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  1. The Clone Trooper looks pretty solid to me; fairly easy to play and just solidly useful in the game. The Barrage ability seems a bit expensive (2 strain) in light of the extra white Defense Die awarded the second target (am I exaggerating the usefulness of a white Defense Die?), but I'm sure this ability gets some nifty upgrades with Wildfire's class cards I have one player who will absolutely fall completely in love with this guy so I am very much looking forward to this box. I really like that this guy isn't very rules clunky and fiddly. Cool stuff! It is a bit weird, however, that the Loth-Cats ("Lolcats" anyone?) can interact... Did they do anything like this in Rebels? (Can't remember)
  2. angelman2

    not available?

    You are not wrong, sir.
  3. angelman2

    Need more content

    To be fair to FFG, it would be insane of them to answer individual fan questions about future releases. If it came out that FFG would drop news about coming releases to fans e-mailing them, they would be flooded with questions.
  4. angelman2

    not available?

    Hi, Archon777, This is a VERY frequently asked question hereabouts, hence the jokes It's all made in love. Welcome to the forum!
  5. angelman2

    Need more content

    Summertime is often quite slow in gaming. Is it fair to assume we won't see to much interesting stuff being announced until GenCon-time or so?
  6. angelman2

    Higher Difficulty?

    Very intense stuff, broh; and that General Sorin is INSANE! Wow!
  7. angelman2

    Imperial Assault has amazing characters

    Please, let's not open that particular can of space worms on this forum. Literally nothing good comes out of that Opinions are all good and well (I for one count TLJ as the best SW film ever made), but we've all seen forum after forum crash and burn over the last 6 months and I would very much like for our great community to remain untouched by the drama. Let's keep things IA-focused here
  8. What I'm most excited about is the accompanying campaign. I wonder if this will be a force-focused story? (Although, I don't know how that would work, especially since neither of the new heroes are, presumably, force users). Still, it'll be interesting to see what the story is this time around
  9. angelman2

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    In addition to what's already been said, these would be very cool:
  10. With melee weapons you can put your blade in your opponents eye or whatever (granted they allow you to), but that's a lot harder to do with a ranged weapon. In some respects then, close combat has more precise attacks and the trauma inflicted is typically greater (as in larger object penetrating the body), and being hit by a small-mass projectile can be more survivable than a heavy hand-to-hand weapon. This equation, however, begins to even out with (post-)modern weapons where projectiles and ranged attacks becomes more and more powerful; of course, Star Wars isn't (post-)modern warfare at all, but rather space western fantasy, so there is no need to pretend otherwise. That said, the matter is clearly one of game balance and not (pseudo-)realism
  11. None of these figures have been released yet. They were anounced a few weeks back but will probably not be released until autumn sometime... perhaps for GenCon? At present, nobody knows just when (I think?). Edit: ...and now I notice you specified "getting them early" Nope, I have no idea how to get Advanced copies of these.
  12. angelman2

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    My gf researched this last year and the reason is that FFG stopped buying ISBN codes for their IA products after Wave 2, and Book Depository only stock ISBN coded products. So, it is strictly a technical thing. (Now, why Book Depository's policy is to not stock non-ISBN Products I have no idea).
  13. angelman2

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    Miniature Market has 2 Ahsoka packs in stock but no Mauls. The Book Depository has pretty good prices, but their don't carry much stock. (They have neither Ahsoka nor Maul in stock at the moment). Amazon is probably the best bet right now?
  14. angelman2

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    The Last Jedi was fantastic! And everything coming out of the Solo production looks awesome! I'm so looking forward to watching Solo one week from now (it's being released two days early over here in Norway, for some reason; Lucky us! ). But Yeah, I'm sure there are loads of interesting stuff in Solo: ASWS that could find good use in Imperial Assault! For some weird reason, I'm dying for a Weazel scum faction ally (although, one can't not love Warwick Davis ).
  15. angelman2

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Except for the obvious OCD completist argument, I'm not sure I would be particularly stoked for Zuckuss & 4-LOM. I mean, they would probably be cool, but I have a handful of Bounty Hunters already and would be much more interested in figures (especially ally groups) that represent other things. And IF we were to get a bunch of new Bounty Hunters, I would much rather see Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, or Asajj Ventress; they are much more interesing characters, IMHO, than those two blokes who stood on the Star Destroyer bridge that one time in 1980. That said, if Zuckuss & 4-LOM were to show up, I would definitelly buy them