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  1. Norticus Noctum said: Slocation of long forgotten and dead chapter of Space Marienes (hiskind was responsible for eliminating them) I'm not so sure about that part, if memory serves me right the Space Marines weren't brought out until the Age of Strife. It doesn't say how humanity defeated the Iron Men, all it says is that they did so at huge losses. Here's the Lexicanum link for Men of Iron. wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Men_of_Iron
  2. HappyDaze said: I prefer the new version where the Necrons themselves have some personality and goals aside from the racial programming inside their heads. I also like the idea that they turned on the C'tan. That brings up one major hole in the story. If the C'tan had the ability to make what was effectively a control everyone button and gave it to the Silent King, then why couldn't they just have kept the control for themselves and include the King in the group.
  3. Cymbel said: Well, to have lesser minions, you need to have Fel 40 (which only greater minons can reach) Lesser minions only need Fel 35. While I do agree that it makes since for a Greater minion to have some hanger ons, it just seems to me that it could cause someone to have just too many minions.
  4. Lecram said: This power requires you to roll on the phsychic phenomena chart every round. I agree with everything else you just said, but I think you are wrong on this part. The last sentence of the corruption powers description seems to say that the section titled psychic phenomena on the corruption powers is actually a replacement effect that you only use when you would activate psychic phenomena. Of course I could be wrong though.
  5. coolzyg said: What do you think about newest change in BC that unbalanced weapons can't make swift attack and unwieldy can't make lightning attack? You can Swift Attack with any weapon, be it unbalanced or even unwieldy. The Swift Attack entry has a paragraph about not being able to use unwieldy weapons, but if you look closely it's talking about Lightning Attack and I can't find any reference to Swift Attack being restricted, especially being more restricted than Lightning Attack as your post seems to say.
  6. KommissarK said: So, not to hijack a thread or anything, this seems related; But assuming we do allow two weapon wielding to be able to allow 2x lightning attacks (1 for main hand, one for offhand) in a round, does this count as a full round action, or is it still a half round action? Nothing I've read with two weapon wielder makes the off hand attack use an actual action. Still, it seems implicit that it would, and it makes sense to me. And really, even if its just Lightning attack/standard attack with two weapon wielding, is that also not a full round action? Two-Weapon Wielder says that you can make a half-action attack after making a half-action attack, it doesn't say anything about that second half-action attack being free, so one must assume that that half-action attack takes a half-action
  7. N0-1_H3r3 said: Or, y'know, you could just look at the Unique Minions sidebar on page 136. Basically, anything you want to do with the minion rules that's beyond the normal limitations of those rules is permitted if your GM says it is. The rules are there, as all the rules in every rulebook and sourcebook are, as a starting point. For example, I'm allowing Rubric Marines as Greater Minions, but only to Tzeentchian Sorcerers who know the right things (primarily those who bear the geneseed of the Crimson King). I'm allowing Daemonic on minions other than Greater Minions so as to permit nurgling 'pets' and daemonic imps. The system can't cover everything, and if it's too loose, then it becomes open to abuse (and if that were the case, there'd be a crowd of people here all be complaining about how broken it is and how it caters to powergamers). So the rules start tightly constrained with the Rule Zero clause to allow flexibility and expansion beyond those limits when that flexibility and expansion is for the right reasons, as determined by the only person who can really make that sort of decision for your group... the GM. Otherwise the psyker trait for a normal minion would be kind of worthless as it takes a 3rd level talent to get more psy rating.
  8. I would assume so, as the customization table is for both Power armour and Terminator armour, and one of the things on the table is the "Careful Maintenance". Careful Maintenance states that the item gets 5 total subsystems instead of the usual 3 and it doesn't say to re-roll if you are in Terminator armour.
