting into painting the miniatures.
    I love all the different randomness of stories and missions
    I love being able to create a companion app and have people enjoy their hero journey.
    Love the community and my game nights/days
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    angelman2 reacted to 54NCH32 in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Love the campaign and narrative with my group, and although it wasn't the game that got me back to painting (Armada did that first, before I switched to IA), but it definitely got me to push my skills and really enjoy painting again. Had many great "last roll" games and the introduction of the app is awesome (lets me take the night off from DM'ing).
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    angelman2 reacted to Brother Bart in cards vs miniature minion groups #s   
    Thanks for the advice everyone.
    On that note, how many Jawa Scavengers should I grab? Will any of the campaign missions require, or allow more than one at a time?
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    angelman2 got a reaction from King_Balrog in Quick Question...   
    Welcome to IA though, @gaerithe IA is GREAT!
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    angelman2 reacted to King_Balrog in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    I love the player characters in campaign. They only give you a little bit to go on lore-wise, but each character tells a story without speaking, based upon their appearance, demeanor, weapon choices, and abilities. You can "feel" how they would behave in a film adaption; they fit right in, and you could imagine them standing in the crowd here:

    The gameplay is fun and adaptive, either in Skirmish or Campaign, and has huge amounts or replayability. My favorite boardgame by far.
    Lets play a game:
    Try to describe and assign personality traits to Tress based upon this image. What kind of person is she?

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    angelman2 got a reaction from Mandelore of the Rings in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Best Star Wars immersion game in the miniature/boardgame category! A fantastic gaming experience
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    angelman2 reacted to The Archangel in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    The same could be said for pessimism. Life is way more enjoyable on the side of optimism, my friend. Both should be tempered with good sense of realism though.
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    angelman2 reacted to bokepasa in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Funny thing this year the European Championship is in Poland.
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    angelman2 reacted to Rogue Dakotan in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    I'm not saying there's hope for this game's longevity, 
    I just see this as a company stopping work on Localizing/Translating a product for whatever reason. Maybe their sales were too low because they were always late with the localized copies and everyone had already gotten english product elsewhere so they figure it's not worth doing anymore. 
    So no more IA in Germany doesn't necessarily mean no more IA everywhere. 
    I feel bad for Germany though.   
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    angelman2 reacted to Shwarrz in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Distribution in Poland was put on hold year ago. Polish distributor -"Galakta" - is still intrested in giving it a shot, but FFG is forcing them to order high amount of stuff that is imposible to sell. They can not afford to loose money on every wave. Last box we had - HotE, last blister wave - Jabba's Realm.
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    angelman2 reacted to brettpkelly in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    I'll do my best but i reaaaally doubt they'll tell me anything definitive
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    angelman2 reacted to MagicSevi in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    You know, what beginning to be the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that it would be so very easy for them to stop all these wild speculations and discussions once and for all:
    - We, FGG, decided for whatever reason to stop developing the game.
    OR (much prefered)
    - We, FGG, want to inform our invested fans that there is still more physical content coming (not what, not when, it would be enough to say we‘ll get more).
    At this point I really don‘t care what the reasons for the lack of communication are. They are 100% aware of what‘s going on here in the forums, which for me makes it even harder to understand.
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