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  1. Yes, but what happens to the Boon condition? Does Father Mateo get to keep it?
  2. The Corruption condition says "if you would gain a Boon, discard this instead." If Father Mateo gives an investigator who has a Corruption condition a boon... what happens?
  3. As someone who studied the Divine Comedy in my undergrad days, I find all the references to it in the Screaming Vortex to be intriguing. IRL 'Ghibbelines' and 'Guelphs' were two political factions in renaissance-era Italy. Following the Divine Comedy, imho, the central thrust of the Screaming Vortex's story arc should be questing deeper into it, to gain the ability to leave it and, in this case, conquer some of the Imperium.
  4. Finally something besides Star Wars...
  5. So it actually works the other way - the amount of powers a demon weapon has is equal to (demon's WP bonus) - binding strength. Ergo since the minimum binding strength you could get was 1 the max number of powers you could get was equal to the demon's WP bonus -1. Making the binding strength 0 makes the demon weapons from the gifts of the gods more unique (But also harder to control, at least at first - make sure to frenzy for that WP bonus!)
  6. There is literally no printed way this works. You're going to have to houserule. Myself, I made demonic weapons on the table binding strength 0 because it was more interesting. You'll get more neat powers that way.
  7. Still haven't seen an example of what actually happened, so can't make a judgment.
  8. It sounds like he just doesn't want to play. He might know what he's doing and be getting his characters killed so he can duck out of the campaign. Without knowing details I can't say if your table is screwing up the rules, bad luck, or bad decisions on the player's part.
  9. Well, the game system doesn't take into account VOLUME when determining encumbrance. I usually am content to keep the abstraction going, but if it bothers you assume that excess heavy weapons beyond 1 or 2 have to be kept bundled and inaccessible in a pack on the Ogryn's back and aren't usable during combat.
  10. I ruled that the 'stationary' penalty only applies if you're literally holding stock still - it's meant to be like the elven cloaks in LotR. Now, one could make the argument that you could poke a las barrel out, since las weapons don't have recoil, and fire, but you're literally only going to be able to do one shot that way - moving the barrel around would make the cloak move and cause the 'tell-tale shimmer' to be visible. Still, lining one up and then holding stock still might work, but snipers are generally better off repositioning anyway.
  11. You're right that the Sergeant is a support beast who is a huge force multiplier on the squad - but every Sergeant I've ever seen has tried to make themselves a jack-of-all trades character and in the process been basically useless.
  12. RAW actually has nothing to say on the matter. You're on your own.
  13. So I got those. And they were a bit too big. I guess I'll have to deal with floppy sleeves.
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