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  1. I am unable to find any signs that game specific components are purchasable. Last night, pop was spilled on a portion of my Sid Meier's Civilization, and I was hoping to order replacements. Damaged componets: - 3 map tiles, one is a civ-specific tile - some tech cards, yellow - 1 city tile, yellow - 1 government deck - 7 various building tiles All components are currently pressed between books, in hopes of minimzing the damage (although, off colour backs makes random maping harder). So, is it not possible to order specific game components? ie: - set of regular map tiles - tech deck (choose color) - city tiles - building tiles - government decks
  2. I'm hoping an expansion that allows up to 8 players. My games group needs the space for our irregular members. We accept that by adding players it will add game time, but we currently run 8 - 14 hours with Twlight Imperium 3rd Edition anyway.
  3. My group looks for two things before exhausting planets that have influence. 1) Is Assembly in play, and has it been activated yet if it is? 2) If it is in play, and not activated... do they have enough influence to stop me from voting in something crazy. I managed to get the wormholes closed one game and ended only retaining the Wormhole Nexus. I have also managed to accidently get myself butchered (accidently, in the non-expansion rules), and brought doom to my alliance. - I would like to refute Steve-O's statement that Trade Goods can be used as Influence or Resources for the purpose of claiming Objectives (by purchasing). At least one objective asks for Influence. At least one objective asks for Resources. At least one objective asks for Trade Goods. If there is a seperate objective that asks for Trade Goods in particular, they should not be usable for the other objectives. I've had one of each objective show up, and one that asked for Influence OR Resources (not a mix of the two). I don't have the game available to check... but I'm fairly certain there is an action card or race... maybe the trader's special tech... that can spend trade goods to gain extra votes during Assembly. I checked the rule books online (original and expansion), and although the original says trade goods can be spent as influence, it does not at all say when. It just says they cannot be used as votes. That leaves it to just Logistics (original) or Leadership (Expansion) and Diplomacy II (Expansion). I was unable to find any clarification in the errata. I guess it really comes down to what 'the house' decides... unless an official makes a call on it. (ie: Errata update)
  4. I read this and had an ammusing thought. PDS with Deep Space cannons: Survailance Officer : "Captain, Hope's End is being invaded. They have a carrier full of troops landing on them. They only have their two PDS cannons and three troops to defend." Captain : "Let's help them out, bring both of our cannons to bear and fire on the invaders." Gunner : "Aye Captain! Firing!" *Loud PDS fire and vibrations* Survailance Officer : "Captain! We were off by 0.003 degrees! We missed the invaders!" Captain : "What? How could we miss? We at least hit the planet, didn't we?" Survailance Officer : "We did hit the planet captain. One moment..." *gasp* "We hit our own troops, there is only one defender left!" Thus, Hope's End lost hope in the end... (couldn't resist)
  5. Spin off question, I've been wondering about this for a while but haven't tried it yet. Situation: System with two planets (A and B). Planet A has a space dock, planet B does not. Since moving into a system allows building (so long as combat does not occur). And since a transfer action allows building in one of the systems involved in the transfer (after all movement is complete). Could the system be activated to build at space dock on planet A, as well as build a new dock on planet B? Realizing, multiple docks in one system does mean production will likely be higher then fleet supply, and that it can be hard to manage production in the system since the docks can't co-op any of the units produce. (ie: can't pool the Sarween Tools bonus; also can't buy a pair of GF and have each dock make one of them, same with fighters.)
  6. With makes an interesting result though... if there are two PDS on a planet and no GF... and the invader brings two GF to attack, then the two PDS nail the two invading GF, then the invasion never actually occurs and the defender gets to keep their planet. So, always invade with one more GF then is on the planet... if it is empty, or might be after bombardment. My group has been skipping PDS in invasions on empty planets... I'll have to correct them.
  7. I'm rather new myself (my group has played it three times). But, I do have a tip for new players: - Know your fellow players. It may sound obvious, but here is what I mean. In any board game like this, I am the tech guy. They know, if given the choice, I will go for the technology. We have two that will try forming alliances with anyone they can. If it is with each other, it is unstable. One actually plays toward VP, while still trying to keep up with the rest. The last one doesn't care about VP. He is great at strategy (military background) and he only accepts victory or defeat if it is by might. Our first play of the game, was chaos as we were learning the rules. The second play through, anyone collecting VP was squashed. The third play through, VP was all but ignored (two people got to 3 VP), as the cold war built up and then everything exploded and fleets couldn't be built as fast as they were lost. If your group is able to use VP to determine a winner, then I envy you. lol As said by others, if you get a race with multiple Carriers and at least two Ground Forces in each, at the start, spread fast. Also, if you get the tech race, go straight for War Sun as fast as you can. They can get there long before anyone else. Other races the War Sun is icing on the cake.
  8. Thank you all. I'll let my games group know. Hopefully they don't find anything else to have a heavy discussion about.
  9. References to rulings by officials would be appreciated. My groups' game master prefers official rulings. Okay, in FAQ v2.2 in Action Cards: "Q: Can an action card be played between taking two hits to your fleet or ground forces? A: Yes." So, any number of hits can be taken, then play the an Action Card and take more? IE: 2 Dreadnaughts vs 5 Battleships. Lucky player, all 5 Battleships hit. Could the 2 Dreadnaughts take one hit each, use the repair Action Card, take another hit each, use another repair card and one take an additional hit? Thus, only one of the Dreadnaughts is damaged at the end of the combat round? This next question I submitted about a week ago through this page:www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_faq.asp Anyone know how long they generally take to get to the questions submitted there? The question provoked a vivid discussion among our group, and it is as follows: The Yssaril Special Ability as follows: "You are never limited to a hand-size of Action Cards regardless of the game ruls and any active political cards." Does using the "Cultural Crises" Action Card force the Yssaril to obey the hand-size rules/political cards since they have lost the ability? Or do they still keep all their Action Cards because the "never limited" still applies, even when the ability is gone? If I get a response for that question via email from the officials, I'll post the response here. I tried finding an answer to it, but couldn't... so if someone knows where to find the answer (rule book, FAQ, errata, forum post), I'd appreciate it very much.
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