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  1. Mithras said: I think FFG and GW are trying to get on the same page with their upcoming codex. and because of this, the product may be delayed slightly, with the addition of new units/assets(eg.: Dreadknight) that FFG was previously unaware of. A bit of last minute scrambling to get on the same page, I think, is whats going on. But I think it will make the final product more up to date and relevant. Too bad they can't come out and say this tho...with all the peeps waitin' for it and all... Wait! I don't Understand! That makes sense!!
  2. Keep in mind though, there are things Inquisitors aren't allowed to share - the Space Marines know this. They also routinely received orders with no explanation when they served in their chapters. In a Military organization, you don't have time to explain everything to everyone, nor is it appropriate. Its not a democracy.
  3. Lordes said: Hi all, I was wondering about the fact that a space marine always follow orders, but what would happened if lets say an inquisitor would give an order to destroy a group of people or xenos that does not pose a treat to anybody, should the kill team do it and kill innocent people that doesn't even have weapon or primitive weapon or should they refuse to participate in a murder and if so what would happened to them (The kill team i mean)?? Thanks Lordes I doubt they would hesitate or question the orders. If it became a habit, or the Inquisitor became evassive - I would imagine they might press the matter.
  4. I would have promoted his 1st Mate to Captain with extreme kinetic energy (bolter) poisoning.
  5. The players should be limited by their requisition points - If they can afford all that crap, you are giving them too many. Keep in mind as well, as I have seen elsewhere in this thread, encumberance is more than the weight of an object, bulkiness comes into play. Heavy weapons are HUGE, even bolter clips are the size of a forearm. Just having 10 of those attached to your armour would probably get in the way. They need to be able to get through doors - on starships, pods, Land Raiders and Rhinos, buildings, tunnels etc. How do they sit in the seats on the pod? How about go prone? Jump across a chasm? Run? Bend over and pick something up? Give Medical aid? The maximum encumberance I would allow a Marine is A Single Heavy weapon (EVER) and a basic weapon or two basic weapons. Plus a bolt pistol and a close combat weapon or two bolt pistols. Never more than one special pistol (Plasma, melta) Never more than 10 clips or 6 clips and a Back Pack Ammo Supply total accross all weapons.
  6. B3stie said: Hi There, i do not understand that table with the carry limits. It seems that the Charas can wear nearly everthing they want. Isn´t there a max in volumia? Something like: Only one Heavy or two basic weapons? It seems to be pretty much the charas may wear. Wishes B3stie The book takes secondary precedence to the GM's ruling - always. That is a basic tennent of PnP gaming. Tell them no, it's that simple. Don't argue with them about the completness of the rules, you don't need to defend yourself, "I'm sorry, I have decided this is the most your character can reasonably carry." Now you will always have players that get clever and strap suspensors or a hover board to their gear and drag it along behind them. Let them be silly, but make them pay for it. That excess crap would get blown up REAL fast in my game and then next game when they try and requisition more, it won't be available to them because the Master of The Forge decided they are wasteful and not properly respecting the machine spirits of their gear.
  7. "Head Hunted" in "Heroes of the Space Marines" is a perfect DW adventure - In fact its about a Deathwatch team sent on a one hour mission aboard a Space Hulk. With a specific objective with individual squad members having sub objectives.
  8. ejacobs said: I've modded my Space Wolves so far by dropping the starting +5 to Fel (makes no sense to me when in their descriptive text it says they are truthful to a fault and are not afraid to rub folks the wrong way) and allow them to take either a +5 to WS or BS instead. I think that allows for some varieties of experienced SW. I'm still debating changing their Solo ability to something different while letting them keep the heightened senses for smell. E Two Words: Meade Hall. I don't believe any other Chapter has traditions involving the consumption of copious amounts of booze.
  9. Charmander said: operator. Now how Cain fights CSMs or Brood Lords with a chainsword and doesn't get his ass kicked I can't rightly say Like Cain does everything else - pure luck! The incredible unlikliness of those events was also stressed in the novels
  10. ...we prefer the phrase "Granting the Emperor's peace"...
  11. Hiromoon said: Yeah, and they're without a doubt a killing machine, though they loose their ability to talk with standard people. That's where non-space marine character come in handy... Oh agreed - I think there is deffinitly use for non-SM top be working with SM. DW kill things real well, INQ Investigate real well etc. I have toyed with the idea of running a campaign where the players are an Inquisitor's group until they find the bad guys, then of course they call in the Deathwatch, also played by the PC's. This would allow mixing up a more cerebral game / play style with a straight forward OHH-RAH! shoot-um-up. Game won't get stale etc.
  12. ak-73 said: ItsUncertainWho said: ak-73 said: To be frank: to get an RPG with that many inconsistencies, ambiguites, etc. is a bit of a let down. If they were treating this RPG as a holy grail (and I think they should have), they would have made sure they could delay a release date by some time to get it right on first shot. The problem with any delay is us and print time. We are, in general, a bunch of whining, selfish geeks who want instant gratification. Just look back to the RT threads around Gen Con before its release and the DW threads earlier this year. There are many people on these forums who would have screamed bloody murder if their precious books were delayed at all. I wasn't among the impatient. ItsUncertainWho said: Delaying DW to fix things would have pushed back release by 6 months to a year, based on my experience with printers. Reshuffling print times would cost more money to cancel and reschedule a print run and the whole product line would be delayed and cost more money. I can't imagine anyone at FFG being happy about putting any product out that has errors. The overall quality of their products seems to speak to them taking pride in their work. The problem is that there is a point where, perfect or not, a product must ship and there is nothing they can do about it. For rules issues, I find it's more of how one reads something than a wrong or ambiguous rule, in a lot of cases. Ah, com'on. Squad mode abilities? Righteous Fury rules? Can psy powers be dodged? Over-powered Bolters? Etc. etc. etc. I understand what you're saying. But if to FFG this had been the holy grail wouldn't they have scheduled printing so that they could be sure that the output had the necessary level of quality? DW should have been the pinnacle of the product line after all. It probably isn't. All I am doing is pointing out the divergence between lofty foreword rhetoric and reality in the pages that follow. And with all the unfair customer whining in mind, let me point out that FFG are professionals. It's not unfair to expect a higher standard from them given that mission statement in the foreword. Alex /Agree and asking them to use a spell checker is not unreasonable.
  13. Haven't read through this all - just make sure when u are comparing them you take into account Unnatural Toughness x 2, Unnatural Strength x 2, free gear and all the physcial mods built into an SM Don't suffer from blood losss, unaffected by sleep deprivation, resistant to poisons, True Grit, eating people to know their secrets, resistant to gases, Heightned Senses (Sight), Heightened Senses (Hearing), Free Medicae test, radiation resistant, poison detection, vacuum resistant, spit acid, Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, training in all weapons, Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, resistance (Psychic Powers), Unarmed Master
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