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  1. Hi, the "trigger" on Hydra Action, says only "when" the effect kicks in - when it starts working. Hydra effect is changing the game state for the period of time ("unil the end of turn"). The only difference between Grudge Thrower and Hydra, is the timing, when ability starts to work (when Hydra enters play, or whenever you pay for Thrower).
  2. More information updated daily http://www.whinvasion.pl/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=2738
  3. I'm very happy to announce, that this tournament will be official European Championships !!
  4. Dark days are coming … Most ordinary people, leading dull, gray life, unaware of the mysteries of this world do not even notice signs in Heaven and Earth. But trust me. They're coming… And don't think this story will end the same way as all those announced in a mystical voice like when you're sitting in a dark movie theater. This time, it's not deafening dolby surround that makes shivers on your body. This time, it's not a coca cola, bought with a ticket discount, which will satisfy your desire. The Calling that each of us can hear, invite for yet another expedition, for the next sword drawing, spell incantation or using our own brilliance to send the Snotlings as a war meat … The Calling, that shows you an ancient city. City of scoffers and rulers. Citadel of arbiters and martyrs. Fortress of bards and conquerors … Countless legends of riches, torn from a dragons (and somehow from the Dwarfs), attracts adventurers for years, but only a few of them, going through the maze of traps, defeating the powerful guards and traffic jams in the city center - are able to reach out and meet the challenge! Among these legends, there is one song; mentioning a woman, a brave warrior, who lead band of renegade dwarves who managed to put their banner on the top of the tower. It is also about a very young man, who, not so long ago, crept into the city, like the morning mist after the cold night and became the ruler helped with his devilish intrigues and Dark Elves … Those legends, and empty places in Hall of Fame awaits the next challenger, who will not be afraid to take a trip and be a part of this famous struggle for the Old World! Dark days are coming … Twin Tailed Comet fell somewhere in the areas of Kislev … It is a sign of a Cataclysm coming. Launch an assault for the last time, because who knows what awaits us next? Who can predict the fate of the world? So do not hesitate! Assault on Wroclaw calls! Get ready for the war, because the time will come soon … I am pleased and honored to invite you to the next installment of the tournament, which has become a legend on Warhammer Invasion stage. Assault on Wroclaw 2013, this time, in the circumstances of this flourishing Invasion, as well as major changes in the coming time. As usual, it will be the Regional tournament, on the basis of Polish ranking system. I hope that such a turnout, level, and satisfaction - will beat all previous editions. We are expecting about 70-90 players, so go on. Be a part of this great event! Tournament Status: Regional Tournament (I'm waiting for a FFG reply on the European Championship) Date: 27-28 / 04 / 2013 Place: Castle Cultural Centre pl. John's 1 54-076 Wroclaw http://www.zamek.wroclaw.pl/ (You can view photos, play rooms, underground) Awards: - Assault on Wroclaw Trophy 2013 (for the winner) - Unique Assault on Wroclaw Capital Boards for each player - More than 20 board and card games for the prizes. - Regional Champion Trophy 2013 - World Championship Weekend ticket - 2 Regionals 2013 stoneware mugs - 8 Full-color Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game playmats - 16 sets of 6 double-sided Capital Regionals exclusive cards (96 cards total) - 1 "prize Ruins" - Playmat or deck box from the FFG archives for the last-place player Main Event Rules: - Current Tournament Rules - Updated FAQ - Standard 1v1 - Swiss 6 rounds + top 16 - Allowed to play cards from each battlepack/expansion, that is on sale at the date of tournament. - Decklist necessary - Any language cards (if it is a different version than the PL or ENG, please, bring sheet with ENG translation) Additional events: - Multiplayer (rules to be posted on forum thread below) Buy-in (for a main tournament and any side event): PRE-PAY: 45PLN (12€O) ON THE EVENT DAY: 55PLN (15€O) Payment data: Michal Miszczuk Laciarska 5/1 50-104 Wroclaw BIC/SWIFT code: ALBPPLPW PL71 2490 1044 0000 4200 6749 3389 Tittle: AoW, your name and surname. (Please confirm payment on my email below) Accommodation / Hotel / Catering - Accommodation - for the first 50 people with a deposit, it is possible accommodation on site, at the Castle, with an own foam pad, sleeping bag, on the floor in shared place - 5PLN (1,5€O) for your trouble. - In the area there are lot of hostels/hotels where u can accomodate for about 13-20 €O Here are some links: http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-6606-ibis-budget-wroclaw-stadion-previously-etap-hotel/index.shtml If u will email me, we will help u with an acomodation at 100% rate. - Food,: There is a kebab/pizza/traditional meal, near the Castle, for about 3-5 €O for a dinner. FOR ANY QUESTIONS, HELP, INFORMATIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: zubprzemyslaw@gmail.com
  5. Yeah. Great Job. Healthy meta. Hard to say who is the winner right now. Empire stands still, no matter the others falls or raise up. Only one thing I thiks was missed; cards should get on Restrict list in pairs (to give a choice). HE get only Loec, so this will be the only right decision for them to take (Warpstone is as well dead as banned). Convocation should definetly be the second card on the list. Anyway. again, thanks for FAQ 2.0, it's Historical I think, and bring us a new era of Invasion.
