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  1. My gf and I might be looking at trying a fan campaign in a few months. I haven't stayed on top of this, Beyond the Rim, camping development, so... care to give a Tommy come-late an update on the work and what the story is about? Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the club, @nicholaskillin The IA:Core box, Return to Hoth, & Jabba's Realm all have app campaigns attached to them in the app. Many fans expect Heart of the Empire (the last of the big box expansions) to get an app campaign too at some point, and perhaps even the smaller boxed (but that's probably less likely). But all expansions add content to the app-version of the game in the form of equipment cards + deployment cards & minies. In addition, the small figure boxes each also adds a new between-mission encounter for the app to chose from when selecting these "text encounters" for you to play, (at least, I THINK each figure box does this). So yeah, every expansion adds something to the app experience although some more than others. Adding, say... Hired Guns "unlocks" the Rodian mercenaries (figure & deployment card) for you to encounter + whatever equipment card that comes in the figure pack (can't remember which they are). On the other hand, adding the Stormtroopers box doesn't "unlock" any more Stormtroopers (since you already get those with the Core box), but it does add new equipment cards. And, as I said, I also THINK each figure box adds a new between-mission text encounter, although I could be wrong here. Hope that helps
  3. For us idiots in the back of the classroom, could someone give a quick explanation of the difference between an app campaign mission and this raid mode of playing? Are the raids just like a single, non-campaign mission, so to speak? In any case, I'm excited
  4. Thank you, @thestag, and you're a genius! A two-shooter Death Star is brilliant! I'll contact Asmodee and get this sorted out then. Also, is this game awesome or what!
  5. Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a brand new SW: Rebellion game and this beauty looks just as great as I expected, except... I think I've got a wrong piece for my Under Construction DS. Before I run crying to FFG, I want to check with you guys that I actually have the wrong pieces and that it's not just me being stupid So, my Under Construction DS has the central "ball" that goes inside the two half spheres, no problem there. But, the two actual spheres for my mini are the same piece... So, I've got two "top"-halves, with the super laser and all, and I can't get them to fit around the inner "ball" piece. Now, I would completely understand if FFG had "cheated" here and made it so that the Under Construction DS was made up of two identical pieces for cheaper production, but... as I said, I can't get the pieces to fit so I suspect something is wrong here. Can you guys confirm/deny that the two spheres that makes up the Under Construction DS are NOT supposed to be identical? Thanks in advance for your help, peoploids
  6. I don't think gamers really understand what game design entails; it is frekkin' hard and a lot of work, which is way every game ever always ends up faulty in certain parts/ways/releases. Photoshopping images and text and numbers onto a card is NOT game design.
  7. I'm still around. I play campaign only but have yet to finish all the official material, and when we've finally done that we're planing to re-play everything at least once. And then there are the handful of fan campaigns out there, which we'll definitely try out, and finally, @IanSolo_FFG & I are writing our own fan-made campaign (which is, admittedly, struggling with motivation at the moment), so there are hundreds of hours left in Imperial Assault for us PS: I might also add that I plan to use the minis in a future SW RPG campaign, so I'll get even more love out of this product, even if FFG never produce anything else for IA
  8. Oh, I'm pretty sure they read the forums; not every post, of course, but they do keep up on us. That said, FFG is not going to change communication policies just because we whine and cry over our beloved game, I'm afraid...
  9. Yeah, as I said, my comment wasn't quite right for this topic. I live in Norway myself, and know how expensive it is to buy from overseas... (our local gaming shops are even crazier, price-wise, so buying from Norwegian shops is often not an option neither). Let's hope the 'inevitable' ( 😉 ) IA2nd Edition gets picked up by Asmodee Germany again.
  10. (Not really the right topic for this, but still...) I myself am an hopeless optimist and I cannot shake the feeling that all this silence and mystery we are experiencing concerning Imperial Assault could very well be due to development on a second edition. If they were working on such a project, they very well could do so at the expense of the current edition (i.e. slowing down releases), and they (especially a secretive company like FFG) would not speak a single word of this until they were a few months away from release. There are arguments against continuing IA, (especially the fact that since it is technically a boardgame, Hasbro must have its share of the sales), but I cannot help but feel there's great things coming for us! So there! I remain irritatingly optimistic and refuse to change! 😜
  11. Best Star Wars immersion game in the miniature/boardgame category! A fantastic gaming experience
  12. In my personal experience, developers and testers are rarely (i.e. never) to blame for faulty content. The responsibility lies with the bosses who make decisions based on developers & testers' work & feedback; often bad/rushed decisions. I have no idea how this works in FFG, but often you have a Line Developer (or similar) who juggles everything, has no power, and gets all the flak from everyone when things go wrong. Above the LD there are higher-ups who make decisions based on a poor understanding of the game, careless pursuits of imagined profit maximations, power struggles, ego, and whim. On top of that there is the under-funded/under-staffed marketing department who have no time or resources to make valued judgment on the games they market, yet very often wield vast amounts of power over said games and what content is released, content that is already late by the time it is dumped on marketing. And then there are a whole slew of random occurrence and weird poodo going on in any business, which very rarely helps anyone involved. So yeah... don't blame developers and testers, all of whom pour love and devotion into the game. Blame the decision makers at the top. ("Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do"). Edit: Know that every time something goes right in a game/franchise, it is basically a small (to huge) miracle.
  13. Welcome to IA though, @gaerithe IA is GREAT!
  14. So, I'm grasping for straws here, but... does anyone know where the "Join the Party" article's header artwork is from? I would love for it to be a hint of things to come (But it is probably from an RPG or something). https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/29/join-the-party/
  15. So, does this mean a last ditch push to get us to buy a couple of more IA things? Or is this a sign that FFG is finally paying attention to our plight here at the IA forum, and are accommodating us with a "gah! these people are suffering" handout that means more for the future? Now, I framed this as a negative, but I really am not. I think IA is alive and well with FFG, and will continue for quite some time indeed, but it would sure be nice if all this signaled a return for IA into the FFG attention and plotting
  16. (This will be my last off-topic post on this matter, 'cause... off topic But, for d@mned to be a curse word makes every kind of sense in Norwegian, where cursing are religiously slanted; i.e. you actually curse someone when you make curse words, while vulgarity isn't actually thought of as particularly censor-worthy, even though it might be in extremely bad taste. But I hadn't registered that the D-word is 'evil' in Am.English. Very interesting Language is a cruel mistress!)
  17. (Hm... the censor-bots blocked out the word 'da-mn-ed' in my post above. Is that considered a curse word in American English?)
  18. So... 2nd Death Star artwork is featured on one of the participation card prizes for the IA World Championship, as seen here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/22/risks-and-rewards/ ....yeah, I know, I know, it doesn't mean a **** thing, but... ...I WANT IT TO MEAN SOMETHING, damned it! 😛 I want an Endor box for IA!
  19. Personally, I would chose Imp Class & Agenda cards for flavor and, seeing as TS is the Kayn Somos campaign, I'd go for Military Might Class and a Stormtrooper-focused Agenda Deck. I haven't actually played Nemesis yet, (saving it for something special), but at this point... six(?) campaigns in, I think Military Might is my favorite deck so far.
  20. +possibly Inferno Squad (or equivalents) Special Forces.
  21. If you play for story and immersion, Sands of Seelos is huge fun. We really enjoyed the mission, which became quite tense as the heroes got wilted down. Cool stuff!
  22. Ok, not actually a release article, but an article at least.
  23. Enjoy: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/15/return-to-echo-base/
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