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  1. I've got a perl script I wrote a while back that does it. I should probably make a Javascript version and punt it online somewhere. I'm starting to run WFRP again this weekend. Looking forward to it.
  2. Yup, popped into my FLGS (Static in Glasgow if you're wondering) and was happily surprised to see it on the shelf. Has a quick look and it looks very nice, I shall go over it further tonight. My Ironbreaker is going to be happy as she now has two further Careers open to her.
  3. I know it's cheeky but is there any chance we can get the rest of the text? It's such a terrible cliff hanger. Side note. Runes! Woot!
  4. The Strolling Bones said: I think this is FFG's way of putting the communities fears to rest on the whole "WHFRP 3e is all misprinted to high heavens" talk. I do believe that before long we'll be able to order specific packs of cards for the game. It is a very logical step. However I feel that If we can provide proof of purchase we should get the errated cards for free. What my post? I was asking a question. I'd really like to pick up errata and I'd really really like weapons cards. I'm not a FFG sock puppet if that's what you're saying. Honest.
  5. There are a couple of things I'd love to see for WFRP that would work well with the print on demand systems used with the Death Angel expansions (played a 6 player game of that last night and we won woot!). Additional basic action packs without having to buy a complete players box Standard item cards, I would LOVE being able to give people cards for their normal weapons and armour too. Errata packs, I'd pay for a pack of all the errata'd cards so far (though I do LOVE the one with 'This is where the requirements go' it's grand. That's just off the top of my head, but if there's a game that could really work well with Print on Demand it's WFRP.
  6. Party one : Decided the best way to sneak up on a Beastman camp was to have a loud argument while wandering through a swamp. After being ambushed one was KO'd a second badly wounded and the other two ran off following the fleeing Beatmen. And found their camp, and got splattered. Meanwhile the still OK one decided to bandage his own wounds using Jack of All Trades. And passed out. Party two : Traveled to the town (feel free to guess which one) to find it was under siege by Beastmen. Their banner including the crucified body of the comatosed chap from Party one (and the heads of all the others) he had been put out of his misery by the towns defenders and was peppered with arrows. They ended up in a tomb surrounded by zombies.... and then the campaign stopped due to holidays. Party three : Right new game, lets do a simple thing at a hunting lodge... do bi do... party splits up. One of them finds a cult temple with sacrificed person. decides to climb up to the roof. The others fight off a beastman attack, well try to. End result 3 dead party members fighting the Beastmen, the other player wasn't there for that session so we can only assume she was eaten be a demon of killed by cultists or something. Party four : Seem competent. Can't last. (NB. Next week they get to find out that they are in the same universe as Party Three and what did happen to the last member).
  7. Now I have a very similar party, Iron Breaker, Wardancer, Priest of Sigmar... and a Mystic (she just loves her Guarded Position). When we did character gen for the 4th iteration of the campaign I let them pick starting careers. Anyway, they are pretty hard in combat as the Tank... I mean Iron Breaker sings the song of Grungi and the others all cluster around her. Last night we found out the Skaven tend to work really well against this, what with their attacks piling on Fatigue, lots and lots and lots of Fatigue. To the point the Dwarf had to stop chanting so they'd stop hitting her. The best bit was they still survived, one KO'd and three just about to pass out but they made it and everyone was happy. All is good.
  8. I thought people might like an update on this. Last night my Priest of Sigmar was down, bleeding from myriad rat bites. The Mystic had excelled taking down three (wounded) ratmen but was breathing heavily (6 fatigue with a toughness of 3 oh dear). The Ironbreaker was moving slowly bleeding and swearing having breathed in the noxious fumes from the Skaven Grey Seer, who was still looking hale and hearty. The Wardancer took all this in through the grey clouds threatening to drag her down (again 6 fatigue with a toughness of 3) and put in one last effort to take down the grey seer. Suddenly she felt a burst of energy giving her the strength to surge forward and strike down the Ratman. Well hit him really hard, at which point he disappeared in a puff of smoke and ran off. Yup one of my players took me up on the offer and dropped her purple dice from a check when the party was on the edge of defeat enabling her to fight off the big bad guy. And I've got a whole new plot thread from it too. So that was pretty cool, I think I'll keep this house rule.
  9. Cool. So it's totally possible for a PC to have 5 or 6 crits and still be wandering around (probably do lots of favours for the priests of Shaylla and trying to hide behind the Iron Breaker). Staying engaged with the Iron Breaker is the general combat tactic of my party.
  10. Just wanted to check what people thoughts on this. From my reading of the rules (and I don't have the new players guide so I'm not sure if they've reworded it) it's totally possible to have more Critical wounds than you have toughness. It's only if you pass out due to taking too many normal wounds that you have to count up the number of crits you have. So serious wounds actually punt the lethality of the system back towards 2nd ed and the 40K rpgs where you can lose limbs and stuff.
  11. Well the first articles detailing the Marines genetic adaptations were published in White Dwarf AGES ago. And the Adepta Sororitas were basically a single picture in Rogue Trader, you didn't get an army list of any figures for them for years. Of course this is all based on my now rather hazy memories, but you're looking at at least 10 years between 40K coming out and the Sisters of Battle having figures. If you want female Space Marines knock youself out. Personally I'd just go with 14,000XP Soriatas using the Ascension rules (which I'll admit I've not got yet, sigh too much stuff, too little time and money).
