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    angelman2 reacted to maddwarfer in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    There is also this Feb 11th reply from FFG to a tweet about future Imperial Assault products which gives some hope:
    Granted it doesn't specify whether they mean digital or physical product, but it's reassuring nontheless. This was after the Return to Hoth app campaign had come out as well so it's talking about something else.
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Constant Vigilance side mission (possible spoilers)   
    Tokens are figures only if explicitly defined to be figures. Prisoners are neutral figures, so:
    During a campaign, some figures are denoted as neutral. These figures are only present in specific missions. The additional rules regarding these figures are described in the mission.
    No player controls a neutral figure. Neutral figures cannot activate or perform actions. These figures cannot suffer ï (damage) or be targeted by attacks, abilities, or any game effect except as specified by the mission's rules. Figures can move through spaces containing neutral figures at no additional movement point cost. Neutral figures block line of sight.  
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    angelman2 reacted to GuillotineTE in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Probably my favorite part of IA is its likeness to chess. I always liked chess, but there's not much replay value; it's just the same every time. IA adds a Star Wars flair that only FFG can do and it's so much more replayable. I can make a new list every game and still have a blast.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    So, I'm beginning to get won over to the side of "this probably doesn't mean anything".
    I'm also still very much in the camp of "we still need to be thrown a bone from FFG, rather than being boned by them."
    But maybe most importantly, that really sucks for our fellow German fans.  Hope you guys can get what it is you still need.
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    angelman2 reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Some AT-ST pics.All c/c's welcome   
    This old girl looks like she's seen a lot of battle. Nice job!
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Elephant in the Room.   
    The minimal fix for Biv and Saska: Play app campaigns.
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    angelman2 reacted to thinkbomb in Elephant in the Room.   
    What we did, and it really worked wonders, is we simply changed his core ability cost from 2 down to 1.  Just note that all of these observations were based on our own observations while campaign playing.
    ... also note we try for minimal-fixing whenever possible.  The less we have to remember, the better.
    Core fix: adjust ability cost of Up Close and Personal from 2 strain down to 1 strain. He only have 4 endurance total.  And if you're playing with all the expansions (even without subversive tactics) it's really easy to strain down Biv and prevent him from utilizing the ability Even without imperial interference, though, Biv isn't fast and he has other strain-cost options.  It doesn't take long until Biv isn't able to do what makes him Biv: murderize individual targets Worth noting, this does solidify Biv as murder-machine and not much else.  Which is good since it makes him unique in that sense. So if you put it down to 1 strain, he can do it a lot more often.  And at that point the tactical decision becomes "Do I want to jump into the open and get gunned down" instead of "can I even afford it" Additionally, if he's able to pop Up Close and Personal more frequently, it ripples out and fixes almost all of his upgrade cards instantly. His base gun needed a minor tweak, it's pretty worthless.  Can't remember off hand what we did.  ^^; Final Stand: we did something ... It's been a while since we've played Biv.  And as is this just wasn't worth a 4xp deplete. Here's what I remember of it We did keep it as a deplete (because Final stand kinda NECESSITATES a deplete for it to make thematic sense) I'll get back to you when I talk with the others and remember what we did.  lol But yeah, that core fix to UC&P had a huge impact on the rest of his kit.  We really didn't need to fix much else.
    Related note (same set), the same goes for Saska. 
    We adjusted her gadget token ability to be more similar to HotE's egghead girl (1 freebie per activation, strain for the extra).  Immediate huge impact Her core gadget ability of +1 surge was changed to "any time while attacking" instead of "while declaring" and then the malfunction/grenades were changed to "yellow die, you and target spaces suffer damage indicated" The we didn't have to adjust the rest of her abilities after these above changes.  She's honestly one of our favorite heroes now due to it.
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    angelman2 reacted to King_Balrog in Elephant in the Room.   
    What Happened to Biv is a travesty. Such a cool character sits pitifully at the bottom of the barrel, when compared to his cohorts.
    Anybody have any suggestions on fixes for the big guy?
    My friends and I have taken to giving him a wild power token (+?) each activation, yet, he still seems to lag behind.

