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  1. I would love a mini book that goes into more details of each race and give some depth to them. I think FF is missing some major $$ by not expanding their world.
  2. I've owned FFG version of this game for about a year and get to bust it out at least once a month with different groups. The majority of the time we play with the dice variant. It's quick, as brutal as the cards, and doesn't bog down the game. Those that have played with the cards and the dice mostly prefer the dice. (Note: I haven't played this version with anyone who's played the original besides myself.) The ones that prefer the cards are the serious strategy gamers, those who take forever thinking about their next moves in Game of Thrones, Risk, Twilight Imperium, etc. They are also the gamers that are good at Chess or Go. They say they like the cards cause it gives them the chance to bluff or strategize against other people. While they do like DungeonQuest, I can tell that they dont' like it as much as others due to the high luck involvement. Generally if we use the cards, games could take up to an hour and a half to two hours while the dice variant usually cuts that time in half. This is ideal for me because people usually want "another go" at it and we'll have enough time to test our luck again. I also prefer to play it atleast twice in a row given the set up time. Also to note; no sneaking a peak at the cards when not playing. Part of the fun of the game for people is in not knowing what could happen. As far as house rules go, we let people pick their characters, new players pick their characters first, followed by youngest. I usually pick my character last as a good sport or randomly draw one. I have a top score board written on the back of the box cover along with the loser score board (those who made it out but didn't touch the dragon chamber first). They record the name of the player, score, and their character. I also have a tally of deaths and those who've made it out (the "losers" are included in the tally for those who've made it out). This has changed gameplay in alot of ways, but it also has helped the game become more accepted by my game groups. They see there has been roughly 60 deaths vs the 12 who've made it out. They take my advice and not take the game too seriously because they'll die, die, and die some more. It also gives them the goal of getting onto the box, or unfortunatly staying around too long in the hopes of getting the high score. (Them wanting the high score has led to the majority of the last 20 or so deaths) It also should be noted that we have played with 5 and 6 people plenty of times (two people starting at the same entrance). We've modded the rules to accomendate this in several ways. One is that two hereos starting at the same start location must move in a different direction and we let two heroes occupy the same tile if needed/there is no other option besides going into hostile squares or dead ends. We also take dead heroes treasure and put it into the discard and shuffle the discard pile into the treasure deck when it runs out. So there's still incentive for the late comers to make to the treasure horde. We also encourage people to move quickly to keep the momentum up. This game is perfect if you just want a good drinking game. Or a casual luck game to wind down the night after an intense strategy game like Twilight Imperium or Game of Thrones. It really helps bring the group together since the players are not really competing against each other, just against the board. My groups have loved it for what it is, a brutal carnage luck game of torture and dashed dreams. Everybody remembers when they first are actually able to make it out alive or when they make the new high score. Generally everybody is happy when one person is able to make it to the dragon chamber and back out again. Good times.
  3. JCHendee said: Also, it is a social game where face to face interaction is more important than some might assume. While I agree that board games are alot more fun with the people in the actual room, it hasn't stopped games like Monopoly, or Risk being made into NES games and being released on every video game and computer system since. Catan is a great modern example, while again, Yes, I would prefer to play Catan with real people in the room and be more social, it still is fun to play over x-box live or the iphone. DungeonQuest would be a perfect game to play on the phone or tablet, even a solitaire version would be enough for me to buy by shoving $10-20ish dollars into fantasy flight's mouth to make them shut up about trying to sell me the app.
  4. I completely agree with OP. You have my axe!
  5. Games like DungeonQuest have a sharp dividing line of people who hate it or love it. If I took a guess I would say that most gamers today would hate it, instant deaths, tough victory conditions, etc, all of which aren't a part of todays more balanced and generious RPG or board game enviroments. I myself, love it, being a child when alot of games where like this. Even if this game doesn't sell enough for them to make expansions, there will be plenty of fans like myself who will make some themselves.
  6. Been working on this guy for awhile now. No UVS done yet, or texturing. Constructive criticism welcome.
  7. Have you of you guys found or tried some monsters/dregs of humanity/minions from DH/RT and translated them into Hordes yet? Any particular ones you'd found that would be a perfect for being a "horde"? Also, found any hordes of monsters that would be perfect for DH/RT? (I found a Horde of Gloom Haunts ready to infest the ship the PC's are on :3 )
  8. Ok, so I got a player who's a Devastator, maybe it's not leaping out at me by reading the rulebook, but what really is the draw back for being a devastator? A heavy weapon that takes just one full action to brace? Oh noes. I'd like to get some type of challenge to the group, but with a devastator, hordes and most enemies don't stand a chance under one round of fire. Is there a weakness to Devastators? If you could think of an encounter that puts the heavy weapon marines thru, what would it be like?
  9. Rawrz

    a contest?

    Who cares if they aren't or not? If you like the setting/game, just do it anyways.
  10. Brother Praetus said: bobh said: That led me to these pics on the gw site, note the center ship, I think this is a Hazeroth... Looks about right for the one shown in Lure of the Expanse. The Chains of Dusk, shown on page 135. -=Brother Praetus=- Yeah, I saw that today, kinda wish they did that in the main book though :/ oh well. My group was kinda hoping that the ship was the one on the left in the pic of Battlefleet Gothic Rogue Trader Escort ships (the xenos one). They're kinda upset that they have an ugly ship, but whatever. Now to do some Hazeroth art or something.
  11. I would think the only game would be Rouge Trader were a PC could possibly play something other then a human and get away with it. (Besides Orgens and rattlings/sub human species). I mean, it immediatly means part of the party will be wanting to kill the other and that the xenos would have alot of special abilities and traits that could do a party wipe.
  12. Also that my group has gotten a raider and yet there is like no pics for them or for that matter much info on the ship.
  13. Anybody got any good reference pics for the hazeroth class raider pics? I only can find that side view of one in the main book. I ask mainly cause I find it weird that there is so few pics for one.
  14. Rawrz

    A Battle in Space

    I wonder why that is? Maybe export to 3D studio max first then export it as an obj?
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