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  1. https://tabletopwire.com/sam-gregor-stewart-former-fantasy-flight-rpg-manager-to-take-lead-at-edge-studio-run-by-asmodee/
  2. Filming concluded on March 8th. It is in editing and effects now.
  3. I played in a game where we started with a fleet of corvettes and cruisers. The point of the game was to run a pirate fleet so we started with a fleet and thousands of crew under the PCs' command.
  4. In the Dr Strange reveal video, FFG stated their principle when they revealed the Iron Man ally card. These cards have Wild resource as a compensation for not being able to be played as allies in some games. Spider-Woman is already Wild resource so I would not be expecting any offset or replacement card.
  5. According to Asmodee at GAMA last weekend, they are trying to get reprints out by the end of this month.
  6. I actually like the look of the kneeling regular trooper. I have always thought the Z6 is more a "stand and deliver" weapon so I really like how the Phase 1 is posed. But yeah, the choice is between a nice looking grunt or a heavy weapon pose, I need to take the heavy option. It is a shame.
  7. In the last week I have assembled 2 boxes of Phase 1 upgrades and Phase 2s. For actual model quality and assembly experience, the Phase 2s beat them hands down, no question. I utterly despise working with soft plastic since I am meticulous about cleaning mold lines and equally hate working with superglue and losing my finger prints. Plastic glue, clippers, sprues and a bit of patience suit me to the ground every time. I will agree with the poseability complaint though, particularly the Z6 trooper. It was acknowledged by the staff on the live stream that FFG didn't do a great job with the poseability on the Phase 2s so I will get them a bit of credit for acknowledging it at leasts. I like the ability to make the mortar trooper in two very different configurations but the obligatory kneeling Z6 is a thumbs down for me.
  8. Asmodee folded the sub-company customer service depts into one including FFG's last month. It is Asmodee who have decided to change the replacement policy.
  9. Specialists can give the squad a free token when they exhaust.
  10. The Alpha Flight Station in the Captain Marvel set annoys me for much the same reason. I want Vindicator, Snowbird and Northstar!
  11. In my last two games we had a GX1 "Fortune's Favor" and GHTROC 720 "Idiot's Array" aka The Space Turtle.
  12. I did first and second grade in Bermuda then moved to Canada and then Australia so it was at least consistent spelling from country to country except for the wheels on a car. In Bermuda and Canada it is tire, in Australia it is tyre. That y still irks me.
  13. I would be very curious to hear how you go with this. I am a huge fan of HZD (I was late to the party and only played it mid-2019) and one of my first thoughts was to try to convert it to Genesys. The setting being combat heavy and things like elaborate take down of machines, aiming for weak points, exploring new areas, well I wasn't able to resolve it to a module I was happy with so yeah, I am keen to hear how this goes.
  14. Thanks for the info. Gencon is on the other side of the planet to me (I come from one of those places that spells it "organised") so a bit too far for me.
  15. Hi all, I had not bought the game yet when I went to a launch event last weekend (better late than never) but enjoyed it so much that I bought the core set before I left but that means I am a bit late to the game. Is there any further news or rumours about organized play for this game? I really liked the comic book cover style alt arts for the core heroes so can see some potential for Organized Play participation items.
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