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  1. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Ah, I understand the confusion. I meant that I got a lot out of Greedo as he tended to show up in every mission. I didn't redeploy him in the same mission once defeated; no, Greedo just limped home to lick his wounds and come back to fight again in the next one.
  2. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Wait, I can't bring back the villain I earned with Personnel Flagship once he's been defeated in the campaign? It's a one mission villain? I didn't get that at all from the card. Rebels won most missions in our game, but we played it as an extended 14 mission campaigns to things were very different from the official version. What map design flaws have you found?
  3. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    You're correct... I forgot about it. I refrained from bringing super-fast Nexu but forgot that the Dewback Rider is a creature. Well, that's the second way I cheated in that mission, and I still lost like a big old looser, heh heh. Personally, I brought Greedo as my free earned villain, and that was loads of fun. I got huge use out of him and he was pretty funny to keep bringing back
  4. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Agreed. Of course, in the shows and such whenever there's a speederbike race or whatever, pursuing Imps tend to die in droves, so the mission is thematic in that way. But when we played it the mission felt a bit pointless; we actually joked that we could've spared ourselves the first part of the mission and just put the heroes on the last map, unwounded and with some strain, and just do the last rounds of the mission. I also attempted to cover the speed issue by choosing units that get free/extra movement points (Dewback Rider & Jet Troopers, plus some cheap officers to move people around), but they hardly even got to activate most of the time, let alone cause much damage... But yeah, this would likely have worked much better with a slower crew unable to stun
  5. Personally, I have no problem with the small-scale vehicles (and multi-space figures -- i.e. Jabba is WAY too small for scale) in IA. The game is about simulation anyway, with 2D representation of 3D maps and very short blaster ranges (when compared to figure's heights), and reduced size for war machines makes total sense to me. In fact, true-to-size figures would likely break the game completely, not to mention it would drive up the price for big boxes. There's nothing real-scale about IA at all, 'cause that's not what the game is about. The figures and rules and maps are there to help tell Star Wars stories on your average kitchen table, leaving the supposed true-to-scale wargaming to Legion and others. For me, at least, it is immersive simulations before reality approximations every single time.
  6. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Nope, it was one mission. The campaign is live and healthy, with ca. 33% Imps 66% Rebel Scum win ratio, which is better for the Imps than most campaigns I've played. Your campaign against Pin Them Down (and FFG designers?) is quite unfounded, sir 😛 (Diala's Force Throw and Wildfire's Squad Tactics has been a much greater problem than Pin Them Down).
  7. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    Heroes: Diala (extra move), Wildfire (stun & extra move), Drokkatta (extra move), and Tress (extra move). I'm starting to believe that my "problem" was simply that this group was uniquely qualified to tackle the race mission. (Can't remember the gear, except that Tress recently got the Bo-Rifle with its surge for stun ability).
  8. angelman2

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    No, apparently I cheated and counted the extra threat with a die. So yeah, I cheated and still I got trashed something fierce. (IIRC, I saved points one round, got a double threat reward from an event, and then an end-of-the-round threat increase (and there was an Agenda card too in there somewhere, and I think something else beside [I got +1 threat from something] but I can't quite remember now). In any case, I cheated and spent 26 threat and the Rebels still wiped the floor with me. My Rebel players agreed that something was off with that mission (likely because we played it wrongly). The 3 free movement point they got, added to 1-2 MP and/or other movement boosts for each hero from various class cards and such, meant they could double attack and concentrate on maximizing their strengths while my poor dudes had to scramble ahead with nowhere to hide and virtually no strategic options available. It should be noted that my Rebels has started snowballing, and Wildfire's Pin Them Down was devastatingly effective in this mission, so it is possible my Rebels were just too powerful for my efforts in "Race on Ryloth". That, and/or we played it wrong.
  9. Hi all, I’ve just played (as Imp) this mission with 4 friends and I’m wondering if anyone else here has tried it? In our campaign it was so unbalanced it was absolutely ridiculous, and the Rebels won without even breaking a sweat. I one round (the 3rd I think), I had saved up & generated (in various ways) 26 threat worth of deployments and I spent everything, just to see all but an elite Jet Trooper, a Stormtrooper and a dying Greedo being wiped out before the next round was done. This was a trend throughout the mission, and it was so unbalanced I’m suspecting we were doing something wrong… So how about you guys? Did any of you find this mission ridiculously tilted in the Rebel’s favor, or was it just us?
  10. angelman2

    CT's Pin Them Down

    Oh, I would love for my heroes to hang around spawn points to inconvenience new arrivals rather than focusing on objectives; that'd be right swell, that would! Especially in ToL where time is very often a real issue.
  11. angelman2

