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  1. Sort of late to the party with this one, maybe someone will read it. Venkelos is right about the Tau as a whole being a tad bit above a guardsman level. However that just means you don't need to throw your PCs at a squad of XV8s and see how long it takes them to be reduced to red smears. I personally feel all of the enemies that an average guardsman faces bring their own unique terror to the field. The Tau bring clinical precision and a legitimate moral threat to the game. They may not have the ludicrous destructive capacity the IG can bring about, but it is still devastating and much more concentrated. Unless your players are pretty high up and thus have considerable pull to bring lots of backup or are a small part of larger campaign, it would not be advisable to let them face off against a full Tau hunter cadre. Still if they meet these two criteria you have a good chance for the PCs to get first row seats to some impressive carnage that the long range firepower of the Tau can bring to bear. Nothing like watching as scores of your comrades get mowed down by lethally accurate fire while the armored support is gutted by rail guns and guided missile strikes to leave a lasting impression. You don't need to go that route though, are they even the first enemy your players will see? Perhaps the imperial forces are sent in to deal with what they think is a rebellious world only to find out a small group of Tau is actually the underlying issue. This would work nicely as a test run for the group, a chance to get some experience in without being overwhelmed. For example, perhaps the only Tau forces present at the time are a small group of ambassadors. These guys are not necessarily that heavily armed, relativity speaking, but they are just present to plant the idea of leaving the Imperium or just putting a little more coin in the governors pocket. Maybe a lower noble or less favorable son of the governor is promised a chance to lead the world if it joins the Tau, could the rulers be legitimately drawn by the beliefs the xenos have? Either way they are traitors to the Emperor and need to be put down, cue the arrival of the Imperial forces. During the opening fighting it becomes apparent the Tau ambassadors are present and trying to flee, either to hide or linkup with hidden forces that have infiltrated the planet. During the escape attempt their orcas are downed by navy interceptors and the PCs regiment is sent into clean up the survivors and gather intel. I find this useful as now you have some options based off of how well equipped or experienced the group is. Will they be dealing with a small handful of survivors composed of a team of fire warriors or pathfinders? Depending on how things workout you can throw in what ever extra you feel appropriate. A damaged battlesuit here, some injured scouts in stealth suits your team can track, a fully functioning hammerhead, what ever fits the mood.
  2. Well their plan had some decent reasoning behind it, the navigator has peer(AdMech) and an interest in archeotech. She figured that distracting any tech priests with an archeotech laspistol and letting them play with it could distract them long enough for them to plant charges as they are being given a guided tour as thanks for being able to examine the pistol. My response was to warn them it had a very high chance of going horribly wrong and suggested maybe asking the rest of the groups players about it before doing something that could potentially wreck the game on day one.
  3. So I have managed to find people foolish enough to allow a first time GM to lead their first ever game of Rogue Trader. They are going through the first book of the Warpstorm trilogy so there is some frame work to help me out. Now I am just curious how much help or hindrance I should be to my players. Any person familiar with this game or these forums knows PCs will find impressive and some times confusing ways of solving problems, sometimes even when there is no problem to fix. As an example the parties rogue trader, arch-militant, senschel, and void master decided to attend the gala event. Their navigator and astropath, both who would have been useful to have at the party, hit upon the idea to to sneak around and rig explosive charges though out the factories in the city "just in case". Should I let them do these kind of things or caution them away from something that will likely get them caught?
  4. Question, has there ever been an entire archeotech ship described? I don't mean the AdMech bolted parts into one of their hulls, but an actual human vessel from the Dark Age of Technology. I have heard varying descriptions of how advanced it was supposed to be, from being similar to what the IoM still uses just with a nicer paint job all the way to making Eldar and Tau tech look like a joke. I suppose fluff wise there very well could be a few hollowed out asteroids floating around in the void containing sealed hangars with working ships in them, not that I would dream of actually handing that out to any PCs.
  5. Hello, I recently returned to Eastern Virginia from Oregon and I am looking for any game shops or groups in the area East of Richmond that have an interest in RT or DH. If no locals are available I am willing to do an online campaign. Any and all replies are appreciated.
  6. I was considering creating them using the PC rules or attempting to find a copy of Dark Crusade and building a chaos marine character. I have never played DC so i'm not sure how well that would work.
  7. All right so I know most of the opponents arrayed against your kill team are hordes, even some of the tougher ones. Larger enemies such as carnifex are obviously individuals. What I am interested in is how have people portrayed chaos marines in their games? I can see them being thrown at the PCs as a tough horde maybe, alot of novels show a few loyalist marines slaughtering dozens of tainted astartes with almost no effort. I think if they are included they would be better off played as enemies that can go face to face with the PCs and make the players really make an effort to beat them. There is no shortage of hyper deadly opponents for players to face, so would it matter to design legionaries this way? Personally I would want my players to sit back after beating them (or dying in the attempt) and feel like it was a great game. So if any of you have ideas, experience, or anything add please do.
  8. Hah, need to check my typing. It was supposed to be DH not DW. I would be interested along with my wife if you have enough room.
  9. I just made into the Portland area about a month ago and have managed to settle enough that I can think of gaming again. I live in Wilsonville and I am looking for anyone who is interested in playing RT or DW. Also any other RPGs that could be suggested.
  10. Forgot what I thought of when I first read through the stats. I believe all three of the planes can take off and land vertically, so I guess they could have a limited ability to act as a skimmer. Other than my ramblings that all looks great, hope you don't mind if I borrow them for my own use.
  11. I believe for relative size difference the Lightning would be the smallest. The Thunderbolts are always pictured as being the heavier multi-role plane that fills the spot of a fighter/bomber for the Navy. I don't remember were, but it is played out to be better armed and armoured than a Lightning at the cost of being a bigger and less agile craft. Maruaders would be the biggest of the three, closer in size to the B-52s used by the US Airforce I would guess. Oh and I think the Vulture can also be outfitted with a pair of large assault cannons under the wings in place of bomb racks if I remember the picture correctly.
  12. Sounds like alot to look forward to! I bought the books almost three years ago and have been itching to actually them. Right now they just sit on a shelf unless I feel the need to read through a section.
  13. Awsome, thats all good to know. I have been stuck in the south for a few years now and finding anyone interested in playing something other than D&D isnt easy.
  14. The place I will be living is overflowing with people, so do any of you know of a game store that can be reached by more people?
  15. I am planning to move into Wilsonville, if not then some where in the southern part of Portland.
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