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  1. As a frequent Imperial Player, the only hero that has ever really scared me was Verena, particularly late in the game. We had quite a few discussions about how her abilities work, however, so make sure to read up on her here on the forum (or just google questions you might have); I'm about 90% sure we played her 100% correct, heh heh. Fenn is good but for some reason, we have never managed to make him shine as he should (Fenn having featured in 2 ordinary and 1 app campaign in my group); we're probably playing him wrong and/or misunderstanding something. MHD underperformed severely in the one campaign we have used him in so far; again, we might be playing him wrong... We also really like Gaarkhan, although I think he has fallen a little out of favor in the community? Finally, I agree with people here objecting to your more experienced IP placing restrictions on you less-to-no experienced Rebel players. I understand that you have a tradition for doing this, but still, it is a weird thing to do. If anything, the most experienced players should place a handicap on themselves and/or play leniently toward the lesser experienced players, to make sure the game is as fair and fun for all as possible
  2. angelman2

    Other good gaming companies?

    ❤️ Mice and Mystics ❤️
  3. Wow, that's an excellent piece of trivia, @thinkbomb! Thanks As for Gideon, I guess you have to like being a facilitator of greatness (which I do) to appreciate him, but by the Whills, he is great!
  4. New skirmish map https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/12/battle-in-the-back-alley/
  5. angelman2

    Everything is out of stock?

    This question comes up ever few weeks here. FFG doens't stock/sell IA themselves because of some Hasbro deal or other. (I forget the specifics). You'll have to buy from other vendors
  6. angelman2

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    If we get a Wave 12 figure pack release to support ToL, I'd love to get Noghri Assassins (Empire), Mandalorian Marauders (Mercenary), and non-human (Sullustans? Twi-leks? Mon Cals?) Freedom Fighters (Rebels). I'm personally more interested in ally groups than unique characters, (which we've had A LOT of lately), so I'd really like more grunt units and such
  7. angelman2

    Mission: Sands of Seelos (ToL spoilers)

    Right. Good point.
  8. angelman2

    Mission: Sands of Seelos (ToL spoilers)

    Affirmative on Gideon. Ko-Tun does not require LoS, I think?
  9. This mission offers a great new way of experiencing Imperial Assault and I can't wait to try it out. I do have a question, however. Edit: Ok, I just realized that Shyla & Jyn couldn't draw Line of Sight so those example doesn't work, but what about Gideon & Ko-Tun?
  10. There's a lull in Star Wars overall (except for flame wars and nonsense, of course).
  11. angelman2

    Campaign Recommendations

    What a great development, @Kunitzu San! I'm glad to hear it worked out well for all you guys. Hope things get fun again for everyone
  12. angelman2

    Jet Trooper "Jets"

    Thank you! That makes all kinds of sense
  13. angelman2

    Jet Trooper "Jets"

    Question, in one of the Jabba's Realm missions the regular Jet Troopers gets a bonus called Jets. I'll hide the text behind spoiler tags since it contains mission specific information. What the heck does this mean? Can anyone help with this, please? We don't get what the instruction means.