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  1. The Imperium as a whole can use Land Raiders. However during the Horus Heresy, when things were getting bad, the Emperor issued an emergency Mandate that essentially said all surviving loyalist Land Raiders would be transferred to the Astartes and new ones would be exclusively for their use until he ordered otherwise. Unfortunately he Ascended to the Golden Throne before he could discontinue this mandate. Since this is an order straight from the Emperor, no one has ever really had the guts to say "well, maybe we should start giving the Guard Land Raiders again." Just the usual imperial bureaucracy and stupidity at work.
  2. A decent fix, but it still doesn't solve the problem of several other anti-tank weapons barely being able to do much to a Russ even to the rear armor.
  3. Who needs shootas to deal with a runty rat 'umie when ya got stikkbombs, burnas an' rokkit launchas? Something almost impossible to hit with a direct BS attack getting you down? Break out the template weapons.
  4. There is also the matter of scale, one man is not enough to repair even a 1km escort Destroyer's plasma drive. I don't care how skilled you are, you need a small army of Tech-Adepts plus servitors and ratings for muscle to do that kind of work.
  5. Have you seen the new rules for Repairing vehicles? Starship repair would require more than just Tech-Use. Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) at the least, and maybe a starship related lore skill in a campaign centering on ground-based soldiers.
  6. And from what I understand you do NOT get free replacements of that equipment, so don't lose it!
  7. Durandal7 said: Only way around I can think of this is tossing molotovs down the exhausts..which is what the Russians did. Actually, given the "On Fire!" rules in the vehicle sections Molotovs (Fire Bombs) are actually one of the best anti-tank weapons available to an infantryman right now. Another good trick is dig a hole to hide in (or find some other way to hide) while the tank passes then jump out and stick a magnetized Melta bomb on the rear armor. Really there are all sorts of wonderful Infantry tank-busting tricks you can learn from World War II. A tank crew should really have to roll awareness checks to spot nearby infantry if they're buttoned up in the safety of their armored hide. But even that melta bomb will only be doing an average of 20 structural damage to a Leman Russ, with 47 (out of 70) structure maximum possible damage. This is on the rear armor of 25 even, though it has good odds of scoring a righteous fury with 6d10 pen 12 damage. As I said before, I don't think heavy anti-tank weapons should necessarily be one-hit kills on average, but they should certainly do a LOT of damage on a good roll. I mean, there are plenty of guns in the book that can kill a guardsman in one or two shots, so why should tanks be different?
  8. Plus the Battle Cannon is loaded with High-Explosive rounds by default, not dedicated anti-tank munitions. Its basically the frag grenade of tank cannons. The Vanquisher really needs to have better penetration though, as well as the Anti-Tank rounds for the Battle Cannon being more worthwhile. Even just 5 or 8 points of penetration would make a difference. Or, perhaps the armor rating of the Russ and similar tanks should be adjusted a bit. I'm not really sure what, but something should change.
  9. IIRC a Battle Cannon equipped Leman Russ carries 40 shells for its weapon, A Leman Russ Vanquisher carries 28 shells, and A Leman Russ Demolisher carries 25 shells for it's cannon. Leman Russ of all types typically carry 600 rounds per heavy bolter. The Plasma Destroyer of a Leman Russ Executioner is a good deal stronger than a standard Heavy Plasma Cannon (Heavy 3 vs Heavy 1 in tabletop).
  10. I'd say the ideal Leman Russ crew is 3 PCs, at least in an Armoured Regiment focused game (as opposed to an Operator tagging along with an infantry regiment group) PCs: Commander (Sargeant), Driver (Operator), Main Turret Gunner (Operator or Weapon Specialist) Comrades: Hull weapon Gunner (Driver's Comrade), Sponson Gunners (the other two comrades). If you've got 4 PCs the 4th gets to take the Hull weapon Gunner Comrade's place. As for excess comrades, you could get creative and give the PCs a comrade tank. Though this would require more paperwork compared to normal comrades. Alternatively you could split the PCs between two separate tanks and use the comrades to fill extra crew positions.
