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  1. I do know that I was having some serious issues with updating my wishlist via the iphone app yesterday. I couldn't do a **** thing. I know that a lot of rpg folks gripe about Amazon when it comes to pre-orders and release dates, but I've never personally had an issue with them at all. Of course, I don't pre-order and purchase every single game that comes out either. In fact, my pre-orders and purchases are fairly well scattered. Anyway, I've never seen issues with Amazon like they've apparently been having in the past two days.
  2. Iffo said: Why do you even bother with Amazon? There are lots of small sites that offer better price and cheaper shipping than Amazon. Iffo said: Why do you even bother with Amazon? There are lots of small sites that offer better price and cheaper shipping than Amazon. Whenever I buy anything from Amazon, it's always over the $25 minimum for free shipping. Ths is an easy task to accomplish with a majority of RPG products. Any other online retailer dealing in RPG products which I've seen don't offer free shipping. I have seen prices close to those on Amazon, but my experience tends to be contrary to what you're stating. I'm not saying that you're wrong, but only that my experience has been different. However, if you'd care to point out some of the other sites with better offers then I am all ears. I know that a lot of people harp on about supporting your FLGS, but I would prefer to stick to online where I can usually get a better deal. Usually, I just buy core books and supplements in hard copy form today and tend to pick up the modules (especially for D&D) in pdf format from RPGNow.com. I like to keep it on the cheap side.
  3. dvang said: I just went to Amazon and looked and I see plenty of WFRP 3e stuff (Core set, toolkit) available, as well as Dark Heresy books, etc. I'm not sure what you were looking at, but you seem to be mistaken. They're available, but only via third-party sellers. I noticed this yesterday when updating my wishlist and I happened to notice that the Adventurer's Toolkit was no longer available. Now it apears to be for **** near everything. Hmmm.
  4. c8tiff said: Enjoy the game, this specially goes out to Y'all as i too hate scrabble, nice sacrifice Yeah, most guys would trade for something else, like something in the boudoir, or a night of beers with the guys or something. I choose to play Warhammer.
  5. monkeylite said: Cool gaming room. My wife won't let me have one. Which reminds me of one of my favorite cards in the core set: "I Know A Guy..."
  6. Personally, one of the things which appeals to me about WHFRP 3e is the abstract setup for combat. I've never been a big mini's-and-tactics guy. I do enjoy it sometimes, but for years I never bought miniatures growing up because I would've rather spent the $20 that I had as a teenager going towards a new book for my games. I defintely agree with Zug's analogy with the description of combat in fiction, and I think that the 3e method will proivde the environment for that type of combat description. I have gotten into the idea of tactical combat in rpg's in the last couple of years, and I've purchased some of the Star Wars mini's to go with my Saga Edition material (finally bought a battlemat too! I had previously never needed one). I've played 4e a few times and I must say that I do enjoy the tactical combat in that system, especially when the other players aren't spending an eternity picking out what they're going to do next. I like the idea that whichever power I choose has a different effect on the damage that I deal or the condition that I can induce upon an enemy. No more, "I hit. Regular damage. Oh, I critical hit. Double damange!" Fourth edition does bring in the tactical gamers a good bit, and that's just not the overall style that I'm looking to play. I think that WHFRP 3e seems like a game that uses some of the cool things that I like about 4e (e.g. different attack actions instead of just "I attack."; cooldown periods for actions, thereby making it tactical but not rules-heavy tactical, etc.), but does them in a more scaled-back fashion. I'm also not a longtime Warhammer fan, so the Old World is still kind of new to me and I like the fact that it's slightly more analogous to medieval Europe instead of the Forgotten Realms or Eberron. Although, I do really like Eberron. So right now, I'm also taking an interest in the setting itself, which has always been there yet I haven't gotten into until recently. Admittedly, I could get into the setting with the 2e stuff, but I can get the 3e core set on Amazon for about $12 more than I could get just the 2e core book used. I think that it's a good deal, and the quality of the material makes the retail price ok with me. The fact that everything I need to run a game (and for me, as the usual GM, I'm the guy who always bought all of the game material anyway) is in one box and retails for just a few bucks under what the core 4e books would cost, which don't come with all of the groovy accessories that WHFRP 3e has is just great! My wife has even given in and is going to try to play. Of course, I'm going to have to play Scrabble as a trade-off. I hate Scrabble.
  7. c8tiff said: i'm sorry if just being out of position for one round and still having to close with the enemy is a tough test of your tactical abilities as written from your latest reply below I can already visualize, for example, Lord of the Rings... Aragorn running to a wraith on Weathertop: Aragorn; "Get back!"..."no...wait...5' too far..let me back up a bit.."Get back!"...no..wait...ran through that wraith's threatened square. Let me try that again: "Get back!". Wait... I think that you're missing his point. He was addressing your concern that the elements of WHFRP 3e would spoil in-character roleplaying and kill immersion, not that tactical gaming on a grid was too hard.
