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  1. Thanks! The big ones are way easier More room to move around. If your heroes are any indication, your monsters will come out great.
  2. Take as much time as you need to ensure this game will be EPIC when it comes out. In the mean time, how about we get the rules? They are done are they not? Already being printed so what's the harm in feeding the masses? Give us something please!
  3. At this point, lack of updates are making me forget about it, not too many early updates. There is no hype at the moment which is just sad. It'll be a great game, and I think FFG needs to pay a little more attention to one of their front runners.
  4. Yeah.... I would think the rules are done if it's at the printers already. Not sure why they couldn't post them then.
  5. Hot water needs to be HOT. Also, I've had the same problem as you where the pieces will gradually resume their previous form. The way i found to fix this was taking it from hot water and putting the figure in a bowl of ice water for 5-10 minutes. Seems to work.
  6. Awesome, that's makes things more interesting. And I believe I read somewhere that power cards are stackable. Is this correct?
  7. I know I can play one power card per turn, but is there a limit to how many I can have active at any given time? Playing vanilla btw.
  8. ok that makes more sense then the "pause". Thank you!!
  9. and more importantly, how long can they stay in town and does the overload compensate for this when they return. ie if the hero spends two turns worth of mp in town, does the ol receive two turns worth of threat and cards when hero returns?
  10. we ran into a question playing last night. when the heroes are move to town does the overlord play as normal (spawns and such) on his turn?
  11. Once I craked open the box and did my usual punch and bag of the insane amount of pieces, I quickly joined a friend for our first game. Over all, two player mode was awesome. Aside from some re-reading of a couple things everything seemed to run pretty well. The only thing that seemed a little off with two players was the title cards. It worked out fine, but that was one area we would have liked more people so it wasn't so back and forth. Other than that, we may institute an extra random map piece just to spread out the land a little (this is circumstancial due to random placements). In the case of our game we didn't have too many big land pieces so it was a little clustered. We plan on playing again without adding a piece to see what happens and then will decide from there. I did see a post that opted to pass a rule where you couldn't place runes in home area during a 2 player game which seems like it would cause chaotic war on the board (a good thing). We're for sure trying this. Will let you know how it goes.
  12. I like it. I'm not sure about the tunnel special ability tho. Although I'm a huge fan of it. It may cause some issues. Maybe changing it to state that you could bring in a unit of the same initiative so it could attack the same round. Or, bringing in any unit and it would count towards strength at the end of the battle however could not attack. Or maybe you just did a great job and it doesn't need changing.
  13. So does this mean that a "routed" unit is considered at full health in regards to taking damage? Also, to clarify, routed units do not count towards strength in end battle correct?
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