  6. Entropy42 said: Think about it this way: If you told me you would give me $20 to skip lunch, I could agree to that and get $20. If someone else also offered me $10 to skip lunch, I would clearly get $30 for not eating lunch that day. If you offered me $20 to give you my lunch (i.e. sacrifice it), I could not then get $10 as well. That's wrong thinking about this card in my opinion. Clearly, you skip your BF phase to get rid of it. It's not like "skip my lunch", but something like "skip my training to get rest", or "skip my whole day, to teach kung-fu". And so, can you skip your day to teach kung-fu, and skip the same time to teach how to dance? Nope. The common sense of this card (named Invasion in its type), tells me, that it shouldn't be that way. Also, from technical point. When u skip something, fe phase, or whole turn - it immediately ends. It ENDS, so, no other Action or effect should be resolved since, the turn/phase is shut down. (Something similar to Jealous Eyes effect). In that way, even if u put on stack two Incrusion effects, once the first is resolved, u must skip the REST of this phase, so no other Action would take place (including second "skipping"). Think of it.
  7. I got the same answer from Lukas, and I'm happy, that I was playing like that from the beginning. Good ruling.
  8. Hi again, I'm refreshing this thread, to ask, have you spoke with Lukas about this "if" condition Entropy? This is still concernig me. As well, as other thing. Another case with two Actions, without giving the opportunity to respond. Let's say, I have two copies of Abandoned Mines. I can trigger their Action at the begginning of the turn, and they must be the very first Actions in this turn. Any other Action, we can play after "at the beggining window". So in theory, I'm triggering two of those Adandoned Mines in a row, and if my opponetn does not have any Action with "at the beggining" condition, he must wait, until I trigger all my "at the beginning" Action, right? The same thing we can ask for two Blood dragon Knights (can opponent respond with Iron Discipline between those action, or must wait to both of them being triggered?), or two sorceror of Tzeenth....and so on.
  9. Thanks for claryfing this. Now I must agree. Sorry for this misunderstanding. Still, what do you think about "if" condition on Actions? On Harpies it prevents from discarding a card if opponent get rid of some cards from his hand. In logical way of reading, that should be checked also when Action resolves, right?
  10. This is my concern: You enter an action window (B1). No one has any leftover triggered actions, so you proceed to B2. How I enter this? without a Trigger? that flowchart says: "After a trigger condition" Actually playing Wall of Maggots create an Action Window right? So now, after playing and putting on stack our Wall of Maggots, we proceed to B1, and since beggining of this Action window, we have a trigger condition - player played a chaos support, so he has right to Activate Raiding Camps Action in second part of B1 step. "-After this, players may only trigger a Triggered Action if it has met its trigger condition since the beginning of the Action Window, and they must do so at the first opportunity (adding it to the existing chain, or starting a new one" Thats how I see it, in B1 you have two opportunities to take a triggered Action, those older, and as quoted text is saying, those triggered since the beggining of actual Action Window, and playing Wall starts this actual Action Window.
