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  1. We are through the looking glass, people!
  2. DarkHorse

    Rename X-Wing

    Snubfighters: Tabletop Battles in a Galaxy Far, Far Away with 6 rocks
  3. Who does a Great Clan champion offer her seppuku too though? Her superior I assume would be the Emperor. Would Kachiko allow Sotorii to accept Hotaru's sepukku? I doubt it.
  4. I think this can be said about every single element of L5R currently. It would be nice for *somebody* within the company to layout the state of OP, release schedules, future of the game, *anything* and in a news article on the FFG website and not fragments scattered in the blizzard of social media. Two years is indeed a long time...
  5. I ran Jewel of Yavin where Lando became a very memorable part of the PCs' plan to distract security. In another story of the same group, they took Wade Starchaser from Nar Shadaa to Centerpoint to only then learn that Wade was in fact Wedge Antillies traveling in secret. He was checking the crew out to see if they wanted to do some smuggling runs for the Rebellion - they didn't.
  6. Darth Vader, Soontir Fel, Quickdraw, Dengar. All heroes and stand up guys. Don't get me wrong, I don't think CIS need robot aces but I would like to see more stuff to zoom around and make freem noises with for a week that will just end up on my shelf next to their Lego versions.
  7. I am really disappointed to see CIS and GR get no love today. Each of the other 5 factions are getting news ships or reprints and card packs but CIS are getting nothing so far. I guess when the Ep 9 ships finally get announced, FFG can slip in an "oh and Droid Gunship for CIS" but somehow, I doubt it.
  8. I suspect Satoshi will be happy for it to get out that the Emperor was murdered by the prince given Satoshi's true allegiance. He will just want to control how that information gets out.
  9. Would would Ishikawa offer his seppuku to though? Seppuku is not "I have failed, time to kill myself", it is a lord giving a retainer permission to cleanse his honour through death. In this case, Ishikawa would have to offer his seppuku to Sotorii for failing to prevent Sotorii from killing his father. Something tells me Sotorii would not want this to be public information.
  10. This is the most definitive list I have seen from Old5R www.kazenoshiro.com/forge/2/Mons.pdf
  11. I expect we will see a Mandalorian (the tv series) sourcebook before too long.
  12. Finally got my copy of the book and found the scattered side bars with PC race profiles. Does anyone know of a list of how much the droids in the book each cost? I was hoping for that information as a sidebar but I couldn't spot one.
  13. Twenty Goblin Winter is for when the Crab want to quickly bolster their ranks of cannon fodder. It isn't like a ronin who makes it back with the 20 heads is going to rise to a place of prominence within the clan. They are more likely to be permitted the honor to die as a member of a Great Clan, holding the line in one of the many, many skirmishes that happen each and every day on the Wall. In the Celestial Order, this would be preferable to living as a ronin and dying in a ditch from exposure. At least as a member of the Crab clan, someone will note your passing.
  14. Your point tallies are all over the place @Green Squadron 3. By my working out the three ships should be 58, 58 and 74 = 190pts.
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