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  1. Role: GM or Player Looking: Group or GM Type of Game: Online or Face to Face Session Specifics: (online) Play by Post Region: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Time: (FtF) Biweekly on Saturday from 12pm to 4pm or 5pm (PbP) Central Time Zone Game Style: Dark Heresy would be run grim with noir tone to the story. Rogue Trader will have a more cinematic feel to that feel of daring risk for the big pay off. Deathwatch will be run more as a war story with moral choices popping up here and there(yes I know morals in 40k did you not read the background fluff. answer yes. I just feel there needs to be gravity to choices). As GM I have final say on rules but want to hear from players where they want to go with their characters. No arguing with party or GM Game Specifics:(FtF) I have the books just some warm bodies, dice, paper, and willingness contribute to the group. (PbP) Players need just the core book. I use a benny system when I gm each player gets one benny(one reroll) and the GM Imperial Favor benny(a automatic success) which is given when half the players give up their bennies to give someone the Imperial Favor. As a player I do more to keep the story going and not hog the spotlight. Comments: Just PM by adding as friend and I'll get back to you as soon as possible(I check the boards every two to three days.) If I GM the group I'll wait until the group picks which one to play.
  2. Question, has anyone used 3ed in another setting besides Warhammer just wondering? I just start a new game with my older group using the WHFRP 3ed system minus magic, corpution, only humans, sandbox play with a heavy Song of Ice and Fire infulence. just hope Omens of War comes out soon so I get
  3. I guess I have to say the truth to everyone. We're old and set in our ways. No one like someone coming over to there lawn dumping or say that made it all wrong and should make different. Then there are those who like new things to try and dont mind something different. Our group from in the day played all sort of systems GURPS, Rifts, WHFRP 1ed, and the list goes on. Then there were some groups that just played mostly one system I sat in on(D&D, Champions, GURPS, WHFRP). I just dont see why all the fighting when the atleast we should be trying to get the word out about the hobby. I swear I seen more people put more energy into their rants than I bet they ever done to expand the hobby. We all have kids, nephews, nieces, and cousins show them a game(I found WHFRP 3ed was a easy starter game for my son and his friends. My daughter likes her nWOD vampire game she plays with her friends and cousin.). Look at the hard facts unless the hobby expands beyond the its nitch group we might as well start asking our favorite publishers to start building retirement centers next(actually that would be kinds of cool just having a RPG retirement home). Hasbro, SJgames, FFG, and others well say that its the board/card games are keeping the RPG side afloat the pure rpg publishers(indies not included) are going by the ways side. As much as I hear everyone complain about D&D, its brought more people into the hobby in North America and most parts in the world. If there is some wish I could hope for is that instead of bitchhing wich system is the best go out and teach a game to some. Please that is all dice and pencils go forth and teach a game to others.
  4. Yeah the errors are there but then I haven't seen a rpg book that was perfect the first print from over seas yet. Still there are not many even to the standards of FFG.
  5. I just finish picking up all three vaults and the creature guide and I have to say as the GM I really like them. Creature vault is the best out of the three vualts. As a GM put a adventure together is a snap, place out the cards you would need, look over general story line and quick run down of encounters and your set. I dig that with the cards I can see the shape of the story and it has pervented some snags that I wouldnt have caught. these vaults are a stong GM tool. I know didnt invest in the rest of the guides, I do own the other expasions so I felt there was no need to reinvest in something I already own. Player guide is nice but I already have player hand outs, Gm Guide is okay but then I have the rules and errata is online, the best bang for your buck is the creature guide if you own the expansions already. I thank FFG for keeping up one of the best standards in my hobby.
  6. Merry Chistmas and a Happy New Year form Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada hope the snow doesnt stop the gaming group from getting together.
  7. There two type I use Slide grip and the swing-lock or Latch-lock, the items are report covers you can get st print shops or office supply stores. Print shops have Slide gipe that can fit 100+ paper count and it works great for all softcover books. Most are made for letter sizes but if you get it in the middle your fine. I use the locks in two, one towards the top and one on the bottom. Now Im not saying all those who work at a print shop are slow but some times you have to explain it to them. I works easier if the printshop is in the office supply store that way you can grab a example. The thirty papper count will fit on the core books just use the plastic covers when you slide the slip grip down the spine so you dont gouge the cover(and a liitle muscle).