  11. Hi, I you are wrong about triggered Actions Entropy. Because this situation is like: 1. playing wall of maggots, it goes on stack, that is trigger condition 2. We check A1 and A@ from the Timing Structure from faq 1.5, if nothing we can do to B 3. B1 says, that before we put any "simply Action" (fe Called Back) which can be done in point B2, we check if any other Action can be triggered by trigger condition (in this case - playing chaos support) And here, first we put to a egsisting chain, or into a new one, Raiding Camps Action, becouse triggered Actions have a priority comparing to simple Actions in response. Entropy, you said, that we need to wait to first opportunity to play triggered Actions, thats right, but only, if the Trigger condition is met DURING Action CHAIN RESOLVING. faq 1.5 quote: "Each Triggered Action can be triggered once per copy of the Triggered Action and only once per trigger condition. If this trigger condition is met during the resolution of other effects (or outside of an Action Window) then the Triggered Action must be played during the first available opportunity once an Action Window opens, or it cannot be played at all." But this trigger condition (playing a support" is not met during resolving, but right afer a cost is paid, so the first opportunity will be "in response" to playing that support. The same situation we have with Mining Tunnels or Sorceror of Tzeenth, we get the card or dealing damage, before those developments from hands hit the table, because, those Triggered Actions are played to in response to thei Trigger Condition. About this "if" checkin in resolve step, I know that is the old ruling, but in my opinion is correct, we must check, if the whole Action is legal, most of the Quest Actions has this "if" part, but some doesn't (Extending the Wasted fe). For me it is clear, thar for Action to be resolved it must met all it's requirements. The Question is (unanswered question by now ; ): - do I need unit on Quest to DESTROY this support (do I need it to resolve destroying) or - do I need unit on Quest to TRY to destroy this support (which means do I need it only to trigger destroying))
  12. Hey, but for you it does not matter what would be result of Stahleck, if Empire won, you would said: "So now you see they are broken", and if Empire lost now you say: "That's the proof they are broken, because anti empire deck wined". It makes me laugh soomehow. What's your point, if 80% top was Empire? 80% of whole tournament was Empire, so it is statisticaly an absolute ; ) Do not try to force some bans/restrictions, only becaouse you have unhealthy meta. We do not have such a problems here in Poland, Wroclaw. We bring not-empire decks to Stahleck and won everything ; ) Timothy won with DE, I won in Regionals with Orc deck against banned VTHC deck, when everybody was thinking that those decks were unbeatable. Stormer said: What does suggest this? I'll tell you: In a healthy meta there will be always one-two archetypes that are dominating, and then, there will be two groups of players - one who want to master perfectly those archetypes and be a specialist in mirror matches - second, people who want to break those archetypes, so they will start their brain processes to make some anti-meta decks (- plus casual/flavour players, but we are not talking about casual play here) What happends next? Deck A is dominating archetype, let's say Empire right now Deck B is an anti-Empire deck, but somehow weak against some other decks, lets call them Deck C We have a tournament, what ind od build you chose? A if you want to be strong and win, most of the players with lack of skill, also chooses A. That gives you a handicap. But if you predicting a lots o A, and if you are a skilled player, you will try to make deck B, to beat A, and pray to avoid C (but it should be not so many C, due to A dominating the meta.) Tournament is dominated by A, it is normal, but B wins. What next? People are playng more B, but it is weaker, because A is no longer so dominant, so B can become A, and C becomes a B. So old A, becomes a C...and so on. That's a healthy meta. That is should be in my opinion. And again, I agree, that Empire has a very good cards, somehow better than other factions, but also they are easy to play for everyone, they do not demand such a skill to play, like HE or Chaos fe. I agree, Derricksbur Forge is to strong, and should be restricted, but that's all. No other card.
