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  1. I am a big fan of tactile and visual aids, but I feel like adding extra rule systems might bog down the session a bit. Also a big solid green map might not be the most interesting thing to look at.
  2. We have a PC in our gaming space that I use to display images of various NPCs. We also play the bands Explosions in the Sky, Caspian, This Will Destory You, etc in the background for good rock style music with no lyrics. It gets the party into a bit more. One way I create atmosphere is that I will write down important narrations before the session and mull over it to make sure it is exactly what I want. I will use contemporary things that may not exist in 40k to help my players experience the atmosphere (e.g. The air smelled of Terran Roses and Lho Smoke). This might break the lore a little bit, but I feel it is an ok trade off.
  3. I run a fairly large game (8 Players) and I find the biggest challenge is to make sure everyone is engaged. I try to make mental notes about when the last time someone has participated. I play as well (in a advisor type role) and will engage PCs that haven't said anything in a while. When I write my scenarios I look at the character sheets and try to incorporate something special for everyone so they feel like they made a difference.
  4. I am hesitant to use iconic (actors, videogame characters, etc.) images as materials for my campaign, but I agree that these could easily fit into the look of RT. Good find.
  5. I have been scouring the rulebook and I can not find much information about time. I understand the combat time aspect, but when a certain action states it takes about 10 minutes to complete or when a certain item won't be available for a year, what does this actually mean in terms of game play? I am new to GMing and am sorry if this is a dumb question.
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