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    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    Repent! Repent! The Endor is near!
  2. angelman2

    TS campaign suggestions

    Personally, I would chose Imp Class & Agenda cards for flavor and, seeing as TS is the Kayn Somos campaign, I'd go for Military Might Class and a Stormtrooper-focused Agenda Deck. I haven't actually played Nemesis yet, (saving it for something special), but at this point... six(?) campaigns in, I think Military Might is my favorite deck so far.
  3. Can't remember ever saying I didn't.
  4. +possibly Inferno Squad (or equivalents) Special Forces.
  5. angelman2

    Lothal - Sands of Seelos mission questions

    If you play for story and immersion, Sands of Seelos is huge fun. We really enjoyed the mission, which became quite tense as the heroes got wilted down. Cool stuff!
  6. Ok, not actually a release article, but an article at least.
  7. Enjoy: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/15/return-to-echo-base/
  8. angelman2

    Lothal Expanded Campaign Balance question

    Hm... I myself enjoyed the Lothal Imp Class Deck; I thought it worked quite well indeed. And, while I didn't win too many missions in our expanded 14-mission Lothal campaign, I did manage to win the finale rather easily (and I was playing against CT, Tress, Diala, & Drokkatta). Now, as I mentioned we did play a very non-standard, home-adapted version of the Lothal campaign, which undoubtedly influenced the outcome, but in the end I guess it comes down to individual games and luck. We, at least, loved Tyrants of Lothal (Although I struggled with figuring out how to play Thrawn well)
  9. That depends on the actual NDA contract, really. One reason to keep it secret (in general - not as important in game content development) is to reduce the risk of targeted pressure and corruption attempts aimed at contractors. In FFG's example, I suspect they just like to be in control. (Which there are good reasons for wanting).
  10. angelman2

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    After several years of writing, developing, testing, and thinking about this game, I'm sure the IA gurus have a lot of nifty thoughts that could go into a 2nd ed. of Imperial Assault. Just because we haven't seen huge amounts of fixes and improvements and tweaks doesn't mean the developers doesn't have drawer-fulls of that stuff rolling around in their heads. I for one thing an IA2 could be very interesting indeed
  11. Personally, I thought Overwhelming Oppression was a fun deck to play with. It's a bit fiddly with the many Power Tokens, often following slight variations in when/how they are employed in the game, but I didn't fudge up too much (I think). Some people are very critical towards playing with an open hand, but I found that entirely alright. It gave the players something to stress over and the Power Tokens more than made up for the surprise element in the game, IMHO. Lastly, I chose Greedo as my free villain for... I can't recall what the card's name is (XP1 I think). That was a good choice as he's so cheap he can be fielded in almost every mission of any campaign (I played an extended 12-14 mission version of ToL), and Greedo is really quite good for his cost, especially if you're facing 2 or more melee heroes.
  12. angelman2

    App Intergration

    +1 what @a1bert said. Be conservative with what you add, starting with only the essentials, and then when you replay the app campaigns later you can add more to change the experience. Especially in the beginning of playing IA you don't really need all the extra stuff as you'll have loads of fun with only the basic stuff at first
  13. angelman2

    Looks promising!

    FFG will obviously focus on adding app content that help sell the physical expansions already released. The app is free and their main motivation for putting work into this is to have the app help sell physical stuff. I don't expect there to ever be multiple- or non-expansion box app releases until they've done at least one app version of each physical box.
  14. I tend to be rather optimistic and non-judging about these things (having worked on geek franchises myself), but the FFG silence about their own releases does feel pretty weird. I wonder what's going on? I bet there is a reason behinde these things, a decision, but I can't for the life of me understand what it could be...
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but (taken from memory alone) I believe the physical & app versions of Jabba's Realm tell parallel stories? Did I dream this? If I'm right, the two versions of the campaign could be seen as happening parallel to one another, weaving in and out of one another's path, which is a cool way of reusing the story, IMHO.
  16. angelman2

    Looks promising!

