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  1. what is the "screw the guy to the right" problem?
  2. How are these supposed to work? It "looks" like you put the units on the ground/space area.. and the cards where you have the purity seals. The problem is that this will not work... when you place cards you need to do it in a way that can "fan" to allow you to see the additive bonuses.
  3. do the discarded cards go into your normal discard pile?
  4. I do not understand the setup instructions for the 2nd quest in VoI. Take top 20 cards from your deck and set out of play Solo player shuffles Mugash into his 20 set aside cards Muiltiplayher take Mugash + 1 Bodygaurd for each other player (2-4) and randomly shuffle 1 monster into their 20 set aside cards Remove form game any remaining Mugash Bodygaurds Now what? 1a Setup: Each player removes the top 20 cards of his deck and places them aside, as an out-of-play deck. The first player takes Mugash plus 1 Mugash's Guard for each other player in the game and randomly shuffles one facedown into each player's out-of-play deck. Place any remaining copies of Mugash's Guard aside, out of play. 1b When Revealed: Each player searches the encounter deck for a Mountain location and adds it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck. Then, advance to stage 2. 2b Time 2 Forced: After the last time counter is removed for this stage, shuffle the discard pile into the encounter deck and reveal 2 encounter cards per player. Place 2 time counters on this stage. Response: After questing successfully, cancel all progress that would be placed on this stage. Then, place 1 time counter on this stage. Or, if Mugash is in play, advance to stage 3. Ok... so now what... by the time we are at 2 we all have a 20 card out of play deck with 1 monster in it, one of which is the dude and at least 1 mountain location. So how can we get past 2b? I can not see any instruction talking about the out of play 20 card deck that the ork is in.... so how can you get to 3.. as you have to have Mugash in play?
  5. So the answer is yes.. you have to choose one that can resolve. Thanks
  6. what about other cards, not just Followed by Night... can you choose an option that doesn't resolve over one that will?
  7. http://hallofbeorn.com/Cards/Details/Followed-by-Night-RtR When Revealed: The first player (choose 1): deals 1 damage to all allies in play and Followed by Night gains surge, or all enemies engaged with players make an immediate attack, if able. Can you "choose" to do something that can not happen, if there is an option that can happen? You have some 1 health allies in play, but have no engaged monsters... could you still choose option 2?
  8. Voting is still ongoing! Get in their and show support for out game : ) Remember you do not need to make EH higher than AH... just have AH somewhere on the list! Whoever speaketh of Cthulhu shall remember that he but seemeth dead, he sleeps, and yet he does not sleep, he has died and yet he is not dead, asleep and dead though he is, he shall rise again. Again it should be shown that In dark forgotten corners of the world, gates still gape to loose, on certain nights, Shapes pent in the darkened side of the earth."
  9. I love Ah, you love Ah, we all love Ah. Tom Vassel has made many public comments about EH being a far better game than AH, and said he was shocked it was on the top 100 last year and expects Ah to fall completely off this year. It is up to us to keep the dream alive! Go to DiceTower and put in a vote for Ah. You do not have to make it 1, and you do not need to vote for 100 games or even make it higher than EH... Just make sure that Ah in on that list when you hit submit. Lets show our force and keep Ah in the top 100 people choice list for life! You need to register on the Dice Tower site (100% free, takes a few seconds) then go to the voting booth - http://www.dicetower.com/top-tens/top-100-games-all-time-2015 That which is dead, may never truly die!
  10. Twilight Imperium xpacs turn a long game into a entire weekend. Rule upon rules. These xpacs are exactly why the player base for this game is extremely small. Or more likly people only play it a few times. Kingsburg / Fury of Dracula / Rex (Dune) do not count as they are reprints of old games form other companies. Cosmic Encounters is also a reprint but it has many xpacs, again all adding rubbish that no one ever uses. You go to a con and see Cosmic getting played then you see the base game maybe with the reward deck and the quake rules and that is about it. All those other things.. not used at all. People only buy them to get the aliens.
  11. hehe... thanks guys. Also I defiantly stand by my alignment choices!
  12. Had some spare time and decided to amuse myself. What alignments do you see on this forum?
  13. So the only way to retreat a unit from planet 2+ is to have the warlord there so there is combat, then have 1 full combat round and then retreat, letting the oponant win and gain the planet bonus?
  14. ????? Ok lets try this way... Example 1 I have a warlord and a 2 units at planet 4 There is no opponent units Dose the battle text on the planet resolve for me, and can I retreat the warlord and the units? Example 2 I have a warlord and a 2 units at planet 4 There is 1 opponent unit I exhaust my unit, the the opponents exhausts his, then I exhaust my warlord and kill the opponents unit. Now I have 1 unit exhausted, 1 unit ready and 1 warlord exhausted, and there are no opponent units. Rhe battle text on the planet dose resolve for me. Can I retreat the warlord and the units.
  15. right, so a battle occurs with the warlord at planet 2+, so if the warlord is there and there is no opponents, or you kill the opponents. The warlord and the units can retreat?
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