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    angelman2 reacted to Majushi in Jabba's Realm versus Return to Hoth? New player help   
    I think Jabbas Realm really has more of a players choice feel. Hoth has the special side missions, but there are only four of them so replay ability is a bit of an issue...
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    angelman2 reacted to totalnoob in Jabba's Realm versus Return to Hoth? New player help   
    They are both good expansions, I personally like the Jabbas Realm campaign a little better because the rebels have a "choice" to make which influences the direction the story goes. Also as far as units that come in the box, Jabbas Realm includes Weequay Pirates, Gamorrean Guards, a Rancor(!), Jet Troopers and all three heroes that are included are pretty strong (Shyla and Vinto are both very strong, and Onar can absolutely be a beast with immunity to conditions and Don't Make Me Hurt You at 4xp). You will get the tokens and deployment cards for Jabba, Captain Terro and Jedi Knight Luke as well (need the ally/villain packs to get the plastic figures). Lastly, the two included Imperial player Class decks are Nemeses and Hutt Mercenaries. Hutt Mercenaries is supposedly very strong, I haven't played it yet. Nemeses is fairly strong, but it might be the most fun, its all about getting villains on to the table. If you go this route, Nemeses can be a really fun and thematic way to play, because who doesn't like having Greedo or Bossk or Vader running around on the table?
    If you do decide to go that route, you may want to look at this page http://cards.boardwars.eu/Ally-and-Villain-Packs/ and look and see what villains you want to include in the campaign (Nemeses allows you to automatically earn 1 bounty hunter villain and 1 empire villain to start - then you can add one of those to your open groups each mission).
    All of this isn't to say Hoth is bad, that was a really fun campaign and the snow tiles are fantastic. I am going to run another Hoth campaign with my group in a month or two. The three heroes are decent as well, I just like the Jabba ones a tiny bit better.  The Hoth digital campaign (I still have the finale to play) has been a total blast thus far, they really keep improving as they release them.
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    angelman2 reacted to MagicSevi in Wave 12 Wishlist   
    Next to the usual (like scouts) I‘d love to see Dr. Aphra as a scum ally (I mean we got bt1 and 000 already, so why not her too) and something like Inferno Squad as a counterpart to the spectre cell. Another Inquisitor as well as ma boi Tarkin would be very cool too. Else there is always some cool stuff in books. Ciena Ree or Thane Kyrell for example. I‘d take this all over r1 stuff.
    What generic troops would the imperials have here? An idea could be to add this in a r1 themed box. Have some Scarif tiles and some Mustafar tiles. Then generics could be Shoretroopers. 
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    angelman2 reacted to coogee78 in Wave 12 Wishlist   
    While an Endor box would be nice to get at some point, I notice that Descent got a campaign book which used the core and an expansion. I would be interested in that if they did it using the core and one or more of the expansions. It could go along side some blisters that tie into it. Say a Bespin or Twin Suns campaign with some tie in imperial, scum and rebel figures. The campaign could have tokens and cards for the blisters. We have lots of good tiles already and it would be good to get a bit more use out of them, especially these that have not been used by the app yet.
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    angelman2 reacted to Fourtytwo in Product SWI37?   
    It was the Star Wars Holiday Special-Expansion I've hinted at here and there. Before it could go to the printer, though, some hardcore special ops George Lucas hired with his Disney-money destroyed all files and prototypes. It had some amazing new game mechanics which would have rocked the meta to it's core. I know this, because I've playtested that stuff, and I can't say any more because if I do, I'll get to know those special ops personally…
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions   
    Aw, I thought it was a pretty cleverly designed mission.  At the very least, it's pretty unique.
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions   
    1) If multiple heroes satisfy the "on or adjacent" condition, you choose one ("a hero .. may test"). (Any ability can only be performed once per opportunity.)
    2) I haven't played this. Wounding all heroes is (unfortunately) often the more viable option, and still not very viable.
