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  1. Since I haven't played for year, I'm looking to sell my collection. Before I put it on ebay an such sites, I'm wondering, what would be a reasonable price for the following collection. Could anybody do an educated guess? I'm based in the Netherlands. Thanks! Core set (all cards 3x) Secret of Arkham (all cards 3x) Forgotten Lore Dream Cycle: At the Mountains of Madness| 5x alaskan sledge dog Ancient Horrors Summons of the Deep Dream Cycle: (2x) Spawn of the Sleeper| 3x rabbits foot, 3x called by azathoth, 3 x those without faces The Horror Beneath the Surface| 2x infernal obsession| missing: muddy waters The Antediluvian Dream| 2x descendant of eibon The Terror of the Tides The Thing from the Shore The Path to Y'ha-nthlei The Dreamlands Cycle: Twilight Horror| 6x ghoulish hag, missing beings of ib In Memory of Day (x2)In the Dread of Night| 3x cavern of the flame (x2)The Search for the Silver Key| 3x guardian pillar Sleep of the Dead| missing in an unmarked grave, richard upton pickman Journey to Unknown Kadath The Yuggoth Contract Cycle: Whispers in the Dark Murmurs of Evil The Spoken Covenant The Wailer Below Screams from Within The Cacophony
  2. 'Wild' Hobbits (that don't live in the Shire or Bree) Tolkien had a word for them, but I forgot, Elves of Lindon, Harbor Elves. 'Sub' dwarves (like silvan and Noldor): Erebor, Iron Hills, Blue Mountains. Is the whole of Rhûn evil? Aragorn once went there to hunt for cattle, didn't he?
  3. I'm not complaining about the playstyle of the deck. I think it's quite nice. I'm just bored with FFG designing my decks for me. I want to make my own.
  4. Bah, i hate these decks. All following the path FFG lays out for us. No thinking involved. It's outlanders all over again (albeit with a more interesting playing style) But I would really like FFG to quit this awful emphasis on traits. Deckwise, even a Gandalf/Splorfindel/Elrond deck is more interesting. /end rant
  5. I sleeve my decks and my favourite encounter decks. See through hard sleeves. Nothing fancy here. A bit annoying with the NM packs though.
  6. nonsense, Glorfindel is the most powerful hero. With gandalf four miles behind in the rear view mirror. C'mon.
  7. i agree with what's being said. Perhaps not the strongest deck against every quest, but overal the strongest and most versatile I've played
  8. Very stiff drink Attachment Cost:- Attach to a character. Action: Do a coin flip, if you win it, ready the attached character, if you lose it the attached character gets 1 damage
  9. that is correct. When miruvor is discarded, it leaves play. ownership of the card doesn't change
  10. Lol, that's a hilarious idea Having Galadriel as a punching bag!
  11. Nope trololo is correct, splashing means using a few cards from sphere C in a deck with sphere A or A/B. So, that's why I agree with him that Gandalf is one of the most splashable heroes of the game.
  12. This quest really took the meaning of 'taking a beating' to a whole new level. I have played it single handed solo and with two players and every time it getsme utterly stomped. I love this! It really makes me have to think about the game afresh. So thank you FFG for laying waste to my old standard decks (drawves and elrond/gandalf/glorfindel). Thumbs up!
  13. Good to hear! Tracker1's decks are awesome to play We're really lucky to have him
  14. trekdrop. (Sorry for the dutch, it's some kind of stretchy candy/licorice)
  15. I would really like huorns, as there are many more than ents. They would switch over to the staging area if ever the controlling player would have no ent in play.
  16. Glaurung, you know we all love you, man. But I have no clue what you just said.
  17. yup, I'd rather not see cancellation in either leadership or tactics. Perhaps shadow cancellation in tactics, but certainly no 'when revealed' or encounter deck manipulation.
  18. What I would really like are huorns. player cards that switch to the staging area (willpower becoming threat) as soon as there are no ents in play (to herd them, so to speak)
  19. I would buy that within a heartbeat. Nazgul>any hero i care to mention.
  20. yeah that's what i meant. I'll check out the Silmarillion seminars. Are they on youtube?
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