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  1. Even if you are unable to post the deck list, would you be able to at least post the focus of the decks that were played? Like how yours was mon-Syndicate skill reduction?
  2. Just curious to know how the tournament went. How many people showed up? What deck won? Etc.
  3. Yipe said: Jonathan, I'm glad you made the trip down to Guardian Games and had a good time, I enjoyed our games too. Unfortunately, I forgot to give you your free cards! I guess that's what happens when the beer kicks in… If you come to another event, or show up at the tournament to watch (or play), give me a reminder and I'll make sure to have your cards with me. They have out-of-print domain and story card sets. You might have seen people using them yesterday. While totally unnecessary to play the game, the domain card sets are (visually-speaking) much better than simply flipping over an unused card. I'll make sure to remind you when the "Mythos and Microbrews" begin. I'm not sure if I'll do the tournament, but I do hope to start joining you once the regular games start happening.
  4. I just want to add my support for this game being re-released in the LCG format. I have thought it would work really well for a while, and with the announcement of Netrunner returning my hopes have been greatly increased. It would be really wonderful, and I think the theme would appeal to a large group especially with steampunk being more popular these days.
  5. HomerJ said: Oh man! 1) Superheroes! UDE's bungling of VS System has made a huge opening for a good superhero-based game. The upcoming release of Marvel Superstars will be an epic failure. Basing a game on DC, Marvel, or even Darkhorse Comics characters would be huge. And, even though it's a bit of a cop-out, some of the existing games could EASILY be converted to a super-hero genre. I did my own mock-up of super-hero game based on the Call of Cthulhu engine and it worked amazingly well. The Story cards can be based on story-arcs in the comic universe (Secret Wars, Blackest Night, etc . . .) the icons just get adjusted to be more comic related (Terror becomes Mind Control, Investigation becomes Technology, etc . . .). Anyway, super heroes is the way to go. This sounds like a great idea! The CoC mechanics really would suit a superhero game, and I would get behind it. I cam to the VS system late, and although I liked it, something about it seemed lacking to me. I like the idea of fighting over story cards. For other properties, to reiterate another post in another thread, I would love to see Doomtown, TI, and Battletech. Doomtown is still my favorite card game ever, and I would love to see it brought back. It just seems well suited. As for TI, I love that game, and it seems to have a lot of potential for a card game. I think it would work really well with mechanics similar to the Decipher Star Wars ccg. Finally, I never played Battletech, but I was reading about the old CCG recently, and it sounds like it would also work really well.
  6. I would love to see Doomtown re-released in this format, but it is probably has lots of rights issues because although Pinnacle owns the rights to Deadlands, Doomtown is owned by AEG. In addition, I would love to see a sci-fi themed game. Dune would be really cool, but we know FFG has had issues getting the rights. So it would be awesome to have one based on Twilight Imperium. Since it is their own intellectual property, it would make a lot of sense I think, but it may not be strong enough to support the LCG model.
  7. Thanks for letting me try out your deck today! I enjoyed learning more about the game and will probably be joining you for more events in the future. -Jonathan
  8. thewally42


    My gaming group tends to play MagBlast more than Munchkin. Both games are fun, but MagBlast tends to have less beating up on who is in the lead. Plus, it seems to last slightly shorter. Munchkin can really drag along some times.
  9. Although I was originally skeptical of 3rd edition with its cartoonish artwork, I really feel it better capture the feeling of the game. True it is an awesome space combat game, but when one of the rules is that you have to make sound effects, it loses any seriousness. I remember playing 2nd edition and always laughing a lot when playing the game, and once I got 3rd, I felt the cartoons worked better than thought. Of course to each his own.
  10. I tried this out tonight because I recently bought the game and have had no one to play with yet. It was fun but definitely not the same as the multiplayer game. I miss all of the interaction. Also, I got hosed on early skilly checks because my assist was a cylon, and I got sent to the brig. It took a while to get out. Then I got attacked repeatedly. Eventuallly, it calmed down, but I ran out of population before making to Kobol.
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