    CT's Pin Them Down

    Just to chime in on the Pin Them Down skill. I'm currently playing (as Imp with a buddy playing "Wildfire") the Tyrants of Lothal campaign -- (a very fun collection of missions, that! ) -- and while I feared Pin Them Down going in, it turns out it isn't such a hassle to deal with after all. At least in ToL, the maps are generally small, meaning I don't need to move my figures to get an attack in most of the time, so the Stunned & Weakened figures almost always get to do something nonetheless. That, and with just a tiny bit of attention to how I position my figures I find I can thwart the more catastrophic uses of PTD. To date, the skill hasn't tilted a single mission, let alone won one for the Rebels; it's "only" a nuisance, of about the same caliber as Jyn's various interruption skills. I even find that IF the Rebels go all in a round to capitalize on PTD and activate "Wildfire" first to inconvenience a pair of important figures before I can activate, that often means the Rebels have to forego other 1st activation options that might be more damaging to my Imp efforts. Nah, "Wildfire" is cool and all, but so far hasn't shown any signs at all of being a broken hero. I still struggle more with the destructive capabilities of Diala in this campaign.
  12. angelman2

    Merry Christmas!

    You, sir, are a trickster, a rogue, and I just might love you 😘
  13. angelman2

    Merry Christmas!

    Here we go again (this question is asked every other week, or even more often, around here; it's a bit of golden oldies of questions on the forum, heh heh). The game is fine and available from everywhere but FFG. There's a licensing deal in place that prevents FFG from selling IA themselves, so you'll have to make purchases through other retailers. Everything is available elsewhere And Marry Christmas
  14. angelman2

    Your History with IA

    My story with IA In the summer of 2017, I was stuck alone in my home town. Everyone else was on holiday or away on summer assignments elsewhere, and I was the only one working ‘back home’. So I spent the summer doing my own things, obsessing over Star Wars and music most of the time. I was looking for a fresh avenue to indulge my Star Wars mania but had no clear idea of what I wanted. I was exposed to Star Wars Rebellion, which is a fantastically thematic game, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for… I wanted something co-op and a bit more RPG-y. That summer I haunted my LGS quite a bit, and I often drifted over to the boardgame section to look at various SW themed games; X-wing was interesting, but I couldn’t see much of an RPG angle there. …and, before I forget, I was also looking for a game with miniatures I could possibly use in a long-planned SW pen-&-paper RPG campaign I’ve got brewing – (basically a prequel to the old WEG Darkstryder campaign, exploring the Kathol Sector under Moff Sarne’s iron heel, but I digress) – and it was because of this campaign that I was looking for cool starship minies that I might use for that... Every time I was there I picked up Imperial Assault. It looked fun… or, the minies looked fun, but I couldn’t quite figure out what the game was like. It “sounded” like RPG, but it was obviously a boardgame, right? I have no experience with Descent, but I had heard about it and wondered if perhaps this was a Star Wars re-skin of Descent? I got into pen-&-paper RPGing through Games Workshop’s old HeroesQuest game, from the early 90s or so, and I was intrigued by the idea of what a similar boardgame-trying-to-be-an-RPG game, created in the 21st century, might accomplish. Of course, I was discouraged by the price of the core box, being so broke at the time I was about a month-and-a-half away from living on the street, but I just couldn’t put it out of my head. Every time I visited the shop I keep ogling the game. When I was home, I spent my time googling IA (ending up on this forum more often than not), and finally I just decided not to eat for a while and bought the damned thing (together with the Stormtrooper, Leia, Jedi Luke, Rebel Saboteurs, Alliance Smuggler, & Terro/Dewback Rider blisters). Back home, I spent the rest of the day looking through stuff and getting acquainted with the game. I called my gf, (who is a bigger geek then me, but not quite as big an SW fan), and she was ecstatic that I had invested in the thing! I started painting and by the time she got back to town, I was ready to game. We played through the core campaign in about a week or so, and went and bought Twin Shadows and loads of more blisters. From August till Christmas 2017 we bought every IA product every put out, a couple of them twice, and while we starved that autumn, we’ve never looked back. We love this game! Christmas of 2018 is coming up now, but there are no more IA products left to buy (the Lothal wave long since purchased)… We’ve bought double of everything we could ever need, and more too, as well as a few 3D-printed extras. Yeah, we went all in. Now we’re a week away from traveling to our friends’ place for a week-and-a-half of heavy IA gaming, where I will run Tyrants of Lothal, RPG-style, for friends playing Tress, Wildfire, Drokkatta, & Diala, and it’s gonna be the highlight of the year Thank you, FFG, for giving us Imperial Assault, and thank you to all here to bring this great forum to life!
  15. angelman2

    CT's Pin Them Down

    I believer this is Wildfire's greatest strength; there will ALWAYS be good options & uses for this hero. You virtually cannot play him badly, which makes him very strong indeed!