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  1. I'm going to talk to Joe this weekend. Sorry for the delays...girlfriend's been in town, so that's been my primary concern, but she flies back today - then it's Warhammer all the way.
  2. Hey hey, sorry I was out of the conversation for a while; I'm back though, and ready and willing to help plan these things at Universal. Here's what he had to say last time I talked to him: He's cool with us doing something, most likely on Saturday nights. Before we finalize that, though, he wants us to check to make sure The Keep in Massillon isn't doing anything similar. He doesn't want to cut into their events. I'm pretty sure we're okay there, but we should probably check just to make sure. I'm in Chicago at them moment, but when I get back (tomorrowish), I'll start checking into these things.
  3. By the way, Joe at Universal Comics says that he'd be glad to host Saturday night Warhammer nights, as long as The Keep in Massillon isn't doing the same thing. Anybody willing to check if they've got anything WH:I-esque going on?
  4. I haven't forgotten about this - I broke my knee in a car accident this Saturday, so I haven't been able to attend to organizing this as I'd like to, but it I'll be getting to it soon, I hope.
  5. Yeah, had that happen to me this weekend. Blech. I'm paying more attention to Orc quest zones from now on
  6. Unfortunately, I think most retailers tend to hold off on shipment until all items in the order are accounted for....so if you ordered other stuff with your Skavenblight, you may be waiting. Sorry, brother.
  7. Are those event kits available for non-business purchasers? It seemed to me like you had to be a store to order one. They are pretty sweet, though...
  8. I did just think of something, though... Winning store credit may not be that great of an incentive, since there are no shops around here that carry HW:I stuff - and even if they did, it's not like the singles market is gonna be huge for the game. While it's not beyond possibility, are there any other ideas of tournament prizes that would motivate people to show?
  9. Some website had the release date as Oct. 31...not sure if that's trustworthy or not, but it's at least tantalizing...
  10. Cool. I'll see if I can talk to the guy I know sometime in the next week or so. Things are tremendously busy for me, but I imagine that we'll eventually get something going.
  11. Sweet. What kind of tournament are you thinking? Something big, shiny and official, or an informal kind of thing?
  12. Here's a deck I pieced together today. Rip it apart! Units (20) Troll Slayers x 3 (3) Dwarf Masons x 3 (3) Ironbreakers of Ankhor x 3 (5) Peasant Militia x 3 (0) Reiksgard Knights x 2 (3) Hammerer of Karak Azul x 2 (2) King Kazador x 2 (6) Johannes Broheim x 2 (6) Support (21) Shrine of Tal x 3 (2) City Gates x 3 (2) Contested Stronghold x 3 (4) Armory x 2 (2) Forgotten Cemetery x 2 (2) Keystone Forge x 3 (2) Contested Fortress x 3 (3) Organ Gun x 2 (0) Tactics (19) Will of the Electors x 3 (1) Judgment of Verena x 3 (4) Demolition! x 3 (2) Wake the Mountain x 3 (3) Innovation x 3 (0) Pilgrimage x 2 (4) Burn It Down x 2 (2)
  13. I may get crucified for asking this, but does this app work on Macs? And is there anything out there that does? *cowers beneath the table in anticipation of the Apple-hating*
  14. Nice review! I'm with you, FFG did a bang-up job on this one. Couldn't be happier...well...unless they wanted to send me the next two copies of the core set for free...
  15. My current baby is a Dwarven/Empire development-centered deck, and Judgment of Verena has been a great card to play in those games. It will always depend upon what cards you're making your opponent discard (essentially, how many resources are you making them waste), but there hasn't been a time I've played it where it didn't prove to be worthwhile.
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