  9. Deinos said: What makes you think the loyalist astartes outnumber the CSM? Even if we assume only a grand total of TWO chaos space marines survived the Horus Heresy and escaped to the eye of Terror, and 95% of all Chaos Space Marines die before passing on their geneseed or fail to pass it on, and that no loyalist has ever went to Chaos and passed on his geneseed since, over 10k years... There'd STILL be 1.275 BILLION chaos space marines! All just from Adam and Steve. Likewise, according to acquisition rules, loyalist space marines are of "Unique" rarity while CSM are of "Extremely Rare" rarity, which means its as easy to find 101-1000 CSM as it is to find a single loyalist astartes. Even in imperial space, its easier for a heretic to find "vast" (11-100) quantities of CSM to work with him (-40 total acquisitions test), as it is for an inquisitor to find a single loyalist astartes (-70 total influence test). Makes sense if you remember that the loyalists have been utterly crippled by the Codex Astartes, while the Legions (which initially numbered, what, 200,000 or so?) were all created with the resources of but a single solar system. While I'm not sure about the math for how many CSMs there are I will dispute the rarity saying they are easier to find. The rarity of extremely rare as opposed to unique doesn't say anything about how hard they are to find, what it does say is that it is exponentially easier to get the service of a CSM than a loyalist marine as loyalists are restricted by their organization in what they have to do, so they are generally unavailable. CSMs on the other hand can do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want, so are much easier to get to do your dirty work.
  10. You could always use the concealed weapon bionic from Dark Heresy's Inquisitor's Handbook p.138. I believe that putting weapons into bionic arms was one of the original intentions of it.
  11. LETE said: crisaron said: Black crusades : originally those Crusades led by the Black legion hence Black Crusade.... His! Sorry for being such a noob but what is/was the Black Legion? Thanks! L The Black Legion is the chaos legion that Abbadon is the warmaster of. It was formerly known as the Sons of Horus when Horus was alive and the Luna Wolves before that. they are the main chaos legion, I say main in that Abbadon is the one currently empowered by all four chaos gods. The Black Legion has led 13 Black Crusades against the Imperium so far.
  12. melkorthefoul said: Hey guys, I was originally going to buy this from Amazon, but they have the release date as being in 2012, and much of the internet gives highly conflicting release data. If I order Black Crusade now from the FFG online store, will I get in by next week? I got my copy in from FRP games a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure you will get it by next week if you order it right now, unless of course you use USPS to deliver it. I've learned not to trust Amazon on release dates.
  13. Crate said: MILLANDSON said: Cifer said: The thing about stealth + power armor is that Chaos Space Marines use Black Carapace power armor which does not increase their size so unless they errata it (which I really hope they will) CSM do not suffer any penalties for stealthing in power armor. I believe you're misreading that - CSMs are Hulking alright, they merely don't grant their enemies bonuses for their size (something which I'll likely houserule in my game). That is indeed correct - they just don't count as hulking for the purposes of the +10 bonus to hit given to their enemies. They still count as hulking for all other purposes. Where do you find that ? It specifically says: "Power armor adds +20 to the wearer's Strength characteristic and increases his size by one step (for example a human who is average would become hulking). Note that Chaos Space Marines possess the Black Carapace, meaning they do not count their size as one step bigger." Thats pretty clear to me that the do not count as hulking for any purpose whatsoever. On page 49 in the actual rules for the Black Carapace, "Although a Space Marine in power armour has the Size (Hulking) Trait, his enemies gain no bonus to hit him thanks to the Black Carapace."
  14. merashin


    Fabian Grax said: The downside of having so much space is that it can be hard to keep track of. Lurking in the hidden spaces between decks and behind machinery could be all kinds of horrible things, and your only indication of it could be the occasional missing crew member! Yeah, in a game I'm playing in we went to the darkholds of the ship and found that there were some cultists dealing a drug the equivalent of spook on steroids, granting large amounts of psychic powers to the users. The horrible part about this drug is that it would eventually mutate you into a hulking bird-man. TL;DR: you never know what you will find in your own ship.
  15. More specifically about the minion traits, it's not that they don't work it's that they have been included in the talents section and the traits section drop down doesn't work.
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