  13. I have some doubts about this, I mean, we need to trigger Quest's Action as soon as possible after we play support, and we have the priority due to faq 1.5 timing structure: "1. Players take turns putting Triggered Actions that have met their trigger condition since the last Action Window on a chain, starting with the first player (the Triggered Actions also must have met their trigger condition this turn) and continuing until all players pass -After this, players may only trigger a Triggered Action if it has met its trigger condition since the beginning of the Action Window, and they must do so at the first opportunity (adding it to the existing chain, or starting a new one)" So it would be like that: 1. I play Wall of Maggots (and I have a unit on the quest) 2. I trigger the quest, since "When..." has happened since I paid for Wall of Maggots in step 1 3. Now opponent can response with something, and if he does, fe playing Called Back on unit in my Quest, when the chain resolves I will not destroy a support ( becouse game will check for "if" condition the same way it checks Harpies "if" according to James Hata ruling "Rule Question: Hi, today in our league matches we had an issue with Harpies. For me it's clear but few of my friends didn't agree with my opinion. The situation is: Opponent have a Harpy in his Quest zone, it's now my Quest Phase, I have 5 cards on hand and draw another 2 (so now I have 7). My opponent plays Harpies Action, but I play in response to his Action, one of my Tactic from hand. Now, when Harpies Action is resolving, I have only 6 cards on hand. Question: Does he discard one of my cards anyway? I think not, because I'm not having 7 cards when Harpy ability is resolving. Answer: Hi, You are correct. You would not discard because you do not have 7 cards when the Harpies resolves. James"
  14. DB Cooper said Then, I really trust the international guys I know, maybe you, the jazzc or others...But I trust my mates too: the "third" player in europe is a good player, cannot be otherwise...And if he says that Dwarf deck is no more efficient as it was 5 days ago, I believe it. And I think that was the best Empire player, he played really fast, cold blood, made excellent decisions and without mistakes - respect. I belive, that Empire deck can easily put some cards to have a lot better match-up with RTF, the question is, does those changes weakes it against other decks? I would say - yes, and that way it should be in this game. DB Cooper said 3- this is a forum. It's about talkin. Tournaments and friends are about playin'. Here we discuss: I bring my opinion, you bring yours and everybody does. Nothing more. Yeah, but most of those talking, are like talking about poems without truly reading them ; ) DB Cooper said Do you really think they don't care about their decks? They learn from their mistake as everyone should do. I know that very well since I spoke with them ; ) DB Cooper said Why should I quit trusting players I know? Because they didn't win Stalheck? If that's the point, well, this conversation gets grotesque. I did not said anything about trusting/not trusting. But still I read enough of post in this and so like threads that I know - I cannot make some people change their mind and the way they are thinking about the game. So, Hope to see you in some tournaments and good luck with Empire ; )
  15. DB Cooper said: Everything's already been said. Let's see what FFG does. If you think that we're just "whiners" you didn't get the point, really. I think that you are "whiners", sorry but I'm so sick reading all those posts. To be honest, that's the reason I'm reading this forum like once in month. Whining, complaining. Words, words, words like Hamlet said ; ) Hmmm so probably I really do not get the point ; ) Playing more than two years, since the beginning of the game, being twice Regional Champion, making an articles about the game, playing in the strongest league in Poland, winning 1st place in Nations Cup, 6th place with Chaos - in Stahleck (I'm not complaing, but that should be better place, but I changed my deck at the saturday morning to be stronger against Dwarfs, removing 3rd Unleashing, and you can ask, how many dameges on capital my empire opponents had in last turns, when I lost waiting for the UTS for 2-3 turns) But..still, I'm not getting your point. DB Cooper said: The european deck (strong player) won by surprise. A single tournament/win doesn't say anything. What's important is a regular basys. He did not won by surprise, you focused so much on playing Empire, that you didn's see other strong builds. Your player - Stuch said to me, that you couldn't made a good Chaos deck, and he admit that my deck is something that you did not think about. Also my deck proved that can beat Empire at least in 50-60% of the games (and well played probably more). RTF dack piloted by Jaszczur and Mamut is really strong against more factions, It already won many tournaments in Poland, his weaknesses are Volkmar decks, DE control and HE with Disdain - that's a lot. But this is the game like it should be. Many strong builds, any of them without counter build. So if you are tired playing Empire or something - just make a deck that can beat it! That simple. DB Cooper said: After you know how to play against a deck, Empire wins. That's it. That's playtesting. After you know how to play against Empire, and had tools to do it - you can always win ; ) And about playtesting, you are not the only ones; ) And the last from me: please, less talking, more playing (yeah,I know 40 hours per week and that stuff...maybe to much : > we in Wroclaw are playing weekly about 2 tournaments 5 round each, and that's it ; ) Maybe not the quantity, but quality?
