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  1. "rough night a the three feathers! as others have already suggested is a great little thang,, also a couple of the mini ones from "deaths dark shadow".. and "mistaken identity" from "shadowsover Bögenhafen"…
  2. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=166&efcid=3&efidt=623199
  3. copious amounts of cake, cigarrettes, alcohol and weed usually does the trick with any rpg game system ,, on a side note,, our dm doesn't smoke or drink so he's usually the one reigning us in with a few fast roll of his dice when everything gets a bit too silly and descends into ridiculous metagaming ..
  4. "blood of the martyrs", definitely a must have! religion is a super vital part of the 40k universe, and as a DM you need to know what's going on and why!! ! : ?
  5. i GM a mixed group of r.t/d.h and b.c characters using the b.c skills/talents and combat system, and it seems to work fine! its a bit of work converting official ffg adventures but not enough to put me off from dm'ing and the b.c system is just way better than d.h. and r.t! oi oi ! : ?
  6. unfortunately nothing concrete,, but old school guardsmen with over the top ecclesiastic iconography,,, armies would be led by hordes of preachers, missionaries and confessors !! ? and of course goge vandire's name would be affixed to everything just above that of the emperor
  7. Mercy Blades!? a vital part of being a sanctioned psyker,, but absolutely no game info exists,, how do u use them, stats, cost etc etc?? a fella over at Dark Reign drew up this: http://darkreign40k.com/drjoomla/index.php/armoury/weapons-and-armour/288-rules-for-using-a-psykana-mercy-blade what do ya think 'bout that? oi oi ! : ?
  8. one perspective on this could be the one from from black crusade or the earlier slaves to darkness/realm of chaos,, namely, that if it is impossible for the gods of order to hinder corruption. hence the players are ultimately left with three choices: death, attainment of deamonhood or spawndom! i wonder why none of the methods used against corruption in fx dark heresy (purity seals/drugs/holy items etc) have been left out in WHFRPG,, that is, there is supposedly a few magickal items (accordingly to my GM), but nothing more mundane,, and again, why are the gods/powers of law and order powerless to help? the shalalala cult tries, but really can't do anything but lock people away and try to put mutants to good use!! hey
  9. hey hey! so we've been playing some 45ish gamesessions and corruption points is starting to be a real big issue.. two players recieved their first mutation extended limbs and obesity,, our party included a pitfighter, a priest of ranald, a witchhunter, a captian of the reiksguard and an amethyst wizard,, the priest of ranald got the extended limbs and quickly chose to end his character and start a new one,, the pitfighter got obesity and tried to hold on to his character a bit longer, but eventually the witchhunter had to put him down,, now the amethyst wizard and captain is starting to worry,, the amethyst needs 2 more cp before his first mutation and the captain 4! we where wondering, is there anything at all that could be done to minimize cp gain in the ruleset? we have a funny feeling, that theres an inbuilt character killer functinon in the game in the form of cp that you cant do square about!? the wizard in particular is worried, and has choosen to simply stop using spells cause hes worried bout misscasting and gaining corruption!! is there anything that could be done to avert or regain cp? purityseals, fervent praying, holy endeavors, alchemical potions, magick items etc etc`? some help would be nice?
  10. ever tried playing a temple calix scholastica psykana? (inq handbook) its basically a psychic assassin! i play a high lvl diviner one, and he seriously kicks ridiculous amounts of ass!
  11. a price list for those cybernetics would have been nice,, any ideas?! oi oi ! : ?
  12. a little more info on the campaign is in order,, the navigator in the mercy seat is an x-player, and (after his wife's death) intermediary leader of a navigator house.. him ending up in the seat is due to a war within his family.. he has been usurped by his son who has now taken complete control of the house. his son and the rogue trader along with the senechal and explorer character are highranking temple tendency agents.. the navigator house is now a completely loyal temple tendency house.. the x-player refused to join the temple after he discovered the fact that his son had killed his wife and numerous family member in a purge to eradicate the house of all non temple tendency members... the pc's are of course not going to let any other non-temple navigators close to the mercy seat.. the pc's are quite aware of the fact that he'd die sooner or later, but have been ordered from up high in the temple tendency to commit this act as a test of faith,, and, well they're quite an evil party who loves a good torture as any other i figure giving the x-player d10 insanity points per travel through the empyrian and 2d10 for the initial ritual of being placed in such a device,, i'm definately counting on some sort of demonic infestation sooner or later, and the pc's are too,, hence they'll be doing preperations for binding the demon once it shows up to put it to good uses..... on top of that d10 corruption points to each temple tendency player involved in the delightfully evil act seems in order! thanx for your interest! ! : ?
  13. any inputs on how many corruption points he'd gain in the process and eventually per journey through the warp,, they wouldn't want him to chaos spawn too soon!! ? ! : ?
  14. yes, i was thinking some serious brainsurgery might also help, like removing fear and emotions in general etc etc,,actually i think he'll end up a brain in a jar of course the pc keep other loyal navigators on standby to check up on his calculations and stuff,, i think it could quite easily be done,, and its a delightfully evil idea! thanx for the input! ! : ?
  15. so the party decided to install the old navigator in the navigator seat as a means of torture,, they hooked him up to a liffe support system and want him to stay there till death,, how quickly do you reckon that will come,, if they do their best to prolong the suffering? bear in mind that the explorer is in essence a logican and that they wish to use the navigator to go places without him plotting a course for the nearest sun! that is, they wish to feed him large doses of mind altering hypnotic drugs to make him comply with their wishes... ideas? ! :?
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