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    angelman2 reacted to Mr Licorice in Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions   
    First, very cool mission design! FFG are really pushing the gameplay boundaries with this campaign.
    Now I have some questions...

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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in Product SWI37?   
    I have 100% confirmation it was an Endor Box.
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    angelman2 reacted to King_Balrog in Wave 12 Wishlist   
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    angelman2 reacted to FrogTrigger in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    I expect Worlds has some sort of release news for us, if nothing else but word of mouth Oh ya they've got something in the pipeline now .. all the way up to oh snap an article!
    This is based on the extreme drought we've had physical content wise, combined with them saying a while back the App was going to get some focus (which it has, now the pendulum can swing back the other way a bit) and them using Worlds as a launching point for new release news in the past.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    Yeah, seems we're clearly still getting some love.  I still expect to hear some rumblings about a new wave by May at the latest, though, but I'm not too surprised it hasn't happened yet.
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    angelman2 reacted to ManateeX in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    If nothing else, it's nice to see that they haven't forgotten about us completely .  In the absence of actual news, stuff like this on a regular basis is still a great step towards keeping the game alive.
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    angelman2 reacted to Mr Licorice in CT's Pin Them Down   
    I think CT suffers from the same issue as Fenn did back in the early days of Imperial Assault. Fenn felt overwhelming, killing entire squads of units before they could activate. It felt unfair.
    Then people started learn how to play around Fenn. Deploy smart, both in choice of deployment cards and in positioning. Choose an imperial class deck that does not depend on using a lot of low HP clumped units. Last campaign Fenn was used in my group, his splash damage hardly triggered. 
    Same thing can be said about Subversive tactics. Once you know how to play around it, it is not that strong.
    CT's pin them down is the same. It is the first time that in the history of this game that we are facing a true crowd control hero with such efficient use of negative conditions. I was with the choir, complaining that this is OP, as the imperial player I tried to convince the rebel player to accept a nerf to Pin Them Down. Now, I am not so sure. I think I am learning how to play around it, and in the end, it is not that bad.
    For example, choosing units that can be useful even when stunned, like Dewback riders and cats. Playing an imperial class deck that can give free movement and immunity to negative conditions, like nemeses. Avoiding melee units that rely on move + attack or on surges to be effective (like royal guards - though with Nemeses that is greatly mitigated)...
    So maybe, the question we need to ask ourselves, as imperial players, is: what are the viable counter-picks to CT? The game allows the imperial player to choose after the rebels, there is a good reason for that. 
    p.s. I haven't tried this yet (I did not feel the need with Nemeses), but with a trooper oriented build, snowtroopers with their negative condition removal ability are prime choice.
    p.p.s. stunned and weakened is still better than dead (i.e. vs Vinto and Shyla)
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    angelman2 reacted to Jaric256 in CT's Pin Them Down   
    Our house rule is that you can't bring the same hero on consecutive campaigns.  In fact, we actually try and cycle through all the heros before going back to them.
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    angelman2 reacted to Jaric256 in Elite non-unique allies in campaign   
    Oh, the new Ally rule is absolutely the way to go.  Even if you didn't buy Tyrants, implement that immediately.
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in Lothal Expanded Campaign Balance question   
    It's an open prediction. You are as much trying to force another hero to activate as discourage the chosen hero from activating.
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    angelman2 reacted to subtrendy2 in How far is the game from being discontinuid   
    Even if full box expansions stop becoming profitable, I don't see why they wouldn't continue with at least a blister wave each year.
    It's a pretty low risk thing, since it's a small product that a lot of fans would still buy (and, presumably, would generally be compatible with core and friendly to new collectors).
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    angelman2 reacted to sigidi in How far is the game from being discontinuid   
    No. Yoda, Ewoks.. I need them.
    Also, ts is clearly trolling
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    angelman2 reacted to Wh0isTh3D0ct0r in Help, Ideas for Storing Map tiles   
    Where did you find these, and what are they called? Also, would a KeyForge deck fit in each pocket? If so, then sleeved or unsleeved?