  8. NezziR said: My books have been through hell and they're still in one piece. Here's how: If you look, there's a cease that runs along the front and back cover of the book, near the spine. When you get a new book, fold that over and break the crease. What this does is keep the covers from pulling the spine away from the glue. My books were tossed around during both demos with many people folding them and passing them around. They have survived the initial rules study, and a weekly campaign that has lasted since release. To be honest, except where I intentionally folded them back, you can't tell them from a new set. All the other books for my 5 man group (everyone has their own set) look just the same. I have to conclude that breaking that crease is doing the job. Im glad to see that Im not the only one to see that. When I bought my core set and looked at the books I the crease and my friend almost flipped when he saw me fold my covers. He thought I was tearing apart my books to put in binders. I explained it and my books are fine. You can buy a plastic slip bind that slide down the spine of the book wich squeezes the spine of the book to hold it together.
  9. I used my scanner and blew up the place cards to about page size(remember to save as a bitmap and high resolution), and I made a bull's eye color clear cover(each ring of the bull's eye repersent distance from extreme to engaged). I place box text on the place page to say what the effect is and all the players see what it is. I find this easier that putting out markers for distances, Also you can make up your own places.
  10. skolo said: its www.gitzmansgallery.com/MapTools_WFRP/index.html for those who need it. I`m curently working on the maptool maps for False Pretenses adventure. It will be ready 2nd week of Jan. Skolo it looks great, I just never like the Maptool interface, you really have something really going there I'll be keeping a track of. Darret has what I want more, I havent used a map since I started playing War3ed. Creature stats block, NPCs' stats blocks, pcs' characters, Dice roller and my adventure notes right on the screen. The dice roller keeps acount of the modifiers of the place and condtion of the NPCs and PCs. Something where I wirte my adventure notes and plop in monstersNPCs, open file in the program its there. I dont want complete digital, I payed for the cards, standups, chit pieces and books wich will be used. It needs to be a GM tool to free up time for the game. We are all older players with family, time we have is for gaming, and less time preping and more timing to game is all for the better.
  11. Dont forget that FFG came out with a movie, so there is hope for this program. Here look at the sucsess of DDI, Hero builder, and GURPS Character Asstaint. They dont have to do the program in house, but a trusted other party could do it for them(they just have to pitch it to othere developers that they can make money from it as the those with the IPs get their cut should work). There is a market out there for support program, if FFG makes there other lines of RPG would be great. Once year they offer the expansion packs (new monsters, spells, action cards, and places)or the adventures to plugin for a price. Ive seen GMs at the store run the whole game from there laptop(even using it for backgroud music) and only had the the books there for the players to refrernce them.
  12. I would like to see a campaign builder from FFG, it would have a character builder, dice roller, adventure builder, and campaign notes. I have the books, (Im still waitng for Creature Guide and Vault to make to my FLGS) but a app like that instead of have different formats or different folders to contain all my campaign junk. One place to look at eveything would be lovely, pop the laptop, (yes I like power, memory, and multi-function to a overpriced Itouch) get your pieces out, start the game. I would pay thirty maybe even forty if it easy use, nice interface, and doesnt look like some spreadsheet program.
  13. Yeah I felt like a wargamer making sure that I put evey thing back. I made everything from the core to the GM kit fit in the core box. Now Im Looking at some type of carrying case when I pick up gathering storm and winds of magic. To stream line the setup and keep loss down was when I desgined the the adventure I made pregens so the characters were taken care of(placed in boxes and one sandwich bag since the adventure kit didnt come with a box), placed in a baggy the everything for the adventure, and at the con setup the rest in a display fashion untill I filled my table(a quick scoop and it was in the box to be sperated later). It did helpt hat my son was with me, see breeding does help you out. On a off note has anyone ran a game not in the setting of warhammer, I was just wondering since it was itching my brain of late to run a just human home world.
  14. I held a 31/2 hour demo this weekend at local convention (I was to hold two but sunday I came down with the flu). Those say that Warhammer is convention unfriendly I dont see how, the compontents attracted people. The little downside is the setup compared pencil and paper, but then I was setting up to display all the gooddies. I had two new players to RPG and two regular players. New player view of the game *Cards made it easy to figure out a plan during combat *enjoyed the magic system and had fun with canitrips *wound system was nice *both players found it quick to pick up for having never having to play rpgs before. Regular players to RPG *The White Wolf player found that it was intresting and enjoyed the feel of game. *D&D player had a harder time in the combat portion of the game, he felt that couldnt grab distance, movement, or pushing with fatigue. I figure since there wasn't a map out to see with. All in all the game was great and introduced players to a new game. The group had fun. I have to say that Warhammer screams as one of the better intro games and to be played at conventions. The worse is making sure you dont forget anything as you pick up.
  15. I use the blue dice for initative and stance for action.
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