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  1. I have replaced a Banana pirate and Shield Upg. on Torkil for Seevor on a list I placed 4th in a 19 man tournament. Fly the Party bus on the outside with the rest a smidge to the inside. Use Tobias to clear path for Bus. When you want the bus to not move, deploy Z-95, bump and self dmg for action with Unkar. Important to keep Torkil alive as long as posible to make priority ship I0 for team to focus fire. Mayby Seevor is to fast as he cannot go 1S. Mux Pox (36) Torkil Mux (2) Tobias Beckett (12) Moldy Crow Points 50 (58) Trandoshan Slaver (2) Unkar Plutt (3) Zuckuss (3) 4-LOM (1) Hound's Tooth Points 67 (24) Binayre Pirate Points 24 (28) Jakku Gunrunner Points 28 (28) Captain Seevor (1) Trick Shot Points 29 Total points: 198
  2. Im looking at running an Epic game during the Christmas holiday so I have looked thrue your impressive work. I will definately be using these rules. While reading your materiale, I have made some notes to give some feedback. Its only feedback from reading, so I have not tried them in a game. In no particular order: System phase I think there is something to explore with Epic ships in the System Phase. I realise, that the Charge Mechanic is in relation to movement and how many you get to recover. I just feel, that all the "epic ship management stuff" have a natural place in the system phase. Maybe even have the Epic ships move in the system phase? But its just a feel. Charge Tokens to Energy Tokens I really think the existing Energy tokens look great and I miss them in your rules. I would just change the Charges to Energy tokens, and keep you existing Mechanic, so its just a token change. It will also keep the rules clean so you ensure no rules cross contamination between Epic ships and other "normal" ships. Immunity to "normal" ship abilities It is unclear if "normal" ships can affect Epic ships. I think Epic ships should be 100% immune to abilities from "normal" ships. So no 4-Lom stress on an Epic ship og IN7 ship shooting from Roark ability. Crew Thrawn No actions for Thrawns ability seems steep. How about just one of the sections loose an action. Locks Are Locks tied to the locking section or can it be used on each section? Fire control team To empasise that blanks are bad, how about changing the ability to "...change one of your [eye] results to a [hit] result." or "...change all of your [eye] results to [hit] results." Immunity to stress and tractor Its good that the Epic ships are immune to Tracotor tokens. I also think the EPic ships should be Immune to stress, but its hard to see how they should get them. Ions I like that is really tough to be hit by Ions. Cheers 😄
  3. This looks very interesting, keep it up ?
  4. I run 2 Tansarii Point Vets with tractor beams along 2 Black Sun Vets and a Cartel Executioner. All Ini 3 and the tractor beams really do a lot of the "heavy lifting" to reduce agility, move ships into my other ships arcs and put ships on rocks. Its a fun 5 ship build to fly. Nothing real fancy but solid. Cheers
  5. Do it! Greyskull that is ? . I partisipated in the Greyskull Vassal Campaign in November and it was loads of fun. It has audio dramas made by the most talented nonprofessionals voice actors and Shuttle crew you can find to spice up the themeatics! (In the silence of space you can hear only the faint Njub Njubs of the Ewok death squad...)
  6. I have flown StarVipers from the beginning, and their main weaknes was the points cost. That has helped a lot with this Upgrade card and have given the SV an Awesome BR! I love it! I currently run Guri + SV MK II+ Virago + PTL + Advanced Sensors + Autothrusters. Add illisit if points. It is an absolute blast to fly and you can go so many places :-) . But you have to be good at knowing when to Advanced Sensors + PTL or just PTL, because sometimes you can get to a much better spot by just PTL, but are then locked in "normal" green mode at least 1 turn. Focus is always the main priority to take as an action or for free if R1 with Guri "if you dare counting on beeing R1". Vipers die horribly to blanks on greens, so just dont be sad when it happens, because why are they shooting at you in arc with that Uopgrade set-up ;-). Cheers
  7. I ran Unkar with Cloaking device, Ketsu Onio Crew, Pattern analyser, Space tug tractor array for some great bumping funzies. In a straight line (and perfect world), you can Tractor something thats 9,5 base lenghts away from you (decloak=3 bases, 3 straight = 4 bases, R1 STTA = 2,5 bases). That can really mess one of the opponents ships up. After that you just try to be really anoying with tractor array, bumping and what not. If in arc R1-2, they do not remove Tractor tokens in the end fase. But you have to embrace the randomness of the Cloaking Device :-) Just remember, when it breaks, you dont have to move your ship, you may discard the token instead.