    Maybe I am biased, but he happens to be my favorite character, and also the suckiest...
    Whats the poor lug gotta do to get a little respect around here?
    The Stat-Line


    Assuming a build is:
    ----(up to 4 extra points = 14 -->)--
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    angelman2 reacted to Sixfreed in Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)   
    Hi, community!
    I've started to put together a custom campaign for Imperial Assault. The goal would be to create an epic campaign for all those who have all big boxed expansions (a few figure expansions are needed as well), and use mostly the existing parts of the game instead of cutouts. (Characters introduced are 'played by' existing figures already in the game. I will make some custom deployment cards for enhancing the atmosphere, but they won't be necessary.) The story is based on the Edge of the Empire mission 'Beyond the Rim', but altered a lot. I've finished with the mission structure and did an overview of all missions, including some of the extra rules introduced in them.
    Why I'd like to share my notes with you are the following reasons:
    1) I'd love to have your thoughts and comments of the mission structure and the ideas implemented. You can leave your comments in the Google Drive file.
    2) I am about to create the maps for the missions. I will be able to make scans of the tiles, but I would need markers for the figures and tokens. If anyone can help me out with those, that would be a huge help. I'm sure I won't be able to share the tile scans with you for understandable copyright reasons.
    3) If any of you got a template for the mission briefings, that would also be a great help.
    4) I will definitely need volunteers to test these missions and give feedback. I'm not sure how long would it take to create even one mission but it would be a great help if you'd volunteered for testing. Please comment if you're interested.
    Note that the document contains HUGE spoilers about the campaign, so only read it, if you're sure you won't be playing it as a rebel player.  Thank you for your help!
    LINK TO THE DRIVE FOLDER (contains individual missions)
    - Sixy
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    angelman2 reacted to SunDancerGE in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    I highly doubt that. The wording in the original Email is rather clear. Asmodee Germany has a rather poor track record of being slow on translations and with every other new release that cue gets longer. Either somebody else will do translation and distribution or we will simply be left out and will have to order in the UK or NL.
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    angelman2 reacted to DerBaer in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    1. Star Wars!
    2. Skirmish is the only miniatures war game, where I NEVER had an argument about line of sight or range.
    3. The skirmish rules are easy to learn but hard to master. It's like chess, just Star Wars!
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    angelman2 reacted to 54NCH32 in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    At 36 myself, this as well! 😂
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    angelman2 reacted to Noldorion in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    I stand corrected, then Thanks for clearing it up!

    Maybe someone should post this in the German Asmodee forums? Because as it is, just a quote without a source makes this seem fishy - I might not be the only one questioning the credibility.
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    angelman2 reacted to SunDancerGE in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Sorry, but you're wrong there. If you go back to the start of this thread here you'll find my quote from an Email I got forwarded to me from Asmodee Germany. This is an email to retailers. This is as official as it gets. Plus the thread in the German forum started *after* this thread. So guess who referenced who?
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    angelman2 reacted to Noldorion in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Hey folks,

    just for your information:

    The only source for the information that Asmodee Germany is discontinuing IA is a single thread in the German IA forums, posted by someone who isn't an Asmodee employee, as far as I can see. The thread has 2 replies, one of which is asking the original poster for a source, which he hasn't provided yet. And there are some grammar mistakes in the quoted news. (Granted, I have no idea whether Asmodee Germany is good at proofreading or not, and I've seen worse mistakes in official releases.)

    There's nothing on the Asmodee Germany website, even though there are plenty of news for the last three days.

    There's nothing on the Asmodee Germany Facebook site, even though there are plenty of news for the last three days.

    There's nothing on Asmodee Germany Twitter, even though there are plenty of news for the last three days.