    Thanks for the update, @Funky_4LOM Could you speak a little bit (no spoilers) on what the campaign is about? Is it a redux of the original story, like with Jabba's Realm, or something brand new? (I assume it is another redux, and I'm fine with that ).
  17. I give it four weeks before people start complaining that nothing ever happen for this game. #ImperialAssaultIsDead PS: And yes, I definitely quoted myself to score nerd points!
  18. Prior to HotE’s announcement: “IA is dead, FFG has stopped working on this game” Prior to Legends of the Alliance’s release: “IA is dead, the app won’t happen” Prior to Jabba’s Realm app campaign announcement: “IA is dead, the app was the last gasp. There won’t be another campaign.” Prior to Tyrants of Lothal’s announcement: “IA is dead…” Post Tyrants of Lothal’s announcement: “IA is dead…” (And that’s just the time I’ve been with the game. It seems that in the fan’s mind, this game has always been on its last gasp. A pity, really...).
  19. Hi all, I’ve just played (as Imp) this mission with 4 friends and I’m wondering if anyone else here has tried it? In our campaign it was so unbalanced it was absolutely ridiculous, and the Rebels won without even breaking a sweat. I one round (the 3rd I think), I had saved up & generated (in various ways) 26 threat worth of deployments and I spent everything, just to see all but an elite Jet Trooper, a Stormtrooper and a dying Greedo being wiped out before the next round was done. This was a trend throughout the mission, and it was so unbalanced I’m suspecting we were doing something wrong… So how about you guys? Did any of you find this mission ridiculously tilted in the Rebel’s favor, or was it just us?
  20. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Ah, I understand the confusion. I meant that I got a lot out of Greedo as he tended to show up in every mission. I didn't redeploy him in the same mission once defeated; no, Greedo just limped home to lick his wounds and come back to fight again in the next one.
  21. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Wait, I can't bring back the villain I earned with Personnel Flagship once he's been defeated in the campaign? It's a one mission villain? I didn't get that at all from the card. Rebels won most missions in our game, but we played it as an extended 14 mission campaigns to things were very different from the official version. What map design flaws have you found?
  22. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    You're correct... I forgot about it. I refrained from bringing super-fast Nexu but forgot that the Dewback Rider is a creature. Well, that's the second way I cheated in that mission, and I still lost like a big old looser, heh heh. Personally, I brought Greedo as my free earned villain, and that was loads of fun. I got huge use out of him and he was pretty funny to keep bringing back
  23. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Agreed. Of course, in the shows and such whenever there's a speederbike race or whatever, pursuing Imps tend to die in droves, so the mission is thematic in that way. But when we played it the mission felt a bit pointless; we actually joked that we could've spared ourselves the first part of the mission and just put the heroes on the last map, unwounded and with some strain, and just do the last rounds of the mission. I also attempted to cover the speed issue by choosing units that get free/extra movement points (Dewback Rider & Jet Troopers, plus some cheap officers to move people around), but they hardly even got to activate most of the time, let alone cause much damage... But yeah, this would likely have worked much better with a slower crew unable to stun
  24. Personally, I have no problem with the small-scale vehicles (and multi-space figures -- i.e. Jabba is WAY too small for scale) in IA. The game is about simulation anyway, with 2D representation of 3D maps and very short blaster ranges (when compared to figure's heights), and reduced size for war machines makes total sense to me. In fact, true-to-size figures would likely break the game completely, not to mention it would drive up the price for big boxes. There's nothing real-scale about IA at all, 'cause that's not what the game is about. The figures and rules and maps are there to help tell Star Wars stories on your average kitchen table, leaving the supposed true-to-scale wargaming to Legion and others. For me, at least, it is immersive simulations before reality approximations every single time.
  25. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Nope, it was one mission. The campaign is live and healthy, with ca. 33% Imps 66% Rebel Scum win ratio, which is better for the Imps than most campaigns I've played. Your campaign against Pin Them Down (and FFG designers?) is quite unfounded, sir 😛 (Diala's Force Throw and Wildfire's Squad Tactics has been a much greater problem than Pin Them Down).