  8. Emon Azameen 36 pts, Dengar Crew 3 pts, Andrasta Title 0 pts, Bomblet Generator 3 pts, Cluster Mines 4 pts, Scavenger Crane 2 pts (optional Engine Upgrade if points 4 pts) Guri 30 pts, StarViper MK2 -3 pts, Autothrusters 2 pts, Virago 1 pts, Fire Control System 2 pts, Expertise 4 pts
  9. Hello, Below I have linked to an alternate format named Task Force. It is a 200 pts format where you must include 1 epic ship (C-Roc, GR-75 or Gonzati ;-) ). The Scum and Villainy podcast discussed alternate formats on their podcast nr. 59. https://docs.google.com/document/d/160h7hISkn4WLwMyZqYc2TEHoZezhG-YZY9WU93sEoGg/edit?usp=sharing I hope some of you will play the missions, and if you do, give feedback so any improvements can be included. You are more than welcome to make additional comment in the document, make suggestions etc., or reply in the comments below. Cheers
  10. It is a tricky piece, but I have run the following list with succes (won a SC): Unkar Plutt + Pattern Analyser + Ketsu Unyo + Space Tug Tractor Array + Cloaking device Zuckuss + Advanced Sensors + Push the Limit + K4 Sec Droid + Mist Hunter + Tractor beam 2 x Cartel Spacers + Hvy Scyk + Ion Cannon The trick is to time your strike correct, so you get Unkar decloaked and moved into the face of the opponents ship to SPTA him, hopefully onto a rock or so that he bumps Unkar. You can with Decloak and 3 straight jump a total of 7 base length forward and tractor another 2,5 base lengths, so a target 10,5 base lengths from you can get a Tractor token. That will often times not happen, but I will say, that 80 % of my games I get a jump on one ship. After that Unkar is just a very anoying bug. You just get in the way with reverse moves and Barrel rolls/Tractor array. Ketsu lets 1 ship keep all Tractor tokens, so you can really reduce AG if the stay in arc of Unkar. BTW I usually dont Cloak Unkar until the turn before I think I need to decloak, so the unreliability of the Scum device is less to my disadvantage. It sometimes leaves Unkar to being shot at, but with 4 green dice, he usually survives (only tried one time he ended at 1 H, but it was 2 A-wings at range 3 primaries that put the hurt in him!) The Cartel Spacers are there to Ion control whoever gets tractored. If the opponent has an Ioned ship and Unkar is unable to block, use one of the Cartel Spacers. The can also Barrel Roll. You can also double Ion large base ships in one round, just saying... Lastly "Rail-gun" Zuckuss is there to move in and beat the crap out of one Ion+blocked+no-action ship with triple actions. Hopefully a 5 dice TL+Focus shot at R1. I like to move my ships slowly into position, and hope for a turn 4 engagement, but most likely it is turn 3. I like obstacles placed near the middle of the board and towards my side of the table. Try to get the opponent thru the asteroids for better Tractor beaming. I place Unkar in the middle, and each Spacer just inside R2 from each of the boardedges (so they can clear obstacles if flying straight). Zuckuss is placed inside one of the the Cartel spacers and opposite the opponents ships, if deployed. If not Zuckus is placed near Unkar. My first moves are: Cartel spacer closest to enemy, 1 turn into the board and Barrel roll towards my board edge. Cartel Spacer furthest away from enemy 4 straight or agressive move, that lets me get closer to enemy. Zuckuss and Unkar slowly forward. Then positioning and getting Unkar lined up for Decloak jump and Tractor fun. Work those 1 bank and 1 turns on the Cartels Spacers, because you want to just hit R3 on first engagement. I really like the Quadjumper, it takes some practice, but try it, it is SOOO fun to watch you opponents plans getting ruined by a John Deere :-D Maybe it got a bit long, but thats my take :-) Cheers
  11. Farmer Zuckuss Zuckuss, Push the Limit, K4 Sec- droid, Advanced Sensors, Inertial Dampeners, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam Unkar Plutt, Ketsu Unyo, Pattern Analyser, Cloaking Device, Space-tug tractor array Cartel Spacer, Hvy. Scyk, Ion Cannon Cartel Spacer, Hvy. Scyk, Flechette Cannon Lots to do, but loads of fun :-)
  12. I agree that Guri is the challenge if StarVipers recieves a buff. There is a real chance, that she will become "to much" if there is to big of a buff. However, the other StarVipers could use some love in some form. FUI my current Guri list is this: Guri, Virago, Advanced Sensors, Autothrusters, Attanni mindlink (BMST or 1 point initiative bid) Tansari point veteran, Heavy Scyk, Heavy laser cannon, Attanni mindlink Contracted Scout, Boba Fett, Proton Torpedos, Extra munitions, Guidance Chips, R4 Agro Mech, Attanni Mindlink Advanced sensors makes sooooo maneuverable. It is great for infighting with BarrelRoll/Boost and 1Turn :-)
  13. StarViper all-day. I have played Guri so much and with advanced sensors she can be anywhere. It beautiful :-D
  14. Try playing Escalation. 60 -> 90 -> 120 -> 150 pts, and you have to build on what you have from previously rounds. (I think it was official at one point). People have to list build very differently, to plan their list for every round (unless they plan to drop 1 game for THAT combo) :-) Great fun :-)
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