  11. So I've been doing some musing on a one-shot or short campaign based on an Armoured Regiment and I've made an observations regarding vehicles, Tanks are stupidly durable. The Vanquisher Cannon, which in the fluff is one of the Guard's Premier tank-killer cannons with a "high first-hit kill ratio" can barely scratch a basic Leman Russ' front armor. The Leman Russ has 45/35/25 Armor and 70 structural Integrity Points (vehicle wounds basically). The Vanquisher Cannon is 3d10+5 X Pen 16, Accurate. Thus a hit to the front armor with a Max damage roll will deal only 6 Structural integrity points (35 damage - 29 armor (45-16)) or a whopping 8.5% of the Russ' SI. Ignoring Righteous Fury it would take a dozen max-damage hits to put another Leman Russ into critical damage. I know Tanks should be hard to kill on the front armor, but that is a bit ridiculous when in the tabletop, the same cannon has a very good chance of knocking out a Russ in a single hit. Obviously an RPG shouldn't be quite that lethal, but that Vanquisher cannon should have a decent chance to take out a good chunk of the Russ' SI in a single hit even to the front armor. Comparatively the standard Russ' Battle Cannon is 3d10+10 X Pen 8, Blast (10), Concussive (3), meaning it will only do 3 SI damage on a max damage roll to the front armor. Its actually more effective to aim BEHIND an enemy tank and use the Blast radius to strike the rear armor. Feels kinda cheesey to me. "Anti-Tank" rounds are available for both guns, but all they do is change the penetration to 12 (a downgrade for the Vanquisher!) and thus don't change the Battle Cannon's Blast rating at all. They're also a bit hard to get at Very Rare availability, which is a -20 to logistics test to try to get them even when there are multiple Regiments deployed to the region. Given if you're playing an Armoured Regiment game you're likely to face enemy tanks, this is a bit rough. As it is, the most reliable Anti-Tank weapon right now is the LasCannon, which is 5d10+10 Pen 10, Proven(3), which on a Max Damage Roll to the front armor of a Russ will do a respectable 25 structural integrity, on a MAX hit. On an average hit it will do 2-3 Structural integrity. Though regardless it has excellent odds of scoring a Righteous Fury. The Lascannon being so awesome is true to fluff, but the Vanquisher is arguably better at killing tanks and sucks compared to it. A possible fix I can see would be increasing the Penetration score of the Vanquisher Cannon and changing Anti-Tank rounds to a bonus to Penetration but removes the Blast Score. Alternatively, you could simply take the missile launcher approach and make the Vanquisher and Battle Cannon's damage and specialties depend on what kind of ammo is loaded into it, though that makes the artillery shells a bit less generic/one-size fits all. That said, I do have a question regarding the Battle and Vanquisher Cannons. What are their clip size and reload times supposed to represent? Is the "clip" the number of shells kept in the turret near the gun breech? Is the reload time how long it takes to draw extra shells from the ammo store inside the tank's hull? As-is switching tank shell types on the fly (such as loading Anti-tank shells when your Russ suddenly stumbles across a Chaos Predator while slaughtering cultists) is extremely prohibitive when it should simply be a case of grabbing the couple of AT shells you keep near the gun "just in case" and tossing it in on the next shot while someone else pulls more from the Hull bins. In the fluff the Russ carries a total of 40 shells and the Russ Vanquisher 28. I'd personally like to see the "clip" size reduced to 1 and the load time changed to 1 Full (which is handled by the tank's loader each turn). I see a lot of house rules in my future for all this if I do decide to do a Tanker One-shot/Mini-campaign.
  12. Our group is finishing up refits on our new Light Crews, the Absolution, and part of her shake down cruise in Calixis will involve earning the "Craw Crew" upgrade; extensive and intense drills and training. Live-fire gunnery exercises, manuevering practices, boarding action simulations, emergency damage control drills, simulated enagements with our dynasty Frigate, etc etc. Not all of it will be scheduled either, so one day I, the captain, may just be sitting on the bridge, enjoying a jelique while reading some financial reports when suddenly I'm yelling for emergency evasive action, to roll out the guns and assume action stations. And everyone better snap to it fast and efficiently or there will be punishment. Strict discipline will be enforced, I will run this ship like it was the Flagship of Battlefleet Calixis and the Segmentum Admiral is coming for inspection, punishments will be handed out as appropriate, mandatory hours of pennance prayer (must be done during what little free time they'll get, obviously), reduced or cut rum priviliges, or in significant cases, the whip and public lashings. I will grind my fresh ratings down and ride my new officers to the edge of endurance, I will make them hate me, despise me. I expect there to be quite a steady trickle of morale damage during the proceedings. However, when everything is complete I will congratulate them and make them realize their transformation from a random rabble to a close-knit team, and how **** proud I am to have one of the finest crews a Rogue Trader could ask for. A physical reminder of their transformation will be fresh new uniforms for both ratings and officers in the dynasty colors, (Crew Improvements, preferably good quality) proof that they are now a proud part of the dynasty. Then a few days of relative rest and relaxation as we make our way to the ship and the crew's final test on the Shakedown, dealing with the pirates in the Fydae system, in part or in whole if we can manage. It'll be an excellent chance to test the ship in actual combat and will make us a pretty penny from the bounties Battlefleet Calixis posted. So yeah, thats the kind of stuff I personally expect to be done in order to earn crack crew, lots of command checks, brutal training, and a careful eye on the grumbles and scowls of the ratings (a mutiny would be unfortunate). Definitely something both explorers and crew must work hard to earn.
  13. Ragnar Trollskin said: The distance between the outermost third planet and the sun is 16.6 VUs Wait? Void Units or Astronomical Units? 166,000km seems a bit small an orbit for the outermost planet!
  14. GregorM1980 said: Galaga: Content-based unavailable in my country. Really? Its just Dvorak 9th Symphony, From the New World, 4th movement. Try this one. Alternatively, you can try the show that inspired me to use classical (and especially this piece) in the first place.
  15. Well, you're already using Two Steps from Hell, which is one of the major sources of music for our group. The other is classical music, especially for ship battles. This is a personal favorite of mine for ships clashing.
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