  16. 1. Plague of Vermin should read "(combination of gold/strength)", not "gold/influence". You are wrong, first I was thinking the same, but the card states about COST of a card ,so you are dealing with right-down corner of the card (Gold and Influence) 2.The objective Runewars card reads: "When a player is defeated, the victor obtains the loser's dragon rune power card." However, if the defeated player had received an additional dragon rune from Dragon Rune Discovery or having previously defeated another player and gained his dragon rune power card, does the victor also obtain the second (even third) dragon rune power card too, or is it removed from the game in the same way Dragon Rune Discovery is? You just missed that, player who recives more than one Dragon runes, must choose one, and descard the rest (he can control only one Rune at a time) 3.Summon Lightning: does a unit you control need to be wounded before your opponent destroys a unit of his? If it is not possible to wound a unit of your own (i.e. Summon Lightning is the first card you play as defender during a siege), does Summon Lightning do nothing or does it still force the opponent to choose and destroy a unit he controls? Suggestion: wording Summon Lightning as follows, similar to Manticore: When Played: Wound 1 of your units. If you do, your opponent must choose and destroy 1 of his participating units. We just played, that you must have a legal taget to wound, so in a way you suggest. 1.Barbarian Invasion reads: "Each player may destroy any number of Gold cards from his hand. The players who destroyed the highest total value of cards may deal 4 damage to a Home Realm of his choice." There are a few clarifications needed for this card. 1. How are gold cards revealed? One at a time? All at once? Does player turn order matter for revealing cards? 2. "The players who destroyed..." suggests the player with the least amount of destroyed gold cards is the only player not dealing 4 damage. Is this true, or was the text meant only for if there was a tie? If true, what happens when in a multi-player game, 2 players tie for least? What happens if all players tie? What if all players decide/cannot destroy any gold cards from their hands? 3. Lastly, who goes first in dealing 4 damage if there is a tie of sorts? After targets are declared, does damage become instantly dealt to both targets, or does turn order determine who will first be dealt the 4 damage? If all that matters is not being least in destroying gold from hand and not based on a tie, then in a multiplayer game, does the player who destroyed the most gold go first in dealing damage, is it based on turn order, or simply is damage instantly dealt once targets have been declared by each player? Suggestion: let players reveal cards one at a time, exactly like a siege would be conducted. A player may pass revealing gold cards from his hand at any time. Once that player does, he cannot reveal any more gold cards to destroy, but other players may continue to do so. When all players have passed, the total is decided for which player(s) will gain the ability to deal 4 damage. Only players who have destroyed gold cards gain this ability, and only the player with the highest total deals 4 damage. If a tie, the first player chooses his target first, and the next player his target, and so forth. Whether damage is instantaneous or is decided by turn order is up to you (difference being potential draw games versus first players in turn order establishing in-game dominance/victory). This could be simple. We choose secretly cards, reveal at the same time. Card say: "players", so each player with a biggest value can deal 4. Example: if all four players reveal 1 gold, allle of them can deal damage. Damage is deal in oreder of playing, starting from the first player (like most scenario cards)
  17. DB.Cooper said: That's what will be with VTHC banned. Playtested using Legends and VTHC deck is still on top. It cannot even reach a serious amount of "resources". Sorceror of Tzeentch is the real threat (maybe it's even too strong), I admit it. But in order to build up a "global" threat with chaos, you need money and you won't get them by Contested Villages in your battlefield zone. lol people, just use Innovation, it is that simple. I don't understand all that "Banning VTHC story", just try to think not in most popular and obvious way. Chaos is really good against Empire (Kairos from Innovation it's mostly a game over), so Skavens are (early Hate, Sacrifice, Corsair, Experiments on Greyseer or Runner), and other well prepared rushes (like Ork rush + Bats+Grom). Just stop crying here in tons of posts, and start playing. I understand, that you in Italy tested a million games against VTHC, but I also saw your decks from the last year tournament in Castle Stahleck, where your 4 players played 4 identical in 100% Empire decks. Wow that was well tested. And then guys from Czech beat you with some very original, and not top rated decks. Hmm so maybe all you people (all that crying for ban), should not waste time on this thread, but try to figure something out???? cheers
