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    jormungandr reacted to Bullroarer Took in What are your quickest quests?   
    One round. Assault on Osgiliath with Boromir and Ancient Harbor.
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    jormungandr got a reaction from Metal Mutant in What faction is there left?   
    'Wild' Hobbits (that don't live in the Shire or Bree) Tolkien had a word for them, but I forgot, Elves of Lindon, Harbor Elves. 'Sub' dwarves (like silvan and Noldor): Erebor, Iron Hills, Blue Mountains. Is the whole of Rhûn evil? Aragorn once went there to hunt for cattle, didn't he?
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    jormungandr reacted to GrandSpleen in Tactics Aragorn, Ready for Errata!   
    Took, Jban seems to be implying that Aragorn can take 4-5 enemies from the staging area every turn and avoid the need for defense.  (he says that one deck can handle "all" combat for 4 players, so we're assuming there is no defense necessary coming from the other players)
    This means the enemies must be kept in the staging area.  Otherwise they will attack other players as per usual and Aragorn's ability doesn't matter so much (it would just be a different way of doing 'ranged').
    You can do this quite handily with a mono-lore deck using Advance Warning, Noiseless Movement and some event recursion. In that case, Aragorn is not so different from a lot of readying thrown onto Dunhere in a similar staging-area-attack setup.  
    Or you keep everyone's threat very low, which will not be possible unless every player is using low-threat heroes plus threat reduction.  That means all 4 players are robbed of the freedom to deckbuild in order to achieve this combo, which I see as meaning that it will not be very fun for most folks and therefore won't see much play.  I don't think there's an errata necessary.
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    jormungandr reacted to Gizlivadi in What faction is there left?   
    I think we'll eventually get a coastal cycle (focus could be Noldor and Gondor, heroes and deluxe box would be a bit like Voice of Isengard), a cycle set in Northern Rhovanion with drakes and hopefully even a dragon (final boss fight), player cards could be dwarves (though they would have to be special or something), Mirkwood and Dale, and a cycle set in the southeast, Harad, Rhun, etc. 
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    jormungandr reacted to Bullroarer Took in What faction is there left?   
    Regarding the original question, I think that Northmen (Dale, Beornings) are the biggest unexplored faction.  As a whole I believe that all of the factions can still be explored further.
    I would love, in time, to explore the coast and have seafaring quests, but I haven't thought about it deeply and am not sure how well it would work.  I don't want there to be the weird situations that I hear of in Warhammer: Conquest where a spaceship is attacking some guy on the ground. etc...
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    jormungandr reacted to Thanatopsis in What faction is there left?   
    Honestly, the hobbit trait is not really that filled out. I mean, we have the main characters (and multiple version of some), but there are so many named minor characters from the first and last chapters of the trilogy. 
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    jormungandr reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in What faction is there left?   
    Isengard? Dunlendling? Wose? Woodman? Esgaroth? 
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    jormungandr reacted to Metal Mutant in What faction is there left?   
    The Blue Wizards and their cults!
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    jormungandr reacted to Qaanaaq in What faction is there left?   
    I would be interested in some profession traits, Like Seafarers or Sailors from Gondor and Grey Havens. Merchants of Bree, Tharbad, Isengard, Gondor. Minstrels of elves, hobbits, men - how importat are songs in Middle-Earth world! 
    Craftsmen, Ringmakers, Weaponmakers, Bakers - in a way there could be ways of introducing new rpg-ish elements to new kinds of quests (some kind of crafting, seabattles, festivals with songs). Also minor wizardry, lesser wisemen, not istari, dabbling into supernatural. 
    Dale + Laketown + their trade connection to the East (with an Easterling hero) would be just great. 
    Dol Amroth and Edhellond and their connection to Lothlorien, Amroth and Nimrodel is thematically my favourite places - by which I mean a non battle focused Silvan approach could be interesting. But first lets see what will happen to the Noldor trait.
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    jormungandr reacted to danpoage in Lost Realm Release Article   
    I will be adding the remaining text spoilers to Hall of Beorn Card Search this coming week - I just need time to sit down and get the information entered.
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    jormungandr reacted to Bullroarer Took in silvan deck.   
    I have to disagree here to some extent.  Outlands is just adding up numbers, but with Silvans the sequencing of your plays and timing ARE important.  It does require more thought.  For the veteran card player perhaps it seems trivial, but I would not consider myself that and my first silvan games were a non-trivial exercise.  I did get bored with them soon though.
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    jormungandr got a reaction from Glaurung in silvan deck.   
