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  1. I wanted to order them from Siren Games, but shipping is more than I'm willing to pay. OTOH, local shipping or walking up to them might be better (they have dice!). But, in general, the best European site for games that I love to use is Sphärenmeisters Spiele - absolutely fantastic service, great choice, great shipping prices (and fast). Unfortunately they are also sold out.
  2. The strategy of holding your breath is usually better? Seriously, I agree that a boycott is the last measure as it is the strongest and locks you in one direction. But, how many people who sent mails received a response? How did FFG handle this in communicating towards the other fan site owners and the rest of the community? Tangentially, am I the only one who is curious as to why any of the other sites have not been targeted? If so, why not?
  3. Just to remind you, not communicating their objections to NRDB doesn't only hurt that site. If there are ambiguities in what differentiates a site they allow and a site they will close, people will be more reluctant to make new sites. The whole community suffers. As one of the people who used to run one of more than a dozen L5R fan sites, I must agree with this. Not to mention the silence and the wild rumours flying around. I am especially afraid of the one saying that if FFG offers the functionality they are the only ones in that sandbox. In addition to the previously listed resources and communities that are affected I am now afraid for all sites that have ANR articles (FFG does that), forums (FFG has that), YouTube channels (FGG...). So far only the podcasts are safe; until FFG decides to have one. TL;DR - so far this has been a blow to any FFG fan site, 101 lesson how not to run your PR, and personally a hugely disappointing experience.
  4. A community is exactly what you describe NDB as - a place you go to to comment (talk to) people who share a common interest. I for one am very sad to see this sort of behaviour from a company I liked.
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