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  1. Hey all, Question: Is there any canon/Lore suggestions for what the Rebel Alliance does with POWs? Summary executions doesn't sound like a common practice among Rebels, so what do they do when they capture large (or, for that matter, small) numbers of Stormtroopers and whatnot? Are there any Rebel Alliance POW camps? Space Guantanamos? Out-of-the-way worlds/islands/asteroids/whatever where captured stormies are dumped? Can anyone think of in-world mentionings of such things? Thoughts? (For reference, my players are about to win a clever mission against a bunch of stormies, Imperial technicians, and officers, and we need somewhere to put them till after the war).
  2. No. The reboot rumor was stupid the first time around. It was stupid again the second and third time, and it's also stupid this time. LFL/Disney will not remake a critically aclaimed, multi-billion-dollar revinue series. This is just clickbaters hawking hate again to earn a buck. I agree 110% ❤️ TLJ ❤️ I disagree here. TRoS is fine
  3. The episode is over 2 1/2 years old, but yes, I agree. Perhaps you could put it behind a spoiler curtain, @Ebocco? Alternatively, add a "SW:Rebels Spoilers" in the topic name?
  4. Yeah, that there was no game mechanical power; that was a character moment of self-sacrifice, possibly coupled with a spent Destiny Point or Triumph at the very least. Making this a repeatable game mechanics would ruin the game. Cool stuff, though.
  5. So the leader becomes "the squad" with budy-upgrades? Interesting. I guess I interpreted the, "Add BOOST to any attack made by the squad while in this formation", to mean that the minions got their own attack. Darn, FFG games can be hard to internalize sometimes 😉
  6. Wow, I thought I had listed the actual Squad Rules! I must have misunderstood something and insta-house rules. I've totally missed that squads can't attack ('cause formations like "Close" make it seem like they get a bonus when they attack). Again, I'm confused. Oh well 🙂 Edit: But I see now that squads don't have a turn. I assumed this meant that they made their attacks during the squad leader's initative slot, but perhaps they don't? As for the "gobbledygook", I guess you see something different from what I see on my end. Interesting 😄
  7. Um... so, I happen to be easily confused and... huh? Aren't these the squad rules? 🤔 Do you prefer the squad rules to the squad rules? I... struggle 🤨 Again... confused... Huh? 😝 Also, I'm currently watching a Stephen King show so I'm even more confused than usual 😜
  8. Hey all y'all, So, I'm compiling a quick reference sheet for my player detailing the rules and options for using her minion group (a squad of Alliance Infantry). However, since there are a gazillion books I'm not sure I've covered it all, yet. Can any of you spot anything I've missed including here? (For the record, I will also include the Spending Dice Results table for her, but I couldn't figure out a way to post it here. Also, for the record, the character's name is Vestra. For the final record, I managed to frag up the formating somehow and trying to fix things just makes it worse, so things are weird in the below post; please ignore that). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Minion rules Minion groups act as one unit (i.e. one “character”). They make all checks as a team and have a rank in their listed Group Skills equal to the number of members in the squad minus one, to a maximum of 5. Vestra’s Squad starts out with 6 members, and the therefore count their group skills (Melee, Range [Heavy], and Vigilance) as 5. The Squad Wound Threshold is equal to the listed Minion WT (i.e. for an individual member) multiplied by the number of active members in the squad; Vestra’s squad of Alliance Infantry has a Minion WT of 5 and containing 6 members, giving the squad an effective WT of 30. Each time the squad suffers Wounds equal to the individual Minion WT (5 in this case), the squad loose a member (who is incapacitated, critically injured, or dead). Minions cannot suffer Strain, suffering Wounds instead. Take one for the team Vestra may redirect hits she suffers to the squad (all or nothing, not parts of hits). Initiative If lead by Vestra (i.e. operating as a squad), they activate during Vestra’s turn. Either Vestra OR the squad may make the initiative check. Change Formation Squad Leader makes a Leadership check as a maneuver, difficulty (♦♦) while in combat, otherwise (-) or (♦). +1 Boost if the targeted minions possess the Discipline skill. --DIG IN: Assume defensive positions. +1 Setback to attacks targeting the squad or its leader. · --SKIRMISH: Assume overlapping fire arcs to scan for enemies. +1 Boost to squad or leader’s Vigilance when determining initiative; +1 Boost to Perception to detect enemies; enemies must spend one additional ADVANTAGE to activate Auto-Fire or Blast qualities targeting the squad. -- --CLOSE IN: Concentrate fire on single target. +1 Boost to squad’s attacks. · --MISSION SPECIALIST: Squad focuses on a non-combat objective. Squad may perform a single Computer, Mechanics, Medicine, Skulduggery, Survival, or Knowledge check using the Squad’s relevant Characteristic and the Leader’s Leadership skill in place of the check skill. Max equal to Squad Leader’s Leadership Skill ranks per session. · --COMM SILENCE: Focus on silence and concealment. +1 Boost to Stealth checks. · --SEARCH PARTY: Organize a search grid. +1 Boost to Survival checks to track a target. +1 Boost to Perception checks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, there we are. Can you guys think of anything else (beside the "how to spend dice results" table) that I could include in the Squad Leader Summary for my player? Thanks 🙂
  9. I'll just jump in and bump this 🙂 Could you re-uploade these, please, @RusakRakesh? 😄
  10. I got some great answers to a similar/related question a month back 🙂
  11. So, here's the thing. If Edge realy do continue the FFG SW game, I would like for them to be successful and make money. The best bet I see there is for them to make 2-3 new SW lines, similar to how FFG did with EotE, AoR, and F&D; that means a new rulebook + 6 career boos + 2-3 adventure books + 1-3 compelations of setting-relevant articles for each "new" SW game. Edge can't make a living reselling FFG (especially if FFG would, rightly, take a cut off those) and likewise, they cannot make a living doing 3-4 books tailor-made for us fans who already owns most of the FFG stuff. So, I want a full game line for The Force Awakens (or whatever the would do with a proper ST game), one for High Republic, and hellion, let's throw in an Old Republic thing for good measure... In any case, I want several full game line efforts, lest this becomes a silly little folly project. Come on, Edge! Go all in, please! 😄
  12. Marvelous reply, @SufficientlyAdvancedMoronics 😄 I didn't consider Misdirect, but that's a very good point. I was thinking, perhaps something like Harm or Bind but causing Strain rather than Wounds... but Misdirect is even better as that's more narrative and roleplaying-ly. I like it! And you're right, weeing off the PC both narratively (playing mindtricks on them) and mechancially (scoring a vicious Critical Hit), is more effective than the bad-gall simply stunning the PC and running off. So, thinking out loud... I need to corner the PC (so that they can't simply run off), set up just how much of an underdog they are, run a dirty fight that benefits the NPC, work in some contingencies for the NPC in case things go south, and hold nothing back. I can do that! I should also make sure that the stakes are as high as realistically possible, making the fellow PCs and/or friends well-being/mission success dependent on how well the Force Sensitive Emergant does in the confrontation, somehow. For the record, neither character are very strong with the Force (FR 1-2 for my PC hero and probably about 2-3 for the NPC nemesis -- just two noobs doing their best) and neither are they very skilled with the lightsaber (probably 0-1 skill rank for the PC and 1-2 for the NPC), but the PC is quite strong (Braw 3+1 for cybernetic arm) so they'll be able to hold their own relatively well, I assume. The bad-gall is very tough, though, having lived hard and survived alone against the odds since she was a young teenager, so I'll let that compensate for the PC's superior strength.
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