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    ok most of the rpg's i play with my friends there is a healer class. I have one person that wants to play a healer class but there isn't from what i can tell a dedicated healer class in rogue trader. The closest i can think would be the seneschal because he deals with all the money, profits, loss, and whatnot on the ship. What does everyone else think
  2. I am loving this so far. I have been compiling data from everyones post not sure how i will post it back up but i will be putting up the tally of everyones data added here so far. Please keep it comming this is also giving me some good ideas and help while i am getting ready to run a campaign.
  3. thanks for the info so far i am hoping for more just for my own personal data and it will give people bragging rights on the boards as well. My friends and i havnt anything yet we are gonig to be starting our campaign this august when my friend goes back to school using web cams hope it all works out for us.
  4. Ok gents i know the game has been out for a while now and many people have been playing to date. What I would like to find out is how many ships have been destroyed out there by our fearless rogue trader in the games that have been played. If anyone cares to help me out just post here what ship you were in what weapons you used, what type of ship you were fighting and wether or not you were able to destroy or just cripple the ship. Thanks
  5. EXA I really appreciate the whole example you gave me that did help quite a bit. I just need to have things broken down for me sometimes, and i really appreciate it. My lure of the expanse came in yesterday from amizon got it for 20 bones with a small dent in cover and now just have to wait for into the storm got a friend wanting to play a freeboota. Boy is it going to be fun to have the run into space marines.
  6. Ok i understand the whole use willpower and what not when you are making checks and i understand the part about the defender making rolls and whatnot but for some reason i am completely confused with the whole psychic rating and bonuses chart and how it all works out. If possible can someone maybe explaine this to me in their own words on how it all works out. I dont understand the whole thing with the fettered/unfettered/push the whole +1 to +3/+4 thing messes me up. Thanks for the help ahead of time
  7. Lubricate? This sounds like it could be painful
  8. i would be very interested in this as well I start working days as of june 21st and am good for the summer but then head back to the afternoon shift.
  9. Just imagine jumping without a naigator into a sun that makes for a bad day and a short run for the players.
  10. I am looking forward to have my name on the paper declaring i am a space marine in the deathwatch chapter and am going to hunt down the xenos scum and eradicate them from the universe
  11. This card states: Building Kingdom. Forced: After an opponet's unit is damaged during combat, corrupt that unit. Now does this cause corruption only when i attack the kingdom because it is attached to the kingdom or whenever one of my cards attacks any section of the chaos area or takes damage from the chaos battlefield? thanks
  12. I appreciate that help the only other question i have is do the race icons on the card of each unit help to pay for the race icons on the card you want to pay. Say my flagellants have a race icon on them and i want to play another card tht needs 2 resorces and 2 icons. I would have one icon from the battle board would the icon on the flagellants count as the other one or do i only ever have one race icon?
  13. Ok the first question is about Developments. I know what they do and if i am correct i can play one a turn just by putting a card face down in an area of my battleboard thing. Now am i allowed to play one a turn and still play unit cards? The other question i have about developments is if i am playing empire (my fav deck to use right now) and i play the city gates card that says After your turn begins, p.ace the top card of your deck into this zone as a development am i still allowed to play a development that turn? Last about the developments is am i able to ever convert my developments into the card and have them turn face up? My other question is about the race icon. i know that when i play a card i have to pay the cost in resorces in the ammount of the cost in the upper left corner and the icons below that less the number of icons i have in play. I know that i start with one icon on my board, now everytime i play a card does the icon on the unit card for example add to the number of icons i have on the board? Also in the rules it says that i can never have a cost of zero icons. So if have a card that has a zero cost in the upper left of the card and only 1 icon like one of the cards my son has in the chaos deck he uses does that mean that he still has to pay one resource to play the card? Thanks for the help ahead of time and i hope to have more fun with this game in the future.
  14. Ok i read the rules once through and must have missed something i didnt see the rules about developments, but it does show them quite often in examples. I am asking how do u use, place, destroy these particular parts of the game. Help would be appreciated thanks.
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