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  1. I just did a restock of my site that sells singles, www.bytowntraders.ca. I believe I have the lowest price around (make sure to select USD in the top right if you're comparing my prices to a US site). I don't feel comfortable inflating prices just because sealed products might not be available for a while and everything I have is listed on the site. So be quick to buy these cards before they're sold out, because prices are low!
  2. I want them to give us full art versions of the most popular cards from previous sets. 1 classic card per box would be nice. They really need a system to prevent out of print cards from inflating too much in prices as the popularity of the game grows while also not killing their value entirely. It's a fine line between printing what used to be a 200$ card in a 20$ starter like Yu-Gi-Oh does and never reprinting some cards which makes the MTG's legacy format inaccessible for most people. Anyways, alt arts / full art of classic cards is way more exciting than foils. I remember the l5r foils, they were so ugly these were actually worth less than the regular cards in my playgroup.
  3. The stormtrooper is a rare so it can be opened in boosters. Just buy it from the secondary market. After your second starter you're paying 15$ just for a stormtrooper.
  4. Sith holocron is nuts. In a game where you refill your hand every turn stuff that does a lot for 0r is bound to be good.
  5. There are so many more well known canon characters. Lando jumps to mind. Bala-tik is in the base set so why not have the guys from Kanjiclub as well? And they're coming out with a new movie every year for the foreseeable future, so this game shouldn't have to reuse the same content over and over.
  6. It's a sign of a good game when each choice you make has it's pros and cons. What's TTS? TableTop Simulator. You can mod in any board game into it. I'm hoping someone makes a mod for Destiny to make it easier to test new decks before buying the singles.
  7. Unless there is some awesome, unspoiled card for them - it won't be a thing. Phasma + 2x troopers is simply better.And BTW: I have just played two, virtual games and I see things differently: Vader is not that good. Kylo is awesome. Didn't tried yet, but Kylo and Dooku will be great. Did you play on TTS or on something else? Or did you just print the known card. I'm still rooting for vader to be good. If villains have some not yet revealed defensive cards and more discard effects I'm hoping you can basically make a mill deck out of it.
  8. In Rey's deck the rares are BB-8, Jedi Robes and Rey's staff. For Kilo he has FO stormtrooper, FO tightfighter, Immobilize and Infantry grenades. They might be cards in high demand. Especially Rey's rares seem solid to me. But really there are always some crap rares with no value in any of these games.
  9. I don't think it'll be that extreme. Let's say you have 3 dice each of which has 1 resource side (worse is unlikely, better is plausible). If you don't spend any resources or get disrupted then you have about a 2/3 chance of playing the Falcon in 2 turns without any help from focus, re-rolls, or resource granting abilities (for instance I think it's a fairly good bet that there'll be a battlefield that gives you a resource when you claim it). I think most decks will find it easy to have a couple of four or five cost cards and plenty of two or three cost ones. THis. I would be very surprised if the best decks aren't built on curve, since that's basicly every game with a cost mechanic works. Lots of cheap stuff, a handful of medium costers with a particularly useful impact, and then one or two big deal cards to show up a little later. (Or to rush out). Admiral Akbar looks like a character that supports resource generation really nicely. (Only seen his dice in the announcement video, not the whole card) I was just saying, if your characters don't have any resource generation on them you should probably stick with stuff in the 0R to 2R range. If you want to run a lot of 4R and 5R you should build for it. And I bet there's a lot of room in between. But I wouldn't try to just build up resources over several turns, that will leave you vulnerable to disruption.
  10. Some characters have 2 sides that generate a resource. If you want to "ramp" into bigger cards you could play Rey (2 dice, 12 points, she has +1R and 1R sides) and Han Solo (2 dices, 18 points, he has two 1R sides). After a bunch of rerolls you could play the falcon on turn 1. I don't know if it's going to be a good strategy but it looks like if you want to play stuff that costs more than 2 that's the kinda thing you'll have to run.
  11. Exactly. MTG decks usually have something like 24 lands and 36 actual card. Since you can play 4x of each card your average deck contains only 9 to 15 different non-land cards. So only the top tier cards make it in any given decks, since there are so few slots and so there's next to no demand for most rares and the few rares that are viable in constructed will all go up in price. Basically when you buy that 50$ card what you're paying for is all the other cards that are worth less than the boosters they were in. With destiny you should have 15 to 20 different card in your deck, plus heroes and location cards. And you only need 1 or 2 of each at most. tl;dr Compared to MTG you should expect fewer cards to be bargain box material (50 cents to 1 dollar), more cards to go for a decent price (5$-10$) and fewer cards to get extremely high prices.
  12. The biggest deterrent to limited play I see is that boosters only contain 5 cards. I think you would need to open 6 boosters or more just to get a decent 15-20 card deck. If they didn't design with limited in mind there might not be a lot of synergies between common cards so you'll probably end up with a pretty clunky deck. Kinda like if you tried to draft MTG with pre-mirage sets. There are also issues with characters. It would suck to draft a a lot of blue/villain cards but not open any blue/villain hero. To solve that issue they would have to either create draft only characters or let you bring in characters from your own collection. I mean they'll come out with draft packs at some point I'm sure but their success depends greatly on how elegant their design is. If it's expensive and it feels clunky it's not going to do well.
  13. To me the answer at that panel sound like "well we didn't design the game with draft play in mind but people are interested in it and it would move a lot of product so I guess we're going to try to release draft packs at some point in the future or something".
  14. Non unique characters can only have one dice which is why the fo stormtrooper has only one die in the starter. I don't know how we jumped to the conclusion that finn also only has one die. I really hope he does come with both of his dies.
  15. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you are lucky you will break even on a booster box. And if you are really lucky you will make some money. Most of the time you will just lose money. You won't make money if you buy the boosters at msrp. Stores that open boosters at their cost make a profit but even then they need to move a lot of the cards they open.
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