  12. I see where you're coming from here. Don't forget the ability to wander around with the rest of the party engaged with you singing the 'song of hit me' as my party call it. On the other hand, my current Iron Breaker PC is playing this as her 5th character. The other 4 having met various ignomious ends. I'm sure I'll get her and her little dog too
  13. I'm firmly expecting my players to never take the offer up. Well not unless things get really bad.
  14. Well I see it that the Gods are watching the PC's. They are... interesting. So the option is there, to be that little bit better or luckier. It's more a story thing than a physical mechanic. The gods just tweak reality to make things more interesting. Or something. I'm fully expecting the players to not fall for my blandishments, for some reason they think I'm trying to torment them all. Don't know where they got that idea from.
  15. Well that's the thing, it's a choice. If the players want to be righteous goody two shoes then they can suck it up and roll their Challenge dice. But when they are looking at those three purple dice nestled in their hand well... it might just be tempting. And temptation is fun right? My thought is if they do go with it the Corruption is treated as normal from then on, including the GM's right to pick it up and fondle it will smiling on occasion. That is in the rules right?
  16. So here's a little thought I had last night. Corruption in the new system is nice but my pesky players keep passing their tests. This will not do, the dark gods are angered by the failure to sprout tentacles and stuff. But of course the path to corruption is not just about the failure to defend your self against the influence of Chaos but also choosing to accept it's gifts. And sometimes these gits can be quite subtle. So here's my new house rule, it's quite simple: A player can choose to swap a Challenge dice on any test for a point of Corruption. Really need to beat the bad guy? Then why not make it a bit easier. Don't worry about the cost, it's for a good cause.... Thoughts anyone?
  17. If you're on a board edge you can use a point of movement to explore. So sitting at a corner and using two points of movement to explore both adjacent tiles is a perfectly valid plan. A good first turn move really.
  18. Yes. You take it in turns to play cards, either onto existing fronts or creating new ones. If one player runs out of cards the other player can play their hand.
  19. Maarek said: EvilAmarant7x said: You can't station armies or scouts in your own cities. You can only move armies (or scouts in the case of russia) onto opposing cities. Actually you can station armies or scouts in your own cities to be protected by the city (via battle points) or by adding+3 to the defense. Basically if you have a city and and an army stationed there, the total Battle stack is 6 (three from the army + three from the city). The result is a tough city to crack. The downside is that the defender is stuck there and not on the offensive. Nope sorry. From the Rules in the Movement section under Friendly and Enemy Cities: A player may move their figure through their own city centers, but they may not end any figure's movement in their city center. And you build new figures in a city outskirts AND the rules also state if their are friendly figures in the same space as a scout when it builds a city they are moved to the city outskirts. So there's really no way to get a figure into a city.
  20. Looking at the Pet Actions that came with the Adventurers Toolkit we can see they definitely had some other plans for pets that's a Mastiff (meh) and a Polar Bear (yay!). Which is pretty cool. Then on the TV just now they had a Falconer which made me think, yes that would be a perfect Pet based Career to get. So Polar Bears (or any bear really) and Falcons, what other Pets would people like to see in the game?
  21. Maarek said: Acolyte Rivan said: Another question regarding "The Hanging Gardens"; if a scout creates a city at the Start of Turn phase, is it imediately available to be produced by the garden? Nothing I've read seems to prohibit this. You produce the figure on the hanging Garden tile at the start of turn phase. Now that tile is within the current city outskirts, so according to the rules when building a city, you are too close to build another city. Ah but the question as I read it was is it OK to use a Scout to build a city, returning your scout to your stock then immediately use the Hanging Gardens to build said scout? To which I'd say yes.
  22. Ok here's my take on this having played a few games, and I'm finally getting to play the same people so it's getting challenging. Pulsar said: Hi, all. I'm a Civ lover from the first non-video game with square tokens and a map of the Mediterranean Sea. I'm fascinated by then new board game and want to hear main criticisms of it by those who have played it more than a few times. So convince me the Russians really have an advantage or the setting of a unit's strength at its birth are really flaws of this game, but have some meat in your criticism and some playing to back it up. In fact, let's start there, but list any kind of criticism you have here. Does Russia have an advantage overall? Hmm.. they are powerful, in some respects their most powerful ability is starting with Communism giving them a serious production boost. The stealing tech power is good but can be countered. I find the Romans and Germans also very powerful, especially the German free units ability. Pulsar said: Is it easiest to win a military victory? After 6 or 7 games I've not seen one yet. Mostly science victories and some culture. Economic has come close a couple of times but no military victories yet. Maybe we're all too nice. Pulsar said: What do you think of the strength of units being set at their draw and unchangeable therefrom? Well they can get upgraded, I don't really have a problem with it. I've not really got any issues with the game as it stands, the rules are a bit badly worded in places but that's getting sorted. More games, that's what I need.
  23. Ok, the other day I was told that obviously the Russians can't steal a Tech and Research one on the same turn because when they steal a tech it's classed as Research and you can only Research one tech a turn. This to me sound wrong, any thoughts?
  24. The leader will probably be Elizabeth as the board game civs seem base on Revolutions.
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