    I'm unable to find any trace of such news on Google, except for the Asmodee Germany forum and the quote in this thread.

    Now, it's completely possible the original poster has a source I've missed, or has received an e-mail by Asmodee Germany, but until there is some sort of source, I'd be wary. I think it's completely possible it is true, but right now I'm unable to verify his information.
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    angelman2 reacted to King_Balrog in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    The Game is entirely worth a purchase. Even if skirmish support stops you wont regret picking it up before it's gone. I hear older sets are harder and harder to find.
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    angelman2 reacted to Majushi in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    I'd say this should really depend on if you're planning on playing Skirmish or Campaign...
    If you're planning on Skirmish, don't bother. Unless you have a large group of friends locally who play a lot.
    If you're wanting to do Campaign, then there is so much content available that you're not going to run out any time soon. Jump in. Both feet. And enjoy!
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    angelman2 reacted to Mandelore of the Rings in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    This is great.  Although sometimes I do also play with my kids' Star Wars figures and I do often buy new ones "for them to play with."
    Which brings me to:
    Love playing the app with my two!  We just started Jabba's Realm last week and they wanted to play the second mission as well but we didn't have time. 
    Also, love me some skirmish (listbuilding AND actually playing).  Got into IA for campaign but now not sure which I like better.  I especially like 4 player 2vs2 skirmish.  How many games have so much variety in ways you can play?  Campaign, Skirmish 2v2, 4p all against all, 4p 2v2, App.  (This is why I have very little interest in Legion.  You hear that FFG?  But, I WILL keep buy IA stuff... ) 
    Like I said, really love list building. 
    Love the weird shenanigans that happen in both campaigns and skirmish.  (For example, R2 won a local tournament for me last year by finishing off an AT-DP on it's last legs!   OR, in campaign, playing Hoth, we got stuck in a weird endless limbo with the IP bringing in a Nexu each round and the rebels just resting an almost wounded Jyn I think each round...  Felt like the game would never end but it was pretty hilarious).
    In campaign I love buying stuff for the characters...  hoping IG-88s blaster will be on offer...  or Dengar's DX whatever.
    I have a lot of other games (about 30?  mostly Eurogames) but recently every time I'm playing Powergrid or Puerto Rico or whatever I secretly wish I was playing IA.
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    angelman2 reacted to Ajax Romano in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    1. I have clumsy hands so I appreciate at tactical miniatures game that does not require precise movement.
    2. Allows me to play with Star Wars figures in my forties in a way that won't raise eyebrows.
    3. Creative list-building that allows for strange bedfellows (i.e. a Wampa and a Bantha walk into a bar).
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    angelman2 got a reaction from Fourtytwo in The best parts of IA (Read first post, please.)   
    Best Star Wars immersion game in the miniature/boardgame category! A fantastic gaming experience
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    angelman2 reacted to Bitterman in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    You know what? If I'm wrong, I will never have been more delighted to be wrong in all my life. You can quote my words back at me over and over again for weeks and I won't stop smiling. I'd love to be wrong. Please, let me be wrong!
    But people have been telling me I'm wrong for months and months, now. "They'll announce something this Friday / at the next con / at World's / in time for Thanksgiving / before Christmas!", they keep saying. It keeps not happening.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    This is honestly one of those cases where I do hope I'm wrong.
    But again, most of us aren't calling it the end of the game necessarily.  We're just concerned, and have had absolutely no feedback from FFG regarding it.  That's where our frustration comes from.
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    angelman2 reacted to Zerker in Asmodee Germany discontinuing IA   
    Just to re-iterate it is necessary and expected that FFG will keep supporting OP until the moment that they are ready to announce its retirement (because blanking tounament support would effectively be announcing the game was over anyway). So tournament kit isn't an indicator that the game has a future.
    The Ewok image is the best straw of evidence that we have had that the game may not yet be done.
    Nothing would make me happier 😁
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