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  1. Cool, Just wanted to make sure that a weapon quality/upgrade didn't exist that made this creation easier. I figured it might be just a random creation but just needed to check. Thanks for the answers!
  2. So after looking through most of the books I own I can not find the rules for a weapon being stripped down. I only noticed this when I found the entry for the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Nemesis) with 2 stripped down conversion beamers that are counting as pistol weapons. Is this listed somewhere that I am overlooking or is this a basic weapon upgrade that they just described as stripped-down? Thanks for any directions to find the solution to this question.
  3. I am sorry but I think way too many of yall look at these things from a power gamer perspective and not enough from a RPG perspective. To be a Chaplain is to be the moral and Religious compass of your group. That is totally awesome and provides so much more than just an extra bit of damage here or immunity to something. I like what I have seen so far and hope that all of the specializations provide as many role-playing opportunities as the Chaplain does. As a side-note, while I do like for my character to be effective the whole maximizing down to the very last skill or talent just takes all the fun out of the role-playing to me. Just my 2 cents.
  4. It is not the objective of every marine in the team to fit every possible roll. If you expect to be seeing armored vehicles then as a devastator it is your responsibility to carry a rocket launcher/lascannon instead of your heavy bolter unless someone else in your team is going to be running at the heavy armor with melta bombs and powerfist swinging. Personally if anyone that plays in my games tries to run around with two heavy weapons I am going to ask them to think again and find a combination that makes sense. I can easily see a devastator having a rocker launcher/lascannon with a standard bolter as his secondary that will solve your heavy weapons problem. I think the ultimate problem here is that people get way too attached to the heavy bolter and need to think more about fulfilling the role they play in the team rather than trying to fill every role under the sun. You are either going to have a horde destroying heavy bolter or you are going to have a heavy armor killer like the lascannon. Conveniently the rocket launcher is a mix of both worlds and is likely your best choice. This is all dependent on the mission at hand and what intel the team has before getting their mission goodies. Just to make sure I was clear, I didn't say that it was a problem for a marine to carry extra equipment to be used by the group b/c that is done in real life operations. I just can't get the picture of some ridiculous loaded down space marine that looks more like a transformer gone wrong out of my head. I will leave it at that and wish you the best in your gaming. P.S. - This is all of course my personal opinion and you are not expected to agree with any of it.
  5. To me it makes no sense at all for a marine to run around with 2 heavy weapons unless he is just transporting the extra to a location where it can be used by the team.... if needed. You also have to remember that every piece of gear that is given to a marine is sacred to the chapter/deathwatch and it is very unlikely that two heavy weapons would be issued/given to a marine for that very reason. On a side-note, I would think it very likely that a marine forms a bond with his chosen weapon and would generally use only his issued or signature wargear. I realize that you are essentially playing the misfits/best-of-the-best in Deathwatch and there are is a good reason that many extra options are available to equip a marine but IMO there is no reason why the Quartermaster is going to put too much sacred wargear in one space marine's hands. In the end though it is up to you or your GM to make the decision of what makes sense.
  6. Out for Delivery....*Holds his breath in expectation*....hope I can hold it long enough! Can't wait!
  7. Sounds like your friend has what we call a case of the "Bad Guy Dice". Our GM was notorious for rolling poorly for his minions and we ended up always saying "The Bad Guy Dice are in full effect tonight guys!". Best to just keep on going with those dice or get some new ones I know I own somewhere in the ballpark of 13 sets of dice and always seem to go straight for a certain set every time I play. Slaanesh Dice (Pink and grey swirl colored) FTW! I wish your player all the luck with his future rolls!
  8. Gvegas67

    Equipment Sheet

    I like it. If you get the time to format a higher quality image I guarantee my groups would use this.
  9. *Extra Grip (Weapon Upgrade) - Also known as a pistol grip, this allows the weapon to be wielded one-handed without the usual -20 penalty. However it becomes more difficult to aim accurately and its range is halved. Simple answer to you question is....yes you can. Without the Extra Grip upgrade however it would be at a -20. And since this effectively allows you to fire a basic weapon just like a pistol I see no reason that you could not use the weapons to do a semi or full-auto burst with each. I could however see some GMs imposing a penalty to this even with the grip because you are essentially trying to fire a rifle sized weapon one-handed on semi-auto or full-auto. Potentially powerful? yes. Munchkin? IMO not really. Although some playtesting in my group would need to be done to make a final ruling on whether I would impose a penalty for firing both on semi or full-auto in a round.
  10. The short story called "Headhunted" is at least one instance where space marines refer to each other by code names and it just happens to be a DW Kill team. Some of the code names included Watcher and Scholar as I recall. So I say if you or your players want code names then why the heck not! Its not only supported by a nice fluffy story but it adds character to the game imo. Good Hunting and The Emperor Protects!
  11. The real question is would you not use an Archeotech Pistol if you had one? I know I would! Sure it could be damaged but the item itself is too cool to let it just sit on a shelf imo. I will use my book and love every moment of it. Good Hunting and For the Emperor!
  12. As far as my group and the people I have played with over the years it has always been the following: Tzeentch = Zeen-Ch Slaanesh = Sl - a (as if saying Ahhhh when at the doctor) - Nesh Ctan has really never been used by my group however so I have always thought of it as a hard C -Tan but thats more from lack of use than actually using the word. Of course with the nature of the chaos gods and evil entities it makes since for them to be pronounced differently.
  13. Except that bolter rounds are mass reactive and thus explode once entering the first body they hit. So you get one kill per bolter shell and some shrapnel and bone fragments flying everywhere. This is excluding special ammunition of course.
  14. If someone tried to take Talented in the manner you suggest I would have the skill they choose only apply to when dealing with orks since that is the hatred talent you are replacing with the talented bit. I could see that being a legitimate and non min-max way of doing the swap and makes perfect sense from an RP stand point.
  15. First off lets not blanket label CE people as whining for a PDF format of the book. I for one did order a CE book and fully intend on using it but then again I take care of my books and I will be the only one using that particular copy. Secondly, I see no reason for them to just give us a PDF format of the book especially when it was not part of the original stated purchase. Would it be generous of them to retroactively give us a discount of some sort? Sure but I wouldn't hold my breath for something like that. I will be happy with my CE book and will continue to support FFG b/c they continue to support me with RPG goodness and have superb customer service. Just my 2 cents take it as you will.
  16. As far as using a space marine in an ongoing campaign I have recently been intrigued with what it would be like to play a Fallen of the Dark Angels (Love them Dark Angels). Back story would be mandatory for me to use the character but I believe it creates many options for additional roleplay for a space marine. Of course with suitable background you could play many different space marines in this manner if your GM is not an extreme hardliner or if you being the GM don't stamp out any deviation from what is perceived as canon. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Well it appears that when the page displaying In stock or Out of stock had updated that it was in fact still In Stock. I was thankfully able to buy a copy of the personalized Collector's Edition and from what I can tell there are still some copies left to be sold still as the page still says In Stock at this time. Not sure what caused the error but it was either fixed or worked itself out. Praise be the Emperor! Brother-Librarian (Epistolary) Corvus of the Dark Angels is ready for duty!
  18. Epistolary Corvus - Member of the Inner Circle Chapter: Dark Angels
  19. I hate my luck! I was in the process of buying the Collectors Edition and had to update my billing address and what do you know...Sold out in the 5 minutes it took to do that. So is there any chance that some of the non-personalized copies will be made available to purchase or can be purchased now to personalize. I hate missing an opportunity b/c of this kind of stuff. Thanks for any reply from the FFG staff
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