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  1. Hi, there is a part on Femme fatale, which is a bit unclear to us: When install, chose ice. When encounter that ice spend 1 Cred per subroutine to bypass. This is obvious regardless of the type of the ice, but is it regardless of strength too, since the rules on page 16 states: "An icebreaker can only interact withice that has equal or lower strenght…"
  2. Hi, on the runnercard Net Shields is written: 1(credit): Prevent the first net damage this turn. This was a bit unclear to us. What is Your opinion about the meanig? Does Net Shield prevents a) the first POINT of net damage or b) the whole first net damage, regardless of the amount In the first games, we have decided to use option b) Thanks in advance for Your answers Michael
  3. Thanks, we will test this 2-Player-Variant... Michael
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