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  1. Oops, that was obviously a mistake. Sorry about that, I fixed it.
  2. Excellent! Following you now. I'm @Venthrac on Twitter.
  3. Okay, thanks guys. Hope you all enjoy the con!
  4. Anyone going? My wife and would love to play Star Wars at the con if anyone's looking for fellow gamers to hang out with.
  5. I play and enjoy all of Fantasy Flight's LCGs, but out of that group, Star Wars is the only one where I feel that the negatives outweigh the positives. That's a disappointing reality for me, because I'm a huge fan of the setting. I will throw in my lot with those hoping that FFG might consider a reboot, or perhaps a second, different LCG, maybe something that plays more like the Lord of the Rings co-operative game (which was actually the original design for the Star Wars LCG). Just my two cents, of course.
  6. I've always assumed that the approvals process at LFL was part of the slowdown. Having worked with a licensor in the past, I know how that can be. It would certainly explain why Star Wars has delays that the other LCGs don't. Another factor - with the Disney acquisition, I'm sure there is still some chaos and reorganizing going on in the various Lucas empire offices as the structures change to accommodate the needs of new ownership. If true, then much of this would be completely out of FFG's hands, but they can't say so publicly without looking like they are blaming their licensor for the issues, which would not be wise if they value that relationship. It's entirely likely that the SWLCG team at FFG is every bit as frustrated with these issues as you guys are.
  7. To the original poster... just curious, but how much XP are you awarding per session?
  8. No worries, man. I really appreciate your work in compiling and organizing this thread. All I've ever wanted was to help out the community when and how I could, and I am very grateful for anyone else who does the same. There are many players who have worked to make this amazing game even better, and I think that's pretty awesome. And of course I'd be remiss not to also give a shout out to Sam Stewart, whom I've had the privilege not only to meet in person, but also to play EotE with. He is a great guy, and I think we can all agree that the time he spends answering our questions is hugely appreciated. Rock on, game developers and fellow EotE players!
  9. I actually don't think they have a license to do board games (that don't involve miniatures).
  10. So far, i'm loving the show. It's charming and entertaining in equal measure.
  11. Agree completely. I am not playing AGoT for just this reason, but I would consider it if rotation came into the picture. It's time for this to happen. And it will.
  12. Our issue was more the arbitrariness of the d10 roll than the way in which Conflict is assigned. We all felt like something that important should not be left to chance.
  13. My campaign is 26 sessions in, and we briefly tried to incorporate Morality and Conflict. We disliked it too much to want to continue using it, however. One of the characters had made some pretty dark choices and earned I think 4 or 5 conflict, but then he rolled a 9 on his d10 and ended up gaining morality toward the light side. We dumped the mechanic and are hoping a better one comes along.
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