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  1. You could have people sign up for specific Time Zones. So if you sign up for GMT, and you live in EST it's on you to be there for scheduling. Seems much better than an entrance fee.
  2. Edited the main topic to include the lists posted. I really liked running Royal's idea of having smaller lists for the first game just to speed up the first game. Less activations really allow me to talk more about the game between explaining rules that come up.
  3. Thanks for the Ideas everyone. I ran the intro skirmish list in the book, then snagged a few of these for the second game. Went over really well with the group. Everyone had a blast! I've picked up a few ally/villian packs too. Everyone is definitely interested in playing campaign. Hopefully this will incentivize them to pick up the game.
  4. The themed lists look great! I think you are right in just laying it out. Some players are swing players. Others who are new to any miniature game could be introduced with the lists in the Skirmish guide.
  5. Hey everyone- I'm trying to reach out to get some people interested in the Skirmish side of Imperial Assault. I'm trying to come up with a variety of Army Lists to explore Skirmish and play with new players. Being relatively new to IA Skirmish my judgement of balanced lists is lacking. I was thinking of two options. Come up with prebuilt lists to choose from or have 2 lists in groups set up to 1v1. The first option allows new players to choose something that appeals to them. The second option would let me tailor their opposition, as to not be unbalanced or completely countered/unfun. Would anyone be interested in helping my form some of these lists based on the components I currently own? Looking just for functional lists, not necessarily strong, aimed for flavour, mechanic exploration, then synergy. Note: This isn't a tournament setting and we could use tokens from the expansions/core Thanks Tidomann SUBMISSIONS: Core vs Core Vader (18), 2x Stormtrooper (12), Royal Guard (8), Officer (2). Luke Skywalker (10), Gaarkhan (8), Rebel Troopers (6), Jyn Odan (5), Rebel Saboteurs (5), Gideon Argus (3), Mak Eshka’rey (3) buckero0's Themed Tattooine 9 Bantha Rider 1 Beast Tamer 7 elite Tusken Raiders 6 elite Nexu 4 Nexu 8 Bossk 5 regular Tuskens or Gideon/TA or Greedo Devious Scheme whatever Droids 11 eHK 8 HK 1 TempAll 5 eProbe Droid 3 rProbe Droid 3 rProbe Droid 5 eOfficer 2 regofficer 2 regOfficer The Inquisitor's Hunting Party 9 Inquisitor 9 eStormtroopers 9 estormtroopers 7 regular snowtroopers 5 elite officer with 1 adv comms aermet69 The Bespin Administration eWing Guard 9 eWing Guard 9 Temporary Alliance 1 Lando 6 C-3PO 2 eUgnaught 5 eUgnaught 5 rUgnaught 3 Royal Rich's Small Scale Intro / *sejestephan's input Luke / Gideon / Sabs or *Leia / Rebel troopers / C3PO / RHC [3] Son of Skywalker [2] Force Illusion [2] Force Surge [2] Heart of Freedom [1] Camouflage [0] Deadeye [0] Element of Surprise [0] Force Rush [0] I can Feel It [0] Disorient vs Inquisitor / Storms / Officer *(Add rule by fear) [3] Force Lightning [2] Hunt Them Down [2] Inspiring Speech [2] Reinforcements [1] Deflection [0] Celebration [0] Wild Attack [0] Planning [0] Take Initiative [0] Urgency Aermet69/DerBaer Mix Leia 8 R2-D2 3 C-3PO 2 eRebel Trooper 9 eRebel Trooper 9 Fenn Signis 9* Vader 18 rOfficer 2 rOfficer 2 rStormtrooper 6 rStormtrooper 6 rStormtrooper 6 or Vader 18 rOfficer 2 rOfficer 2 eStormtrooper 9 eStormtrooper 9 thereisnotry Mercenary: Boba, Bossk and Greedo are each very recognizable, as well as fun and thematic in their own way. 13 Boba 8 Bossk 7 rTrandos 7 rTrandos 4 Greedo 1 Devious Scheme or Prey on the Weak Imperial: Gotta have Vader! And Stormtroopers...lots of em. 18 Vader 8 rGuards 6 rStormtroopers 6 rStormtroopers 2 rOfficer Rebels: As many of the heroes as you can fit (it's got 6 activations vs the 5 of the other squads, but it's also got less figures so it's probably ok). 10 Luke 9 eRebel Troopers 8 Leia 6 Lando 3 R2D2 2 C3P0 2 Rebel High Command
  6. Could you post a link to the group?
  7. Tidomann


    When a PC makes a roll during a story part of the game- do you still apply the "attempt a stunt" card? Like a bane/boon lose/gain a stress or fatigue based on the roll? Then additional banes/boons have other effects?
  8. You want to fire your pistol in town to intimidate someone?
  9. What? I honestly don't see how you feel this thread should be shut down or that discussion is frowned upon. Unless posts have been edited by people- most of this discussion seems fine.
  10. Sweet- are these all the adventures from previous editions?
  11. If you are interested in selling your extra adv tool kit, let me know I'd also be happy to pick up any of the expansions or vaults off anyone!
  12. There are also some actions that cause players to lose their free action. As Emirikol pointed out- special circumstances could also dictate their use of their maneuver. Rolling banes on their action could cause them to trip, or run into a dead end. There could be weather, or maybe something happening in the combat that's keeping them close together. What if there is someone they need to protect within the engagement who can't escape?
  13. That sounds entirely reasonable and accurate. Power and Favor can still be influenced via action cards- and would assumed to always work towards equilibrium.
  14. I heard that winds of magic and signs of faith added the most for initiate and wizards. Winds will add corruption while signs of faith will add disease. From that the adventurer's toolkit adds the most as well. The Player's Vault is mostly the updated core stuff- and the Creature Vault will give you a ton of bang for your buck in terms of components and creature cards. The game master's Vault probably adds the least in terms of components. Black Fire Pass seems like a must if one of your players in gung ho on dwarves and wants options. Tell him to pick it up. This is mostly what I've read- and is how I am approaching it. I currently have the core set and I'm going to add the creature vault, adventurer vault, and the winds of power and signs of faith additions to create a huge core base that I can get into expansions.
  15. It would definitely help boost toughness and willpower- but what about skills, specialties, actual attribute gain? They are giving up a decent chunk of their open-advances in their career to get bonus fortune dice If i'm understanding it correctly you would get a fortune die on every check concerning that characteristic ? That would mean a free dice to allot of checks , I:E STR every time you fight you would get a bonus dice. Also maybe I'm not understand open advances and the impact choosing fortune dice would have. Yep- it would be quite a few rolls. Most careers are limited to advancing once or twice in fortune dice though. I was also mistaken that a player CANNOT purchase fortune die with non-career advances. This means that unless you are spending a ton of advances and are transitioning between a ton of careers there is no real way to maximize your fortune dice gain. These are advancements that could be used to simply work into a career and gain other beneficial dice.
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