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    angelman2 reacted to a1bert in How far is the game from being discontinuid   
    FFG has just released a new campaign for the Legends of the Alliance FREE app, so it is fairly obvious that they are going to keep reprinting expansions.
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    angelman2 reacted to Zrob314 in What does Outer Rim mean for IA?   
    Not more intelligent at all, I have the utmost respect for you, in particular, and your spreadhseet makes running my campaign a joy.  I'm just tired of this one particular rumor.  Especially when it is applied to every single thing that happens.  
    It's like when people come up with fan theories.  That's fine, do that.  Write fic, get creative, develop your own head canon.  
    But don't then decide that some particular fan theory is now canon and get angry when the actual writers didn't see it that way. 
    The licence issue might even be the exact reason that some SW stuff isn't sold on the FFG website.  That, however, does not necessarily mean it is the reason or explanation for anything else. But hey, without information there is speculation.  That's human nature.  I'll just be over here saying "maybe your conclusion is spurious."
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    angelman2 reacted to thestag in To Add or Not to Add? That is the Question.   
    For my group it expanded in such a manner because we would play through the campaigns as they were being released (more or less).
    I would not just apply this to enemies, but to everything in each campaign box. Once we finished TS I made a spreadsheet and listed all the items that come in each wave and then we used as much from that wave as possible. So for RtH, the heroes were Loku, MHD and Verena, and then they choose to add Jyn into the mix as well. We used a RtH Imperial class, agendas and side missions (plus other to fill in the gaps, but leaning toward decks and cards that haven't been seen yet). We've been doing that and it's worked really well as to give everyone a taste of the different options and play styles available.
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    angelman2 reacted to Ace_of_Spades in Any hope for the Empire?   
    After reading this topic i decided to share my last ToL campaign story.
    I have a veteran group to play with. We played 1 Core campaign  me as imp,  Garkhan, Mak Fenn Gideon was rebels. I was steamrolled and defeated. After that i played several App game with them. Even in hard mode we not even sweat
     Now they asked me to play the Imp again because the App is not even chalange for them. (I chose to not suggest them to use not A or S tier heroes) Honestly I was desperate for a payback.
    So they chose Garkhan Vinto and Ko-toon. I chosed Military Might. Started with "Endless Ranks" and i spawned mainly Deathtroopers, dewback raider and Jet-troopers like a mad man. My onley realy used Agenda card was "High valued target"
    Imagine the faces at 5 threat lvl when after you make the first hero wounded and next round you spawn 1 more elite and 1 more regular deathtrooper on the board...
    At the begining of the last round was the point when i saw the hoplessnes in those eyes and as an imperial that is exactly what i wanted to saw in those rebellious eyes.
    But as a friend i felt sorry and i let them win by missplaceing the target figure and not moveing it out of the fire zone. But is was too transparent.
    We end up with an agreement to use balanced groups and class decks to keep the fun.
     But the conclusion: If you want to mop up the Rebs you have the tools for the job.
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    angelman2 reacted to Bitterman in To Add or Not to Add? That is the Question.   
    Personally I'd play it wave by wave. If the heroes see all the different kinds of bad guys in the first campaign, what do they have to look forward to later?
    [edit] Also... adding enemies by wave gives the heroes time to learn the enemies and what they do. Understanding what they are up against is a key part of player skill. In the first campaign in particular, heroes IME tend to flounder in early missions, not really knowing what to expect when even three basic rStormtroopers appear. By the end of the campaign, they understand much better how their class abilities let them defeat what's being sent against them (blast against Stormtroopers to overcome Squad Training, keep distance from eTrans to avoid their point-blank bonuses, etc.) and IME the really enjoy solving this puzzle. If, in just one campaign (their first ever?), they face Stormtroopers in the first mission, Riot Troopers in the second, Jet Troopers in the third, and so on - different enemies in every mission, from all release waves, all the way up to the finale - they will never get to put what they've learned into practice. I suspect that won't be very satisfying.
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