  18. DB.Cooper said: I won several games against my own (and other) Thrower decks with different decks... I don't know ANY deck aside Orcs that can defeat a fine tuned Verena deck. I like the polish list and that's similar to the list I'm talkin' about (that, I repeat, is NOT mine)...The core's the same and so is the concept...But there is a combination of new-older cards that gives this deck an enormous advantage on his opponents. One month ago, everyone denied the superiority of Verena...Now Verena is winning everything (gettin' second places at worst...and it's important to see ALL the decks around) I think there's nothing to do but restrict Verena and/or VTHC and makin' this one Unique. If you wanna play Verena, you DON't play Wilhelm, VTHC, Warpstone or Innovation... Think about this, guys: we're talkin' about two/three cards that ruin the meta. Someone says it's Wilhelm, someone VTCH, but we all agree that they're Empire cards. I don't see any consistant criticism other than askin' FFG to do something, rather than tryin' to show "how we can go against Verena". We have 6 GREAT races to play and a bunch of interesting combos/interactions (Indirect damage, infinite indirect damage, Empire control, Dwarf Aggro control, Orc Reanimator, Orc pure control, Orc aggro, Dark Elf mill decks, Caos "snipe")...And all of this is impossible because of Verena decks. And I like this game for its inner variety and its funny interactions...And I like it because the Theme is strong. In Agot we had harsh times for balance...But I see mechanics involve themes and vice versa. Here this "Verena moment" is a bit too long and is destroyng everything. The funny thing is that some players discovered this before FFG did. And that's NOT a design flaw, as a said, but a matter of playtesting. The only thing we need is a restriction and an errata. Stop. Then we've our great game back. Post above, about Polish meta isn't true, that deck is one of 3 strongest builds. DB.Cooper said: I don't know ANY deck aside Orcs that can defeat a fine tuned Verena deck. Chaos development-hate rush -> easily There is only one card that should be restricted right now - Derricksburg Forge. Really. (and eventually Unique for VTHC)
  19. 1. If I play Loremaster of Heoth having already Tiranoc Outpost in play, how many damage each player take? (Take is "to deal damage by source to itself right?) James Hata do mnie "Here are the answers to your questions. 1) 3 indirect damage."
  20. Very interesting decks from 1st and 2nd place, but what could I expect from Prague Team? congratulations from Poland, Wroclaw I hope to meet you next time Libor, and play some rematch from Regionals finals ; ) (this year it was impossible for me and friends to be on Stahleck : (
  21. Now, one of the best 3 tactics in game. Order in Chaos and Long Winter (last is Innovation).
  22. yes, you can activate it at any time, and the effect will last untill end of turn.
  23. as usually I forgot - Slaneesh Domination, against every deck, sometimes this card wins games, it's your only defense against Emire with hard Verena/Will, - Burn it Down, It's probably a must-have card in almost every deck, Rune of Dismay is not the only one Support that pains you, there is also Church of Sigmar, Altar of Khaine, Book of Grudges, Hydra Blade, Treasure Vault, Grudge Thrower, Mountain Barracks....
  24. - Daemonsword is must have, especialy, if you play vs order deck, its turn 1 Daemonsword on Chaos Spawn in KZ plus 1 resource left!! - You should consider Warpstone Meteor, becouse Troll Vomit is a kill card for this deck, so you need it early in KZ, and in mid game in QZ as an emergency option. - Pestilence is much better anti-rush card than Blood for the Blood God, but you need to remove Maruders ( with Meteor and Relic you get money really fast, and Maruders are meh now becouse, each Chaos or DE deck will kill them very easily. - Belive me, I'm playing Warhammer right from the start, and I play 90% of my games with Chaos decks; Chosen of Tzeenth is really not that good as he looks like, I think that Maledictor is worth testing (especially with relic on Quest) - There is also one card, that I thing is very good: Berserk Fury, it gives you so many things in just one card! ( It can give you 3 more cards, 3 more resources, 3 more damage or kill any opponent unit with 2 HP!! Since this deck kills usually with Questing big unit plus 1-2 units in battlefield, Fury is very nice offensive card. - Do not look at his ability, but Gret Uncle(an) One is 4P 6HP for 6. You can get him even at turn 2! He won me lots on games. - last thing, I thin that Chaos deck still needs Seduced by Darkness, for instant Corrupt, and in fast meta is better than Call the Blood for 3. You dont need Call the Blood so much since you have Flames and lots of resources. Also think about Brutal Offering as a reset, 1 or 2 copy is always good.
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