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  1. Hey guys, I know that I might to print out the inserts or that I may have some other solutions. But that is not purpose of this topic. I was wondering if there is an interest for this to be real product as I thought that there will be many customers out there who will like to buy it.. So I just wanted to do a research how many would be willing to pay for it. As I wanted to convince FFG that it is strong number. But apparently I was wrong..
  2. Nice that was my objective to move with it.
  3. I do not wanted to start here discussion if this is possible or not. I just wanted to know if someone else would be interested in this.. So if you are interested just add post like: I am in. If not: I am out.
  4. Mate, I want this to be released by FFG not by me. They should still have the license as they are producing Diskwars from Warhammer world.
  5. I know this, but I hope that this will be some kind of petition and if there will be enough players interested in. Maybe the Earth stop turning, who knows.
  6. All cards, that are in FAQ, corrected in this Print on Demand pack. I believe if there will be enough of interest FFG will be persuade to do so.
  7. Hello Warhammer Invasion community, I wanted to do a research, who would be willing to pay for pack of errated cards for this great game (with proper texts, there is not to much cards with wrong wording, but it would be nice to have it all in errated format). I am trying to convince the FFG to do a print of demand with all errated cards for this great game. So who is in? Maybe this will convince them, to make it real. Thanks Black
  8. Baaah I come here to know what will be from this game..And there is only a big question mark and no answer. Hmm only time knows what waiting in the dark. But some new info will be good.
  9. Kryyst said: Also look for action cards that give you a greater chance of gaining extra maneuvers so that you can move in, strike and move out again. The key to being an agile fighter is to be agile. Don't just think in D&D terms of it allows you to swap strength for dex. You need to be agile. The Wardancer career is designed specifically for this. But even without using that career and it's associated actions you can make an accomplished agile fighter through other means. But again you have to think of a full agile fight. Don't expect to make an agile fighter that can go up against a tank and stand there and trade blows. That's now how fencer's fight in real life and it's certainly not going to work in the game. Finally that's what I tried to say wardancer in my playing group. You talking from my heart. If you are an agile fighter you just do some damage and then you fade out. And you must have many active defence cards. I hope that in Omens of war will be some new cards to play in this style.
  10. Heh I dont read that question in last page..Heh you have right..Now I see. I don't expect that the Swordmasters are so much powerfull..
  11. I read today one interesting question rule, and I think that is not right. It is about card Swordmasters of Hoeth. Becouse if they are declared as defenders they will protect only ammount of damage equal to they hit-point rating. Like when you play action card that can cancel damage. You play this card in timing after the damage is assigned. You can't move damage after is assigned, but you can cancel that damage. Example: My battlefield is defended only by Swordmasters of Hoeth. 3 hit-points. Enemy has total power of 5 then assign 3 hits to Swordmasters and rest to the Battlefield which is defended by them (2 damage). Then damage on Swordmasters is canceled thru their effect. It is described in rules on pages (12-13) 4. assign damage and 5. apply damage. What do you think?
  12. On Ritual Dance card: Tempests fury is in row with just one hammer: You hit for critical damage. What does this mean?? That I hit for severity raiting?? Or what, becouse I cannot add critical damage if I havent done one oro more normal wounds in that same strike. And another question have you anyone some tips for wardancer carrier? In my stories he is always beaten like a childern..
  13. Hi a have a question, damage from Horrific Muatation is added like a damage tokens or just all units have one hitt point less?? Becouse there is difference, If it will be as damage token It will be for next battle to, Or If it is just one less in hit point it will be off after battle phase. I am little bit confused abouth this...
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