    Bah, i hate these decks. All following the path FFG lays out for us. No thinking involved. It's outlanders all over again (albeit with a more interesting playing style) But I would really like FFG to quit this awful emphasis on traits. Deckwise, even a Gandalf/Splorfindel/Elrond deck is more interesting. /end rant
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    jormungandr reacted to Olorin93 in How many sets do you like/need to buy??   
    My friends and I bought one core set each and have played together for years. I have only one copy of every pack, and I only recently caved in and bought a second core set. There are some good cards in the core set that you only get 1 or 2 of, so that's a reason for many to get two. But if you're just 1-2 players, one core set is enough.
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    jormungandr reacted to Distractionbeast in Strongest Hero   
    I agree that no spirit pippin is the best.   
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    jormungandr reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in The Secret Defenders   
    Thanks for hijacking it with some style at least.
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    jormungandr reacted to gandalfDK in Strongest Hero   
    Spirit Pippin.
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    jormungandr reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in Strongest Hero   
    The game is too complex to distill a strongest hero. There is no right answer.
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    jormungandr got a reaction from danpoage in Tactics wants a nom-nom   
    Very stiff drink
    Attach to a character.
    Action: Do a coin flip, if you win it, ready the attached character, if you lose it the attached character gets 1 damage
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    jormungandr got a reaction from joezim007 in Tactics wants a nom-nom   
    Very stiff drink
    Attach to a character.
    Action: Do a coin flip, if you win it, ready the attached character, if you lose it the attached character gets 1 damage
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    jormungandr reacted to MyNeighbourTrololo in Tactics wants a nom-nom   
    Heart of Your Enemy
    Cost: 0
    Cannot be played the usual way. 
    Response: After a hero you control destroys an enemy, attach Heart of Your Enemy from your hand to that hero.
    Planning Action: Discard Heart of Your Enemy to heal attached hero by 2. Until the end of the round, all engaged enemies get -1 attack and -1 defense, and all characters you control get -1 willpower.
    Just for fun, guys. Nothing serious.
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    jormungandr reacted to GrandSpleen in Tactics wants a nom-nom   
    Alright, let's talk food: Leadership has Cram, Spirit has Miruvor, and Lore has Lembas.  All of these are readying effects with a bit of in-sphere flavor: healing for Lore, willpower (or a couple of other choices) for Spirit, and ... well, Cram is 0-cost, so let's consider "resource saving" as a form of "resource generation!"  
    We even have a boon, Leaf-wrapped Lembas, representing the Neutral cards, and Good Meal, although unlike the other cards Good Meal is not a specific food item or a readying effect.
    Tactics wants in on this party!
    I don't know of any other good foodstuff for a soldier of the Free Peoples to be carrying, so how about this:
    Orc Draught
    Attach to a character.
    Response: After attached character takes damage, discard Orc Draught to cancel that damage and ready the attached character.  
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    jormungandr reacted to joezim007 in Escape from Mount Gram   
    Im excited about the prospect of trying a super victory display manipulation deck. It definitely seems like it would be better in multiplayer, but I wouldnt completely rule it out in solo without a bit of testing.
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    jormungandr reacted to gandalfDK in Escape from Mount Gram   
    I would have loved actual content of course, instead of spoilers about all the APs to fill the gap, but I think Caleb and Matt do too, so I wont go on that boat. (see what I did there, due to my lack of English grammaarr!)
    I'm not sure if I want to be the lore-victory-display-manipulation player, but it seems cool. At least Keen as Lances is freaking powerfull.
    But, man! This lore-sidestep is awesome! Let's play some Golf while escaping the goblins. I freaking, freaking love this! I never knew about this particular Mountain and I love to see an article from Derek or Master of Lore about it. 
    Ent-related cards are also a good thing to hear about! I'm also pretty excited for the Ranger cards, but there wasn't really anything about them. 
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    jormungandr got a reaction from gandalfDK in Rúmil   
    (Sorry for the dutch, it's some kind of stretchy candy/licorice)
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    jormungandr reacted to Raven1015 in Another game company doing errata decks   
    This isn't meant as hating on FFG, because I think they generally do good work, but I thought I'd bring this up for discussion. Paizo, the creators of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, recently announced two things, both based on a partnership with a printing service.
    * One is that they have released their own custom card creator, and community members can make their own cards and then get them printed out through the service (and others can access them easily as well)
    * Two is that they are allowing players to order "errata decks" from the same service that consist of all the cards with errata
    People have discussed "errata decks" here before, but now we seen an example of another company doing it. It would be nice if FFG would do the same, especially since they have their own in-house print on demand.
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