  8. My birthday is Saturday the 21st and I believe that my wife, after much eye rolling ( another game?), is pre-ordering this for me for. I mean, it's awfully nice of her since the paychecks are in my name and all. I was psyched about the release before I got a chance to see the game on Sunday, and see it is really all that I did. There was a major mix-up with the store where the game was to be demoed which left about six or seven of us standing around while Sean Patrick Fannon (game designer and creator of Shaintar for Savage Worlds) played the disgruntled customer role and actually managed to get the manager to have the GM bring the game up there so that we could at least try and run it ourselves. Unfortunately, Sunday was also my son's birthday and his party was at 3:00 so between 1:00 and 2:30 was really all I was going to be able to devote to the session. Needless to say, with all of us looking at the material for the first time it was kind of a fluster cuck at the table. Myself and one other guy were really the only ones who had a clue about what was supposed to make up the mechanics. Clearly, we were the only ones who had really read the diaries, and if I had the time to be there long then I would've just volunteered to give the thing a shot from the GM's chair. I hope they made it through ok with at least a semi-positive view of the game and didn't just leave with a bad impression due to the circumstances. Besides Sean, there was one other game designer there (Luke McCampbell?) and playing with game designers is probably akin to listening to an album with a musician. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone was super nice and really willing to give it a go so it would've been nice to see how it turned out. The store will be attempting the demo again this Saturday, but it is my birthday and I will be visiting my mother about two hours away for her Thanksgiving get together (more so for that than for my birthday; I don't really dig birthdays, but again, it gives my wife an excuse to buy me things with MY money so it's all good) I wanted to give the game a go in person, but my mind was already made up anyway so it's not a deal breaker for me. Also, I already have one friend who used to play a decent bit of the original edition who has already been plying me with questions: "I saw that video that you posted on Facebook. Are you gonna get that? That looks freakin' bad ass!" So now I know that I'll have at least one interested party. Hopefully the action card concept will be enough of an easy translation from WoW-type mechanics and I can get my wife, who plays World of Snorecraft, to finally give RPG'ing a shot. Here's hoping.
  9. Necrozius said: Serves me right for not reading the entire thread. I tend to ignore or pass over posts in which there is a lot of flaming going on. Oh well. Hopefully there'll be more objective criticisms in the days to come. I do actually want to read some negative reviews too, as long as they're not whiny. Necrozius said: Hopefully there'll be more objective criticisms in the days to come. I do actually want to read some negative reviews too, as long as they're not whiny. Pfft. You know how the hardcore gaming enthusiasts are: whine, whine, whine. Seriously, it is difficult to find a game where there aren't at least a few of the regulars that aren't the gamer stereotype: whiny, obnoxious, self-deluded as to how smart they really are, overly offensive to anyone with the slightest hint of mainstream religious leanings, and any of the other points that instantly pop into your head. You know what they are. Interestingly, the OP did post on the Pinnacle forms earlier regarding this matter and mentioned that he ran a demo of Savage Worlds with the group after they were disappointed by the new system. Personally, I really dig Savage Worlds. Especially since its ease of use tends to scare off the average hardcore gaming enthusiast (not crunchy/fiddly enough; it is to me, but not your regular player drawn to something like Pathfinder, which I still find too crunchy even with the "streamlining" that they did, although occasionally my inner 15-year old self screams, "Play something math-heavy!"). I don't know if he's making it up or not and I can't say either way, but it does sound like he just may have not been too willing to GM the game with full gusto or preparation. Of course, I've played D&D 4th Edition twice, both times at the same store where the WHFRP 3 demo will take place, and I really enjoyed that system both times. I think that it just matters how much the group is into having fun and making the system work for them. I mean, I played AD&D and I still have fond memories of it, but in retrospect was it really a better system than anything else that's come along? I'm a traditionalist with some things, but I'm all for something new and a new innovation. How many times can I really do, "I roll to hit. I got an 18. Did I beat the orc's AC? Good. I did 5 for damage"? It's all in how the group plays it, but I want to have the fresh-to-the-game experience every so often.
  10. Saint&Sinner said: Hi Y'all. I wanted to send you a private message but I don't see yet how to do it. I'm planning on coming to the Kennesaw Hobby Town demo. Should be there around 3 (but with 5 kids I'm never really on time anywhere LOL). Obviously we've spoken so you figured it out. I haven't used it previously either as I'm new to these boards. Hmmm....five kids and a Mother Theresa quote in your signature... Do you attend St. Michael's or Transfiguration?
  11. NezziR said: Come on down, y'all Alrighty. Here I am! I'm planning on attending the demo session in Kennesaw, Georgia at Hobby Town. Is anyone here the cat in charge of this session, or is anyone here planning on attending? NezziR said: Edit: You haven't played in the Grim World of Warhammer till you've heard it GM'd with a southern accent. You haven't played any RPG properly until you've heard it GM'd with a Southern accent.
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