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  1. I would think that, since they can't attack a healthy hero, they will chose the closest other viable target instead? So, they're gunning for Gaarkhan? (Note, I'm shite at the rules)
  2. angelman2

    New Jabba Campaign

    Sounds great, ppls! And, @a1bert, you're a fast boy, ain't you! You've played it 4 times already? As for the story -- without spoiling too much -- is the app story & moral choices variations on what we had in the original Jabba's Realm, or have they come up with brand new hard choices? (I'm good with both ) And finally, some feedback on my team please? My gf and I will try the app soon, playing Biv, Gideon, Shyla, & Vinto. Will those guys make a good team for Jabba's Realm, you think?
  3. angelman2

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    People telling people they are stupid for (dis)liking some cultural icon thingy are... not helpful I for one LOVE everything that has come out of Disney era LFL so far... I really, REALLY like R1, Solo, and TLJ, and I think much of TFA is pretty darned fine too! So yeah... (Also, I totally just fell over and ruined my ankle, so I shan't complain about anything for the time being. ...there are worse things in life than pop culture.. OUCH!!!!!) ...
  4. angelman2

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    ...and Chewbacca was named after George Lucas' dog & Luke after GL himself. So yeah, these names are squarely within the SW tradition. Solo was a good movie and a love letter to Star Wars. There are wiser things to hate on in the world than Star Wars
  5. I do concede that the PT were poorly executed, but the concept art and general story was rather interesting and I, for one, wound LOVE an IA expansion box full of Battle Droids and Droidekas vs. Jedi heroes with Clone Trooper allies! While I'm not sure I'd want a full 2nd edition recalibrated towards PT game, I DO think another pre-ANH expansion with these kinds of thing would be pretty karabast awesome!
  6. angelman2

    Legends of the Alliance Wishlist

    Lol! That's the funniest spawning I've ever seen! I imagine the officer is hosting some Tuskens, showing off his animal collection, trying to convince the Sandy's to send him a Bantha for Christmas Empire Day!
  7. Mind blown like both Death Stars! Here's a picture link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Jabba_tat.jpg And as @IanSolo_FFG said, it is easy to miss, there being a... distraction in the scene and image
  8. Having watched RotJ hundreds of times, it was still only with IA that I realized Jabba has a tattoo on his arm! I was painting the Jabba figure when the tattoo (or scarification?) appeared, and no I see it every time I watch RotJ
  9. Great stuff Can't wait till I get my stuff!
  10. angelman2

    GenCon 2018 IA Game Mat

    That's a pretty strong gang Note that both Vinto & Verena are a little fiddly, so make sure their players get them right. Also make sure not to overestimate Onar's insane Health stat; he is a LOT squishier than he looks Drokkatta is pretty great overall, however, and she'll do fine
  11. angelman2

    GenCon 2018 IA Game Mat

    I was Imp when we played, vs. Onar & Vinto and it was a blast (Except, we made a couple of mistakes which meant I crushed the Rebels pretty badly towards the end; hint, make sure you, a) understand mission rules correctly, and b) maximize your hero's abilities & strengths
  12. angelman2

    GenCon 2018 IA Game Mat

    Enjoy, @The Cocky Rooster Jabba's Realm is great!
  13. angelman2

    Question regarding contents of core set

    Also,the figure packs come with additional missions for those who already have "earn missions" in the core campaign book, which means you don't have to play the same mission twice to earn... say... Han Solo in a second campaign. Just for the record, you absolutely don't have to buy Weiss etc. to enjoy the campaign. If you want to play on the cheap side, there is nothing wrong with just playing these "figures" as cardboard tokens; the rules doesn't mind at all (And, as for Weiss, you can usually just use the AT-ST as a substitute if you want to avoid the cardboard tokens). And finally, it should also be mentioned that you get other cool stuff in the figure packs too, like new equipment, Agenda Cards, and Skirmish stuff, and all are usefull/adds to the game beyond just the figure you buy. Welcome to the game, @yodellingyoda
  14. angelman2

    FFG's "In Flight Report" info about IA

    Personally, I reacted to your post before the "joke" one, which didn't seem like a joke to me, but rather a championing of loving to hate. But yeah, it was probably an over reaction. (That said, you're not the only one who have offered this kind of "hate speech" here, and I might have let some frustration over other posts inform my critique of yours).
  15. angelman2

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    Well, so are energy swords, carton über-villains, and telekinesis, to take a random few concepts. Star Wars is Science Fairy Tale and if we can enjoy a little frog-man with grammar struggles being the mightiest space wizard in all the lands, we can also enjoy football robot driving a stilt-tank (<--in itself a ridiculous concept) There isn't a realistic iota in all of Star Wars, and that's partly why it is so great!